175 Education!

    City Heart Hospital.

    Olly dashed through the corridor with all his might. During the process, his body brushed with many patients and staffs but he ignored their complaints and continued to run.

    A minute later, he arrived on the sixteenth floor and stood in front of a VIP room: FE18. There was no one in the vicinity and from what he could tell, the glass door wasn't locked.

    Olly thought of the details the female receptionist has mentioned, and after a short moment of hesitation, he opened the door.

    Stepping inside, he found himself in what appeared to be a  waiting lounge. Olly has never seen such type of luxury in a hospital, and now he understood why the receptionist has called the room costly.

    Just the lounge seemed no less than a five-star hotel. There was a mini refrigerator lying in a corner, and at the center, sofas and coffee table were placed. Around six magazines were lying on the table.

    Olly gave a quick glance on the table and he cursed when he observed the titles of magazines.

    "Doctor! Patients need you inside!" A magazine cover read.

    What incensed Olly was the cover image:  Kiba carrying a stethoscope around his neck!

    "Everyone knows he is a mercenary, but now you are saying he is also a doctor?! " Olly wanted to scream.

    Like hell, he is a doctor!

    He is nothing but a fraud and cheater!!

    Olly could imagine the type of 'patients' who needed Dr. Kiba's help. Just the very thought made his blood boil in anger since he was responsible for his mother becoming a 'patient' of this fraud doctor.

    "I shouldn't have called him mother**er back then," Olly felt tears building up in his eyes.

    He wished there was someone with whom he could share his story and get moral support. The burden of this secret was far too heavy for his young shoulders.

    His eyes moved on another magazine whose cover read: "The most genius entrepreneur: Kiba. Opening an enterprise for the benefits of lonely women."

    "[email protected]$%~" Olly wished he could strangle the editor of this magazine.

    Just what type of enterprises has he opened for him to deserve the title of a "genius"?! And what benefits to women?!

    Kiba is the one who is getting all the benefits at the cost of men!

    Olly felt sad for all the poor husbands who shared his father's fate of being a cuckold.

    "If father ever realizes..."

    He shuddered at the thought of his father discovering he was a cuckold. After all, everything was his fault!

    "No! I would never let dad discover this!" Olly promised himself. He didn't check the other magazines for he was sure they might make him vomit blood from anger.

    Olly cleared his thoughts and then turned his head to the front where a glass wall separated the lounge from the main room. The glass seemed tinted but not fully; Olly believed the tube lights on the other side were switched on.

    He thought so due to the sharp silhouettes he observed on the glass. He could make out a table, office chair, a bed and so on.

    Olly couldn't help but nod in approval at the impressive silhouettes. The silhouettes were perfectly projected so there wasn't much left to the imagination.

    "Kiba and mom are not there?" Olly wondered.

    Just the next moment, he felt strong energy ripples from the other side. He saw a small circle, what he believed to be an orb of light from his experience with Kiba's powers, expanding further and further until it evolved into two human silhouettes.

    "Mom!" Olly knew the glass wall couldn't pass the sound. He was running his mind at full speed to think of ways to get her out before the 'session' begins.

    "Damn! There is no way to get her out without arousing suspicion!" Olly muttered bitterly. He saw the two silhouettes standing in front of each other.

    Mom, please don't!

    Think of poor dad!!


    Olly shuddered with dread as he felt the door opened up.

    "Olly, are you here?" Morgan's voice came out from behind.



    His heart started beating rapidly and sweat precipitated out of his entire body.

    "Damn!" Olly made a run to the coffee table and threw the magazines under the sofa. He decided to delay the inevitable with all his strength.

    Behind, the door was opened fully and Morgan stepped inside.

    "Hmm?" Morgan saw his son crouching down at a sofa and pushing a magazine below. He wasn't able to see the magazine clearly, but he was sure he noticed a woman's legs on the cover.

    "What are you doing?" Morgan has a theory of what types of magazines his son was reading a few moments ago.

    "N-nothing, dad," Olly felt his heart almost jumping out in fright, "H-how did you know I'm here?"

    "I asked the receptionist when you and Suzane didn't respond to my messages," Morgan observed his son carefully, "The receptionist answered your mom has gone to a gynecologist for a quick checkup while you went to this room."

    He didn't visit the gynecologist's cabin since he was told that she doesn't allow male visitors, including relatives. Morgan wasn't offended since he heard the gynecologist was an expert in women's health, and she could find and cure any hidden disease.

