244 Recovered

    Anya panted heavily. Her thoughts were cloudly as she savored the fleeing threads of pleasure which swept throughout her body before they disappeared.

    Her head was arched back and she closed her eyes to contemplate on what just happened now. Her heart pounded so rapidly that she was worried it would leave her chest. Kiba, in the meantime, continued to cup her ass cheeks to support her weight while his mouth parted from her pink foldings.

    Slowly, she regained some clarity. She adjusted her feet and left his body. She lay down beside him on the blanket-covered floor. Her body was exhausted, and yet, she felt happy.

    "Is this what they call orgasm?" Anya wondered. She has felt the natural excitement when she made love with her husband and past boyfriends, but nothing like today.

    It was the first time when she felt the trembling and the buildup of passion before it exploded into waves of exhilaration.

    "Jane did say most men fail in making their women reach climax...So was I faking it before or I just didn't know?"

    Anya didn't know what to think. A part of her felt extreme guilt and the other part felt elation.

    Anya glanced at him. His mouth was coated with the sweet juice of her desire, and the fragrance from it filled the cold air with a pleasant scent.

    Anya recalled how he went down on her to help drink the 'water' and prevent it from freezing. His voice seemed genuine but the skill he showed was something which terrified her.

    "How could a beginner be that good?! My husband has girlfriends before and yet he never made me climax even with penetration."

    Her eyes moved downwards and she saw him as hard as before. There were traces of saliva...her saliva.

    "Anya, it is hurting down there now that you stopped." Kiba looked at her face and said. "I now know what you and I did was wrong but could help me a bit?"

    Anya turned silent. She knew he was saying the truth about the pain. His hardon was throbbing hard with the short blowjob she gave before.  There was no way he could feel good till he got a release

    "He did help me...and I have already taken him in my mouth. There is nothing wrong in returning the favor. Besides, it is not likely I'm having sex."

    Anya thought as she crawled on all fours towards him. Her round, soft ass was on display, making him more turned on. She tossed her blonde hairs behind before grabbing his cock in her soft, delicate hands. She slowly began to pump him in her hands, giving him fast strokes.

    She then closed into his cock and let her tongue struck out. The tip of her tongue licked the head of his cock in a round motion before moving down. Her hands continued to stroke, her pace increasing as she tasted him.

    She then once again moved on top of him and opened her mouth wide to take him in. Slowly, she began to bob her head into his lap as she took him further in.

    Kiba groaned at the warmth and wetness of her mouth on his cock.

    Saliva mixed with precum dripped from her mouth as she slid his cock into the depths of her throat. As she realized she couldn't take him fully, she retraced her mouth.  Just then, Kiba gripped her by her hair and began to pump his hips into her face.

    She didn't even get time to protest as he held her tight and **ed her mouth in slow but long strokes. She tasted the taste of his precum at the end of her throat.

    Anya was startled. She has never mouth-**ed like this before. He pushed his cock till the very end and stopped there, making her gag. She clung to his thighs to support herself as she felt her breathing turn heavy from pressure.

    "Mm...st...op." Anya pierced her nails into his thighs on the verge of blacking out.

    Kiba let go of her hair, and slowly slide his cock out of her throat, leaving it wet and glistening with her saliva. Anya breathed in the air and his taste further moved into her depths.

    "My apologies," Kiba said as he closed his face to hers. "This was my first time and I turned wild."

    Anya didn't reply. She didn't entirely dislike a man taking control to get what he wants. There was a certain charm when a man goes wild, at least that's what she felt now.

    He brought his hands on her back to bring on top of him. She was surprised but sighed in relief knowing he was doing nothing extreme. She was partly happy and also frustrated at the same time.

    He made her lay on top of him just like before, her breasts pressing on his chest.

    "I'm sorry I couldn't relieve you," Anya said. She liked him but she didn't want to gag again.

    "It is fine," Kiba reassured her with a smile before rolling their bodies, much to her amazement. "Maybe this would help though I'm not sure."

    She was now on the blanket-covered floor and he was looking at her from the top.

    "This...!" Anya was stunned. He was rubbing his cock on the top of her clit!


    I can't let this happen!

    "But he is only rubbing on the clit! It is not like he is penetrating! There is no sex involved and I have to return the favor!"

    Two contrasting thoughts flooded her mind.

    She was thinking when she felt his lips closing into hers. Surprised and caught off guard, his lips caressing hers. A tremor ran through her as the warmth from him passed through the passion in his lips.

    Down below, he continued to rub on her clit. He then pressed up slightly but noticeably against her labia. The saliva and precum from his shaft slid, moistening her with a certain warmth.

    Anya couldn't help but let out a slight moan as her body responded to his actions. She felt the fire of desires which had died after her first orgasm was now rekindling.  Her love juices were flooding out and landing on the head of his cock.

    His lips parted and he pushed his tongue on her lips. Anya reciprocated by allowing his tongue to explore her mouth.

    All the while, he never stroked his cock inside her. He only rubbed on the boundary, making her feel tensed and frustrated.

    She knew he didn't want to penetrate and this should be good for her, but her body disagreed. For the first time, she was sure, she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anyone, including her husband. She freed her mouth from his tongue and lowered her body.

    Much to her own shock, she placed the tip of his cock at her opening.

    "Do it," Anya said, her eyes flaring with lust. She saw the same lust in him and yet he didn't slide in.


    "You don't want to?" Anya asked in frustration.

