197 Pain

    "Just like the tiger and her cubs were your prey...you guys are mine."

    Fiona, Joel, and the armed men were alarmed by the aura radiating out of his body. Then there were the words he just said.

    He is going to hunt them just like they hunted the tiger?!

    They looked at each and couldn't help but think he was overestimating himself. His aura was powerful and he appeared strong but they were 15. They had guns, rocket launchers, tank along with mutants who were powerful on their own right.

    Just how exactly 1 would fare against the 15?!

    As far as they were concerned, the question didn't even need to be answered. The result of this conflict couldn't be more obvious.

    The blinding golden radiance around Kiba's body was like a sun. Slowly, the radiance curled up like raging flame and transformed into dozens of what resembled vines.

    The vines danced in the air, radiating a menacing presence in the battlefield.

    "Wow~ You guys look extremely confident in your abilities," Kiba said as one vine whipped out with a loud screeching sound. "Let's see just how well founded it is."

    The golden vine penetrated the air and transformed into a blurry line as it shot forward.

    One of the armed men in front was shocked by the sudden assault. Before he could even fully register the coming attack, the vine pierced through his neck, creating a large bloody hole.

    The man fell on the ground, with a loud thud. His body twitched for a moment before he entered into eternal sleep.

    "Here I thought you had a reason for your confidence," Kiba shook his head in disappointment.

    The remaining armed men were stunned by the instant death of their comrade. Everything happened in such a quick time that they didn't even get to react, much less help him.

    "Just what happened?! I only heard that man's voice and..."

    "I didn't even see that vine fully before Xuoner was killed."

    "Damn! We have to be on guards otherwise we would be next."

    They looked at the bloody hole in their comrade's neck and knew this was not an illusion. They have lost a comrade before even the real battle began.

    "I should stand in the last position for providing support," An armed man tried to move out of his original position. He believed this would give him some security against those vines.

    "Silence," Fiona's expression turned cold.

    She stepped in front of her subordinates and signaled them to get their wits back.

    "This is no time to panic," Fiona turned towards Joel. "Take him down."

    "I will, you can rest assured on this," Joel commanded the armed men into battle position.

    "Excuse me, pet dog," Kiba called out. "But are you truly ready, for real this time?"

    "Just you wait!" Joel looked at Kiba with plain hate.

    Not only has he killed his one of his subordinates but now he was even rubbing salt on the wound.

    He couldn't let this pass, especially when he thought of the 'pet dog' remark. Those words just made his blood boil in anger.

    "Open fire!" Joel passed the order.

    Four men brought their guns in their front and aimed at Kiba. Simultaneously, they pressed the trigger.

    Bullets shot out one after another, at a speed which even the eyes could not even register. The sound of air being broken apart reverberated as the bullets moved forward.

    "The bullets are not bad for weaklings," Kiba was fully relaxed as he continued. "But they would take you nowhere."

    The golden vines around him whipped out to face the coming bullets.


    The bullets struck on the vines, and they shattered apart into fragments. It was like they have struck a 100 meter thick steel wall.

    The shattered pieces fell on the ground.

    Meanwhile, one of Joey's subordinate marked coordinates and heat signature on a rocket launcher before firing the shot.

    A rocket shot forward with a trail of blue smoke behind.

    Just then, another of the henchman named Miso jumped high and disappeared into thin air, when Kiba was distracted with the rocket and the bullets.

    The rocket rushed with a tremendous might, surging with the power of destruction.

    Two golden vines rushed ahead to block the coming rocket. The vines caught the rocket and wrenched it apart.


    Just as the pieces fell on the ground, they blew up with a loud explosive sound.

    The resulting blast shot towards Kiba, leveling the surrounding area, and filling the air with smoke and dust.

    "It should have done some damage, right?" An armed man wondered aloud.

    The battle tank behind was charging up and it needed some time before it could be used. So they have to rely on themselves for the time being.

    "No," Fiona answered in a cold voice. "He is all right."

    "What?!" The armed men's were startled.

    All they could see was black smoke and nothing more.

    The next moment, a strong gale originated from the blast area, ripping apart the smoke and dust.

    Kiba was standing there, without the slightest bit of injury. Much less traces of blood, there was not even dust on his shirt.

    "Fuck!" One of the armed men muttered in disbelief. His scalp was numbing with pain as he saw the clean clothes of the enemy.

    "How can such a freak exist?! "

    "We wasted a rocket for nothing?!"

