174 Are you Olly?

    City Heart Hospital.

    Zed has a thoughtful expression on his face as he observed the composition of the genetical material on the screen.

    The doctors, on the other hand, had a blank look on their faces.  Each of them felt a headache just from looking at the macromolecules.

    How was someone to understand such complex diagrams just from sight? They looked on as new molecules structure appeared on screen, but no matter how they tried to find any difference, there seemed no change from the previous structures.

    While their vision said so, they knew it was impossible. There were obviously changes but they were very minute.

    It was like trying to find the difference between two sand particles. The deviation between the two would be almost negligible.

    "Are you understanding anything?" A junior doctor asked his colleague.  He was worried he was the only one who was not able to grasp anything.

    "Slightly," The fellow doctor lied with a straight face. He thought his friend understood some things so he didn't wish to sound dumb and thus lied.

    The junior doctor's expression changed as he heard the reply. His heart turned hollow and he cursed himself for being useless.

    "Could you explain?" The junior doctor asked with a hopeful expression.

    "I...we are observing the nature of DNA replication," The fellow doctor feigned confidence in his voice, "This would help in finding a means to code the missing data through biological inheritance."

    The junior doctor and other colleagues were shocked. They were sure their friend has realized the secrets, and they couldn't help but look at him in envy.

    "Damn! He was always behind me in the college but now he has grasped genetics in such a short time," The junior doctor was depressed.

    "Skli, are you free tonight for dinner?" The female doctor asked. She felt she could learn from him so she wanted to form a close friendship with him.

    "Yes," Skli answered in a calm tone. Inside though, he was anything but calm.

    The male doctors looked at Skli with envy.

    Travis, in the meantime, sighed at the conduct of his team. He prayed that Zed wouldn't take any offense.

    "Idiots," Zed muttered and ignored them. He compared Felicity's data with those he gained from lab rats.

    "It is not impossible," Zed thought as he observed the blank area in the coding region, "But it is far too risky."

    The DNA carried genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction in a living being. A single mistake in handling the genes could lead to irrevocable damage.

    "I need something which can reduce the risk," Zed put a hand on his chin, "There are Divine Particles but..."

    Every single mutant derived their powers from the Divine Particles. Those particles have already blended with the Earth's environment and so it was almost impossible to find them in a free state.

    Of course, Zed wasn't worried about their availability. It has to be known that even the core of Claudia was formed from Divine Particles! (Chapter 46)

    If the world ever came to know about this, then he would be attacked by the government and other organizations.

    Zed has enough Divine Particles to spare but he couldn't. The reason was simple: Felicity couldn't handle the pressure from such powerful particles at the genetical level.

    "There is an absolutely safe method," Zed thought of Section IV in the underground facility. When Akhsohbya attacked him after he transformed into Kiba, he planned to use Section IV.

    Of course, everything deviated from his plan after Akshobhya expressed his intent of dissecting him and Hope to grasp the secrets of his power.

    "If I used Section IV to heal her...the price would be far too high for me," Zed closed his eyes as memories from the mining expedition flashed inside his mind.

    "I don't mind paying the price but there is the threat of government and that Dharma Chakra," Zed didn't know much about the monk except for his connection with a mysterious organization named Dharma Chakra.

    "If I paid the price, I would be in no state to even defend myself much less counter the threats," Zed opened his eyes and shook his head.

    He was pragmatic and given the present situation, he declined to use Section IV.


    A few minutes later~

    Zed switched off the digital screen and retraced the curtains of light around Felicity. He put the tablet and orbs in the briefcase.

    "Zed," Kyla called out in a low voice. She wanted to know his findings but she was also dreaded if there were negative findings.

    "I have confidence in healing her," Zed crouched in front of her and said, "It is just that I need time to establish a safe method."

    "A-are you sure?" Patrick was barely able to control his excitement.

    "Yes," Zed nodded, "I won't give you false expectations."

    Kyla and Patrick were pleasantly surprised.

    "She would be awakening in a few hours," Zed stood up and glanced at Felicity before turning to Travis, "Give her sedatives for the time being."


    "Why shouldn't we let her awaken?"

    Jessica, Loren, Morgan, and others looked him in confusion. Even Travis was shocked by the recommendation.

    "It is not the right time for her to awaken," Zed said.


    "Do as he says," Patrick interjected before others could protest. Maybe they didn't understand Zed's intention but he did.

    "Thanks for understanding," Zed took out a black box from the briefcase and offered it to Kyla.

    Surprised, she opened the box after ensuring it was safe from the visions of the others in the room.

    Inside, a silver bracelet was placed. The bracelet was embedded with faint circuit designs.

    "This is..." Kyla's eyes turned wide in astonishment.

    "I'm pretty sure you know about this," Zed closed the briefcase, "So please do the needful."

    "I will," Kyla closed the box, "And I won't be thanking you either."

    "That's something I would definitely cherish," Zed smiled as she ruffled his hairs in a loving manner.


    The elevator on the 17the floor opened up.

    "Finally we are here," Suzane said as she and Olly stepped out.

    The floor was too vast with many rooms. The two enquired a nursing staff and walked towards their destination.

    As the two moved forward, they saw Zed standing opposite a vending machine. He put a coin inside and a can of soda fell in an open compartment at the below.

