229 Mastery in Nutcracking Ar

    Issac Piers was an infamous criminal whose reputation preceded him. Just his name was enough to frighten man and woman alike. He was the epitome of fear in the masses.

    Yet, this dangerous criminal was currently rolling on the ground. Tears streamed down his purple face while his hands continue to clutch his crotch. He wanted to scream and cry but the burning pain made it difficult for him to breathe much less shout.

    His condition was such that even his worst haters would feel sorry for him. If the police and his victims were told that his current state was thanks to a kick, none of them would believe this.

    How is it possible for a mutant close to Level V defeated by a kick?

    Maybe others won't believe but the spectators on the stone floor would more than believe this for they knew where the kick landed. No matter how strong a man was, his weakest spot was definitely his crotch.

    A man would even feel terrible pain from even a flick of a finger on his balls. So it wasn't hard to imagine the type of torment one would feel after getting a vicious kick backed by a terrifying momentum.

    What's more, Ashlyn was clad in a black suit from neck to toes. The suit was formed from special materials which were not only durable and resilient but also as strong as a metal. Thus, it wasn't impossible to fathom the agony Issac was suffering from.

    Maybe from a certain point of view, Ashlyn's method was evil and despicable. But in a fight, the result mattered more than the means.

    If it was a few days ago, Ashlyn would never even think of using such a method. But after meeting Kiba and learning from his shameless schemes, she learned one has to do smart work instead of hard work.

    Why go through exhaustion by stretching a fight for minutes when you can win in just seconds?

    "I'm the one who gave her this idea?" Kiba felt his heart skip a beat.

    He was only joking around when he chided her for following the herd mentality. How could he ever imagine she would take his words seriously and start thinking of such terrifying methods?

    Roy, Shane, Ronnie, and others also heard what Ashlyn said. They locked their eyes on Kiba with deep hatred.

    How can a fellow man impart a woman with such vile trick against men?! This was truly shameless and despicable.

    "Cough," Kiba made a coughing sound and scratched his cheek awkwardly.

    Ashlyn once again focused on her task. She took the bag which has fallen from Issac when he collapsed on the ground.

    She then opened the bag and her eyes were filled with genuine surprise. If Roy was rich with the resources he found then Issac was super rich.

    Five chunks of adamantine, two pieces of vajra, a bar of indestructible world-mending stone, and a jar of spatial golden sand!

    Ashlyn was 100% sure no one has ever found such quantity of resources in the underground cave before. She looked at him with faint respect.

    What she didn't know was that Issac has carried out a killing spree to steal the items from others in the cave. Alas, he never imagined he would be robbed after he left the cave.

    "Thank you," Ashlyn said in a cold voice. "Your cooperation is appreciated."

    Ashlyn thanked him after recalling how Kiba expressed his gratitude to those from whom he stole, and she believed it was the right thing to do. After all, without Issac's help, she would not find what she needed so soon.

    Issac was whimpering in pain when he heard her words of gratitude. He opened his mouth but no words came out. If he could speak then he would curse and say: "What cooperation bitch! I was not at all cooperating for a kick in my balls!"

    "............." Kiba and others were stunned into silence when they heard Ashyln's words.

    Evil Demoness, no one needs a thank you after having their nuts cracked!

    Obviously, Ashlyn couldn't understand the thoughts and pains of men. She closed the bag and returned to Kiba.

    "S-should we leave?" Kiba asked. He was afraid she would master this nutcracking art if they stayed here and faced more victims.

    Ashlyn shook her head, making her intentions clear. There were around 40 minutes for the sunset and the cave to close. She wanted to wait and acquire more items now that she had such a God-sent opportunity.

    "... As you wish," Kiba muttered a silent prayer for those who were going to join Issac soon.


    Fifteen minutes later.

    Five men lay on the floor, their faces deadly pale. Every single one of them was holding their crotch as if to ensure their family jewels remained safe.

    They tilted their heads and looked at Ashlyn with plain horror.

    A minute ago, she arrived in front of them when they left the cave. They initially wanted to flirt with her, so they spoke some sexist and rude remarks, but then without any warning, she started kicking.

    No, to be precise, she only landed a single kick on every man. Her movements were fluid and her agility was unbelievable. After kicking one man, she spun around and kicked another man before they could even blink their eyes.

    In less than ten seconds, she moved like a bolt of lightning and kicked every one of them with utmost precision. Her precision was such that even the cracking sound from their crotches was the same. It was like she was trying her best to maintain impartiality by imparting equal pain.

    "Thank you," Ashlyn made a slight bow before looting them clean.

    On the boulder, Kiba's cheeks were twitching. He rubbed the bridge of his nose in embarrassment. He now felt Ashlyn has more talent than him when it comes to stealing with a straight face.


    Just then, a beam of light shot out of the entrance and landed in the middle of Kiba and Ashlyn.

    Ashlyn's eyes glittered as she observed the beam of light, eagerly waiting for her new loot.

    The beam converged into a girl of about eighteen years old. The girl has a pale skin tone, long black hair, and blue misty eyes.

    When Roy and Shane saw her face, they muttered, "Fiend!"

    The girl felt their gazes and she looked at them with slight confusion.

    "Why are you charred black?" The girl asked in a sweet voice that was filled with young innocence.

    Yet both Roy and Shane felt she was anything but innocent!

    The girl then noticed Ashlyn before she turned around as she felt another presence. When her vision landed on Kiba, her pupils dilated and her face flushed red.

    "Shameless villain!" The girl leaped high in the air and transformed into a series of afterimages as she rushed at him.

    "Pervert?" Kiba was equally startled by her sudden appearance. He didn't expect to meet her this soon after dealing with her in the lake.

    This girl was obviously none other than Sophia Neville!

    Sophia has clutched her hand into a tight fist when she heard Kiba's choice of word for her. Her eyes flared up in anger and she lost her balance due to a moment of instability. She twisted her body in mid-air and landed on the floor without any injuries.

    "I'm not a pervert!" Sophia declared.

    "Really?" Kiba asked with an amused expression. "I seem to recall the judge of this is your mom and not you."

    "Don't mutter a single word, you evil scoundrel!" Sophia was incensed by his reminder.

    It has been days but she clearly remembered every single moment of her meeting with him in the lake and the battle that followed. What truly infuriated her was the recording bead he sent to her after teleporting away.

    Some distance away, Roy and Shane were shocked by the sudden turn of events.

    "The fiend and the shameless thief know each other?"

    "Seems so...But how is this possible?"

    "No idea."

    "Did he actually called her a pervert?"

    "I think so."

    Sophia's ears were sensitive and she caught the conversation between the two young scions.

    "Shut up," Sophia turned towards them and said. "Unless you want to die."

    "N-no," Roy and Shane instantly closed their mouths. They didn't dare retort back, afraid she would truly kill them.

    "You are truly as fierce as ever," Kiba praised her with genuine admiration. He has to use brute strength to make those two shut their traps, and yet she achieved this with plain words.

    Sophia ignored his praise and said, "This time I'm going to catch you!"
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