201 Branding

    (A/N: Extra long chapter to make up for the break!)

    The shockwaves from the earlier battle had incinerated a part of the forest, leaving behind a charred ground.

    Kiba stood opposite to Fiona. The ashes and dust in this stretch of land didn't touch them as they conversed.

    "Use my influence to make sure everyone here desires to visit the core region?" Fiona was startled by Kiba's proposal.

    The core region was the most dangerous area in the forest. While it has the best resources from the foreign world, only the strongest of the strongest would dare enter it.

    No matter how wonderful an opportunity was waiting in the core region, everyone knew the chances of getting the opportunity were very low.

    So most people would seek what resources they can in the other parts forest and leave the core region for others. This was not something people liked to do, but they did in order to survive.

    "Yeap," Kiba nodded his head. "I obviously understand not everyone would go there, but at least try your best to entice the greed. The more people enter the region, the better it would be."

    "Can I ask why?" Fiona tried her best to read his expressions in order to comprehend what he has in mind.

    Any sane person would desire as less competition as possible in the core region. After all, the greatest threat inside the meteorite was not the traps and dangers, but rather the living beings.

    The humans and beasts alike would scheme against each other and do everything within their powers to loot more resources.

    But now Kiba wished to increase the competition and make the trip more dangerous. Fiona felt something was fishy but she couldn't pinpoint exactly what.

    "Nope," Kiba shook his head. "I have no obligations to explain my reasons."

    Fiona wasn't surprised by his refusal to answer. They have been only acquainted for less than an hour so she expected him to decline.

    "I accept the proposal," Fiona said after a few minutes of deep thinking. "But promise me that you won't target me in whatever you have planned."

    "Deal," Kiba nodded before transforming into a streak of golden light and shooting towards the sky. "See you later."

    On the ground, Fiona released a low sigh.

    "At least, I got a very favorable outcome from this," Fiona thought. She no longer cared about the death of her subordinates and the escape of the tiger.

    After all, they were incomparable to the help Kiba offered in the core region.

    "Time to start the preparations," Fiona mused as her body turned illusory and disintegrated into orbs of light...


    Outside the advanced camp house, Ruby was sitting on the grass. She looked at the trails of smoke and dust in the sky far away, while thinking of the multiple explosions she witnessed minutes ago.

    When she felt the first explosion, Kiba has left her. Before leaving, he told her that he has something he must do.

    "Just what is going on there?" Ruby thought. "Why would he go?"

    She suddenly noticed a streak of light rushing towards her.

    Before she could even blink an eye, Kiba was standing right in front of her.

    "Master," Ruby said in a sweet tone. "What happened there?"

    A smile formed on Kiba's face and the next moment, he crushed her against the grassland.

    Ruby was shocked by his actions out of blue. She wanted to struggle to get free, but after remembering the events from last night, she didn't dare make any move.

    She knew she was as helpless against someone like him so she didn't offer the least bit resistance.

    "Stop with this master bull** when you don't mean it," Kiba sat down on top of her. "If you want to ask something, just ask, but stop faking respect and sweetness. "

    "I...was not faking.." Ruby trailed off as she observed the look in his eyes.

    There was just coldness like her life didn't matter at all. There was a total disregard for her existence.

    In all her life, she has never seen such apathy in anyone's eyes as she saw in Kiba's.

    She felt her behavior and cruel attitude towards her victims of human trafficking was nothing compared to the indifference he felt for her.

    "Are you still thinking I'm like one of your naive victims who fell for your false sweetness and cute personality?" Kiba asked as he leaned down on hers.

    "No...I didn't mean to offend you, master," Ruby has tears streaming down her eyes.

    "You are not capable of offending me," Kiba ignored her tears and gripped his hand on her neck. "And like I said, stop calling me master when you don't mean it. This just annoys me."

    "I mean it," Ruby almost choked up with the pressure on her windpipe but she continued. "After all, I have accepted my role as slave."

    "Really?" Kiba closed his face to hers. "You mean to say you are my slave in both body and soul?"

    "Y-yes," Ruby tried her best to nod, but couldn't due to his grip. "I'm your loyal slave."

    "This pleases me so much," Kiba freed her neck. "Here I thought you forfeited your rights and willingly became my slave in order to save your pathetic life. I never realized I was so wrong regarding you."

    Ruby greedily sucked for air while trying not to think about his words. His words hurt her for they were true.

    She wanted to live after her mission to capture him failed and he killed her other accomplices.

    "Let's get inside." Kiba snapped his fingers and they teleported inside the bedroom of the camp.

    Ruby was startled as she found herself lying in bed with Kiba above her. Her breasts were touching his chest while his lips were above her neck.

    "Since you so desperately want me to believe I'm your master, let's make it official," Kiba traced a finger over her cheeks, wiping her tears off.

    Ruby was surprised by his sudden loving attitude. He slowly kissed on her neck while his finger wandered over her ears.

