247 The Fame of Mistress Massage Center

    A gentle breeze swept past Jane and others as they rested on the ground. Leaves floated in the air while flower petals danced along with the wind.

    Morales looked at his wife to explain what was so special in the masseur center in Delta City for her to be this excited. After all, the masseurs in Landmolrie City were good in their own right. Not to mention, the city was well-equipped with advanced technology. The masseurs used the latest machinery and gadgets to relieve clients of stress and tension.

    "The top masseur there is gentle," Jane said as she brushed away a trail of caramel hair from her face. "Very gentle."

    Morales, Anya, and Baird stared at Jane in confusion.

    How does that make that masseur special?!

    When it comes to massaging the soft and frail body of a woman, isn't it obvious for the masseur to be gentle?

    "You wouldn't understand," Jane let out a low sigh before continuing. "Only women who have experienced a massage under those expert hands can appreciate the beauty of gentleness. Even a faint touch from that masseur can make one tingle in relief."

    Jane recalled how Kiba kissed her on the lips and sucked her earlobe. She has felt a bolt of lightning coursing through her, making her face flushed with hot blood.

    "Aren't you overselling the masseur?" Morales wasn't convinced by his wife's words.

    "Where did you learned about this massage center?" Baird also joined with a question.

    Anya silently waited for Jane to explain her sudden interest in Delta City.

    "See for yourself!" Jane said as she retrieved the crystal business card from her jacket pocket.

    Morales was startled by the sight of crystal card. He knew pretty well how costly such business cards were. They were something only people at the very top could afford to distribute. After all, they were not just simple card but had advanced data storage along with communication and holographic service.

    "The massage center must definitely be a costly one!" Morales concluded even before Jane activated the card.

    Jane tapped a few times on the surface of the card. A white light shot out of the surface and transformed into a life-like holographic projection.

    "Massage is not just a luxury," A petite woman appeared in the projection and said. "It's a way to a healthier, happier life. This is the founding principle upon which the Mistress Massage Center was founded."

    Morales and Baird felt their throats turning dry from the appearance of the woman. She was dead gorgeous like a top fashion model!

    The woman was standing outside a two-storied building surrounded by flowers and trees. The building was new but its design was a reminiscence of ancient Rome's architecture.

    "The Mistress Massage Center works on the simple principle of touching the body to calm the mind in order to heal the spirit," The woman continued as she walked on a track made of artificially created pebbles. Every single pebble was adjusted to give the feet a comforting sensation even if one was cladding shoes.

    "A good massage is powered by the ambiance, oils, and the masseur!" The woman explained as she pushed the door of the building. The door opened up to reveal aesthetic inside lightened by candles and incense. The floor was made of mutated sandalwood which carried soothing sensation.

    Morales, Anya, and others knew it was just a virtual tour but they felt their senses filled with delight just by the design of the interiors.

    The woman in the projection showcased various massage rooms filled with necessary amenities. Every massage room was lightened by votive candles. A massage table, stool, bottles of oils, hand towels, fruit and cheese platter, and so on were available in each room.

    The facilities were top notch with full reliance to create an ambient environment. The dependence on technology was restricted in order to make one feel close to nature.

    Morales' eyes were wide in disbelief as he checked the oils in bottles. From the brief introduction, he came to know they were extracted from mutated flowers and other plant parts. Not only did they offered a pleasing scent they also had great healing properties. Such oils were definitely expensive, to say the least!

    "Relax, enjoy and rejuvenate!" The woman in the projection continued. "That's what our esteemed customers want from us, and that's exactly what we offer under the supervision of our well-trained masseurs."

    The woman opened a gallery to show the famed awards won by their masseurs. Each award carried esteem and glory for they were from renowned agencies.

    "Most of our competitors rely on technology to rejuvenate their clients but that's not a massage! It is a fraud!" The woman said with plain disdain. "Like a great person once said - We need touch, but most importantly we need conscious touch, a moment when somebody is connecting with our skin to skin and is also aware that this is happening!"

    The words were like claps of thunder in everyone's ears. They have earlier thought technological advancement was the right way but now they relied on how wrong they were. There were things which technology could never replace! The power of human touch was irreplaceable!

    "Only those who lack creativity would rely on technology for a massage but never a true masseur!" The woman said with extreme pride. "A true masseur is the one who solves problems you don't know you have in ways you can't understand by relying on natural means!"

    Jane readily agreed as she remembered how Kiba helped Anya to prevent her from hypothermia. Jane has proposed sharing heat by direct body contact but Kiba's steps were advanced and unique. He shared warmth directly inside Anya by pounding her like a crazy beast. The results were outstanding! Anya was fully warm and sweating in no time under his expert care!

    Jane truly felt his way of solving problems was not something everyone could understand. It needed insight and patience which most people in this world lacked.

