210 Lovely Place

    Inside a large crater, a small piece of ground remained intact, upon which Kiba stood. Hardly two meters away from him, one of the feet of the giant beast was stuck on the ground.

    The beast, often called Crazy Rampage King, was stunned by the scene in front of him.

    The punny human he stepped his foot was fine without any injuries? What's more this frail human even displaced his foot with just a hand!

    Far away, Amir and the other five were equally astonished by the turn of events.  In the same time, Ashlyn, who has just taken the rotating discs back in her hands, was somewhat startled. Her expression though remained the same as ever, like she didn't care the least bit.

    While some distance behind from the beast, Ruby was pleasantly surprised. She wiped her tears and looked at Kiba with admiration.

    "Fucking hell. This is a land of beauties." Kiba thought in his heart. "No wonder so many people die in the forest. How is a man supposed to be on guards after being surrounded by beauties like them?"

    He turned around and noticed the shocked expressions on the beast and the human spectators.

    "Well, this is bad," Thinking for less than a second, his eyes flashed with a devilish glint. "No choice but to use desperate measures."

    The next moment, Kiba fell down on the ground, his body trembling as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

    Blood streamed down from his orifices while his face turned deathly pale. His breathing was heavy as sweat, mixed with blood, dripped down his chin.

    "What happened?" Mina wondered aloud, bewildered by Kiba's condition.

    Just a moment ago, he was standing there perfectly fine but now he looked exhausted and defeated.

    "He must have channeled more power than his body could handle," Gill hypothesized.

    There were known cases of mutants summoning powers far beyond their capacity in life and death crisis. Not only mutants, but even ordinary humans could find unbelievable strength in desperate situations. Such cases were usually known as miracles, but they had scientistic reasonings.

    The human body was a treasure trove with endless potential. The combination of hopeless situation and survival instincts can force one to tap in this potential to survive.

    Of course, the backlash from a forced withdrawal of power was equally harmful.

    Gill believed Kiba was one of those miracle cases.

    The beast, on the other hand, was happy by Kiba falling on the ground.

    "It was only natural! How can a human fare against this mighty king?" The beast thought.

    It raised its foot high in the air to stomp the human for good.

    Just then, the beast felt a chill throughout its body, as if it has fallen under an ice river. A state of paralysis struck the beast.

    "Don't push your luck, you useless piece of trash," A sinister voice ringed inside the beast's mind.

    The beast was greatly alarmed. It landed its foot just near Kiba, missing him by hair's breadth. The shockwaves from the impact sent Kiba flying in the air, making him fall some distance away from Ruby.

    "Kiba!" Ruby called out, in shock. She rushed ahead and supported him to stand up.

    Kiba placed his arm around her shoulders and they both ran.

    "His luck is good!" Gill said in surprise.

    The beast looked at the two human figures near its foot and roared. But much to the horror of Amir and others, the beast raised its arms and punched towards them.

    "Damn!" Nellie cried out. "It has recalled we were its original targets."

    "Run!" Alexia rushed ahead as the beast's fists stuck a hundred feet behind them.

    A formless burst of terrifying energy exploded out from the impact. Monroe, who was near the impact, stumbled on the ground, his body colliding with rocks and stones.

    Amir turned into a ball of rubber and Mina sat above him as he jumped high to get away. Now was not the time to care about others.

    Meanwhile, Ashlyn who was farthest from the beast opened her left palm. Her hands were covered with black gloves, the material the same as her black suit.

    Seven runic seals appeared on her palm, each seal pertaining to a color of the rainbow.

    Currently, only the blue seal has a slight crack in between.

    "Haah, it is not worth the efforts," Ashlyn shook her head and closed her palm, the seals fading away. She leaped back to get away from the beast now that it was distracted.

    Behind, Kiba and Ruby rested against the back of a tree.

    Ruby brought out a handkerchief to wipe sweat and blood from his face. Just as she touched his face, the blood and sweat disappeared. His face regained its original healthy color.

    "?!" Ruby was astonished, her eyes and mouth wide in surprise as she thought what it implied.

    "Well, why the strange reaction?" Kiba leaned his head between her breasts.

    "I..." Ruby now thought how she was worried for nothing.

    She chided herself for thinking he would be exhausted so easily when he wasn't the least bit tired in his fight against Fiona and others.

    "You were rather emotional, slave," Kiba said with a smile. "I never thought anyone here would shed tears for me."

    Ruby lowered her head, her cheeks slightly flushed. She didn't know how to respond.

    Kiba then brought his eyes in the direction of the beast. Monroe was about to be stepped by the beast.

    "That's enough," Kiba passed a message telepathically. "You can now scram."

    The beast was rooted on spot, its eyes flaring with fury. It wanted to refuse and go against the human, but then it recalled the earlier paralysis and didn't dare defy the command.

    Much to the surprise of everyone, the beast turned around and stepped in the opposite direction.

    "I'm saved?" Monroe muttered. He opened his mouth and released black mist, corroding the debris upon him.

    "That beast truly lives up to its name," Alexia said from far away. "Its crazy eccentric mind is hard to grasp."

    Everyone silently looked on as the beast left the area. Each of them sighed in relief, thanking their lucky stars.

    Kiba looked at Amir, Mina, Alexia, Nellie, Monroe, and Gill before focusing on Ashlyn who was furthest away. She has a cold demeanor and from what he could tell, she displayed no signs of fear during the battle with the beast.

    "The forest is a lovely place," Kiba thought with a faint smile. "Claudia wanted me to enjoy the visit. It would be wrong if I didn't fulfill her wishes."
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