202 Flattery

    The lake was alluring, from its mesmerizing ripples to the crystalline clarity. It wouldn't be wrong to say the lake was a beautiful wonder of nature.

    At the shore, a petite girl was standing, her eyes on the lake. She was about eighteen years old, with pale skin and long black hair falling like a waterfall.

    Her facial features were striking, especially her misty blue eyes which gleamed of her young innocence.

    "Lady Sophia," A woman in mid-thirties called from behind. "The guards have barricaded the surrounding. There is no one but only us here without any surveillance."

    "You can leave then," Sophia said, her voice sweet like a nightingale.

    "Yes, my lady," The woman placed a towel and a robe on a carpet. She then gave a deep bow and left the shore.

    Sophia slowly took off her dress, exposing her perky breasts down to her tight and little ass. There was not an ounce of extra fat on her body.

    Everything in her was perfect, whether it was her gorgeous face or her slender neck or her alluring curves. She was truly a sight to behold.

    If a man looks at her even once, he could never forget her no matter what. She would be forever encrypted in the memories.

    Sophia slowly submerged one foot in the water. Extreme cold sensation enveloped her skin but without any hesitation, she submerged her other foot.

    The water at the shore was rather shallow so she walked forward at a natural pace. When the water reached her shoulders, she dived inside.

    Meanwhile, on a tree next to the shore, Kiba sat down on a branch. His eyes were glued to the scene in the lake.

    "Master," Ruby's voice came from his watch. "Have you discovered the reason why the men in black are guarding the area?"

    Kiba has given her an earpiece to contact him while he went for scouting. She was hiding outside the barricade and was absolutely curious about the reason for such high security in this part of the forest.

    She knew he gave her earpiece to communicate for emergencies but she was not able to control her curiosity. So she decided to ask while ensuring she didn't go overboard.

    "I think so," Kiba muttered before taking a deep breath to calm himself. It has been a long while since his eyes feasted on such a beauty.

    "Is it some rare treasure?" Ruby enquired in a very polite tone.

    She felt his voice was strange, and this, in turn, made her believe he has found something precious.

    After all, only this could explain why so many people were patrolling the area. It was to ensure no one barges in while the leader collects the treasure.

    "Yes...absolutely dazzling," Kiba answered, his eyes following every movement in the lake.

    "Oh! So the security is justified?" Ruby further enquired.

    "Definitely," Kiba was sure every man in existence would gladly risk their lives to witness the scene in the lake.

    The wind has brought many flower petals on the surface of the lake, adding to its beauty.

    Sophia swam through the lake in freestyle before stopping in the center. Ripples surrounded her as she raised her head to breath for air.

    Her face fully flushed red with the coldness in the lake. Below her chin, she was submerged in the water.

    She slowly raised her arms and brought her hands to adjust her wet hair. She then took some petals in her soft hands before gently rubbing them on her face.

    Her movements were filled with elegance and charm as she washed with the crystalline water. Beads of water streamed down her face as she savored the bath in the lake.

    After some time, Sophia arched her back to backstroke.  As she swam forward, the transparent water revealed her beautiful breasts and pink nipples.

    The sunlight fell on her, making her body glisten.

    She swam across the lake, unfettered from the privy eyes of the society. For her, every second in the lake was filled with freedom.

    Suddenly, her eyes flickered and she turned around. Some thousand feet away from her, the lake water was filled with heavy ripples.

    "There is another person here?!" Sophia was stunned. She submerged her body inside and silently looked on.

    After a minute or so, the water rolled up and a man with golden hair became visible. Slowly, the man raised his chiseled and well-built body further, and the back of his powerful shoulders came out of the water surface.

    Obviously, this man was none other than Kiba!

    He raised his hands to settle his long hair while he took a quick breath before diving back in. All this time he showed no sign of him being aware of the only other human in the lake!

    "A male?!" Sophia gawked at the scene in disbelief. "Was he here from the beginning? Or did the guards failed to notice him?!"

    Kiba once again came out to the surface to take a breath.

    "Hmm?" Kiba turned around as he felt someone staring at him.

    Sophia was shocked.

    "Ah! A company?" Kiba called out in surprise. But without waiting for her response, he once again started swimming forward.

    Sophia was startled by his behavior.

    He just called out and then turned away?!

    "Hey!" Sophia loudly shouted. "What are you doing here?"

    She believed she was the only person inside the lake so she swam without any worry. Now though, there was another person and that too a male!

    Kiba turned around and said, "Why are you asking the obvious? I'm here to swim."

    Sophia has lived a life in which no one has ever dared talk back. Everyone has served her, and when she shouted on someone, that person would bow down in apology.

    But now, much less apology, the man was talking as if she was a retard for not knowing something so obvious.

    "The lake is reserved for me," Sophia retorted back.

    She made a mental note to punish her guards for not checking the lake properly and thus bringing her in her current dilemma.

    "Really?" Kiba asked, his voice containing ridicule. "I didn't know the areas in the forest were available for purchasing."

    Sophia wanted to counter, but then she thought his words weren't false. The forest didn't belong to anyone so there was no question of reserving any part of it.

    She was contemplating on how to respond when she realized she has exposed her breasts during the conversation. Her body further tensed as she thought how the man in her front was still facing towards her.

    "What are you looking at?!" Sophia asked in anger, as she once again submerged in the water, with her arms crossed and thighs closed tightly.

    Her face was flushed deep red and she couldn't believe how she did such a mistake due to her initial shock.

    "The wonders of nature," Kiba answered in an obvious manner. His eyes were still in her direction, unsure if they were on her or the water.

    Wonders of nature?!

    Sophia felt her body trembling by the tone of the answer. Was he referring to her breasts or the lake?!

    Sophia was thinking when her vision unknowingly passed on his pants. He was shirtless but he was still wearing his pants.

    The transparent water showed the scene clearly.

    There was a giant bulge, and when she noticed it, she recalled her biology lessons. She was now more than sure about what his words were referring to.

    "What's that?!" Sophia pointed a hand towards his pant while ensuring she wasn't exposed.

    "A compliment," Kiba answered once again in an obvious manner.

    "What?!" Sophia was stupefied by his response.

    She lacked experience due to her royal upbringing but she was more than confident on what the bulge implied.

    It was definitely an erection!

    So how can it be a compliment then?!

    "A person can praise someone as beautiful or gorgeous without actually meaning it," Kiba patiently explained. "In simple words, the words used for flattery and compliments could be flat lies."

    "?!" Sophia felt a severe headache. She obviously understood what he meant, but how was this connected to his erection as a compliment?!

    "Erection is the sincerest form of flattery," Kiba concluded in simple words for her to comprehend. "One can never fake this mode of compliment, since it is an honest and natural response."

    Sophia felt the world spinning around.

    Sincerest form of flattery?!
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