176 Lucky Husband!

    Room FE - 18, City Heart Hospital.

    Morgan and Olly stood in the waiting lounge. Olly was observing his father while his father was looking at the glass.

    Two sharp human silohoutees were projected on the glass. The details were clear and there was not much left to the imagination.

    "Undress already!" Morgan prayed for the woman behind the glass to get nude. He has forgotten he stayed here to teach his son and not to enjoy the show.

    Olly, on the other hand, noticed the fervor expression on his father's face.

    "Dad," Olly felt sad for his father. He wondered how his father would react if he realized the identity of the woman.

    Morgan sensed the gaze of his son and his expression turned stiff. He realized how odd his behavior was to actually let lust take control over him.

    But he wasn't entirely at fault either since humans get easily aroused from the sexual activities of others. This was especially true when one was peeking at others without permission.

    "What the couple did now was foreplay," Morgan composed himself and continued, "Foreplay stimulates arousal and increase emotional intimacy. The next logical step is..."


    Suzane leaned against the desk with her eyes on Kiba. She raised the skirt up her thighs and revealed her bare legs.

    Kiba stepped ahead and lifted the skirt further till it reached her waist. His eyes brightened as he gazed at the black throng.

    "Lovely," Kiba dragged the throng past her ankles and threw it away. His face was now just inches away from her naked pussy.

    Kiba put his hands on her hips and pushed her on the table. She sat on the table with her pussy closing into him.

    Suzane brought her hands down on her pink folds. With one hand on her clit, her fingers from the other hand slide through her pussy lips.

    She rubbed her clit while the fingers stroked inside her wet pussy. She removed her glistening fingers and pushed them on his mouth.

    Kiba opened his lips and sucked on her fingers. Her sweet taste greeted his senses and he lost himself in delight.

    Suzane retraced her fingers and looked at him with a smirk. Kiba pushed her knees apart and buried his face in between.

    His hands wandered over her breasts through her clothes while his tongue left his mouth to taste her mound.

    "Ah!" Suzane threw her head back as his tongue licked her pussy. Her scent enveloped him completely as he licked her further.

    Her taste was as sweet as honey and the scent was no less delightful than roses.

    "Oh god," Suzane's body tensed, "Don't stop."

    She put her hands on the back of his head as he continued. She felt juices flooding down from her pussy and filling his mouth.

    Kiba leaned back and brought his eyes on hers. He freed himself of her grasp and pushed his lips to hers. Their lips joined in a long kiss, her sweet taste from his mouth passing into hers.

    "Your turn," Kiba sat down on a chair a few steps away from the table.

    Suzane smiled and squatted down to unzip his pant. She reached inside and pulled out his cock through the opening.

    "You truly are enjoying this," Suzane licked her tongue around her wet glossy lips while she stroked him.

    "I sure am," Kiba tossed her hairs on her shoulder as her face arrived on his cock. She struck her tongue around his shaft and licked him from top to bottom.

    Her hand continued to massage him up and down, and she felt him grow further. Her eyes twinkled with lust as she gave the head of his cock a long wet kiss. She then slid her tongue out and began to lick back and forth over the tip.

    Suzane closed her eyes as she took him in her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed out as she started sucking him.

    She felt his precum on her tongue as she bobbed down on him further. She opened her eyes and looked at him, as she continued to suck as much as she could.

    Suzane saw the same passion inside his eyes just like hers and she scooted back a little to adjust to his growing length. This time, she bobbed down on him till he touched the end of her throat.

    Kiba held her head tight and he started stroking in and out of her mouth. His strokes were long but slow, giving her the time to savor his taste.

    She moaned as he thrust so hard that she almost gagged. Kiba removed his cock from her mouth, and as he did,  a trail of precum stretched out from her tongue to his cock. Suzane leaned forward to lick the precum off.


    "Such a good blowjob!" Morgan thought with his eyes wide open, "How great it would be if Suzane also gave me a blowjob!"

    The scene of the silhouette licking the trail of precum was engraved in his mind forever.

    "That woman's husband is damn lucky," Morgan muttered in a low voice.

    "You have no idea, dad," Olly bitterly mumbled. His attention was only on his father, and the more he looked at him, the more he felt sad for him.


    Suzane shoved Kiba on the bed.

    "I like you being wild," Kiba smiled as he saw her hands reaching up her back to unclasp her bra. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, revealing her firm breasts and nipples.

    Suzane jumped on the bed and sat on top of him. Her wet pussy lips rubbed along the length of his cock.

    She positioned herself on the head of his cock and gently slid down. Her hips quivered as her pussy opened up to devour his cock.

    Kiba leaned his head forward to take her left nipple between his lips. His hands wrapped around her back while her hips bounced as she rode up and down his cock.

    "Ooo..." Suzane moaned as she rode him frantically. Her juices covered his cock and helped her take him further.

    The pulsating and warmth sensation of him inside her made her squeal in pleasure. She snapped her head back and allowed him to take the lead.

    Kiba moved his mouth between her breasts to enjoy her nipples. He controlled his movement and brought her down on the bed.

    In just a movement, he positioned her on the doggy position. He tugged her hairs from the back just as he thrust his cock inside her.

    She gasped and her perfect breasts bounced as he increased his pace. Her body turned a deeper shade of red with every thrust.

    "Faster," Suzane begged as she felt herself close.

    Kiba quickened his pace with more powerful thrusts. He let go of her hairs and moved his hands on her breasts from behind.

    He pinched her nipples tightly as she reached her orgasm. She felt her body quivering and a blinding sensation enveloped her eyes.


    Suzane's breathing turned heavy and droplets of sweat precipitated out. She felt firecrackers exploding in her body and she savored every moment of the sensation.

    From behind, Kiba's body jerked and he erupted inside her. They were both lost in ecstasy as if the entire time has come to a standstill.


    Morgan gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He looked on as cum dripped down the pussy of the silhouette and falling on the bed.

    Morgan's eyes turned wider as more time passed on. He saw the woman turning around to lick the remaining traces of cum from the cock of her lover.

    The curves of the woman were seductive, and the action of her sucking her lover's cock even after the end of lovemaking made Morgan complain in envy.

    "Lucky son of a bitch!"

    How can the luck of that man be so good?! He has the best wife in the world!

    She was definitely an ideal wife desired by all men!

    Olly, on the other hand, was soaked with sweat. He has observed the emotions on his father's face throughout the session.

    "If dad ever learns the truth then he would definitely die out of shock!" Olly thought with dread in his heart.

    He could visualize the reaction his father would have if he realized the husband he was envying to such extent was actually him!

    "Before he dies...he would definitely kill me and mom for making him cuckold!"

    He swore to never let this happen, and his determination to hide the secret increased further.

    "I would take this secret to my grave!"
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