243 This Is Not The Way!

    Kiba grabbed Anya's ass cheeks tightly as she continued to lay on top of him. Anya was shocked, to say the least. She didn't think her poor attempt at an excuse would result in this.

    "What should I do?" Anya didn't know how to react further without sounding rude when he was helping her. "We are already this intimate so this is nothing extensive."

    She thought as his hardon continued to throb against her stomach. The base of his shaft began far below her opening and ended way above her belly button. The misty air mixed with warmth from his shaft made her lower part slippery. His cock passed through her blonde bush like wet grass, sending a tingling sensation in her body. Her heart started pounding rapidly as she realized the excitement this intimate contact was building in her.

    She tried to reason this was not due to him, but rather the fact that it has been weeks since she had such close contact with her husband. After all, the forest was dangerous and they needed to be on guards. They couldn't afford to get exhausted or distracted through sexual pleasures. Now, she was naked and in the arms of another man who was not her husband while his hardon pressed against her wantonly.

    "This is just normal body reaction...I shouldn't overthink," Anya tried to calm herself as his cock rubbed through her stomach like it was a slippery cave.

    She wondered if she should move but was also worried if her action would embarrass him instead. She then decided to chat with him in order to distract him and get rid of his hardon. She believed this would benefit them both.

    "How long have you been in the forest?" Anya asked. Her lips were far too close to his, and as she spoke, her cool breath brushed past his lips, sending a cooling sensation.

    "Around a week," Kiba answered while his hands savored the feeling of her soft but firm ass. "What about you?"

    His fingertips, in the meantime, lingered on her butt crack. His movements were slow and gentle, almost hard to detect, as he caressed her.

    "Almost a month," Anya replied while trying to distract her mind from his hand movements.  Slowly, she detected his fingers on the edge of her vagina and asshole. Gulping down, she added a few more words to divert his attention further,  "We have fully explored the outer zone."

    "That's impressive," Kiba praised with genuine admiration. "You guys are really amazing!"

    As Kiba said this, he raised his hands and then brought them down to pat on her ass. A heavy sound reverberated in the room and two red slap marks appeared on her soft, white ass.

    Anya's eyes turned wide with disbelief. She felt pain and anger inside but there was also small traces of excitement. She couldn't believe a part of her actually enjoyed his lewd actions!

    "I'm sorry," Kiba quickly apologized. "I usually pat on shoulders when I'm amazed but now..."


    Anya didn't know whether to believe him or not. She reasoned he was a virgin since he practiced abstinence but surely he knew his actions were extreme, right? Or did his first touch with a woman made him crazy?

    His hands were now clutching her ass again but she felt them tremble.

    "He is nervous yet his cock is rock-hard."

    Anya was having a hard time thinking straight. Her body instincts were clouding her judgment, and she thought the same was for him. Only this would explain why such an innocent man would do something like patting her ass.

    "I should turn around," Anya said after some time.

    "Ok," Kiba replied in a low voice.

    He retraced his hand and helped her. Her back was resting on him while her chest was towards the ceiling.  Unlike before, her head was now resting on his chest which pushed her body below. He placed his hands on her belly to ensure she didn't fall.

    "Are you comfortable?" Kiba enquired. Her blonde hairs landed on his face, carrying a soothing feeling.

    "Ah...yes!" Anya answered as she felt her nipples tingling. She was unsure if it was due to cold or the rod she was now feeling between her ass cheeks.

    "I turned to avoid this but now I have taken it further."

    She naively thought with her breasts no longer pressing against his chest and her face away, his hardon would soften. Instead, she felt him turning more thick and long in the crack of her ass.

    The warmth between her ass cheeks was like encouragement for him. He slowly rubbed his cock by sliding up and down.


    As Kiba continued to, she felt the head of his cock dangerously close to her asshole. A shiver passed down her spine and her breasts flushed with heat. Her heart pounded madly and she felt her vagina tremble in faint excitement as if wanting him to enter, and satisfy her curiosity and urges.

    "No! This is the cold and the situation speaking!" Anya distracted herself by thinking of her husband who was outside. She has married him around seven months ago, and by all accounts, he was good to her. Yes, there were conflicts and his earlier behavior today was not exactly reasonable, but she thought that was normal among couples.

    How could she allow the cold and her body make her feel such excitement from a man who was not her husband?

    "I'm not doing anything wrong!" Anya tried to pacify her rapidly beating heart. "And he is only trying to help me by providing warmth! There is nothing more!"

    The slippery motion of his hard cock in her crack rubbed between her soft flesh, gasping for release. She wanted him to stop, but she didn't know how to ask without offending him. But then again, a part of her also wanted to continue.

    Her body wanted him to turn bolder and take the next logical step, while her heart wanted the opposite as it reminded her of her oath to her husband.

