188 Rubys First Experience

    Inside a camp room.

    Ruby was struck on the spot, her eyes wide in disbelief as Kiba pushed his tongue in her mouth. She was completely caught off-guard by the entry of his tongue.


    Ruby felt his tongue wrapping around hers. Their saliva mingled and she tasted the sweet taste of the saffron from the milk earlier.

    "No!" Ruby broke the kiss despite the reliving sensation from senses. She was feeling lightless as a feather and this horrified her.

    "I'm being affected by the sedatives I gave him in the milk!" Ruby's mind was in a mess.

    "What's wrong?" Kiba asked, his expression a mix of hurt and confusion. "Did I do anything wrong by expressing my love?"

    "No," Ruby didn't know how to proceed further, "You did no wrong."

    She knew she didn't have any reasonable explanation to stop after what has occurred today, and she was worried if this continued, she wouldn't be able to stop either.

    "Just the presence of saffron on his tongue made me dizzy but he still looks fine." Ruby tried her best to make a sense of the present situation. "Is he unaffected?! No! That should be impossible! Hang on!! He wasn't this passionate and bolder throughout the day...Could the drugs have taken a wrong effect on him?!"

    There were rare cases when a standardized drug function in unknown ways in a few patients. This mostly happened when the genes and body structure were far too different from the standard consumer.

    The chances of such occurrences were 1/10000. Ruby never believed she would meet one of those rare cases today.

    "What should I do?" Ruby was thinking but then she saw Kiba closing into her.

    "If I did no wrong then let's continue," Kiba brought his hands on the back of her head, "I want no more reservations between us."

    Kiba pulled her hair back and held them with his hand, while he began biting on her lips. He softly marked on her upper lip followed by her lower lip. His other free hand traced her back in a gentle manner, making her senses tantalized.

    He then lowered his body to move on her neck. His kisses on her neck were soft and short, but they carried a warmth she has never known.

    Ruby felt an indescribable sensation, she loved where it was going but the future worried her.

    "You are gorgeous and sweet," Kiba said as he parted from her lips. He then leaned up and pushed her down on the bed, with his hand on hers as he once again joined with her lips.

    Ruby was held tight by him. She closed her eyes and opened her lips willingly, allowing his tongue to delve in.

    She didn't know if she was doing it under the effects of the sedatives or because she was wanted to, but she loved the moment. She tossed the thoughts of the future in a corner and allowed the present to overwhelm her.

    His hands moved away from hers and now wandered on her breasts. His tongue continued to dart with hers as if they were in a dance. The kiss was not just passionate and seductive, it was also filled with a sensation of overpowering.

    His hands moved quickly to discard her dress and now she was covered with nothing but a bra and panty.

    Ruby's cheeks and ears were flushed red. She could feel his eyes devouring her body like a treat.

    Kiba unhooked her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. Her breasts were curvaceous like globes, firm and soft with pink nipples.

    Kiba felt the firm texture of her breasts under his fingertips. She felt dizzier than ever as excitement built up inside her as he fondled her breasts.

    He flicked his tongue out across her left nipple and she felt a shiver throughout her body. His tongue slowly swirled around her nipple while his other hand caressed her breast.

    Ruby tilted her head back and grunted as he began sucking over her nipples. His mouth moved from one nipple to another in succession, and in between, he would pinch her nipples, sending bolts of electricity throughout her.

    Ruby felt him sliding down her body while giving soft kisses. His face was now in between her thighs and she saw him pushed her legs in the air.

    Kiba grabbed the sides of her panty and slid them down her hips. He slid it down her ankles and tossed it away.

    "So beautiful," Kiba muttered in praise. He slipped his fingers between her pussy lips, exposing her wet insides.

    Ruby squealed, with bolts of lightning striking across her body as Kiba sucked her clit into his mouth. His hand, meanwhile, continued to rub over her pussy, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, not giving her a chance to get used to his pace.

    She moaned and closed her eyes as his tongue moved between her pink foldings and plunged it into her pussy.  Her hips bucked wildly in extreme delight and she put her hands over his hair.

    Kiba slowly began swirling his tongue inside her, sucking her sweet juice into his mouth.

    "Ahhh..." Ruby whimpered as he continued to lick her within the warm and moist suction of his mouth.

    He suddenly shoved two fingers inside her just as his mouth moved away.