    "Nope," Joel disagreed.

    Just then, the air behind Kiba flickered as Miso appeared. He opened his mouth and shot his tongue out without any warning.

    His tongue was like a long chain, covered with black liquid, as it rushed towards Kiba's neck at supersonic speed.

    The air seethed like fire as the tongue lunged forward, carrying a fatal power.

    Despite facing such a ferocious attack from behind, Kiba's lips were still curled up in his signature smile.

    He bent his neck sidewards and the tongue shot past him. It struck on a broken tree some distance away.


    The entire tree began to melt away like it was soaked in acid. In just a few seconds, there was no more trace of the tree, just corrosive marks on the ground.

    "You don't clean your tongue, do you?" Kiba asked, without turning around. "I assume no girl ever made out with you."

    "Bastard!" Miso retraced his tongue hurriedly, before cursing Kiba god-know how many times.

    Miso's tongue might have failed to land any damage on Kiba, but Kiba's tongue didn't fail in retaliation. The word Kiba rolled out with his tongue hit a sore spot on Miso's heart.

    There were mutants who were born with strange body features.

    It wasn't rare for a mutant to born similarities with a bird or a beast. Then there were cases of mutants with body deformation and peculiar physiques.

    Such mutants were often a target of bullying and social discrimination. Very rarely such mutants could find acceptance in the society and experience the simple pleasures of the lives.

    Miso was one such mutant. His nature of powers made it hard for him to attract the opposite sex. No girl has ever shown any interest in him, much less have a physical relationship.

    Not even the women in the brothels wanted to sleep with him, so Kiba's words really hurt his weak spot.


    Miso's body flickered and he merged with thin air as he saw the golden vines shooting towards him. He was like the wind, flowing through the air as he backed away from his opponent.

    "Come on, let's be civil, there is no reason for you to be so embarrassed,"  Kiba raised a finger in the air and then struck downwards. "I'm rather a good guy so allow me to help you."


    The sound of air being sliced apart reverberated in the region. The air was filled with a turbulent force and just then a human figure became visible, a diagonal bloodied mark across his chest.


    The next moment, blood splattered in the air and Miso fell on the ground with a loud sound.

    "How could you find me in my formless state..." Miso asked, horrified by his condition.

    He was sure no one could catch him when he was fused with the air. Not even the explosion from before have hindered him, but now, just a single movement of a finger ripped his chest apart.

    "Well, I don't really deserve credit for this," Kiba answered. "It was the gods who actually stopped you. Everything so that I can help you."

    "Help me by slicing my chest?!" Miso felt his head spinning around. He wanted to believe it was due to blood loss, but he has a feeling it was due to words spoken by Kiba.

    "The agony from an injury is momentary," Kiba explained in a calm voice. "The gods are rather worried about your true pain."

    "True pain?!" Miso asked, confused.

    "Blue balls," Kiba answered in plain terms. "Your current life is only filled with such pain and sufferings."

    "@#$%!" Miso muttered one curse after another.

    Why does he have to state his worst nightmares in a battlefield?! That too in front of his friends and boss!

    The wound across his chest was hurting him and he was having a hard time even speaking, but this didn't stop him in the least bit as he cursed Kiba.

    Kiba ignored the offensive words Mailo spoke.

    "The gods feel your current life is pitiful," Kiba said in a friendly voice. "And they want you to have a better opportunity in the next life. So I'm just carrying out their will."

    "Son of a bitch!"

    Miso cursed once again, but he then he stopped as he thought of the second half of Kiba's words.

    Opportunity in the next life?!


    Miso felt a chill down his spine as he realized the meaning of Kiba's words. While it was true that he was desperate to have women in life, but not to the extent that he wanted to die!

    Miso didn't want this opportunity!

    He wanted to shout and ask why weren't his comrades stepping forward to help, but he didn't have enough energy left.

    Alas, what he didn't know was that his comrades were trying but they were facing the golden vines.

    "You don't have to thank me," Kiba said with a smile. "I consider it as my responsibility to carry out the will of the gods, and send you to a better life."

    "NO! Please no!" Miso frantically begged with tears in his eyes. "I don't want this! Please don't!"

    "You are so happy that you even have tears in your eyes," Kiba gave him a kind look. "It would be morally wrong to keep the opportunity away from you for another second. Have fun."

    "N---" Miso's pupils dilated as he saw five vines waving towards him.

    Soon, the only sound from his mouth was a scream as the vines shredded him to pieces...
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