189 Xanders Nightmare

    The Desolate Forest was shrouded by darkness. The light from the stars was almost non-existent at this late in the night.

    In the forest, the night was far more dangerous than the day.

    Dangerous beasts lurked in every corner, looking for preys. Their super enhanced vision didn't hinder them in the slightest as they proceeded for their hunt.

    The outskirts of the forest, on the other hand, were relatively safe with the presence of only low-level beasts. It was possible to avoid them as long as one has the means, such as energy markers which would radiate the presence of higher-level beasts to fool the weaker beasts.

    Currently, a camp with six rooms has such means. The camp was next to a stream but no beasts targetted the camp.

    In the present, two human figures were standing outside the camp. They were wearing night-vision goggles which allowed them to see clearly. In their hands, they were carrying powerful laser guns.

    The two figures were none other than Xander and Kyron. Their expressions were downcast with a tinge of worry on their faces.

    "Ruby didn't come back after she went to Kiba's room," Xander said in a low voice, "It has already been close to an hour...could she has been caught by him?"

    "This is impossible!" Kyron disagreed with the guess. "We three have done our part well so there is no way he can be suspicious!"

    "That's true," Xander nodded his head. He was sure the drugs in the milk couldn't be detected by even top mutants much less Kiba.

    "But then why hasn't she returned?" Xander once again asked. He was having an eerie feeling that something wasn't right.

    "We should check out." Kyron made a decision after some contemplation. Xander nodded in agreement and the two walked towards the room which was allocated to Kiba.

    Xander and Kyron clicked on a switch in their respective goggles to activate thermal vision.

    All objects emit infrared energy, which in simple terms was heat, and what people usually referred to as heat signature.

    The hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits. The thermal imager in their goggles was essentially a heat sensor that was capable of detecting tiny differences in temperature.

    The goggles collected the infrared radiation from objects in the surrounding to create an electronic image based on information about the temperature difference.

    "Let's see what is truly going on," Xander clicked on another switch to remove unwarranted hindrances. Now he was directly seeing the scene inside the room.

    He saw the thermal images in the form of a female lying above a male. The mouth of the male was over the breasts of the female.

    "IMPOSSIBLE!" Xander muttered in complete disbelief.


    The laser gun fell from his hand and landed on the ground.

    Xander was in no state to think about the gun. He was rooted on the spot, his vision completely fixed on the room.

    Inside, the infrared figures were moving in a rhythm. Xander noted a specific part of both the figures was clearly highlighted due to the high heat.

    This specific part of both the male and female figures was connected as they continued their rhythmic movement.

    Xander's body first became stiff, then it trembled vigorously. The veins on his forehead bulged out, like thick worms.

    "How could she do this to me?!" Xander wanted to scream loudly.

    In his entire life, he has only loved one girl, Ruby. He knew his love was one-sided but he believed there was hope. This was why he joined her in the forest for he wanted to become closer to her.

    While he was aware they were on a mission and his role was to act like a jealous one-sided lover in front of their prey, he didn't mind this least bit. He never thought he was acting, for everything came from his heart.

    He has always prayed that someday Ruby would notice his feelings and accept them. He has even dreamed of how they will share their lives together and the kids they would have.

    But now...

    "That bastard turned her into a woman...He did what I should be doing!"

    Xander felt his blood boiling up as he further saw the event in the room. He observed Ruby lying on the bed with Kiba releasing thick ropes of cum over her breasts.

    "Son of a bitch! How dare he do that?!"

    Xander has envisioned many scenes of him sucking over Ruby's breasts. He has also imagined himself planting his face between those firm breasts but now...

    "That mother**er has marked her breasts! Hang on... What is he doing now...?! FUCK! Even her mouth?! Stop it!"

    Xander saw Ruby's tongue sliding on Kiba's cock. She licked off every single trace of semen from his cock.

    A trail of cum stretched out from her rosy lips and struck on her chin. Ruby brought her hand to clean the cum from her face.

    "This has to be a nightmare! My Ruby can't be doing this!"

    In the past, Xander has visualized the picture of him kissing on her lips and dueling with her tongue.

    But now...

    Her virginity was taken, her breasts were marked and even her lips were stained with cum.

    She was no longer the Ruby he has known throughout his life. The girl of his dream has turned into a stranger.

    "I would kill that bastard no matter what!" Xander swore deep in his heart.

    His heart was burning with flames of anger and only revenge could extinguish them.

    Xander promised himself he won't sleep or have food until he has taken out his enemy...
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