180 Leaving The City Part II

    Kyla and Patrick were startled by the time period Zed mentioned. Two months was a long time but after some deep contemplation, they thought it was a reasonable time frame given what was at stake here.

    "Tell me if you need anything," Patrick said in a sincere voice. He knew the nanites were a problem which not even the nine aristocratic families could tackle much less him. But after seeing the skills displayed by Zed, he felt hopeful.

    "Of course," Zed nodded his head before leaving the chair.

    Zed glanced at Felicity but he didn't say any words of farewell. He just smiled and then walked towards the door.

    "Actually there is something I would like you to do for me," Zed said as he opened the door.

    "Yes?" Patrick and Kyla looked at him.

    "Please provide better facilities to Jessica," Zed stepped out of the door, "Give her good accommodation and better teachers while ensuring she no longer has to be burdened by her poor background."

    The husband-wife duo was stunned by the request. They knew Jessica was his and Felicity's friend but they couldn't understand why he would make such a request to them.

    After all, Zed was more than rich enough to help her on his own without any outside support.

    "I don't want her to be obligated to me," Zed explained his reasons, "Nor I want her to be bound to you. So please fulfill my request through means which wouldn't hinder her."

    "We understand," Kyla nodded in agreement, "Rest assured we won't disappoint you, my child."

    She thought of Jessica's conduct in the hospital and realized why Zed wanted them to be discreet. She looked at him with appreciation in her eyes.

    "Thank you."

    Zed left the room and walked out of the house. He was sure Patrick could help Jessica through scholarship, lottery or even a well-paid job to her father. This would be far better than the help he could provide by his means.

    Zed entered the car and started the engine.

    [[The jet is ready.]] Claudia flashed a notification screen in front of him. [[Two more tasks for you to complete before you can leave.]]

    "And both of them needs my other self," Zed mused as he transformed into Kiba, "You will have to drive the car back."


    The next moment, rays of white light enveloped him and he teleported away.


    Inside the bedroom, Patrick and Kyla observed their daughter.

    "I wish Zed was my own flesh and blood," Kyla said as a drop of a tear fell down her chin, "He has been a better child than our son."

    Patrick nodded and hugged her tightly.


    Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. was located in the outskirts of the business district. The property rents in the area were rather far too high, but despite this, the company occupied a two-storied building.

    As one steps inside the building, their eyes would be greeted by the sight of a grand Buddha statue and stone tablets.

    The Buddha was a symbol of kindness and selflessness, and the inscriptions on the stone tablets were dedicated to these great qualities.

    "If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way."

    "The greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else."

    "When you really care about someone, their happiness matters more than you."

    Short but profound quotes were engraved on the stone tablets along with the history of Buddha. One couldn't help but truly appreciate the beauty of altruism after thinking of the life the Buddha lived.

    A few steps away from the Buddha statue, there was a raised platform. On the platform, a holographic projector was projecting an ash-blonde woman.

    "The Great Buddha said happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions," the woman has an expression of deep reverence on her face.

    "Alas, with the change of era, the world has forgotten the teachings of the enlightened one," the ash-blonde woman sighed in pity, "But this needs to be changed."

    The eyes of the woman were firm with determination.

    "And this change starts with you! Be the change and get the happiness you deserve!" The woman continued with excitement, "Rest assured you would have our help, and together, we would ensure you become the happiest man/woman out there!"

    The woman waved her hand and four screens flashed up in the air.

    "Please select an option so that we could guide you further," The woman pointed at the four screens, "If you are a husband then chose this screen and if you are a new wife then this screen..."

    Some distance away, Kiba and Natalie were looking at the projection. Kiba was laughing loudly while Natalie's face was as red as a tomato.

    "You are so convincing in those videos," Kiba placed his head on her shoulder, "I just love them."

    "Damn," Natalie made a slicing motion towards the projector.


    The projector was severed into two and the holographic projection disappeared.

    "I still can't believe I agreed to shoot those crazy videos," Natalie pushed his head away.