    She felt a chill of excitement as his gentle kisses caressed her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the process as he slowly sucked on her neck skin.

    Suddenly, she opened her eyes and they turned wide. His teeth were sunk into her neck, branding her as his own.


    She felt pain as he marked her in a way no one could ever. Her skin was a dark shade of crimson after he completed.

    Before she could sigh in relief, he moved downward and ripped apart her clothes. She wasn't terrified of being exposed as they have made love multiple times before, but now, she felt something strange.

    He wasn't making love but rather branding her!

    His eyes were feasting on the swells of her breasts, and just like before, his teeth scraped against her breasts.

    "It is now official, slave," Kiba rolled over to the other side of the bed and removed his clothes. "I'm your master."

    Ruby traced a hand over her neck and her breasts in order to feel his imprint. She felt pain and humiliation, but there was another feeling she didn't dare believe...elation!

    The imprint might not forever remain on her body, but they were definitely carved for eternity in her memories!

    "Now show me you are worthy of the branding I bestowed on you," Kiba looked over her exposed breasts before bringing his eyes on the face.

    Ruby felt butterflies in her stomach, unsure whether they were caused by despair or excitement.

    Without any words, she sat down on his chest and leaned her face towards his. She pressed her lips to his and they both kissed.

    Kiba closed his hands around her hips while their tongues sparred in each other's mouth. He slid his hands down to squeeze her tight ass, pulling her tightly on him.

    Their lips parted as they broke from the kiss. Kiba pushed her hips forward so that her breasts were over his face.

    Her breasts were ample with shiny pink nipples. Maybe out of humiliation or excitement or a bit of both, her nipples were hard.

    He sucked her left nipple between his lips, sending a wave of current throughout her body.  Her hands buried themselves in his hair as he teased her nipple with his teeth.

    She moaned in pleasure as one of his hand moved between her thighs. His fingers slowly rubbed between her clits while glistening wetness formed over her vaginal foldings.

    She arched her head back and let out a short cry as a finger suddenly plunged deep inside her without any warning.

    Ruby shivered and bucked as another finger entered her. Her pink foldings were swollen and filled with wetness like dew drops.

    Ruby didn't know if she was this sensitive because she was new to the world of sexual pleasures, but she was sure she wanted him inside instead of his fingers.

    Kiba removed his fingers and brought them to Ruby's lips. She opened her mouth and sucked her juices before kissing him again.

    She slid down his body and lowered herself towards his cock. She brought her hand down to open her pussy lips as she slowly sank down on his cock.

    Ruby shut her eyes tight, fighting the pain. She placed her hands on his abs as she slowly accustomed to him.

    She moved up and down, her breasts moving in a rhythmic movement. He moved his hands on her breasts to fondle them.

    "Ooo..." She groaned slowly, knowing well she was the one getting pleasure. She was here to serve him but she was the one getting served.

    Her wet and warm pussy gripped on his cock as she moved up and down. Her juices flooding like a waterfall as they continued.

    He arched his body forward, his hands on her hips.  He quickly rolled over, bringing her down on the bed.


    She wrapped her arms around his neck as he took control. He rubbed his cock at her clit before slowly entering inside her, inch by inch, making her moan louder than before.

    She wrapped her legs against his waist as he stroked inside her. His cock slide fully inside with every thrust, making her groan.

    "Ohh yes..."

    She panted and moaned beneath him as he penetrated with more force. The tightness of her pussy closed on his cock, bringing him close.

    He began to pound faster into her while her breasts bounced back and forth in the same rhythm. He closed his mouth with hers, their tongue wrapped against each other.

    Ruby shut her eyes tight as she felt the ecstasy of intense pleasure. The sensation of orgasm channeled throughout her body, making her shudder in ebullition.

    Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she savored the orgasm, and he, in turn, blasted a shower of hot cum inside her.

    A few minutes later, the two lay on the bed, exhausted and panting for breath. As the sensation of orgasm dwindled, Ruby felt worried by her actions.

    She thought back and realized she acted like a lover when she was supposed to be a slave.

    She wished she could quickly adapt to her role, but she was young and have enjoyed freedom until yesterday. It was difficult, not to mention her experience in lovemaking was only restricted to a day.

    She couldn't control her actions during the lovemaking so she just went with the flow.

    Ruby glanced at him, praying he would forgive her.


    Much to her relief, Kiba didn't say anything but just rested his back against the headboard.

    "Have some rest," Kiba wrapped a towel around him and walked out of the room.

    "Thank god," Ruby breathed in relief. She no longer fought against the drowsiness and exhaustion she was feeling, and in just moments, she fell asleep.

    What Ruby didn't know was that Kiba was following the carrot and stick approach. He wanted her to have both fear and pleasure.

    He was never interested in making her a devoted slave in the span of a day. This was why he let her enjoy the lovemaking, without reminding of her role.

