182 Desolate Blood Fores

    A black jet flew higher and higher into the clouds with its boosters emanating out blue light. The jet crushed the layer of clouds, creating a loud thunderous roar.

    Inside, Kiba was sitting on a sofa. He flipped through a booklet on Desolate Blood Forest.

    After some time, he threw the booklet away and brought his attention to a large table in front of him. The table was filled with various items he might need in his trip.

    Campsite gear, medicines, cigarettes, liquor, specimen containers, food utensils, spices, condiments and so on. There were even two bottles full of food capsules.

    The development in the technology allowed the manufacturing of highly nutritious food capsules which can meet the energy requirements. Not only they suit the body needs, but they also satisfied the food craving through artificial flavoring.

    On another table, there were weapons and tracking items such as plasma grenades, laser guns, mechanical insects and drones.

    "I don't really need such stuff," Kiba said as he left the sofa and stretched out.

    [[Kiba doesn't need them but Zed does.]]


    [[Besides you have no reason to complain when you are not going to carry the load.]]

    "I guess so," Kiba pointed his hand towards the two tables. A stream of white light surged out from his palm and fell on the tables.


    The items were wrapped by the light and the next moment, they disappeared.

    Kiba might not have spatial equipment but he never really cared about them since his powers gave him a far better alternative. He would be carrying the items with him but they would be intangible and exist in another space.

    [[There is still one item left.]]

    "I know," Kiba walked to another table where a cylindrical glass pod was placed.  It was partly filled with a menacing blue liquid: nanites. He has left most of the nanites in the lab but brought a sizeable amount with him.

    Kiba sighed and took the pod.

    [[We would be reaching the outskirts of the forest in a few minutes. You should get dressed.]]

    "Sure," Kiba walked to the wardrobe and took out a set of clothes and shoes. They were made from nanoparticles, offering both high durability and resistance to wear and tear.

    Perhaps the best part about them was that they would transform into another set when he changes his form. The nanoparticles would check his body heat and energy signals to decide on what type of clothes and footwear he needs.

    Kiba clad into the new set and glanced at himself on the mirror. White shirt, black pant, and matching shoes.

    "Am I really going to a forest like this?"  Kiba felt as if he was going on a fun trip instead.

    [[Yes. ]]

    With a bitter smile, Kiba returned to the cabin and sat near the window. He looked out of the window to observe the night sky.

    The sky at such a high altitude was serene; the clouds and the stars together forming a mesmerizing sight to the eyes.

    "The sky here is far more beautiful than the city," Kiba thought as he observed further, "Then again the city has to pay a price for progress. "


    Suddenly, a deafening roar from the below entered his ears. Disturbed from his thoughts, Kiba lowered his head.

    His eyes glittered with extraordinary radiance as he stared off in the distance. His gaze seemed to almost bore directly through the confines of the jet and fell on the vast area that formed the forest.

    The forest was full of excessively tall and lush vegetation, with deep emerald green color flooding the entire region.  Some trees were so towering that their crowns blotted in the sky.

    The trees seemed to be has grown for hundreds of years under the gracious blessing of the mother earth. Their wood contained a special type of energy which could provide extreme benefits to the living beings within their vicinity.

    Currently, a humongous red tiger stood on a branch of such one tree. Its body was covered with black stripes while its fangs were crystalline red.

    Some distance away, a giant bird was flapping its wing ferociously as it looked at the tiger with hatred.

    The tiger leaped out from the branch while spitting out a stream of red-hot flames. The bird's body flashed and a terrifying radiance rose up from its wings that shot towards the tiger.


    The branches shattered as two oppressive forces collided and formed into a mushroom cloud. The mushroom cloud enveloped everything within its range and thereby annihilating it.

    The bird backed away from the blast, but then it saw the tiger rushing through the mushroom cloud. Before the bird could react, the tiger grabbed its head with the claws and dived towards the ground.

    "Didn't expect to see such an interesting tiger at the outskirts," Kiba mused with a smile, "It didn't hesitate in taking damage head-on as long as it could capture the bird."

    Kiba then expanded his vision further ahead and noticed a ferocious beast spanning for thousands of feet. Its skin resembled rock and in place of body hairs, it has grass and trees growing up on it.

    The beast threw back its head and roared loudly. The shockwaves made the beasts in the area experience a severe headache with their bodies stiffening up. Some of the beasts even have blood flowing down from their ears and nose.

    The giant beast lifted its front arms high in the air and then smashed them down on the ground viciously.


    The ground cracked open and trees were rooted out of their spot. Stones and dirt were blown apart with a loud explosion.

    The weaker beasts started stampeding over as they tried to rush away from the rampaging beast.

    "Crazy guy," Kiba thought as he moved towards the door.

    [[Activating force field suppression for pressure adjustment.]]


    The door opened up and Kiba stood at the entrance. His long golden hairs fluttered in the wind while a heavy breeze brushed across his face.

    [[All the best, sir.]]

    "Thank you, Claudia."

    Kiba tapped his foot lightly on the surface as he jumped from the aircraft. His body was like a cloud, free from the confines of the ground, with the entire sky as his territory.

    He flew among the clouds while looking at the passing landscape with a smile on his face. After he started flying, he finally realized why Claudia chose his clothes in such a manner.

    She wanted him to consider this visit as a fun trip instead of some serious mission in a dangerous land. She wished he would have a good time here just like the city.

    This thinking was rather perilous and not something anyone would ever agree. After all, unlike the civilized society, the forest solely operated under the law of the jungle. One has to be vigilant at every moment, otherwise, death might come in an instant.

    [[Danger lurks in every corner but now the question is for whom.]]
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