194 The Most Profitable Commodity


    The rays of sunlight passed through the window and fell on the bed. Ruby, still in sleep, put a hand over her eyes to stop the glaring sunlight.

    After minutes of conflict, she opened her eyes and woke up. She left the bed and took the glasses from the table.

    She stretched out for a minute or so but then suddenly her body turned stiff as she felt eyes on her. Startled, she turned around and noticed Kiba standing near the door.

    "Good morning," Kiba said with a smile.

    "G-good morning," Ruby repeated the greetings.

    For a second, she had forgotten the events which led her to this room and the tensed moments before she fell asleep. She now recalled the details and knew this was not a nightmare.

    "You should fresh up," Kiba opened the door, "I will prepare the breakfast."

    "Ok," Ruby nodded.

    She initially wanted to volunteer for breakfast but after hearing his words, she decided to follow his orders.


    After twenty minutes.

    The Bathroom.

    The high-tech camp has all the facilities required for one to experience the comfort of a home.

    Ruby was standing under the shower, her skin red under the hot water.

    She rubbed her face while thinking over her next course of actions. She then grabbed a body-wash bottle off the shelf, poured some into a soft sponge and began slowly rubbing it across her shoulders and breasts.

    The water washed over the foam slowly, from her breasts to her stomach.

    "Need help?" A familiar voice came from behind.

    Just as Ruby turned around, she found herself face to face with Kiba. He was wearing his clothes, and the shower water fell on them, making the clothes wet.

    "N-no," Ruby quickly answered.

    "Don't be so tensed," Kiba put a hand below her chin, "Just relax."

    Kiba leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips, his hands moving on her back, bringing her close to him. His warmth spread through her body while his passion passed through her lips.

    Her breasts rubbed on his chest, his raging hard-on resting on her belly through the fabric of the pant.

    Ruby's face was flushed a deep shade of red as her lips parted with his. He turned her around and she closed her eyes, feeling his lips on the back of her neck.

    She felt a current through her body as his fingers traced the length of her spine, before he turned her around.

    "It is a new start for you, slave" Kiba took back his hands, "Let it begin with fun."

    Water ran down the sleek curves of her body and Kiba couldn't help but be mesmerized by the sight.

    He began to massage her fabulous breasts until they were covered in creamy foam. He then ran his fingers down, from her breasts to the end of her vaginal lips.

    "Aren't you going to thank me for this?" Kiba grabbing a handful of her soft and wet hair, and pushed her down.

    "Yes, master," Ruby understood his intentions and got on her knees to unzip his pant. She took his cock out and admired it for a few moments.

    She then wrapped her hand around it, her fingernails barely touching. She knew this was going to hurt as just as much as it would please her.

    "Master, it would be my pleasure if I can suck---"

    "Just shut up and suck," Kiba grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face forward. She opened her mouth and took him inside.

    The bathroom was filled with water and moans as master and slave bonded together...


    Around an hour later.

    Outside the camp, the morning sky has taken over the forest. The sweet chirping of the birds sounded among the trees, carrying a pleasing sensation to the soul.

    Kiba and Ruby were sitting opposite each other on grass. In between them, a tray of fruits, jam, and slices of bread was placed.

    Kiba munched on an apple before looking at Ruby who was eating bread.

    "You have rather adapted to your new role far too soon," Kiba placed down the core of the apple.

    "I...I don't want to disappoint you," Ruby said after a moment.

    "You don't have to lie," Kiba took grapes from the tray, "You are just buying time till we meet your other companions."

    "How did you know?!" Ruby asked, startled by his claims. She was sure neither she or her two deceased companions ever mentioned their other companions.

    "Well, I didn't know before," Kiba gave her a wink before continuing, "You just told me now."

    Ruby's eyes turned wide and her body flinched. She realized his question was a test, and she gave him the answer in the form of her question.

    "Spare me the excuses," Kiba put a finger on her lips just as she opened her mouth to speak. "Your actions are only natural so there is nothing surprising, and honestly I'm not interested in knowing about your plan either. I look forward to what you have in mind, and you better hope it is not boring for your own sake."

    Ruby closed her mouth and didn't say anything. She was scared and felt fear as she remembered his cruel side.

    "There is one thing I do want to know though," Kiba said after a minute, "The answer to the question I asked you yesterday."

    Ruby obviously remembered what he enquired her yesterday. He has asked what happens to those who fall in the trap set by her team.

