190 Duped?!

    (A/N: Extra long chapter!)

    Xander was fuming with anger. He could handle everything in life but not the 'tragedy' in front of his eyes.

    The scene of Kiba making love with Ruby and marking her in ways he never could.

    Just how can Xander handle the fall of his one true love under the claws of a man she has met a little over 12 hours ago!?

    Xander has tried for years without any success, but yet she gave everything, which was rightfully his, to a complete stranger!

    This was not a punch in his guts but a knife in his heart. It was a betrayal which pained him so much that not even the words could describe the feeling.

    After all, the only true pain was that of heart. The only true suffering was of love.

    "What's so special about him anyways?! He might have a handsome face and a well-proportioned body but that doesn't mean Ruby should be his!" Xander picked the laser gun from the ground.

    "What are you doing?" Kyron stopped Xander from barging inside the room.

    "I'm going to kill that **er," Xander answered.

    "Are you an idiot?!" Kyron put a hand on his shoulder and continued, "We have a mission and you want to ruin everything?!

    "Fuck the mission," Xander pushed Kyron's hand away, "He has taken everything from me and I'm not gonna forgive him for this."

    "You dumb idiot!" Kyron was incensed by Xander's conduct. "That man would make us a fortune but you wish to ruin everything just because he and Ruby had sex?!"

    Kyron wanted to slap Xander for making an issue out of nothing and wanting to ruin their entire day's efforts.

    "Ruby is my love," Xander said in a heavy voice, "And she is mine alone. No **ing bastard can take her from me."

    Kyron was having a hard time to control his anger. Just what sort of reasoning was Xander carrying?

    "It is her life and it is her choice to make out with anyone she wants," Kyron tried his best to explain in a calm voice.

    "Bastard!" Xander clenched his left fist and landed a heavy punch on Kyron's guts.

    "YOU!" Kyron fell some distance away, shocked by the sudden assault. He brought his laser gun and aimed at Xander, "Stop before you force me to do something you would regret."

    "I don't regret anything!" Xander leaped on Kyron...


    Inside the room.

    Ruby sat down on the bed, her body covered with sweat. She took a tissue paper to wipe the sweat off her body.

    Kiba clad his clothes and shoes back.

    "Dress soon," Kiba said as he passed Ruby her clothes from the floor.

    "Soon? Why?" Ruby asked, confused.

    Kiba didn't reply but poured himself a glass of water. He brought the glass to his lips and gulped down the entire glass in quick succession.


    The entrance of the room, which was made of fabric, broke apart into flames as a stream of red light moved forward like a shooting star.

    As the stream of light rushed forward, the temperature in the room increased by countless folds.

    "Laser!" Ruby's eyes turned wide in shock.

    She knew the shot originated from either of her companions, and she also knew how terrifying the shot was. The guns they carried were specially made to overpower strong mutants and every shot of laser carried a tremendous force with it.

    If one was hit directly then the only fate would be incarnating into ashes!

    Ruby was in the middle of clasping her bra strings and didn't even get time to react further as the laser light rushed towards her.

    The aim of the laser was the bed but she was sitting on it. There was no time for her to move or dodge.

    "No!" Ruby shut her eyes, waiting for the pain of death to arrive. She has seen people dying from the laser and have heard their horrifying screams.

    The death was momentary but yet the pain seemed to carry a lifetime of story. She has always prayed to never meet such a demise but now she was helpless.

    She has so many aspirations she wished to fulfill but...

    Man proposes, but God disposes.

    Ruby waited and waited for seconds which seemed like years, but the sensation of the terrifying pain didn't arrive.

    Slowly she opened her eyes and saw a hand in front. The hand was clutched and faint red dots of light were visible around it.

    The red dots of light then turned into mist and disappeared into nothingness.

    "Kiba?" Ruby raised her head to look at Kiba.

    He was standing with a nonchalant expression, his other hand still carrying a glass. His expression was like he has caught an ordinary ball instead of blocking a laser shot.

    Ruby was completely dumbfounded by his nonchalant attitude and the ease with which he handled the situation.

    Just what type of strength does it take to block such a powerful attack without suffering the least bit of damage?

    Kiba stepped in front of her and placed the glass away. Her breasts were exposed, with the bra falling down.

    "Let me help you." Kiba picked the bra and slid it back on her breasts.

    "T-thanks," Ruby's cheeks were as red as tomatoes.

    "No problem," Kiba said as he hooked her bra before adding, "This was why I said get dress quickly."

    "You knew the attack was coming?!" Ruby was startled. Before she could pester him for an answer, she noticed two figures some distance away from them.

    The fire from the laser shot was extinguished but it has already burned away the entrance. The room was still lightened up with the inbuilt lamps in the remaining fabric.

    Xander and Kyron were standing at the entrance, shocked by how the scene folded inside. Kyron has traces of blood on his face but he was in no state to think about his injuries.

    When Xander fired the laser to the room, he was expecting the worst. But now it looked like his worry was for nothing, the laser shot has done no harm.