    The receptionist also said she wasn't aware why his son went to the room; she only informed him what she noticed through the security logs. So Morgan arrived here to find the reason.

    Olly, on the other hand, swore god knows how many curses in his heart. He swore to kill the receptionist for tricking him and orchestrating this mess.

    "Oh?!" Morgan was startled as he turned towards the glass wall and noticed the silhouettes.  He felt the two silhouettes were most likely kissing.

    Morgan then gave a glance at his son and the sweat on his face. He recalled the magazines he was hiding and then he a guess formed in his mind.

    "Could he be here to observe them?!" Morgan was angry.

    How could his son be such a pervert?!

    "No! Suzane always said I need to be an understanding father!" Morgan calmed himself, "It is my fault for not having a man to man talk with him on sex education."

    Olly saw the multiple expression on his father's face. One moment there was surprise and anger but then there was realization!

    "Has father grasped the truth?!" Olly wished he could borrow the teleportation ability from Kiba. He could imagine the type of punishment his father would give him now after learning the secret.

    "Olly, it is my fault," Morgan helped his son stand up, "There is no need for you to be afraid."

    "Huh?" Olly was startled by the words.

    Father isn't holding a grudge?!

    This sounds too good to be true!

    "It is natural for a boy of your age to wonder about the beautiful concept of sex," Morgan continued in a patient voice, "I could understand why you sneaked in here. There is nothing to be ashamed of."


    Dad, you are having a misunderstanding!

    Olly wanted to scream it out loud, but he didn't dare. He dreaded how he would have to justify his presence in the room if not for this reason.

    "D-dad, let's leave," Olly gave a quick glance at the glass wall from the corners of his eyes.

    "Relax," Morgan put a hand on his shoulder, "We will observe the couple and I would help you understand their actions."


    Olly's head began to spin as he felt firecrackers exploding in his mind. If not for the support of his father, he would have fallen on the floor.

    "The two of them are kissing," Morgan pointed towards the sharp silhouettes projected on the glass wall, "Kissing is the most innocent way of expressing love."


    Please don't say!

    You have no idea what type of love is being expressed there!!


    On the other side of the glass wall.

    Suzane stood against the table. She observed the handsome man in front of her.

    "Kiba, we shouldn't," Suzane tried to protest.

    "Why not?" Kiba asked.

    "I...this place is not right!" Suzane answered, though inside she felt excited. She knew he wouldn't stop, not after bringing her here.

    Kiba didn't disappoint her expectations. His hands went to the curve of her back to pull her tighter against him. The movement was smooth and natural, she didn't even get the time to step away.

    Kiba pulled her lips to his and kissed her. The warmth and wetness from her lips spread to his, as the passion in their kiss grew.

    His one hand caressed the back of her neck while the other explored her back. His tongue, in the meantime, slipped between her lips to meet her welcoming tongue.

    She felt herself loosing in the tantalizing sensation as their tongues engaged in a duel. They tasted each other's taste, and the two made sure to savor every moment.

    His tongue retraced back and he nipped her lower lip lightly with his teeth. A tremor passed through her, and she countered with the tip of her tongue slipping on his upper lip. She sucked up his lower lips between hers.

    Her breasts pressed on his chest tightly as they continued the kiss with more fervor than before. She felt his cock pressing hard against her stomach.  She moved her hand down to feel the outline of his cock.

    Their kiss broke with a trail of saliva snapping from her mouth and stuck to her chin.

    "Shall we stop since this is not the right location?" Kiba asked as his lips moved on the back of her neck. She trembled as his fingers traced along the length of her spine.

    "Always a tease," Suzane's face and neck flushed into a rosy pink as the excitement built inside her rapidly.


    The other side of the room.

    Morgan was struck on the spot as he saw the two silhouettes broke away from the kiss. The silhouette of the petite woman was clearly visible to him, but the thought of her being his wife never passed through his mind, thanks to the actions of the receptionist and his son.

    Morgan didn't know who this woman was, but he was sure she was gorgeous and a passionate kisser. He looked at the drip of saliva dripping down from her chin, and he felt himself getting hard.

    Morgan wondered just how wet and slippery she would get after she goes down on her man. He wished his wife was like this woman who was ready to get dirty for her man.

    "Undress already!" Morgan prayed inside.
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