198 Prey

    "Have fun," Kiba looked on with a smile as the golden vines shredded Miso to pieces. The vines were made of nothing but pure golden radiance and as they retraced back, they had a crimson hue.

    Some distance away, Joey's expression turned unsightly. He was not expecting the rocket attack to land actual damage on Kiba, but yet he commanded the attack.

    Everything was planned so that that Miso could use this as a distraction to launch a sneak attack from behind.

    The neck was one of the most fatal parts of an individual. It could result in instant death if one knew the trick.

    Miso's tongue was deathly given its corrosive power.

    Joel wanted Miso to use his ability to attack the weak point of Kiba but now...

    Not only the attack failed badly, but Miso was also killed despite his ability to blend with air. Joel did consider the possibility that the attack might not be successful, but he never expected to lose his subordinate.

    "Even Miso is no more..." An armed man muttered, horrified by the way Miso died.

    Just thinking about it made his insides churn.

    "How could that man commit such an act with a smile?!" Another colleague of Miso joined in.

    He especially felt dread when he recalled the conversation between Miso and Kiba. The way Kiba smiled before launching the fatal strike gave him a chill down his spine.

    "No sane man can ever carry out such an act!" A close friend of Miso said.

    "He is definitely crazy!"

    "No! He is insane!"

    Fiona heard the discussion among her subordinates but she didn't join in. Her expression remained the same as if Miso's death didn't matter to her at all.

    "Ah!" Kiba suddenly pressed a hand against his forehead. "How can I forget such an important part!"

    "?!" Joel and the armed men looked at him in confusion.

    What has he forgotten for him to react as such?

    "Hey," Kiba looked at the armed men before continuing. "Which one of you was close to this guy?"

    When he said 'this guy,' he pointed a finger at the pieces of Miso.

    The armed men were startled, but one of them unconsciously raised his hand.

    "I was close to him," The armed man said. He was like a brother to Miso and he never looked down on the latter's physical features.

    "Could you do me a small favor?" Kiba asked in a very polite tone.

    "Favor?!" Everyone looked at Kiba in disbelief.

    He was asking them a favor in the middle of a battle and that too after killing their comrade?!

    "Yes," Kiba nodded his head, "I forgot to give important advice to that comrade of yours."


    "Yeap," Kiba patiently explained. "As you know, he never cleaned his tongue and which in turn, resulted in him never getting laid. I don't want him to suffer in the next life so please pass this advice."

    "#[email protected]%" The man who has raised his hand cursed. Suddenly, his pupils dilated as he thought of how he was supposed to pass the advice to a deceased person.

    "Don't tell me..."

    Before he could fully contemplate, a golden vine shot out like a stream of light and pierced through his head.

    "You have my gratitude," Kiba said in a sincere tone.

    The man's corpse fell on the ground with a loud thud, awakening everyone from their trance-like state.

    Everything happened in an instant, without any warning, when everyone was still in the middle of cursing Kiba. They didn't even get time to react until it was far too late.

    "Fucking bastard!" Joel's body was shaking with anger.

    "Please don't be so abusive," Kiba continue in a polite tone. "Especially when I am doing everything for the sake of your subordinates."

    "How dare you say this!" Joel leaped up towards the retracing golden vine.

    In his life so far, he has never felt humiliated to such extent. He could handle the insults but not the killing of subordinates in such a manner.

    Green waves surrounded him as he clutched his fist and landed a heavy punch on the vine.


    The punch resulted in a recoil along with the surge of two opposite force. The air was filled with shockwaves and many of the guards jumped back to avoid themselves of harm.

    Fiona stood in her place, unaffected by the shockwaves.

    Joel landed back on the ground with his eyes on the vine he has just attacked. The vine has cracks like a frail glass, but in just a second, the cracks filled up.

    "Not bad for a pet dog," Kiba passed a compliment.

    The vine coiled up and then shot towards Joel with a terrifying force.

    "Stop underestimating me!" Joel waved his hand and a green energy arc landed on incoming the vine. "I am not some weak dog!"

    In the meantime, Joel backed away to create a safe distance from the range of the vines.  Meanwhile, two of the armed men leaped high in the air and fired laser shots at Kiba.

    The laser guns were far more powerful than the ones used by Ruby's comrades. The laser beams pierced through the vines as they rushed forward.

    While another man lunged from behind with a rocket launcher in his hand. He fired two consecutive rockets, aimed at the vines.