    What shocked him was how the laser attack was neutralized. Ruby didn't notice it but he has. He has seen how Kiba just put his hand forward in front of the coming laser attack and then clenched his fist as soon as the laser made a contact.

    Kyron expected him to turn into ashes, but instead, the laser was extinguished like sparks of fire.

    "How is this possible?" Kyron was terrified.

    He has made a report on Kiba and his powers when the latter faced the wolves and Iron-scaled Fish. The sensors he has put in the vicinity have given him an idea of Kiba's powers and his potential.

    "Could the sensors have read wrong? No! He was hiding his powers!" Kyron contemplated the details, " Otherwise, with the power he displayed now, defeating Iron-scaled Fish should be easy! But yet, he was pushed back and Xander was forced to step in against the fish!"

    "What is the meaning of this?" Ruby left the bed and looked at her companions. The near-death experience has made her numb for a minute but now she regained her clarity.

    She couldn't believe her companions would attack her in the middle of the night. While she was inside Kiba's room, she knew her companions were obviously aware but yet they attacked her.

    If not for Kiba, she would be ashes floating in the night sky.

    "I want to ask the same!" Xander said in a loud voice, "What the hell were you doing with him?!"

    Xander's eyes were filled with madness and he didn't care the least bit on how the laser attack was blocked. All he wanted was to get revenge for the humiliation and the pain he has undergone.

    "You dumb rat," Ruby called out in an annoyed voice, "I can do anything I please and it is none of your business."

    She was in no mood to care about the cute and innocent image she has earlier established in front of Kiba. She has experienced a near-death moment, and things like her plans were the last things she wanted to think about.

    "Slut, I will kill you and your love---" Xander was in the middle of shouting, but then he stopped as he saw the scene in front of him.

    Kiba placed a pillow on the headboard and then sat down on the bed, his back resting on the pillow. He took out his cell phone and pressed on the screen.

    "What is he doing?!" Xander looked in complete disbelief as Kiba motioned his phone sometimes to right and sometimes to left.

    "He is playing a game!" Kyron answered based on the movements shown by Kiba, "A car racing game!"

    "Are you kidding with me?!" Xander's eyes were bloodshot.

    He was letting out his steam and emotions, but yet the main culprit was playing games, instead of trying to apologise and beg for life.

    This is not how the things should play out!

    Ruby turned her head back and was similarly dumbfounded by the scene.

    "Hmm?" Kiba seemed to notice their gazes as he raised his head.

    "Ah! Please continue," Kiba lowered his phone, "Don't let my presence hinder you."

    Ruby was perplexed by his sudden change in personality. Just moments ago he saved her life, but now he was acting completely oblivious to everything.

    "Could it be the side effects of the drugs in the milk?" Ruby thought of how shy and nervous Kiba was before consuming the milk.

    He would blush at even the slightest contact with her, but after drinking the milk, he became bold and passionate as he expressed his feelings to her. Now, he has changed again...

    "Oh right! I get it now!" Kiba nodded his head as if he realized something, "You are trying to tell me it is not right to use phone such late in the night!"

    Kiba put his phone back in the pocket.

    "Honestly, I'm exhausted so thank you for the reminder," Kiba lay on the bed, "If you three don't mind, can you please continue your argument outside so that I can sleep?"

    "Bastard!" Xander aimed the gun at Kiba's head.

    "Stop!" Ruby raised her left hand and hundreds of nails and thorns shot out from the surrounding. They hovered in the air, waiting to strike their target.

    Xander gritted his teeth, but then his eyes turned wide as he noticed something dazzling in Ruby's raised hand.

    "A ring?!" Xander's body trembled with anger.

    He has never noticed the diamond ring before so he was sure of what it meant.

    Ruby was engaged with Kiba!

    "Bitch! You became his slut in just a day?!" Xander turned the gun towards her.

    "Your mom is a slut, you dumb pig," Ruby was ready to attack him.

    She had enough of his conduct and didn't mind killing him to settle scores, even if it resulted in a  punishment later on.

    "Stop it," Kyron stepped in between them, "And clear your minds otherwise we three would die at his hands."

    "What?!" Ruby and Xander looked at Kyron in shock.

    "Don't you get it? He was hiding his powers!" Kyron reminded them of the details they missed due to their shock and anger.

    "No way," Ruby glanced at Kiba and noticed a faint smile on his face. She suddenly felt a bad premonition bubbling in her heart.

    "You are immune to sedatives, right?" Kyron asked him.

    He has seen the empty milk glass lying in the room so he was sure the milk was consumed. But yet, Kiba was wide awake and even made out with Ruby.

    Kyron knew what this signified and it made him tensed up.

    "Well, not really," Kiba answered with a relaxed smile, "Some sedatives do work on me, but if you are asking about the ones Ruby gave me, the answer is yes."

    "Y-you knew?!" Ruby asked.

    Kyron hasn't stated the details about the milk nor her role, but yet Kiba clearly mentioned them. She was now sure her earlier conjecture on the functioning of the drugs was completely wrong.

    Her heart thumped and she didn't fully react for a short period of time as an eerie feeling developed inside her.

