242 Share Body Hea

    Baird rolled on the ice floor while holding his crotch tightly. The cold winds continued to sweep past, bringing snowflakes and small ice crystals.

    Baird was no longer in any state to worry about hypothermia or anything else. The only thing worrying him was his treasured jewels. The crushing sound of them being shattered like eggs was reverberating in his mind continuously.

    Some distance away, Morales gulped down. Unknowingly, his body was covered with sweat despite the freezing temperature.

    Just a minute ago, his eyes were red with envy when Ashlyn decided to help Baird. He cursed Baird for his superior luck to have an intimate moment with such a gorgeous goddess, but now, he no longer held such thoughts. He observed Baird's purple face and he felt a chill down his spine as he imagined the state he would be in if he also got a chance to share an intimate moment with Ashlyn.

    "That woman is a demon and Baird even thanked her before getting a kick slammed on his balls!" Morales now felt he was the luckiest man. "Thank god I didn't have this wonderful idea!"

    After all, no man ever wants to experience such a close moment with a woman that would result in endless sorrow and grief like the one experienced by Bairds.

    "Poor guy," Morales thought with deadness. "His balls are crushed while his wife is in the arms of another man to share body heat."

    Of course, Morales and Jane were responsible for that. Jane has convinced everyone after reminding them of Kiba's honest character and the regard he held for the human race when he saved them. Then there was Kiba's behavior where he strictly refused to help and only agreed after multiple stern reminders of his responsibilities.

    It only made sense for him to help Anya since he was the only one who was still warm despite the coldness. Sure they would be in intimate touches with no clothes, but they were only touching each other to share body warmth. They were not having sex so what was there to worry?

    Sadly, Baird was in no condition to think even of his wife now. He just wanted to get rid of his pain.

    Jane looked at Baird and then at Ashlyn whose expression was the same as ever.

    "A kick in balls can make a man forget cold. So technically, she did help Baird." Jane mused with a strange expression. "Though this was definitely not what Baird has in mind when he wanted help from her."

    She was also feeling cold and wanted to get from this land of ice as soon as possible.

    "Hopefully Kiba would be able to help Anya."


    At the same time, inside the cottage.

    The cottage only has a single room with no beds. The floor was covered with layers of blankets, and the only source of light in the room was from the wooden ceiling where a moonstone was hanging. The temperature in the room was warm unlike the outside thanks to the arrangements.

    Anya and Kiba were standing opposite to each other.

    "How do we proceed?" Kiba asked, his voice filled with nervousness.

    Anya lowered her head. She didn't know how to tell him to get undress. For a woman, especially a married woman, saying such a thing to a man who was not her husband was embarrassing.

    She slightly raised her and observed his face. He was blushing and there was clear nervousness.

    "Could it be really the first time he is going to see a woman naked?" Anya wondered.

    She thought with such enticing facial features and the strength he displayed earlier, he should have no trouble in having women.  Even his personality was great from what she has seen so far. He has rescued her and Jane without thinking of his own safety. Yet, such a man was single.

    "He must be a firm believer in religious teachings to not have contact with a woman before marriage."

    Anya didn't know whether to admire him or chide him for believing in such orthodox teachings. Why should religion be involved in the matter of love?

    Then again, she thought it was none of her concern on what type of teachings he practiced. The era might be modern but many carried the prejudice of the past. At least, he was a man with a good heart and kind intentions unlike those from churches.

    She shook her head and said, "We should undress and lay down on the floor."

    She didn't want to stretch this awkward moment any longer. During her college life, she had two boyfriends and have seen them naked before she met her husband during an adventure. She believed there was no time to get embarrassed now given the circumstances.

    "Ok," Kiba nodded and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Give me a minute."


    Anya lifted her sweater off over her head and dropped to a corner of the room. Her soft hands then reached up behind her back to unclasp her bra. Slowly, she slipped the strap off her shoulder while glancing at Kiba to check if he was peeking or not.

    Much to her amusement, he was completely focused on unbuttoning his sleeves while his hands trembled slightly. She thought he couldn't be more obvious with the tension he was feeling now.

    Now, Anya felt at ease and the final traces of her worry disappeared. She pulled the cups of her bra and revealed her perfect breasts. She then took off her pant before sliding her panties down.

