181 Leaving The City Final Par

    Zed didn't like being called shameless. He believed he has done nothing wrong for such a word to be associated with him.

    "Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Agatha asked with a faint smile. It took her some time but the initial shock has passed.

    Zed noticed her smile and he could only allow her to have a win over him for the time being.

    "I didn't expect you to bring me to your home," Agatha rested her back on a pillar.

    Zed looked at the setting sun for a moment before turning towards her.

    "I'm going out on a personal trip and most likely it would span between a month or two," Zed slowly explained his reasons, "And till I return, I want you to be here if it is fine with you."

    Agatha was startled by his explanation. She observed him for a moment before asking, "Can I know where you are going for you to be not sure of the time period?"

    "Desolate Blood Forest," Zed answered with a low sigh, "Rest assured I'm only going there because I have the utmost confidence in my powers to survive."

    Agatha was concerned but she wasn't worried. She already knew he has more abilities then what others assumed after seeing his display during Hypocrite News broadcast and events that followed.

    "Why would you go to such a dangerous area?" Agatha further asked. She was aware of the things he desired and she was pretty sure the forest should have nothing to lure him.

    "Because..." Zed took a deep breath before explaining everything about Felicity and her importance.

    "Sister?" Agatha looked at him in a different light. She now understood why he has such an extreme reaction when Claudia informed of 'code red' after the nanite explosion. She has helped him in opening the suitcase containing nanites so she was able to connect a few dots.

    "You truly surprised me," Agatha said with a sincere smile, "She is lucky to have someone who would go to such an extent for her."

    "You misunderstood," Zed shook his head, "I'm doing everything for myself and not for her."

    He always did what he desired and the same applied now. He wanted Felicity to recover because he liked her company.

    In his entire life, he has never deluded himself into thinking he has carried out any action for the sake of others. Perhaps his actions resulted in the benefit of others but to him, that didn't matter. He did what pleased him regardless of how his actions were perceived by others.

    "You are sweet when you say such stuff," Agatha ruffled his hairs, "But I do believe you are selfless on many occasions even though you wouldn't agree. "

    In the end, the actions of an individual are always in the self-interest of oneself. Even the most selfless acts have benefits involved.

    Like a man donating half his fortunes to the poor. The benefit to oneself might be in the form of fame, self-satisfaction, or an unconscious belief in the workings of karma and after-life.

    The best example would be how Agatha spared the life of Daniel after Sarah reminded him of the importance of a father in the child's life. A part of Agatha believed that in the future when Kiba is in danger, he would be helped just like she has helped Daniel and Sarah.

    She did it because she wanted her daughter to have a father in her life. But perhaps from the perspective of others, her actions were selfless and even foolish.

    "Kiba...I mean Zed," Agatha took his palms in her hand before continuing, "I don't want to be a jinx, but you do have to think of a possibility that you might not get what you are seeking for in that forest. It is better to be prepared for a worst-case scenario."

    Zed looked her in the eyes and saw her concern for him.

    "I know," Zed released a long sigh, "And I do have an alternative if I failed. Just pray I don't have to use it."

    Agatha didn't ask what was the alternative for she felt it was most likely referring to Section IV in the underground facilities. She remembered the words he has said when she has arrived in front of that section.

    "Please stay here till I return back," Zed once again stated his request.

    In the end, no matter how strong he was, his power has a limit. He could freely teleport within a range of fifty kilometers but the distance between the forest and the city was vast.

    Not to mention, if his guess was right based on his past experience, the core region would restrict teleportation.

    "You are worried?" Agatha asked.

    "Yeah, I don't want to be worried about you and Hope while I'm gone," Zed explained his fears.


    The Castle, Paradox Dimension.

    Inside the hall, the man on the throne of darkness retracted his vision before letting out a heavy sigh.

    "A useless worry," The man shook his head, "The reality wouldn't strike from behind like a coward."

    The skeletons on the floor looked at him with malice and hate as he continued his words.

    "The final onslaught of reality would be from the front," The man said in a low voice, "The reality wish to enjoy the sight of helplessness and despair."


    Section III, Dream Rise House.

    Agatha and Kiba stood in front of a jet.  The jet resembled an ordinary jet from outer appearance but in truth, its engine and self-defense abilities were no less powerful than a high-grade military jet.

    Agatha has checked the jet when she arrived here a month ago but even now she couldn't help but marvel at the integration of tech and luxury.

    The interior of the jet was as fabulous as a high-end suite at a seven-star hotel:  Leather upholstery, sumptuous handwoven carpets, chandeliers, and gold touches.

    The jet included all the perks of a superyacht in the skies, from grand dining rooms and casino areas to aquariums. The luxury was completed with a double bed, a spacious lounge with sofas, gold accents, and even a marble bathroom.

    Not only that but the entire jet was integrated with touchscreen panels for access to in-flight services. The best part was perhaps the auto-pilot mode which was managed by Claudia and hence Kiba could actually meet the comforts of home on board.

    Agatha once again prayed for the poor souls who went bankrupt after Kiba 'borrowed' the resources needed for the manufacturing of this jet. She wouldn't be surprised if those 'lenders' died out of heart attack after seeing the jet.

    "What are you thinking?" Kiba noticed her expression filled with pity.

    "Nothing really," Agatha cleared her thoughts, "Take care."

    "I will," Kiba assured her.

    [[We are ready to take off.]] Claudia informed them,

    "Till next time," Kiba leaned down to kiss on her belly. There were around four months before her pregnancy complete and Hope is born.

    Kiba swore himself to return in two months regardless of whether he gets what he wants or not in the forest. He wanted to accompany Agatha in the final months before she gives birth.

    "There is something I need to give you," Agatha brought out a flyer from her purse, "This should give you a nice lucrative to return soon."

    Kiba was confused. What can be a more important reason for him to return than  Hope and Felicity?

    Kiba got over his surprise and opened the flyer. As he saw the pictures and text on the flyer, his jaw almost dropped.

    There were pictures of women in bikini and some even in traditional dresses. Each woman was more beautiful than the other with gorgeous curves and seductive poses.

    "Miss Delta Pagent begins in April!" Agatha read out the text on the flyer, "Around 75 days from now!"

    Kiba started sweating profusely. He looked at Agatha with a blank expression.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" Agatha pretended to be confused as she further questioned, "Remember how you tossed a coin in the fountain so that the pageant start as soon as possible?"

    (Chapter 148)


    "I also seem to recall you mentioning a heavy burden on your shoulders since you are one of the judges."

    Agatha could imagine the stuff he has in mind when he agreed to become a judge for such a competition.

    "...." Kiba, on the other hand, wanted to complain of hardship.

    "Haha," Agatha starting laughing at his reactions.

    "You are taking advantage of my innocence!" Kiba felt hurt.

    It has always been him who plays such a prank on others, but now Agatha used his style against him.

    "I was kidding," Agatha kissed him on the forehead, "Return soon."

    "Yes," Kiba turned around and stepped on the airstair.

    Agatha looked on as the door closed and the jet took off.

    "Please be safe."
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