    "Don't say that," Kiba pretended to be hurt, "Everyone loves them."

    Natalie could pretty much imagine the 'love' shown by the husbands, new wives, patron wives, and fiancee when they see the videos directed towards them.

    "This reminds me that we need a new business card," Kiba has a thoughtful expression, "Targetting children with hot mothers."

    "@!$%" Natalie waved her hand and orange energy orbs manifested in the air.

    "I was kidding," Kiba leaped back to dodge the energy orbs.

    "Then why are you here?" Natalie asked with a large energy orb in her hand.

    "To say goodbye," Kiba sighed before turning towards the office room where dozen of the female staff were working.

    Some were analyzing documents on their computers while others were making notings in files. Their job was rather difficult for they need to find suitable customers and lure them to their service. This needed proper research and deep analysis.

    The worst part was that not many agreed to buy the company's service despite it being free. The staff often complained about the ungrateful people who would decline such heavenly services due to their limited world view.

    "Goodbye?" Natalie was startled.

    "I need to carry out some personal tasks," Kiba turned towards her and said, "And I need you to ensure no one learns of my disappearance."

    While it was true that no one knew about where he lived or what he did when he was not active, he still has to ensure that no one ever connects Kiba's long disappearance with Zed's. The probability of such a thing happening was almost nill but it was better to be safe than sorry.

    He was obviously aware that spreading the rumors of his presence here might lead to another set of problems but they were something he could handle.

    "If that's what you want then sure," Natalie didn't ask him further.

    "See ya~" Kiba kissed her on lips before teleporting away.



    Dream Rise House.


    A column of white light appeared outside the house. The light soon converged into Agatha and Kiba.

    Agatha was wearing a black dress and her baby bump was slightly visible. Kiba glanced at her belly and then closed his eyes.

    "This is a right decision," Kiba told himself.

    "Where have you taken me?" Agatha asked after the effects of teleportation subsidized.

    "My home," Kiba answered truthfully. He has taken her to the underground facilities but not the villa.

    "Oh!" Agatha looked around and noticed the waterfall upon which the villa was partly built. Her eyes turned wide as she remembered something.

    "Isn't this the house of that slum dweller who made a big fortune?" Agatha has heard about the rumors since they were even discussed in the high society of the city.

    Kiba didn't reply but allowed her to contemplate further.

    "Hang on! You are also from slum...!" Agatha recalled the conversation where he shared his background. She then contemplated everything she knew about him and the words he spoke when she shared his secret in the lab.

    "Please tell me I'm wrong," Agatha felt her head spinning around. Kiba stepped ahead and supported her.

    "You are not wrong," Kiba helped her in taking a seat on the stairs outside the entrance.

    Agatha put a hand on his shoulder as she tried to compose herself with all the revelations.

    "Can you show me that form?" Agatha turned her head towards him.

    "Of course," Kiba nodded his head.

    Agatha felt her mouth opening wide as she saw the golden color from his hairs and iris fading. She looked in disbelief as his hairs started getting shorter while his facial features morphed.

    In just a matter of seconds, in place of Kiba, she saw a black-haired youth with blue iris.

    "What was your name again?" Agatha tried to joke but the shock made it impossible for her to be funny.

    "Zed," Zed answered with a stiff smile.

    Agatha pressed her forehead with both her hands. She tried to grip with the reality and convince herself that everything was real. His transformation has left no doubt on this front.

    For five long minutes neither of them spoke. Zed silently waited for her to get over the shock. He was sure she would move on easily given everything that has has happened in her life so far.

    "So who is the real one? Zed or Kiba?" Agatha asked.

    "I am Kiba and Kiba is me," Zed replied with a light cough.

    "I can see that," Agatha took a deep breath before continuing, "But there has to be a dominant side, right?"


    "I don't know much about Zed," Agatha was not really interested in the gossips but she did listen to a few, "Except that he is not shameless."


    "So either you must be suffering from dual personalities or you are good in hiding your shameless side," Agatha reasoned with a hand on her chin.

    "I'm not shameless!"
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