    Zed opened the can and took a sip. He was stressed out and he planned to leave after quenching his thirst.


    "Hmm?" Zed lowered his hand and turned around.

    "It has been a while," Suzane said with a smile.

    She was fascinated by the charm he displayed during the police interrogation.

    "Actually, it has just been two days," Zed thought as he remembered the spa massage.

    "Are you fine?" Suzane asked seeing no verbal response from him.

    "I'm sorry," Zed apologized politely, "I lost myself in thoughts."

    "It is understandable," Suzane looked at him with an understanding expression. She knew his relationship with Felicity was close so she misunderstood the types of thoughts passing in his mind now.

    Olly, on the other hand, looked at Zed as if he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. After the events in Sweet Love, he believed Zed was far too good in fooling others with his innocent personality.

    "You two must be here for Felicity," Zed glanced at the bouquet of flowers in Olly's hands.

    "Yes," Suzane nodded her head, "We were late."

    "Actually, doctors are taking care of her so you will have to wait outside," Zed shared the details.

    "Ah!" Suzane was disappointed. She could only sigh and decide to wait further to offer her warm regards.

    "I have some tasks I need to carry out," Zed continued politely, "So please excuse me."

    "Sure," Suzane nodded.

    The two looked on as he left with the can of soda in his hand.

    "Such a good kid," Suzane mused as she and Olly took seats.


    Zed drained the last sip from the can before throwing it away in a dustbin.

    "I'm still thirsty," Zed wiped his mouth, "And I did say that I won't leave till I satisfy my thirst."

    Zed quickened his pace and stepped inside an empty room. He brought his phone out and opened an app. He selected a few options on the app screen and then tossed the phone away.


    A golden column of light engulfed him, and in the next moment, the light disappeared as he transformed into Kiba.

    "I need something really strong to extinguish my thirst."


    Olly and Suzane sat in the chairs. They have messaged Morgan about their arrival, and the latter said he didn't mind the delay.

    "Dad should be coming here in a few minutes," Olly thought as he read the message on the mobile screen. He opened his mouth to pass the message but then he noticed a nurse arriving in front of him.

    "Are you Mr. Olly?" The nurse asked.

    "Yes?" Olly replied.

    "Your friend has called you," The nurse pointed towards the reception counter, "He said it is urgent."

    "Huh?" Olly looked at her in confusion.

    Why would a friend call him on the reception and not on phone?

    "You should check," Suzane shoved him, "Maybe it is just a prank call but there is a possibility of a genuine call."

    "Ok," Olly left the seat grudgingly and walked towards the counter.

    "Silly child," Suzane gave a smile as his behavior.

    "You look gorgeous with a smile."

    "?!" Suzane turned towards her left and saw Kiba sitting next to her.

    Before she could say anything, she felt his hand wandering over her thighs.

    "W-what are you doing?!" Suzane felt her cheeks turning red.

    "Hospitals are always home of sadness and grief," Kiba's hand moved on  her stomach, "As your fitness trainer, I find it my responsibility to cheer you up."

    Suzane was stunned by the words. She has never seen a man with such expertise in the choice of words just to express lust.

    "Well then," Kiba brought his hand on her chin, "Let's create some happiness in the hospital."

    "No! My son is here!" Suzane woke up from her trance. Even though she said this, she did find herself getting excited at the prospect of making out in a hospital.

    "Relax," Kiba put a finger on her lips, "I always ensure there are zero obstacles in our session."

    Suzane felt her body blending into the air, and the next moment, she disappeared from the chair. No one in the vicinity noticed her disappearance as if they didn't remember her being here.

    Some distance away from the chairs, Olly arrived at the reception counter. The receptionist was a woman in her thirties, with brown skin tone and black hairs.

    "There should be a phone call for me," Olly put a hand forward to pick the phone.

    "Nice to meet you, Olly," The receptionist looked at him with a charming smile.

    "?" Olly was confused.

    Shouldn't she be giving the phone to him instead of offering pleasantries?!

    "I have always wanted to meet the famous good son," The receptionist observed him with great interest.

    Good son?!

    Olly felt his head spinning. The two words brought out the worst nightmare in his mind.

    "W-what do you mean?" Olly tried to regain his composure.

    "You are popular among us staff," The receptionist said.


    Olly couldn't make a sense of things at all.

    Why would the hospital staff know about him?!

    "I also work for a famous servicing company," The receptionist said with a knowing smile, "And isn't it wonderful for you to be a relative of the boss?"



    Don't tell me she is working for Kiba?!

    Olly hurriedly turned around to confirm his fears, and then his eyes turned wide with horror.

    His mother was not on the chair!

    "She is in room FE18," The receptionist said as if realizing his worry, "It is very costly but our boss has reserved it for emergencies."



    Do you call making out with a married woman as an emergency?!

    Olly wanted to curse loudly.

    "You can wait outside FE18," The female receptionist continued in a kind voice, " There is a waiting room with special facilities."

    What special facilities?!


    "H-hang on! Dad is coming here!" Olly fell down on his knees as he thought of the message he received.

    He felt his visit to the hospital was turning into his worst nightmare.

    "Nature even warned me of this evil!" Olly recalled how he sneezed in the parking lot, "The evil was already in the hospital, waiting for mom!"

    "Evil is always a step ahead!"
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