    As the vines went ahead to block the waves of incoming attacks, an armed man appeared high above Kiba. He opened his mouth and released a stream of black ripples.

    Kiba raised his hand towards the figure above him. Just then, the ground behind him cracked apart and a man resembling a rock jumped out.

    He was carrying a plasma grenade in his hand and he threw it at Kiba. Without waiting for the confirmation, the man tunneled through the ground.

    Kiba's expression remained nonchalant as the waves of consecutive attacks struck towards him. From above the black ripples were rushing at him, while from front laser beams and rocket shells. Not to mention, the plasma grenade which was about to land on him.

    Every attack was in perfect sync and it didn't even take a minute for all the attacks to happen.

    Just as the attacks were to land on him, his lips curved up in a smirk.

    "You guys have spent so many efforts on these attacks," Kiba said in a friendly tone. "It would be morally wrong if I neutralize them and waste your hard work."

    There was no time for Joel or armed men to make sense of things as everything was happening in a fraction of seconds.


    The men who fired the laser beams and launched the rocket suddenly felt a sucking force from behind. They felt as if a primordial beast was engulfing them.

    The same happened to the man in the air who has released black ripples and also to the man who was underground and tunneling his way back. Their expressions were of shock, but before they could even utter a single bit of sound, they disappeared from their places as rays of white light surrounded them.

    At the same time, Kiba's body became illusory and he teleported away.

    Just as he teleported, the men who have launched the attacks materialized in his place.

    "Please feel free to enjoy the fruits of your labor," Kiba's voice echoed in their minds.

    The men cried in utter horror and their expression twisted into that of despair.

    "NO...SAVE US!"

    They finally realized what was happening to them and this made them regret their decisions of launching those attacks.

    Alas, there was no time to evade as the attacks they launched landed in the place. The plasma grenade burst out in orange flames while the rockets exploded out along with the black waves and laser beams.


    A loud sound of explosion resounded through the area. Multiple-color flames curled out in all directions from the point of explosion.

    The explosion was in the shape of a massive sphere of dazzling flames as it expanded further and further, destroying everything in its path.

    Joel, Fiona and the remaining armed men have already backed away from the blast range. They knew the explosion was coming so they evaded on time.

    But this didn't give them the slightest bit of joy. They have witnessed the startling turn of events before the explosion occurred.

    Everything happened in an instant and there was no time to help their comrades. The armed men clenched their fists tightly and their bodies trembled as they thought of the losses.

    "We lost 5 brothers just now..."

    "And 3 brothers died before."

    "From 15 we are now only 7."

    "The situation is turning from bad to worse."

    "It was just like he said...we are preys for him just like the tiger and her cubs were to us."

    Fiona still remained silent and didn't show the least bit of worry on the damage her team took.

    "Damn! That bastard is a teleporter!" Joel's face looked far uglier than crying. "No, he is a teleport domain master."

    Joel was sure of his guess after witnessing his subordinates teleporting away. He cursed Kiba for hiding his ability till the final moment and causing the deaths.

    His ears were ringing with the sound of the explosion, but all he could hear was the begging sound his fallen subordinates made before their deaths.

    When he closed his eyes, all he saw was the look of despair on his deceased subordinates. The scene of them wrapping in flames of explosion repeated in his mind.


    Slowly, the flames of explosion extinguished to reveal a giant crater. There was not even a single trace of a human body.

    The armed men were expecting this, but when they saw the crater, they felt weak in their knees.

    "They have been wiped out from existence..."

    None of them ever wanted to die in a way in which there was not even a corpse left.


    "What's that?!" An armed man suddenly pointed in the space above the crater.

    Space was filled with a twinkling of light and then it grew into an orb of white light. In no time, the orb expanded to a column of light.


    The column of light converged into Kiba. His eyes were closed as he hovered above the crater, his long golden hair fluttering in the air.

    He slowly flew past the crater and the dust particles parted away as he soared towards the group of humans.


    He stepped his feet on the ground lightly and opened his eyes. As he did, a menacing pressure engulfed the area.

    The birds far away stopped chirping while the grass stopped swaying. The entire land resembled a hell, shrouded by an ominous force.

    The surviving armed men shuddered in dread while their bodies sweat profusely. They felt their insides twisting in despair.

    Some of the weaker ones even fell down on their knees. They were trembling violently, and their facial colors were incomparably pale.

    "How does it feels to be a prey?"
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