    "Yes, I knew," Kiba nodded in agreement, "I knew from the start."

    "You were listening to our conversation when we discussed our plan in Ruby's room?!"

    Kyron thought of how they planned for the night after Kiba carried Ruby to her room. The scenario of him carrying her was orchestrated to make him further loosen his guards against Ruby.

    "Nope, I didn't," Kiba shook his head, "As I already mentioned, I knew from the very start, so I didn't really bother listening to details of your plan."

    "Start?!" Kyron's pupils dilated to the size of a needle.

    The start would mean the time before they actually met!

    "The time before he saved me from the wolves!" Ruby's forehead was drenched in cold sweat.

    All the nerves in her body instantly tensed as soon as she came to this conclusion.

    "Honestly, I'm impressed." Kiba folded his legs and sat down on the bed. "While you indeed used the basics of seduction to create the first scenario, it was quite impressive in the execution.  Unlike many idiots in the world, you realized the basics are the most profound element in the art of seduction."

    The basics of seduction were based on the principle of how every living being was attracted to the impossible.

    A total release from the limitations of life and fulfilling the ultimate fantasy.

    In the case of men, this fantasy was often represented in the form of a knight in shining armor.

    After all, which man doesn't secretly dream of rescuing a beauty and earning her favor? Especially if the beauty was desired by many!

    There was absolutely nothing which could stir the ego of a man more than a conquered woman.

    Ruby and her companions used this knowledge to lay out the trap.

    They first created an artificial situation where Ruby needed a savior and then further enhanced the trap by bringing a rival who desired her. The rival would mock the 'hero' but yet the beauty wouldn't choose the former.  She would side with the hero all along and slowly they would grow up closer due to the actions of the rival.

    But this part was actually dangerous to play out in a place like Desolate Blood Forest. The 'hero' might assume the 'rival' would try to kill or poison him to get him out of the picture.

    This would mean the 'hero' would be constantly on guard against the 'rival,' and this, in turn, would reduce the chance of the final trap being effective.

    So how to tackle this problem?

    By making the rival as humane as possible!

    Just like how Xander helped Kiba when the latter was about to be killed by Iron-scaled Fish.

    "A fantasy with a touch of reality, "Kiba brought his palms close for clapping, "You three deserve a round of applause."

    Ruby's face turned pale and her heart shook violently. She glanced at the ring clad on her finger, and a dreadful possibility struck her mind.

    "This ring..." Ruby faintly murmured, "No! That story can't be false!"

    She observed the faint marks on the ring and was sure the ring has a story. The ring was dazzling but yet there were signs of its age.

    These signs surely denoted the ring was carrying a history of decades with it.

    "That ring," Kiba's lips curved up in a smile, "You can keep it as a gift."

    "Gift?" Ruby's heart palpitated.

    "Yeap," Kiba said as he snapped his fingers, "My mother gave me various items on her deathbed."


    A column of white light appeared beside the bed. The light slowly began converging in the form of a giant jewelry box.

    "Storage space?!" Kyron was startled. He has only heard rumors of a technology which can allow one to carry heavy loads without actually carrying it.

    Before Kyron could think further, the box completely materialized in front of him. It was made of glass and filled with various sets of jewelry items.

    Rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, lockets, and so on.

    The pieces of jewelry were studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones. They were artfully placed to provide a look of grandeur along with grace and elegance.

    The designs, on the other hand, represented the eons of tradition and craftsmanship, carrying a timeless and pristine charm.

    Every single piece of jewelry carried the ability to enhance the beauty of a woman. It brought out wonder, class, sophistication, and style.

    Xander and Kyron felt their jaws dropping to the floor.

    "So many gemstones!?" Kyron choked down a mouthful of saliva. He was sure even the smallest piece of jewelry would cost a fortune.

    But yet Kiba was carrying so many items with him!

    "Even the biggest jewelry store in Deles City would pale in comparison," Xander muttered in disbelief.

    "Did he loot a store or two?" Kyron wondered aloud.

    "Hey! Don't say such scandalous stuff!" Kiba was offended by the mention of loot. "I just borrowed from generous store owners."

    Generous store owners who lent their entire shop?!

    The two observed the gold and diamonds again.

    "Do you actually want us to believe such magnanimous people exist in this world?!"

    "If they exist, then why haven't we ever encountered such kind-hearted owners?!"

    Xander and Kyron were absolutely dazzled by the jewelry. All they now wanted was to steal from the shop in front of them.

    Xander has even forgotten his anger as he gazed at the precious stones. He envisioned just how rich he would become and the women he could get.

    The only distraught person in the room was Ruby.

    "My love, every piece has a story," Kiba looked at her with a smile, "But they all share one similarity with the story I told you...they are gifts to women who can stir my heart."

    "Impossible," Ruby stupidly stared at the box for a long time before stumbling down on the floor. "That story was fabricated."

    Her breasts moved up and down violently while her breathing turned heavy. Her face was now fully devoid of colors, with her eyes becoming unfocused as she gazed at her ring.

    "I was duped?!"
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