193 Master and Slave!

    The wind rustled through the night sky, carrying cold waves.

    Ruby felt a bone-numbing chill down her spine, not due to the night wind, but thanks to her current situation.

    She regretted coming to the forest and targetting Kiba. She further cursed herself for failing to see his true personality, which he was hiding under the guise of a sweet and naive young man.

    If not, she wouldn't be now hearing the choices he offered to her.

    The first choice was nothing something she would ever take. Definitely not after witnessing the way by which Xander and Kyron were sent to a 'trip' to the underworld.

    He has used flowery words to describe the first choice and give it a form of an attractive tour package, but now she knew his words and actions were not always in sync.

    The second choice, on the other hand, was also not something she was expecting.

    "You will become my slave," Kiba stated the only other choice she had if she didn't wish to join her companions.


    Ruby's voice contained lingering fear. She didn't want to die but becoming a slave?

    The first answer that came in her mind was an absolute no.

    After all, she was in the prime of her youth, her entire life was waiting for her. She has aspirations and dreams like any youth, goals she wanted to achieve no matter what.

    There was even a wish of romance and having a family in the future.

    Today's era was different than the past ones, the women now have the opportunity to grow past their traditional roles.

    Yes, there were difficulties involved and a part of the society was still orthodox when women were concerned, but the greater part of the world have equal rights.

    The rights by which one can grow wings and break the shackles which confine them. The rights by which one can strive to achieve whatever one wants.

    But now she was given a choice between death and giving away her rights.

    One choice was forfeit of life and the other was living the life at the whims of another person. No matter how she looked, both choices were fatal to her very existence.

    The only question she had in her mind was which choice was scarier?

    Being a slave or death?

    "Is freedom more important than living?" Ruby bitterly contemplated in her heart. She knew she was not ready to die if a person can ever be ready to die.

    She just wanted to know if living at the cost of freedom was worth or not.

    "You seems to be in a dilemma," Kiba said before sitting down on the grass.

    Ruby was silent for a minute before asking, " Can I know what I would have to do as your salve?"

    She silently prayed his answer would be different from the things she was imagining in her mind.

    "Well, you will be accompanying me in the forest to do some stuff," Kiba answered in an obvious manner, "Like you will have to cook for me and wash my clothes."

    "Really?!" Ruby's eyes brightened up in joy.

    She was expecting unspeakable things but now she chided herself for judging him wrong again. She was now fully ready to become his slave.

    "Actually, no, I was kidding," Kiba continued with a faint smile, "My clothes are made from specialized nanoparticles so they don't need cleaning. As for food, no offense, but your cooking is only average."

    "..........." Ruby fell down on her knees, shocked by his response. Her body was tensed up and she was in no state to handle his prank.

    Ruby once again cursed herself for being naive and taking his words at their face value.

    "In reality, you will have to engage in duels with me," Kiba explained his true objectives, "That's it."


    Ruby rested her face on her hands. She started feeling her head spinning when he said she has to engage in duels.

    Perhaps her past self wouldn't know the subtle meaning, but her current self knew after he told her how night exists for special types of battles.

    "You don't have to thank me for being a generous master," Kiba said in a concluding tone.

    Ruby wanted to cry but she had no tears to shed.

    She really wanted to ask how exactly was this being generous? But she didn't ask.

    She has a feeling he would answer in such a manner that she would actually feel he was being generous to her. She didn't know why such a feeling developed inside her, but she trusted this feeling.

    If any 'client' from Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd gets to know this, then he would definitely give a thumbs-up to Ruby.

    After all, who can know it better than Kiba's clients about how generous he was.

    "Have you made your decision?" Kiba enquired.

    Ruby bit her lower lip with her teeth and then nodded her head.

    "The second choice," Ruby answered like a whisper.

    "If that's what you want then why not." Kiba looked at her for a moment before saying, "I'm sure you would be nice to your master."

    "...I will do my best," Ruby lowered her head and said.

    "That's what one can do." Kiba stood up and gave her his hand. "Let's go."

    Ruby raised her head and observed him for a long time before taking his hand for support.

    "Thank you, master," Ruby said politely.

    Kiba was startled by her choice of words and he then started laughing.

    "Haha, you don't have to act in such a manner," Kiba tried to control his laughter, "It doesn't suit you."


    Ruby didn't say anything in response.

    "Gather your items," Kiba checked the surrounding before continuing, "This place is a not really suitable for resting now."

    "I understand," Ruby nodded in agreement. The air was filled with the stench of death and blood, it definitely not a place where living beings wish to stay.

    Ruby collected her items from what was left of the camp. There were the corpses of the wolves which her team have gathered in the morning, but she didn't take them.

    She obviously knew Kiba wouldn't like it and nor he would provide her any help. So she gathered her items in a bag and then washed her face.

    The events have exhausted her soul, and the cold water on her face rejuvenated her.

    Ruby wiped her face with a towel and put on a new set of glasses. The previous set was destroyed but thankfully she has multiple sets.

