215 Rock-scaled Lizards

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    The members of the sea race went on their daily activities. Some of the high-ranking officials passed through the palaces and stopped as they looked at a temple made of crystals.

    The temple was beautiful and mesmerizing to the soul. It was the temple of the god of Atlantis!

    "Holy Seer, please take care," The officials bowed and left the area.


    Rhea was sitting on the blue crystal throne. She was asleep, her head resting on her right hand.

    After passing the responsibilities to Poseidon, she has made a tonic for herself to recover from the damage she has taken previously.

    Suddenly, her body trembled and she opened her eyes.

    "What's going on?!" Rhea felt the gray matter inside her seething with excitement.

    She was afraid the gray matter would stop being dormant and suck on her bloodline just like the previous time. (Chapter 108)

    She waited and waited, but nothing happened.

    "This time it is excitement and not hatred," Rhea thought, her eyes filled with worry. "Last time the gray matter was offended by something but now it seems pleased. Just why?!"

    This pleasant sensation from the gray matter frightened her more than the anger last time. She was sure whatever the gray matter has in plan for her was definitely not pleasant...


    Dream Rise House, Delta City.

    Outside Section IV.

    The violet waves viciously collided with the force field on the corridor.

    Under continuous onslaught, the force field started showing sign of cracks just like a mirror. Through the faint cracks, the violet energy struck the metallic walls.

    [[A minute more and the damage will be irrevocable.]]

    The sensors in the underground facilities were incapable of sensing things inside Section IV. So Claudia didn't know what was going on.

    The corridor continued to shake as energy waves fiercely clashed against the walls.

    Just as Claudia felt the energy waves overpowering the lab, she detected movements of Cosmic Emperor at the entrance of Section IV.

    He walked out with Agatha in his arms.

    "You can close it," Cosmic Emperor said.

    For the first time, Claudia willingly and readily agreed on his proposal. The sliding doors struck out from the walls and joined together to seal off the entrance.


    The red force field appeared around Section IV while the force field from other locations faded into oblivion.


    The electricity once again returned to the villa and the other sections. The appliances and gadgets once again started functioning while the droids began their works like normal.

    [[What have you done to her?]]

    Claudia asked now that her one concern was dealt with. She activated the sensors on the wall to check Agatha but found no difference at all.

    "Something you shouldn't know," Cosmic Emperor answered her question for the first answer. "Neither should your master."

    Claudia disagreed. The first thing she would do is have a detailed scan of Agatha and do her best to establish contact with Kiba no matter how.

    "This time you should erase everything you have recorded," Cosmic Emperor said as Agatha disappeared from his arms and teleported to a bedroom. Two droids from the living room similar teleported to the room.

    [[What do you mean?]] Claudia was startled by his choice words.

    Before she could contemplate further, she felt her core being affected again. The memory inside her was being replaced with new pieces, pieces which felt real and not false.

    It was like her memory was continuing from the time she commanded the droids to take Agatha to the bedroom.

    For as less as a second, she lost contact with her core. When she regained clarity, her focus was on one of the bedrooms.

    Agatha was resting on the bed.

    [[Cover her with a blanket.]] Claudia commanded the droids

    The droids did as asked and left the room.

    [[Good night, Lady Agatha.]]

    Claudia switched off the lights.


    Desolate Blood Forest.

    Outside a cave.

    Kiba, Ashlyn, Ruby, Amir, Mina, Gill, Alexia, Nellie, and Monroe were hiding behind foliage, trying their best to not let their presence known.

    They observed the activities in the cave to decide their next course of action. The cave was the habitat of Rock-scaled lizards.

    From their initial scouting, they detected ten lizards. The worrisome part was that they felt there were more but they couldn't notice them.

    The rock-scaled lizards have the ability to camouflage themselves to blend in with the cave. Not only camouflage, but they were also blessed with powerful defense thanks to their scales.

    Ordinary scanners and drones couldn't capture their energy signals or movement during camouflage.

    Of course, for Kiba, none of this was truly a problem. Without even trying, his senses automatically detected the existence of thirty-six lizards in total.

    "Knowing everything in advanced is so boring," Kiba sighed internally.

    He didn't like how his senses told him of everything even though he didn't want to know.

    "We will try to bring them out," Amir said after some time. "We don't want to destroy the herbs inside."

    "Understood," Gill nodded and brought out a metallic ball from his coat.  He threw the ball some distance away from the entrance.


    The ball exploded out into a surge of destructive force. The stones and trees nearby were engulfed in the explosion while the cave shook heavily as if an earthquake has arrived.

    Inside the cave.

    Small stones and debris fell from the wall while the ground below trembled. The young lizards were startled by the onslaught of strong vibrations as they rushed to the adult, full-grown lizards.

    The full-grown lizards have tails thicker than a trunk of a tree. Their scales were as sharp as blades while their teeth were like a saw with a hard toothed edge.

    Just from appearance alone, one could see the teeth and scales could cut through anything.

    Ten of the adult lizards went out to investigate the cause of the sudden disturbance after camouflaging with the surrounding.  Their bodies were heavy but their movements were not at all slow.

    "Ten of them are here," Alexia has her eyes closed as her senses covered the surrounding. She felt the disturbance in the wind and the vibrations on the ground to discover the lizards.
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