    Two opposite thoughts conflicted in her mind. Desires flared along with tension while the warmth from him continued to enter her.

    Whenever she thought of warmth, she thought of his hardon which was warm like fire between her ass cheeks.


    Kiba called out.

    "Yes?" Anya was happy he was starting a conversation. She wanted to be distracted and wanted him to do the same before either of them take any drastic step.

    "I'm truly sorry," Kiba said while stopping his motion between her crack. "I don't know what got over me."


    Anya was silent for a while. She could obviously understand how difficult it would be for a man to control themselves in such situations, and yet, he was able to gain clarity. She marveled at his character and his ability to confess to a wrong.

    Just how many men out there could do the same? She was sure most men would do something extreme instead of stopping and being civil. They would even blame a woman, unlike him!

    "Our sexual organs are now very close so I'm having a hard time controlling myself," Kiba added further after a minute. "Maybe we should reverse our position, and this, in turn, might help in controlling the natural response."


    Her mind instantly thought of 69!

    She could understand his reasons but she was not sure if that was a good idea. Sure, having his hardon away from her pussy would help but then her mouth would be next to his cock! And his eyes would be feasting on her pink foldings!

    "But surely it should be better than the present state."

    Anya reasoned. With her thoughts cloudly and her body burning with desires, she agreed to his proposal.

    Obviously, due to the floor and the heat requirements, she couldn't lay her head on his feet or vice versa. The only way was 69, no matter how strange and uncomfortable.

    As Anya changed her position, she finally saw his hardon. Her misty eyes glinted with lust as she gazed at the length and width. She was now more than sure of her guess and thought her husband or past boyfriends didn't even come half close.

    Suppressing her wanton thoughts, she rested her head on the start of his thighs. Meanwhile, her breasts pressed against his stomach while the opening between her thighs was just a few centimeters away from his lips.

    Her foldings were open, exposing the pink insides. The musky scent of her desires seared his nostrils making his cock throb further.

    Anya's eyes were on him and she felt him throb. The veins bulge while the heat greeted her cheeks from a close distance.

    Just then, he slightly turned towards the right to make himself comfortable. She was not prepared, and as he turned, the head of his cock touched her cheeks while her lips brushed past his shaft.

    A tremor passed through her and she felt fireworks exploding. The desires she was suppressing in her lower part finally flared up as a glistening drop appeared on her pink openings.

    "Anya, there is water inside!" Kiba said, his voice containing astonishment. "It might freeze in this temperature! Let me help!"

    "N-no need!---Ah!!"

    Anya's entire face turned crimson. She pressed her lips tightly to ensure she didn't moan as she felt a finger shoving inside her. She gasped and her hips moved as his finger rolled inside her.

    "You might have good intentions but this is not the right way to help!"

    She felt her insides turning moist, and as Kiba retraced his finger, a trail of crystalline liquid stretched from his finger to her foldings.

    "Anya! There is more of liquid-like substance!" Kiba said, his voice perplexed.

    Before she could explain, he raised his head and closed his lips with her clit.

    "Oh no! This is definitely not the way!!"

    Kiba sucked her clit into his mouth while devouring her juices. Anya's mind was in a mess. Earlier, her lower half was facing the top half, and now she knew who was winning. She pressed her pussy lips hard against his mouth to allow him better access.

    "There is no penetration so this is not cheating!" Anya justified to herself before she gave in. His tongue licked her clit before entering her insides. In the same time, he pushed a finger into her.


    Her pussy lips swelled and plummed with passion, and she found it difficult to shut her mouth tight. She was afraid she would scream and alert her husband if her mouth was not occupied.

    Anya brought her eyes on his cock. She gripped it with both her hands and began to gently tug the foreskin back and forth. Her glossy lips slowly opened, and she gave the head of his cock a long wet kiss.

    "Anya?" Kiba's lips parted from her pink foldings.

    "Don't stop now!" Anya cursed before pushing her hips against his head.

    Her tongue slid out to lick back and forth over the tip of his cock. Then her tongue slowly started to taste him from the top to the bottom of his shaft. She further opened her mouth to take him in, her cheeks hollowing as she began to suck the top few inches.

    Suddenly, she leaned her head back, and let go of his cock as she felt her pussy trembling with a feeling she has never experienced before.

    Kiba was sliding his tongue back and forth as he worked his way back up in her pussy. She writhed under his tongue while her hips bounced whenever he reached a sensitive spot.

    "Is this really his first time?!" Anya gave this a momentray thought before her vision turned dark and the world dissapeared from her eyes. All she could feel was the fiery threads of pleasure fulminating deep inside her.

    She twitched and squirmed for a long time before opening her eyes.

    "Oh god...what was that?!"
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