245 Im Proud Of You!

    Inside the cottage.

    Kiba and Anya were lying on the floor.  Anya has a euphoric smile on her face as she savored the orgasm she just received. Thick ropes of cum oozed out from her pink foldings below.

    Kiba looked at her naked breasts and his cock hardened again. Anya noticed his gaze and she turned towards him.

    "I was not bad, right?" Kiba asked in a nervous voice.

    Anya was surprised.

    "Ah! He was truly a virgin!" Anya thought in her heart. From her own experience and that of her female friends, she knew most men were wary of their first performance in bed. The pressure of living up to the female partner was high. His question and the nervousness left her no doubts.

    "No, you were not bad," Anya answered with a faint smile. "In fact, you were good."

    She felt he was marvelous but then she thought that would make him arrogant. So she decided to underrate his performance.

    Kiba brought his eyes back on the wooden ceiling.

    "Are you feeling guilty?" Anya enquired. She recalled he was against fornication and other forms of intimate contacts with a woman who was not his wife due to the teachings of the church.

    "Strangely no," Kiba looked at her again, and said. "I never thought sex felt so good."

    "Same here," Anya thought but she didn't say it out loud. A part of her was still feeling bad about her husband who was waiting for her outside.

    "Maybe, it felt good because I was with a gorgeous woman like you," Kiba's cheeks turned red as he said this

    Anya was stunned by the compliment. What he said was rather a standard line but she felt her ego stirred.

    "Thanks," Anya replied while her hand wandered over his chest. "But you can't tell anyone about this. Please."

    "I won't," Kiba reassured her.

    "Good," Anya sighed in relief.

    Just then, he lifted his hands and placed them on her breasts. Anya let out faint grunting sound as she felt him cupping her breasts and slowly fondling them.

    She enjoyed the way her nipples felt against his palms but she knew this was not a good time to give in to desires again.

    "We should stop...I'm still..." Anya's protest died before they even began as he nuzzled his face into her neck. Gently, he began to suck her soft skin between his lips while his hands continued to squeeze and tweak her nipples.

    Anya felt a tingling sensation down her spine and she shuddered in ecstasy. She was still feeling the currents of her fading orgasm, and the teasing worked on her desires, awakening them like an erupting volcano.

    Slowly, his lips moved down while kissing through her cleavage and stopping on her belly button. He slipped his tongue out and licked her navel in a delicate manner.


    Anya reached her hands down and ran her fingers through his thick golden hair. Her breasts swayed enticingly under his hands while he continued to lick on her soft spot she never knew existed.

    Kiba let go of her navel and leaned his head forward. Anya understood his intention and she lowered her head. Their lips meet for a tight kiss while he grabbed her hips to pull her body into him. They embraced, kissed, and played in lust.

    Their tongues wrestled as they kissed. Anya sent down her hand to explore, and she found him rock hard once again. The foreplay was short but it did wonders on both of them.

    "Turn around," Kiba said as his lips parted with hers.

    "I don't think I can handle another round," Anya replied but she still followed his words. She was kneeling with her hands on the floor.

    "Don't worry," Kiba started kissing her down from the back of her earlobe to the end of her spine. His hands then cupped her ass cheeks to squeeze them tight.

    "This is one of the best ass I have ever seen!" Kiba praised her in his heart. He bent forward and bit each of her cheeks in turn.

    Anya was startled as his teeth sunk in her fleshy cheeks. She released sounds filled with pleasure and pain.

    "No time for more foreplay."

    Kiba kneeled behind her while positioning his cock on her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock on her clit while her juices moistened him.

    "Please start soon before they turn suspicious," Anya begged. She was feeling sore down but she wanted this just as bad as him.

    "Of course."

    His hands parted her ass cheeks and the tip of his cock pushed against her brown tight hole.

    "What?! Surely?!" Anya was terrified by her guess.

    Her asshole was glistening from the lubrication provided by the cum that oozed out of her pussy.

    "You said you were sore down so..." Kiba trailed off as he rubbed against her small hole.

    "N-no! I didn't mean this!" Anya was frightened. She couldn't believe how her words always lead her to different sexual situations.  "I have never done this! I can't take you in!"

    She has never taken a cock there and she was scared that he would rip her apart with the thickness of his hardon.

    The next moment, Anya gaped loudly. The ridge of his cock barged in her small asshole.


    "Relax," Kiba gripped her hips tight as the mushroom head fully entered inside her. "I would be gentle."

    Anya felt her vision darken while her breathing turned heavy. She felt a burning sensation throughout her body as her little anal opening was stretched by his throbbing cock.

