177 Evil Triumphs!

    The sixteenth floor, City Heart Hospital.

    The corridor was filled with patients and staffs rushing from one corner to another. One can say the entire corridor was noisy but there was a part where there was absolute silence.

    It was in the VIP zone of the floor. When one mentions the VIP zone on this floor, the room which would flash first in the minds of the staff was FE-18.

    The staff knew how costly the ordinary rooms were in the hospital much a less VIP room, but yet the room was reserved throughout the year.

    What was strange in this reservation?

    Well, there were no actual patients!

    The room was restricted and always locked but yet there were times when people entered the door.

    Some rumors state the door only opens when the owner of this room is being treated.  The staff wondered just what treatment the owner undergoes and why would ordinary people visit the room instead of doctors?!

    They never asked questions to the visitors of the room though. The hospital policies strictly forbid such actions.

    Currently, in Room FE - 18.

    Inside the waiting lounge, Morgan was standing in front of the coffee table. He continued to stare at the glass screen.

    The discarded bra, skirt and other clothing formed sharp erotic shadows on the screen. The desk and chairs were messed up with stains.

    Some steps away from the desk and chair, a bed was placed upon which two human silhouettes were lying. The male silhouette has his head resting on the belly of the female silhouette.

    Morgan could easily visualize the large upturned breasts with those prominent nipples from the naked silhouette. He couldn't help but think the seductive curves of the woman were really similar to Suzane.

    As he thought of the similarity with his wife, Morgan wondered just how great it would be if his wife also became like that woman in bed.

    While he wasn't much of a performer in bed nor he was he sexually active every day, he was sure this would change if that woman was his wife.

    He felt confident that his marital life would be full of bliss if his wife could even perform half the activities of that woman.

    "Suzane should learn a thing or two from her on satisfying her better half," Morgan muttered as he felt a part of him getting erect.

    Olly, on the other hand, clenched his fists tightly as he heard the words spoken by his father.  Just a few minutes ago, Morgan has called himself the luckiest husband without even realizing it. He has also envied the luck of that woman's husband and has cursed him as a "lucky son of a bitch."

    Now, Morgan was even begging for his wife to share similarities with that woman and the very thought has made him hard.

    Olly couldn't imagine the horrifying reactions his father would display if he ever learned the truth. He was sure of one thing...his father would definitely turn insane with anger.

    After all, what type of man actually calls himself as the luckiest man and envy-worthy figure after being cuckold?!

    And the worse part for such a tragic man?

    Everything happened before the eyes of his own son!

    The son whom he has treated with care and love has taken the side of the enemy! The enemy who turned him into a cuckold!

    If his wife was guilty of breaking the marital vows then the crimes of the son were far worse.

    In the end, the vows of marriage were between strangers but the trust between a father and a son was based on ties of blood!

    Blood is thicker than the water! A son would definitely reveal the details of the affair to his father as a duty-bound child!

    Or at least that's how it is supposed to happen.

    But what has Olly done?!

    He has done nothing by being a silent spectator!


    He has actually helped the adulterous pair!

    As Olly came to this point, he recalled the words Kiba spoke to him weeks ago.

    "If not for you, how could I have developed the relationship with your mom?  Your existence and help are what truly formed this relationship from the very start. Honestly, the real credit goes to you for being such an amazing cupid. You have my gratitude for being such an inspiring good son."


    Olly's chest turned heavy and his palms soaked with sweat.

    "Dad shouldn't learn of my role in the activities that transpired at the home, the restaurant and now in the hospital!"

    Olly once again swore to never let his father learn the woman behind the screen was none other than his mom.

    "Ah!" Morgan noticed his son clenching his teeth. He realized how inappropriate his actions were as a father. He was here to impart education to his son and not for making such inappropriate comparisons with his wife!

    "Olly," Morgan said with a light cough while praying that his son hasn't noticed his lewd actions.

    "Dad?" Olly turned towards his father. He tried his best to not let his anxiety show on his face any longer.

    "What the couple did just was the core of lovemaking," Morgan explained with a strict expression on his face, "Oral sex followed by sexual intercourse..."

    Olly's expression turned rigid as his father went on to give a long lesson on sex education.

    "Dad! This is not what I need now!" Olly thought sadly in his heart.

    After five long minutes, Morgan concluded his explanation. He glanced at his son to see his reaction but the latter only gave him a blank look.

    Morgan thought his son has noticed his actions from before which was why he was giving him the blank look. The atmosphere in the waiting lounge turned tense with the father-son duo being silent and staring at each other.

    "I forgot!" Morgan falsely exclaimed as he brought his cell phone out. He believed he should make an excuse as soon as possible and get out of this embarrassing situation. "There is an emergency meeting for me now."

    "Huh?" Olly was startled. Before he could react further, he saw his father dashing towards the door.

    "Wait for your mom outside the cabin of the gynecologist," Morgan said with a hint of nervousness in his voice, "Accompany her and rest assured I won't tell her what you did today."

    Olly was struck on the spot. He felt the situation was only turning worse from him no matter how he looks at it.

    He could neither confront his mom due to the threat posed by Kiba, and nor could he afford to let either of his parents know what he knows.

    "What sins I have committed in my previous life to pay such a heavy price now?" Olly ruefully thought as he stepped towards a sofa in the lounge.

    The magazines focusing on Kiba were below the sofa he sat down, but he was in no mood to think about them. He made himself comfortable and allowed his body to recover from the stress.

    The last 50 minutes were nothing less than hell for him. He was horrified the entire time worrying his father would discover the truth and lash out at him.

    Olly now thanked his lucky stars for preventing the worst crisis he could ever face. When he thought of this, his eyes unconsciously moved towards the glass screen and he noticed the male silhouette stretching out his hands.

    The man seemed to be fully relaxed with no signs of worry or discomfort. If anything, he looked more rejuvenated than before, akin to a thirsty person who has quenched his thirst in a desert.

    "And what good deeds has he done for him to have such a fun life?"  Olly bitterly mused.

    He stressed his mind hard to think of any action of Kiba's which could justify his terrifying good fortune. Alas, no matter how much he contemplated, he couldn't find a single good deed in the known history of Kiba.

    "A mercenary for hire, the biggest threat to innocent maidens, the eternal nemesis of husbands...the titles conferred on him only become more and more vicious."

    "He has blood in his hands and that just doesn't belong to his enemies on the battlefield, but also to the pure young maidens on the bed."

    As he thought further and further, he came to a tragic realization: Kiba has only carried out one evil act after another, but instead of facing divine wrath, his fortunes have only soared higher and higher.

    Aren't the evil sinners supposed to face the divine retribution instead of living a carefree life?!

    If the answer is yes, then what the hell is going on in this world!?

    Why is the evilest man still roaming and screwing the wives of good-hearted men!? He has been doing it from years but with time, his success has only increased! There is just no sign of stopping!

    Does the vows of fidelity no longer matter when this evil makes a move?! Or do the wives believe the gods have given this man a free pass to take what rightfully belongs to their husbands?!

    How can the naive maidens still fall under his devilish charm despite knowing his history?! There are enough nice and honest guys out there but yet they willingly enter the trap set by this evil!

    "Which bastard has said good always triumphs over evil?"

    Olly felt nothing could be further from the truth than this statement.

    Has the good won even once besides those children's stories?!

    Looking at the silhouette of the man behind the screen and then thinking about his poor father and himself; Olly formed an answer to his question.

    "Evil is not only a step ahead... it also ensure good is defeated."

    Olly truly wished to strangle the people who preached about the greatness of the good.

    What was the use of greatness when an evil man like Kiba takes away the best of everything?!
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