199 This Is Really Fun!

    "How does it feel to be prey instead of being the predator?" Kiba asked as he slowly moved forward.

    Only five armed men remained along with Fiona, Joel and the two who were operating the battle tank. The others were wiped out of existence.

    The armed men didn't dare imagine they would suffer such heavy casualties in the outer area of the forest.

    Yet the reality was in front of them. Their roles have changed from predator to prey.

    What they now were feeling was despair, fear, and regret.

    "Don't get so cocky," Joel gritted his teeth and said. "The roles could still reverse."

    "Is that so?" Kiba asked as he brought his eyes on Fiona whose expression was still the same as ever. She didn't appear to be the least bit worried about the losses.

    "Yes!" Joel waved his hand and a stream of green energy shot out of his palm. At the same time, green waves engulfed his limbs and he leaped high in the air.

    Kiba's body flickered and he evaded the energy shot.  He could easily block it with just a flick of his finger but he preferred to dodge.

    "Take this!" Joel said as he released multiple energy projectiles at Kiba from the air.

    "Child's play," Kiba smiled and the golden vines once again sprung in action. Two vines whipped out to tackle the attack.


    The vines recoiled back while the energy projectiles disintegrated into sparkles of light.

    On the ground, the armed men prayed for Joel's safety as they looked at the battle.

    "Just some more time!"

    "Sir, don't stop now!"

    Far away, the battle tank was getting charged up for a powerful attack.

    The turret muzzle positioned itself. Red flash appeared on the mouth of the muzzle and slowly it expanded as it gathered energy.


    Joel backed away as he saw another vine surging towards him with a tremendous force. He opened both his palms and energy beams shot out to neutralize the vine.

    As the collision of two energies occurred, Joel landed on the ground. He has created a safe distance from both his subordinates and Kiba.

    Joel's body twisted into dozens of green phantoms, and every single phantom punched on the ground.

    The phantoms disintegrated into green particles as the punches landed and they submerged into the ground.


    The land below Kiba cracked apart and green beams of light shot out.

    "Well, there is some creativity but not really enough," Kiba said as he teleported away from the energy beams.

    "Damn!" Joel cursed, but then his expression stiffened as he felt an ominous presence from behind. He hurriedly dashed ahead and then turned around to see Kiba standing, his arms crossed.

    "Why are you in such a hurry?" Kiba asked with a smile on his face.

    Cold sweat has appeared on Joel's forehead as he thought of the close encounter. He was sure his death was certain if his reflex were even a second late.

    "Mother**er...his teleportation ability is a cheat weapon," Joel muttered as he calmed his breath. "It shouldn't even exist!"

    What truly scared him was the possibility of Kiba using teleportation in a manner similar to what he did a few minutes ago.

    Kiba has swapped places when the explosion was about to occur, and this resulted in the deaths of the subordinates who created the explosion in the first place.

    After all, can anything be worse than a person dying by the very attack he launched? Such an outcome would be both tragic and comedic.

    "I have to be careful," Joel thought as he prepared for another attack. "Otherwise I won't even get time to regret."

    He didn't want to die, and if death was certain, he wanted to avoid a comic death. He didn't wish people to laugh on him after his death and remember him as someone who died by his own attack.

    "Are you perhaps worried about me using teleportation domain?" Kiba asked in a curious tone. Without waiting for his answer, Kiba continued, "Rest assured I won't use teleportation from now on. You have my words, so fight me without any restraints."

    Joel looked at Kiba, unsure whether he should take his words at the face value or not. But he knew there was no choice but to go all out, and that would mean using his powers without being afraid of self-harm.

    If not, death was a certain outcome.


    Suddenly, a beeping sound came from his watch.

    Joel lowered his head and observed the readings on his watch. A smile formed upon his face and his eyes brightened up.

    "Finally, it is ready" Joel leaped back at a very fast speed. As he moved back, he said in a high voice, "Kiba, don't you dare go back on your words now!"