    The reason he wanted to know was that Ruby and her team wanted to capture the targets alive, without any injuries if possible. This meant usage of sedatives and other backhanded tricks to overpower the opponents.

    "We sell them," Ruby answered after a moment of hesitation.

    "Oh?" Kiba was surprised, but then he quickly nodded his head in understanding, "Now your actions make sense."

    Why do most mutants risk their lives in the Desolate Blood Forest? The answer was resources in the form of flora and fauna.

    The fruits, flowers and other vegetation were hot in demand for cure and research purpose and the same applied to the bodies of mutated beasts.

    In fact, the beasts were more in demand since they could be used for actual experiments as guinea pigs.

    But there was a commodity which was far more in demand than the beasts.

    It was humans!

    After all, almost all research and experiments were made in mind keeping the humans as the benefactor. So the best research and test item would be a human as well.

    This was why Lisa Rey schemed against Kiba to use him for her experiments. Alas, her plans failed and she died in a cruel manner at the hands of Kiba.

    While serving as an experiment specimen was a reason, it was not the only reason why humans were in demand.

    The second important reason was the organs of humans.

    The development in science has resulted in the development of cloning technology, which made it possible to make copies of organs. But the technology also has serious drawbacks, especially when an aging or injured mutant was concerned.

    At such times, the organs of another human would come in hand. This was why organ harvesting was one of the most profitable business in the world.

    The rich and powerful were ready to pay any price to get an organ matching their needs. This, in turn, meant a rise in demand for powerful mutants whose organs could be used.

    The third reason was something which even Kiba wasn't aware of. The captured victims were used as slaves!

    No matter the reason, there was a profitable market for the sales of humans.

    Of course, the government has rules which restricted such practices in the open. Not to mention, finding and capturing powerful humans in civil society was very difficult.

    But locations such as this forest were different since the rules of the society didn't apply.

    Almost everyone who arrived here had either high strength or good potential. This practically meant every human in the region was a goldmine.

    "Haah," Kiba released a heavy sigh, "It must be an interesting job to get money for selling gullible fools."

    Ruby lowered her head. She knew her actions were despicable and borderline evil, but they made her profit so she didn't think much till now.

    "Do you look down on me?" Ruby didn't know why but she asked the question. She thought perhaps his opinion mattered to her more than anyone else due to the recent events.

    "Look down? Why?" Kiba asked in a surprised tone.

    "I have done despicable stuff," Ruby answered with a bitter smile. "Things which a person can never be proud of."

    "Ah! You mean your job," Kiba shook his head. "Nope, I don't look down on you."

    "!" Ruby was startled by his response.

    "Don't misunderstand," Kiba continued in a nonchalant manner. "I don't look down on your job because I never look down on any job."

    He was not lying, and this view was established due to his life in the slums. He has begged and stole in the slums to survive and thrive.

    So he could never look down on any job no matter how despicable it was from other's point of view.

    For him, a job was a job. Nothing more and nothing less.

    He never allows the job of an individual to affect his thought process.

    "I see," Ruby closed her eyes.

    His response was far better than she could have imagined so it relieved her.

    "Can I ask you something?" Ruby opened her eyes and looked at him.

    "Sure," Kiba said as he wiped his hands with a tissue paper.

    "Why were my team's scheme infective against you?" Ruby asked in a low voice. After thinking for long, she was sure there should be nothing wrong in the scheme they carried out.

    Everything was perfect from the setting to the acting of the main 'characters'. There was not a single issue she could think of, and this worried her.

    She wanted to know his answer so that if she ever became free, she could learn a lesson from this failure and plan accordingly in the future when she targets another person.

    "Well, there are multiple reasons," Kiba answered with a faint smile. "But in the end, I guess, all reasons ultimately drive from a single event."

    Ruby patiently waited for him to continue.

    "I had a close friend when I was in my early teens," Kiba said as he thought of Elissa. "She taught me the basics of seduction without even knowing. Honestly, her words were meant for something else, but long after she left, I realized her words were the foundation of the seduction."

    "What words?" Elissa inquired further.

    "There is an attraction to the impossible," Kiba repeated Elissa's words.

    Ruby was confused by his answer.

    How could such words make her trap ineffective against him?

    Kiba didn't say anything further and he stood up from the ground. He stepped to the corner of the stream and looked at the reflection of the morning sun.

    "Elissa, I hope you have found happiness."
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