    Ruby cleared her thoughts and joined Kiba. He waved his hand and a ball of fire shot out of his palm and fell on the camp.

    Ruby closed her eyes as the remnants of the camp burned away to ashes.

    "It is done," Kiba said after the fire has settled down.

    Ruby opened her eyes and followed Kiba as they moved out of the site.

    The two traveled along the stream for ten minutes and stopped after coming across a large open area. The ground was filled with small rocks and pebbles, and there was no sign of any activity from other humans.

    "This should be good enough place for the night," Kiba said as he conjured a metallic cube out of thin air.

    The cube was black with green inscriptions resembling circuit diagrams.

    He placed the cube in the center of the area and pressed on an inscription.


    The cube opened up and blew out a large expanse of light. The air flickered with light while the ground was quickly covered with metallic flooring.

    Ruby looked around and noticed the light in the air formulating into thick concrete walls and ceiling.

    She stared wide eyes as the metallic pieces jumped out of the flooring and morphed into bed, pillow, cabinet, table lamp, door, and other objects. She ran her hand over the bed and the feeling it gave her was no different from a real bed.

    She checked around further and noticed there were three rooms in total; a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

    Each room was self-sustained with all required facilities, the design was ambient and pleasing to the eyes.

    One might even mistake it for a house given the environment inside.

    "Advanced portable camping gear," Ruby muttered in surprise, "The old-fashioned camping gear we used previously couldn't even compare to it."

    Ruby has heard about this advanced camping gear but it was far too costly for her team to even rent it, much less buy.

    As far as she knew, only billionaires who have no better use of their money would purchase such extravagant items.

    "Is he one of those billionaires?" Ruby wondered as she moved around.

    After a minute, she returned to the bedroom where Kiba was removing his shoes.

    "Haah," Kiba jumped on the bed and spread his body, "Nothing like the comfort of a bed."

    There was only one bed, but it was large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. Ruby looked at the bed and then at Kiba, her face was full of struggles.

    She was aware she couldn't ask him for another bed nor could she actually sleep outside. The camp was safe and could resist low-level beasts.

    But if she slept outside, then there would be no safety. The safety gadgets she had were destroyed when Kiba fought the wolves.

    Ruby knew there was only one thing she could do but it made her uncomfortable. This was despite her choice and the encounter she had with him a few hours ago.

    "Hmm?" Kiba noticed her gaze so he turned his face towards her. "Are you planning to guard the bed for the entire night?"

    "...No," Ruby answered.

    "Then stop standing there and come here." Kiba signaled her to the empty space on the bed.

    "Yes," Ruby nodded and moved towards the bed, slowly. No matter how short steps she took, she ultimately reached the bed in less than a minute.

    Ruby sat down on a corner of the bed. Her hands were shaking and her palms were precipitating with sweat.

    Her heart was thumping loudly and her cheeks were flushed red. She gave a quick glance at the other side of the bed and noticed Kiba was covered with a blanket till his chest.

    His eyes were shut and his breathing was following a natural rhythm.

    "He fell asleep?" Ruby looked at the scene in disbelief. She observed him for a minute and seeing no further movement, she was sure he has fallen asleep.

    "Phew~" Ruby breath out in relief, "He must be tried after using so much power."

    Earlier, she was afraid he would make a move on her another 'duel'. She knew she couldn't refuse him if he so desired.

    After all, she has willingly given away her rights and become his slave.

    Now, looking at the situation, she thanked the gods for giving her time to adapt to her new role.

    Ruby removed her sandals and put her feet on the bed. She slowly lay on the bed, ensuring she would do nothing which could awaken her new master.

    Ruby covered herself with the blanket and then took out her glasses. She placed them next to the table lamp without making the least bit of sound.

    The entire room was in peaceful silence.


    Ruby was startled by the sudden coughing sound, like a cat who was stepped on. Her heartbeat turned a notch louder as if her heart would jump out of her chest.

    She hurriedly turned around and checked Kiba's face. His eyes were still shut tight and his breathing was the same as before.

    "I got scared for nothing He was just coughing in sleep," Ruby put a hand on her chest to calm herself, "It is totally natural and nothing for me to freak out."

    She couldn't believe how even a small cough has filled her body with fear. She now realized the sense of dread she truly felt from him.

    Ruby cleared her thoughts and lay down on the bed.

    "Hey." Kiba's voice greeted her just as she closed her eyes.

    Ruby jumped up in fright, her forehead unknowingly covered with cold sweat.

    "Mind shutting down the lamp?" Kiba said in a tired voice.

    "Y-yes." Ruby quickly shut off the light. She waited and waited, expecting him to make a move now that he was awake.

    Five minutes passed and there was no movement.

    Ruby chided herself for being over imaginative and once again lay down on the bed. She shut her eyes and the tension in her body subsidized.

    "Ruby, good night," Kiba suddenly said before giving a small kiss on her cheeks

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