    "Hmm?" Kiba turned towards the right. Far away, the battle tank has completely charged up.

    A dazzling light shone from the muzzle and the next moment, a red column of light blasted out. The light was blinding and everyone quickly closed their eyes. If not, their very eyes would have melted away.

    The column of light was as thick as the trunk of a tree and it moved at an unbelievably fast speed.


    The air in the land turned heavy and everyone feared that they might incinerate into ashes. The temperature was far too high for a mutant to handle.

    Even Kiba didn't wish to take this attack head-on. While he wouldn't die or suffer fatal injuries, the attack would definitely create injuries. Of course, if he was using his full powers, then he can neutralize this attack with a snap of his fingers.

    "Oh well, I can't block it in my current state...so let's evade," Kiba turned into a stream of golden light and shot towards the sky.

    Just as the red column of light was about to strike the ground, it changed its direction and flew in the sky, chasing after Kiba.

    The sky was reverberating with explosive sounds and terrifying ripples boomed out, destroying everything in the path.

    On the ground, Joel opened his eyes and saw the scene in the sky. The golden light changed directions multiple times, but the red column of light continuously adapted.


    The morning sky was marked with flares as one light chased after another. The air sliced apart and the birds in the sky incinerated to ashes.

    "Serves that arrogant bastard right," Joel laughed in delight. "Now he will learn the price of underestimating me!"

    The battle tank has launched the attack based on Kiba's energy signals, or in simple words, aura. The red column of light would not stop until it lands on the target.

    "Good job, sir," One of the armed man heavily praised Joel. "You brought enough time for the tank to launch the most powerful strike!"

    "He never thought we have a plan in mind!" Another man said in a complimenting tone.

    He couldn't help but find Kiba as dumb for not using his godly ability of teleportation. But a part of him was worried that Kiba might go back on his words and teleport away.

    After all, life was more important than words given to strangers. If such a thing happened then...? This gave him a chill down his spines as he thought of the monstrous vines.

    "Don't worry," Joel continued. "Even if he uses teleportation, that light column would continue to chase after him."

    In the sky, Kiba crossed miles in an instant while the red column of light continued to pursue him. The chase so far has resulted in the destruction of hundreds of trees and unlucky beasts.

    "Hehe, let's end this," Kiba's lips curved up into a smirk. He once again changed his direction and flew back towards the battlefield.

    Joel and others noticed the golden stream of light coming towards them and their eyes turned wide with horror. The red column of light was rapidly closing on to the ground, and every single of them gulped down a mouthful of saliva.


    "Don't tell me he plans to take us with him!"

    "He is like those suicide bombers!"

    "Damn! Run!"

    "God! Please save me!"

    Joel sprinted away with full speed. He suddenly felt the air behind him heating up and his scalp turned numb with pain.

    He gave a glance behind and saw Kiba's face in the golden stream of light.

    Kiba was chasing after him while the red column of light pursued Kiba!

    "This is really fun," Kiba's voice entered his mind. "You should have launched this attack before."

    "Bastard!" Joel used every bit of his energy to increase his speed.

    He couldn't believe how Kiba was actually enjoying this as if he was on a roller coaster ride instead of a trip to hell.

    Joel was now regretting his decision of ordering this attack. He gritted his teeth and continued to scuttle through.

    "Hey, why are you still running?" Kiba's voice was distant.

    Startled, Joel turned around and noticed Kiba was once again soaring towards the sky. The red column of light was on Kiba's trail, the distance between them less than ten meters.

    "Mother**er! He was toying with me!" Joel's eyes were bloodshot.

    "We are safe!"

    "The gods have heard our request!"

    The armed men rejoiced and thanked gods for protecting them from certain doom. Each of them sighed in relief and breath in a large amount of air.

    Just then, Kiba once again changed his course and shot back towards them. From the ground, it was like two meteorites, engulfed in flames, were racing to the ground.

    "He is back!"

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Just what have I done to deserve this?!"

    "God, please create another miracle and save me!"

    "Stop praying and start running!"
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