    In less than a minute, she was fully naked. Her body was a sight to behold with a beautiful face, blond hairs, perky breasts, tiny waist, and a luscious butt.

    Anya turned towards Kiba and noticed he has removed his shirt.

    "Wow!" Anya was awe-struck by what she saw. "This is not the body of a man but a god!"

    If earlier she only found him attractive and handsome, now she felt he was drool-worthy. She shook her head and got rid of the unnecessary thoughts.

    Kiba didn't notice her as he was in the middle of unhooking his pant. He gritting his teeth as he tried to remove the hook without any success.

    "What's wrong?" Anya's voice came from the side.

    "N...nothing," Kiba answered while stammering. "The hook is struck."

    "Must be due to cold," Anya said after some thinking. "Let me help."

    "No need!" Kiba replied while using more force.

    "Relax," Anya arrived in front of him and said.

    Kiba's eyes unconsciously checked her out, and as he did, his face turned crimson. His jaw dropped as he continued to stare at her gorgeous body.

    "An Ice Bee might fly in your mouth," Anya said in an amused tone.

    "Ah! I'm sorry!" Kiba shut his mouth while moving his eyes away from her. His behavior was like a thief who was caught red-handed during a robbery.

    Anya has slightly felt at unease by his staring but a part of her has also enjoyed the attraction from such a handsome man. They were soon going to be in each other's arm so there was no reason for her to feel offended.

    "Calm down and allow me to help you," Anya said before bringing her hands on his pant.

    The hook was struck and it took her efforts to unsnap. The zip was already pulled down before so the moment the hook was removed, the pant slide down till his knees to reveal his underwear.

    She noticed a giant bulge resting against the fiber and it made her gasp in surprise. She could see he was not erect, and yet, just the bulge was far thicker and longer than any erection she has seen in her life.

    "Thanks," Kiba's voice woke her from thoughts.

    Any nodded and she walked to a side while Kiba removed the final bit of his clothing. He then walked to the center of the room and lay down on the floor covered by blankets.

    Anya's face was flushed as she lay beside him. She didn't touch him and neither did he. Both were hesitant and unsure of how to proceed further, at least that was what could be judged from their body language.

    Anya was feeling cold and she knew she has to start soon before the symptoms appear. But getting undressed and sharing body contact was as different as day and night. Even the earlier teasing she has done didn't give her the confidence to proceed ahead.

    "Can I wrap my body around you?" Kiba asked just when she started panicking.

    "Yes, you can," Anya answered.  Her heart rejoiced in relief now that he has finally got enough guts to make a move.

    Kiba turned and held her by her waist. With his strong hands, he rolled her body over him. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest and she could hear his heartbeat.

    Anya was startled. She didn't expect him to bring him on top of her, at least not this soon.

    Obviously, she also understood his reasons. With her body directly on top of him, he could directly transfer body heat without losing it through the blanket-covered floor.

    "Sorry," Kiba apologized after seeing her surprised expression.

    "Don't apologize," Anya said as she adjusted her body. "You did no wrong."

    In response, his hands went to the small of her back so that he could pull her tighter against him. Anya smiled but deep inside, she was anxious.

    With such closeness, she felt his cock throbbing as it rested against her belly. The heat and warmth from him were striking and she felt his balls between her legs. If earlier she thought he was big, then now she believed he was enormous.

    "They come in such dimensions?" Anya thought in disbelief. She tried to suppress such wanton thoughts while he continued to hold her.

    Slowly, the warmth inside him spread through her from legs to chest, and the coldness inside her began melting. Her neck and chest flushed a warm rosy pink while mist of cold air swept out of her pores.

    She tried to enjoy the relaxation sensation but the pulsating heat member on her stomach distracted her. She knew it was just natural for him to have a hard on thanks to such close contact, but her stomach fluttered with butterflies.

    Anya was fully aware of her stiff nipples pressing on his chest and the negligible distance between their lips. His warm breath filled with freshness rolled over her hairs, making her tremble.

    "Are you alright?" Kiba asked with worry evident on his face.

    "Yes! I thought I was going to fall so..." Anya tried to make an excuse.

    "Ah! Please don't worry!" Kiba grabbed her ass cheeks tightly. "I would not let you fall!"

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