    After all, he has weeks to waste and he wanted to mold her slowly. She was just a toy to relieve him of his boredom.


    Kiba walked to the bathroom and opened the tap on the bathtub.

    While the water filled, he prepared himself a glass of wine before relaxing in the tub.

    Now that he has satisfied his sexual urges, for the time being, he wanted to think about something important.

    "Phew...I didn't lose control this time," Kiba closed his eyes as he slowly transformed into Zed.

    After his mental confrontation with Akshobhya months ago, he has lost control of his actions twice.

    The first time was after he killed Athol. He has murdered innocent people in the neighborhood thanks to the hidden role of the gray particle struck inside his mind.

    The second time was in City Heart Hospital when he almost murdered everyone. Thankfully, the precautions taken by Claudia helped him control his bloodlust.

    Even the gray particle was sealed by a bolt of golden lightning when he realized the difference between his desires and those of his powers.

    Of course, he was not aware of the gray particle's existence or how it broke free from Cosmic Spark when he was busy fighting the psychic invasion. Nor he was aware that his willpower helped him seal the gray particle.

    The only thing he knew for sure was that he started going berserk after his battle with Akshobhya.

    "That three-eyed bald monk," Zed took a sip from the wine glass. "I should have given him far worse punishment."

    Akshobhya and his colleagues in the monastery would definitely beg to disagree. They were sure nothing could be worse than what Akshobhya was facing now.

    He was in a vegetative state with his body rotting like a corpse.

    Zed shook his head and placed the glass on the floor. He recalled his battle with Fiona and her group, and the outcome satisfied him.

    The outcome was not the safety of the tiger or the deal with Fiona. Rather the fact that his powers didn't try the least bit to influence him in order to carry out a massacre.

    "The only issue now is to find time and place to transform into Zed and think with a clear mind..."

    As Zed, his powers couldn't influence him the least bit, or at least that's what his research so far concluded.

    He could think over his actions in Kiba form and decide whether they were what he truly wanted or not. Based on this, he could use the measures he and Claudia have prepared before he came here.

    Zed slowly raised his right hand and glanced at the white ring. The earlier ring was shattered when he lost control last time, but Claudia has prepared another one for him along with the bracelet.

    "Claudia must have planned more but she didn't tell me," Zed mused with a smile.

    If he knew everything she has planned, then those methods might not work when the time comes. It was the surprise factor which helped him last time.

    Zed closed his eyes and enjoyed the bath.


    A few hours later.


    Kiba and Ruby had their lunch inside the camp. The dishes were made from the food items he has brought when he arrived here.

    After lunch, Kiba pushed a finger on the outer door of the camp.

    "Let's leave this place."

    The walls and the ceiling of the camp house flickered while the floor concentrated into metallic shells.


    Soon, in place of the camp, there was a metallic cube floating in the air. The cube was wrapped by rays of white light and the next moment, it disappeared.

    Kiba and Ruby walked along a man-made track. They crossed a mile without meeting a human or a beast.

    "This area is rather unpopulated," Ruby said as they stepped forward. From time to time, she did notice broken trees and shattered ground.

    "Well, that was thanks to my fight with Fiona," Kiba explained. "She was strong for her age."

    Many unlucky spectators died due to the energy ripples from their clash.

    "Oh," Ruby was happy to listen to his explanation.

    "Besides, if I have to guess, the surviving humans in this region are trying to find what caused the explosions," Kiba said as he jumped across the branch of a tree.

    "Makes sense," Ruby nodded.

    She believed others will most likely think two teams were fighting against each other for some precious herb or treasure. Otherwise, how else can one justify the scale of damage in the outskirts?

    Everyone would want to seek the precious item which resulted in such a battle.

    "Those searching for the cause of the explosions are truly unlucky," Ruby thought with a bitter smile.

    She was more than sure what would happen if some poor soul decided to confront Kiba for 'treasure'.

    The two walked for a few more miles before stopping down as they noticed some strange activity.

    They hid behind a large tree and watched around twenty men in black. Some of them were carrying guns while others were bare handed.

    "They are guarding something important!" Ruby concluded based on the distance between each man and the way they were conducting themselves.

    "Seems so," Kiba agreed on her guess.

    "Are you going to check?" Rub enquired politely.

    "I have nothing better to do so why not?" Kiba's lips curved up into a smile. He conjured an earpiece out of thin air and gave it to her.


    "It should work within a radius of five miles," Kiba answered before he teleported away.

    Ruby put the earpiece in her right ear and hide among the trees.


    Kiba appeared on the crown of a tree. He swept his gaze forward to know what was truly happening in the area.

    He noticed more men in black far away, and after checking all around, he concluded they were forming a circular barricade.

    Kiba then brought his eyes to the center and noticed a small crystalline lake.


    As Kiba saw the scene in the lake, his jaw dropped...
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