    "It hurts so bad! Ahh!"

    She dropped her head into the blankets and stuffed her mouth with them. This was all she could do to not scream loudly.

    As he thrust his cock further in, she shook her head back and forth, tossing her blonde hairs. She has never felt the pain she was feeling now in her entire life.

    "Oh my god!"

    Anya thought the pain would never pass, but slowly, she felt a spark of pleasure inside her. The spark turned into firecrackers of ecstasy. Her entire body exhilarated in pleasure.

    "Fuck...never felt this good before!"

    The tightness of her sweet ass pressed on his cock and kneaded him with a spellbinding massage. Her hips wriggled as her ass slowly began to swallow his cock.

    "Faster!" Anya muttered while panting heavily.

    Kiba did what she wanted, and he began to press faster into her. He then started pumping in and out with slow but long strokes.

    Her breasts swayed enticingly while her face has a look of pure lust and ecstasy. There was unimaginable pain but there was also a pleasure.

    Only today did she realized what it meant light at the end of the tunnel.

    She began grinding her ass against his cock, trying to take him in as much as she could. Sweet dripped out of her body but on her face, there was only ecstasy.

    Kiba leaned on her as he pounded inside her. His hands went on her breasts from behind as he began his savage inward stroke into her ass.

    Anya screamed with a blanket in her mouth as he reached her depths. His balls slapped on her with each long stroke.

    His fondled her breasts and felt the firm but soft texture.

    "Oh yes! I'm there!" Anya howled in pleasure. She arched her head back as another orgasm invaded her. She shuddered as the blast of pleasure swept throughout her body, sending her into euphoria.

    Her tightness was too much for Kiba, and he started reaching his limit. He felt sparks of electricity coursing in his nerves as he pumped for the final time and released wave after wave of fresh cum into her.

    He held her tight as he emptied deep into her before falling on the floor, exhausted.

    A few minutes later.

    "I have never felt so alive before!" Anya said as the sensation of euphoria faded.

    Kiba didn't respond. He just lay on the floor with his eyes closed.

    "Oh god...I can't stand up." Anya tried to get on her feet without any success. The ecstasy has faded but the raw pain still lived in her.

    "Help me."

    She pushed Kiba on his shoulder to wake him.


    Kiba responded with a sincere smile.


    Ten minutes later.

    The cabin door opened up. Anya stepped out with Kiba supporting her. Her leg were trembling as she walked forward.

    "Anya!" Jane called out.

    "Hey." Anya greeted her with a smile. She prayed no one notice any strangeness, and if they did, she hoped they will associate it with her medical condition.

    "How are you feeling?" Baird asked his wife.

    "Pretty good," Anya answered honestly. "Though feeling weak and exhausted."

    "That's a good sign," Baird nodded his head and said. "It means you are recovering well."


    Baird moved to her and gave her a hug. Anya reciprocated though she was surprised he was not feeling offended with her sharing a cabin with another man.

    "I know what happened inside," Baird said as he left the hug. "So you don't have to trouble explaining to me."

    "You know?!" Anya 's heart skipped a beat. His words were a clap of thunder to her ears, and she felt the ground below her feet sliding.

    Then why did he hugged me?!

    Is he like those psycho men who smile before piercing their lover with a knife?!

    Anya's mind was in a mess. She tried to think of one excuse after another to explain what happened inside.

    "I can tell I was too cold inside so...No! This explanation would only infuriate him further!"

    As she was thinking, Baird turned towards Kiba. With a grateful smile, he said. "Thank you for what you did to my wife for me. I'm eternally grateful."

    "You are?" Kiba was also dumbfounded.

    "Of course," Baird nodded and patted Kiba on his shoulders. "You have done something I never got chance to."

    Anya started sweating. She felt hundreds of butterflies crazily fluttering in her stomach.

    "He even knows about Kiba taking my anal virginity?!"

    Anya was terrified by the extent of the things her husband knew.

    "Don't worry, love," Baird noticed the sweat on her face. "I fully understand you did because you had no choice. Besides, I'm extremely proud of how you conducted yourself. My love for you has only increased."

    Anya's throat turn dry. She couldn't believe the words she just heard.

    "He is proud of how I conducted when Kiba **ed me?! And his love has increased due to this?! Does he have some secret fantasy of me being **ed by another man or something?!"

    She has heard of such stories but never believed them. Now, though, she realized there might be some truth to it.

    "They do say you never truly know your husband. I guess it was true..."
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