    "I want to...but your husband is outside," Kiba reminded.

    "Let him ** a rock for all I care...now just ** me!" Anya shouted as she brought her hands on his hips. She pressed them down and his cock slid into her, inch after inch.

    "Oh my god...**!" Anya screamed. Kiba rapidly closed her mouth with a hand to prevent her from alerting those outside.


    He continued to push forward, and slowly entered her wet and slippery pussy. She was tight and he gave her time to adapt to him.

    Anya let out muffled moans. She savored the pleasure mixed with pain as he stretched her out like no one ever did.

    Kiba started stroking in and out. Slowly, he increased his pace, and as he did, her breasts bounced in the air. Her warm, moist pussy squeezed him tight, and this feeling was no less than heaven for him. His strokes were rapid, and as he pushed deep inside, his mouth closed with her nipples.

    Anya ran her hands all up and down his arms, over his shoulders, neck, and through his hair as he continued to lick and suck her nipples.

    She moaned in ecstasy.

    Now, she knew she wanted this as badly as him. Her thoughts were clear and she was sure the same applied for him. She no longer cared about wrong or right. All she wanted was to experience another orgasm.

    Kiba rolled their bodies again. She was now on top of him.

    "Let me adjust," She sat straight above his cock and guided it inside her. She then pressed down till his cock was fully sheeted in her.

    "It feels so good!" Anya snapped her head back and squealed.

    "You are wonderful!" Kiba said as he grabbed her hips.

    "So are you!" Anya started riding his cock frantically like there was no tomorrow. "Just don't stop!"

    His hands moved from her hips to her fair breasts as she increased the pace on her own.

    "Oh yes," Anya grunted in euphoria as she leaned forward and greeted his lips with hers.

    Meanwhile, outside the cabin.

    Jane, Ashlyn, Baird, and Morales were sitting around a frozen tree. Baird was now feeling slightly better with his balls turning numb from pain, but he felt no joy.

    He glanced at Ashlyn but didn't dare say anything. He then turned towards Jane, and said, "Just how much longer?"

    He wanted to check in, but he was in no state to walk thanks to the kick. So he could only ask Jane after all she was a woman and acquainted with Anya. Morales was obviously not a choice for he didn't want him to see his wife naked.

    "I will check," Jane replied before jumping on her feet.

    She could understand his apprehensions as a husband but she felt he should trust his wife and Kiba. The latter was a man of integrity who has proved how he valued humanity more than anything else.

    Jane walked towards the cabin in slow steps. She was sure the two would be in each other's arms sharing body warmth. She just has to check how long it would take.

    Jane knocked on the door. The knob was not locked but she felt she should give them a warning before stepping inside. After all, they were already in an uncomfortable situation, and she didn't want to embarrass them. Giving them some time to adjust was the right thing to do.

    Jane got no response but she did hear some faint sounds of heavy breathing.

    "Could something have happened to them?!"

    Jane opened the door and entered inside. As soon as she saw the scene inside, her eyes turned wide while her pupils dilated to the size of a needle.

    It was like she was witnessing an earth-shattering event that she couldn't expect even in her wildest dreams. She felt the world spin, and she rubbed her eyes to ensure she was seeing right. Her heart pounded rapidly after confirming the open display of brazen sex in front of her.

    Kiba and Anya were lost in each other as she rode on his cock. Her arms were around his neck while her tongue dueled with his.

    From her position, Jane could see red slap marks on Anya's ass. She observed the bitting marks on her nipples and the wet stains on the blankets as they continued to ** without any care.

    "How could they..." Jane was struck on the spot.

    She gulped down and slowly left the cabin. She ensured she didn't make any noise as she closed the door.

    Jane returned to the tree, her mind in a total mess. She didn't know how to respond and she just sat down on the ground in a mechanical fashion.

    "How much longer?" Baird asked in an annoyed voice.

    "Ah!" Jane gained some clarity. "They should be done in a few minutes."

    She didn't want to ruin her best friend's marriage so she decided to not reveal the truth.

    "There is nothing wrong, right?" Baird asked further. He was worried that the man named Kiba would try some funny tricks.

    "Of course," Jane answered with a smile. "Their intimate parts are covered so rest assured."

    "I thought so!" Baird said as if he was expecting the answer. "I never doubted Anya's character!"

    "Me as well," Jane muttered.

    "Has Anya recovered enough?" Morales enquired.

    Jane's expression turned stiff as her mind flashed the images of Anya wildly riding Kiba's cock like a wanton slut.

    "Yes, she has recovered greatly," Jane answered honestly.

    "That Kiba must be truly warm for Anya to recover this soon," Morales praised.

    "You are right on that," Jane said as she recalled the beads of sweat on Anya's body as Kiba pounded her. "He is truly warm."

    "Jane, I'm sorry for disagreeing with you earlier," Baird once again joined the conversation. He wanted to get her in good graces after the episode with Ashlyn so he decided to praise her with all his might. After all, if she got angry then she might rat him out to Anya.

    "It is fine," Jane replied.

    "No, I was being selfish," Baird disagreed, and with a heavy voice, he continued. "If not for you, my wife would still be in danger. But thanks to your wisdom and your ability to judge character, my wife is now in safe hands."


    "Just like you said, I was also wrong about Kiba. I can't believe I doubted the integrity of an honest man who not only rescued us from that flower but is now also saving my wife when he doesn't have to!"


    "Jane, thank you for convincing Kiba to help my wife! You are the best!"

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