    Ruby arched her back and a shiver passed down her spine. She opened her mouth to breathe as a sensation she never knew boiled up inside her. Her body spasmed and her pussy convulsed in pleasure.

    "Ooo God." Ruby collapsed onto the bed as orgasm ignited in her pussy.

    Kiba removed his fingers from her and licked away the sweet juice.

    "Delicious." Kiba lied beside her and place his hand over her breasts. He allowed her to savor her first orgasm as long as she wanted.

    Ruby's breathing was heavy and it took her a while to regain clarity. She opened her eyes and noticed Kiba looking at her.

    She didn't say anything but sat up on the bed. Her hand wandered over his muscular chest and then slide past his well-framed abs before arriving on his pants.

    Ruby felt a gigantic bulge through the fabric. She leaned over him to unzip his pant and pull out his cock. He was hard and as it sprang in her hand, she felt weak in her knees.

    "How could something so long and thick fit inside me?" Ruby gasped as she held his massive shaft in both hands with plenty of its length to spare.

    She tried to get over her shock and brought her lips on the head of his cock. She has never made such intimate contacts with a man before, and all she knew was what she heard from her friends.

    Ruby hoped her actions were not sloppy as she stroked his cock, while her lips made a contact with the head. She licked her lips unconsciously as an innate desire took her senses.

    Her lips parted and she gave the head of his cock a long and wet kiss. She then slid her tongue out and began to slowly lick back and forth over the tip.

    Ruby closed her eyes and she took him into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she began to lovingly suck the top few inches.

    Her hands stroked his cock as she sucked up the top. She slowly started bobbing up and down while her eyes made a contact with his.

    She observed his expression of pleasure as her mouth worked over his cock. Her saliva dripped over him, mixed with his precum.

    Ruby opened her mouth wider as she took him deeper. His fingers clenched her hair and he shoved her down with such force that his cock touched the ends of her throat.

    Her face turned pale and breathing turned ragged as he continued to keep her down on his cock. She wasn't able to breathe and just as she thought she would lose consciousness, he freed her.

    "Haaa." Ruby opened her mouth to gasp for air. She turned towards him, surprised by his use of force.

    "Apologies, my love," Kiba took her chin in his hand, "Your body awakened the beast inside me."

    Before Ruby could reply, he shoved her on the bed. He positioned himself over her, his lips meeting hers again in a warm embrace.

    Ruby felt heat boiling inside her with expectations. His cock touched her belly and she wondered just how it would feel inside her.

    Her hand moved to guide his cock towards her pussy. He rubbed over her clit in a teasing manner before arriving at the entrance.


    Ruby bite her lips as he slowly entered inside her. A sensation of extreme pain took over and she closed her eyes.

    His cock continued to barge in as gently as possible. Slowly traces of blood covered the shaft of his cock as he shoved in further, as if breaking a wall.

    "Should I stop?" Kiba asked in a faint voice.

    "No," Ruby opened her lips to disagree, "Please don't stop now."

    Slowly, a tinge of pleasure mixed in with the pain. Her hips trembled as he reached her tight ends.

    Her breasts moved in a rhystmic fashion as he slid in and out. His strokes were slow,  but with time, their pace increased as she became accustomed to him. He held onto her waist so he could ram inside her harder.

    Her warm and wet insides embraced him completely as the power of his thrusts amplified.

    "Ohhh." Ruby pulled his lips to hers for a tight kiss. His chest enjoyed the soft sensation of her breasts rubbing over him as he continued.

    "Don't stop," Ruby pleaded.

    Kiba didn't plan to, and he rolled over with her on top of him. She pressed her hands over his chest and tilted her head back.

    Her long brown hair fell over her face and he brushed them away. Her expression was of pleasure and happiness as her pussy squeezed him.

    Kiba brought his hands over her breasts and fondled them as his cock continued to enjoy her wet and tight pussy.

    Ruby's entire body was flushed red with droplets of sweat falling down. She felt as if waves of current were passing through her, bringing her to heaven she never knew existed.

    She opened her eyes and looked in his eyes. There was only pure lust inside them, and it gave her shivers of excitement.

    "Ahhh." Ruby's hips bounced as she rode up and down his cock.

    She let out a loud cry of joy as she felt the crest of another orgasm beginning to crash over her.

    "Ooo yes," Ruby moaned loudly.

    Her pussy grew wetter and started to ripple around him as the orgasm swept over her and she wailed in pleasure.

    She clung to him tightly as he exploded inside her...
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