204 Life & Death Gate

    "Your mom? I see," Kiba nodded in understanding.

    Sophia felt something amiss by his understanding look. But no matter how she thought, she didn't find anything wrong.

    Her mother was in the family estate so there was nothing to worry about. Not to mention, her mother and her family were very powerful so she was sure he could do nothing.

    "Maybe he is just impressed by mom's teachings?" Sophia thought in her young innocence.

    "Excuse me," Kiba covered his eyes with a hand. "Can you please stop being a pervert and wear something?"

    Sophia flinched while her face turned as red as a beetroot. She didn't retort and submerged completely in the water. She then dived at a very quick speed while praying that Kiba wasn't looking at her.

    She has loved the crystalline transparency of the lake but now she hated it. The transparent water has completely exposed her no matter how deep she dived in.

    Behind, Kiba shook his head with a smile. It has been a long while since he met someone so naive and pure.

    Her innocence flared his desire to tease her further but he controlled himself for the time being.

    Meanwhile, in less than a minute, Sophia reached the shore. She turned around to see if Kiba was observing her, and after ensuring he wasn't, she jumped up.

    With awkwardness, she ran towards the carpet where a towel, white rob, and her clothes were placed. All the while, she was covering her intimate regions with her hands.

    She quickly grasped the robe and clad it. She felt there was no time to dry herself with the towel, but this in turn, actually resulted in more harm.

    The robe was almost a see-through thanks to her wet body and the silk fiber. Her mesmerizing curves were clearly highlighted in the robe, making her resemble a young goddess of seduction.

    "He tricked me again!" Sophia thought as she looked at herself, and this incensed her further.

    No matter what type of background she has lived in, she was still a young girl who has shown her naked body to the opposite sex. This made her both incredibly embarrassed and angry at the same time.

    After all, the era has changed and modern society no longer supported orthodox views like marrying the man who has seen your private parts.

    Her eyes were fuming with blood lust and she wanted to punish the scoundrel who was responsible for everything.

    Sophia looked on as the scoundrel got out of the water some distance away from her. He ran a hand over his hair to remove the water and then turned towards her.

    "You are still a pervert," Kiba said while giving glances to her curves which were highlighted by her wet robe. "I'm sure even your mom would agree on that."

    "This is all your fault!" Sophia shouted as her body flickered and turned into an illusory phantom.  She appeared right in front of Kiba, wielding a fist aimed at his chest.

    "It is morally wrong to blame others," Kiba raised a finger to take on the attack.


    Powerful ripples radiated out as the fist landed on his finger. The pebbles and rock instantly turned into a fine powder while smoke and dust flew in the air.

    Sophia's eyes turned wide in disbelief after seeing the ease with he has blocked the attack.

    "You are strong for a debauchee," Sophia said in a slow voice.

    The air around her fist glimmered with light rain. The rain converged into two fish, black and white. As soon as they appeared, the entire surrounding was filled with an icy and chilling aura.

    "You also are fierce for a pervert," Kiba said, his voice containing some surprise.

    He felt a familiar presence from the two fish but he couldn't point out what was the familiarity. It was far too faint for him to judge just based on the aura.

    The fishes danced in a joyous manner. Sometimes their motions were as delicate as air while other times they were hard as iron.

    The black fished opened its mouth, blowing out a black beam of light.

    "Hmm?" Kiba leaped high in the air to dodge the beam of light.


    The beam fell on a rock some distance away. The beam disintegrated into black particles and merged with the air and soil.

    "That's..." Kiba gave a glance behind.

    The entire region suddenly turned deathly silent. The grass and trees rapidly aged while the small beasts fell on the ground, decomposing.


    The white fish opened its mouth, releasing a powerful devouring force. The vitality from the deceased flora and fauna entered in its mouth.


    The two fish closed in, like they were one, to begin with, just like life and death.  They danced and morphed into a whirlpool.


    The whirlpool ripped apart to reveal a gigantic gate, one part white while the other part black. The white part was inscribed with a black fish while the black part was inscribed with a white fish.

    "Life and Death Gate from that supreme world," Kiba said in shock. "No, this is just a copy. There is no way a human could summon the true gate."

    Sophia was stunned by his words.

    "You know about the gate?" Sophia asked as she waved her hand to open the black part of the door.

    "I know a few things," Kiba looked at her. "And that's why let me advise you to not do what you plan to do."

    "You are afraid?" Sophia didn't care about his advise. She believed he was simply saying it to save himself from punishment.


    One half of the door opened up, emitting energy waves filled with death.

    The waves fused together to transform into hundreds of archaic beasts.


    The beasts let out terrifying roars. The land shook while the lake water rolled up like a tsunami.

    "If you were using the true gate, and utilizing one of its two abilities to mobilize the true dead from that world, then I would definitely be afraid," Kiba raised a hand towards the sky. "But you are only using a false gate to bring out the mere ghost-like presence of those who have died in this piece of land."
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