    "The real purpose of giving a massage is to foster more depth of feeling for one another in order to bring out the love that often lies buried beneath the pain of everyday suffering!" The woman said in a concluding tone. "So book a massage today for your loved one and make them feel loved! Remember the love would return to you and rejuvenate your life in ways you cannot imagine!"

    Two virtual options appeared in the projection - 1. Book a massage! 2. Check Testimonies

    Morales and others were impressed by the virtual tour. They felt the woman knew how to hold attention and strike chord with the customer's heart.

    "Mistress' Massage Center sounds the perfect place for relaxation!" Anya exclaimed in her heart. She wouldn't mind getting a massage there but the distance was a problem.

    "We can't obviously contact the massage center now," Morales thought. There was no signal in the forest so communicating with the outside world was almost impossible.

    Morales tapped on the testimonies option. He felt the woman was good but in the end, she was a staff member. Only the words of customers could be trusted. Of course, he was also aware there would be only positive testimonies here.

    Two more options appeared: Male testimonies and Female testimonies. Morales selected the latter option since it was his wife who wished to have the massage.

    Hundreds of small screens appeared in the projection. Each screen was filled with a video of a female customer.

    Morales gaped at the sight. Every woman in the testimonies was a beauty! He was awe-struck by the woman host before, but the current scenario made his heart bump. He felt the masseurs who massaged such gorgeous women was one lucky son of a bitch!

    "No! Obviously, a woman would be massaging them! Such a big massage center would definitely have a dozen or so female masseurs!" Morales shook his head in disappointment as he regained rationality. It was rather a standard massage principle in the world. After all, how can husbands or boyfriends allow their woman to be massaged by a man? The reverse was also the same to some extent.

    As Morales was in contemplation, the testimonies automatically started playing one by one.

    "The greatest decision of my life - Getting my husband book a massage for me in the great Mistress Massage Center! I'm addicted!"

    "If you think massage is expensive then you've never had a good one! Try here and you will understand what a true massage is!"

    "I used to be in bad mood but no longer! The masseur relieved me of my stress and tension from the deepest point!"

    "My fiance gifted me a massage coupon just before our marriage! The best gift he gave me in my life! I would be coming here every week after my wedding!"

    "I can't wait for another massage! I would definitely convince my husband to bring me here tomorrow!"

    "The massage is costly but more than worth it! Oh god, I have never felt so alive!"

    "I wish my boyfriend was rich! I just can't get enough of these massages! I think I need to find a rich boyfriend who can bring me here every day!"

    "Massage makes everything better! I'm not lying! I didn't have a single fight with my fiance after I started coming here!"

    "You are missing a lot of good action in your life if you are not getting a massage here!"

    "Love the service! But please make it affordable for poor people like me! Last time I got an 80% discount but now I lack a coupon! Please adopt me!!"

    "True happiness is a good massage under the care of my favorite masseur!"

    "Gods only created two things in this world - jewelry and the massage! I don't know where to seek the best jewelry but the massage is definitely here!"

    "The best masseur in the world!"

    "Love the deep tissue massage! Just wish more discounts were available!"

    Every testimony was complimenting the service especially the masseur.

    "Honey, can I also have a massage there?" Anya asked her husband. She felt envy of the pretty women in the testimonies who were complimenting the massage service as a work of god.

    "Well..." Baird didn't know how to respond and he glanced at Morales.

    "The masseur there must be truly gentle for every woman to love it so much!" Morales muttered to himself. "But why are they asking for more discounts? Is it that costly?"

    Baird was wondering the same and that's why he didn't readily agree. They were shocked by the compliments but also startled by the occasional talks about the cost.

    Morales took the crystal card from Jane and opened the list of massage. The hologram showcased the massage available.

    Hot stone, Aromatherapy, Sport, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and a dozen more.

    Morales' eyes jumped out of eyesocket in disbelief. His jaw dropped to the ground as he read the rate of the massage.






    Morales stopped reading the rates. He felt he would get a heart attack if he read any further. He slapped himself to gain some clarity and to stop seeing illogical numbers on the screen.

    There was no way such numbers could be true.

    "Mother**er! I'm not seeing things!" Morales was sure there was no problem with the card so the rates have to be true.

    "Fuck! The rates are real?!" Baird cursed loudly.

    "What the hell is with those 9s. Does the owner think reducing a single dollar from the figure would make the rate attractive?!" Morales wanted to flip trees. His heart was bleeding with anger just by 9s.

    "It is just massage! Not some life-saving treatment!"

    "Why doesn't the Mistress' Masseur center rename it to Bandit's Loot Center?!"

    "It is a robbery in the name of massage!"

    As they cursed and whined, the two recalled one of the testimonies: "The greatest decision of my life - Getting my husband book a massage for me in the great Mistress Massage Center! I'm addicted!"

    What greatest decision?!

    Are you trying to make your poor husband bankrupt just because of your addiction?!
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