251 Real Heroes Dont Wear Capes, They Teach!

    "The Fair?" Kiba asked while looking at the six crystal cards in his hand.

    Ashlyn nodded her head. She opened her left palm upon which faint dots of light concentrated into an electronic tablet.

    Kiba wondered what type of spatial equipment she was carrying. He could see no jewelry or any accessory on her body. Then again, she was clad in a full body black suit from neck to toe so there was not much to see.

    Despite his knowledge, he couldn't tell what her suit was made from. He knew she was a Cursed One and then recalling the pills she has consumed after the battle with the serpent, he has some guesses but he was not exactly sure.

    Kiba shook his head as she handed him the tablet. He brought his eyes on the screen and checked the information.

    "Well... it is definitely surprising."

    The Fair was more like a market of sort in the northern-east corner of Desolate Blood Forest. The forest didn't have any law save for the law of the jungle but The Fair was a rare exception, at least on the surface.

    According to the data Ashlyn provided, The Fair was managed by certain reputed organizations. This ensured safety and anyone can arrive without risk of getting robbed.

    As for why the organizations would organize such event...it was rather fairly simple and obvious. Most adventurists didn't have any assurance of guarding their treasure -minerals, herbs, flowers, beast corpse and so on. Not even 1% of the people in the forest have spatial equipment, and carrying treasure on their bodies was just inviting trouble.

    For such individuals, The Fair offered a meeting point where anyone could exchange their treasure either for other treasure or money.

    Obviously, the money was not in cash. Neither it was digital transfer due to lack of communication with the other world. To overcome this problem, the money cards came in the picture. They were impossible to forge and anyone can exchange them in any bank around the globe for money. There were no checks or any documentation required.

    Thus, most adventurists preferred to hold the money cards rather than the resources. There was danger involved but it was very low compared to other scenarios.

    Not only that, The Fair also held auctions.

    "Auction? So this must be the auction Amir was talking about?" Kiba asked.

    He recalled Amir and his group talking about a certain auction where they could sell the lizard corpses.

    Ashlyn gave a slight nod.

    "We should visit the fare."

    Kiba suggested. He thought he might even find the items he needed and could save himself some trouble.

    While he didn't have the money cards - save for the ones they got from that unfortunate man - he has plenty of resources which he could use for exchange.

    Ashlyn gave another nod to show her agreement. A minute later, they resumed their journey.

    Just like before, they met many troublemakers in the way. Kiba didn't make a single move. He allowed Ashlyn to handle everything since it seemed to be her wish.

    Ashlyn sliced the rampaging beasts with her discs. As for the treasure hunters and adventurists...well, let's say, she gave them special care as long as they were male.

    "She is doing nothing wrong," Kiba pacified his guilty heart. "She is only helping the world with population control!"

    He felt ashamed for seeing his gender suffering due to his 'teaching'. If not for him, so many tragedies could have been avoided.

    "Yes! Earth is overpopulated and the population growth has to be controlled!" Kiba got over his guilt. "Her methods might be extreme but she is only doing what is necessary."

    As they continued ahead, they encountered a large team comprised of only men. The men were reeking of blood and their demeanor was truly fierce.

    Their aura was so horrifying that birds and beasts hid in tree crowns and bushes. They didn't want to risk their lives.

    They were sure such powerful men can kill them in no time. So they acted wisely and left the man-female duo on their fate.

    The members of the all-men team were truly stunned by Ashlyn's beauty. Not much of her flawless creamy-white skin was exposed but just her figure outline alone was filled with temptation.

    Little frame, long legs, and gorgeous face. Then there were those entrancing emerald-green eyes and crystalline dark hair.

    The men felt their jaw dropping to the ground. Quickly, they started whistling like wolves at the sight of a helpless sheep.

    Just like Kiba expected, the team proceeded ahead with sexist and misogynistic remarks. In crystal-clear words, they made it clear they could let Kiba and Ashlyn live only if the latter satisfy them. Their red eyes and their sinister expression made it clear what they meant by 'satisfy'.

    But much to their shock and amazement, Ashlyn readily agreed with their proposal. They were shocked to not hear a single word of protest either from Kiba or Ashlyn.

    Much less word of complain, there was no hesitation on their faces!

    Could they have resigned themselves to their fate? Or they are wise enough to know what's truly good for them?

    The men wondered as Ashlyn arrived in front of them. Her smile was radiant like the bright sun, making their hearts skip a beat.

    The god of luck was on their side!

    Every single member of the team was excited with lust and passion. They have already thought of a hundred ways by which they would make Ashlyn satisfy them.

    Kiba saw their looks and gave a thumbs up.

    The men were startled. He was wishing them luck with his woman?!

    Oh god!

    Such a whimp! Not only giving away his woman but now even wishing them best!

    Truly pitiable. No wonder the woman readily agreed!

    The entire team started laughed mockingly...well, only for a brief moment.

    Then countless heart-wrenching and tragic screams reverberated in the forest, startling birds and beasts alike. The birds in the tree crowns peeked below and noticed dozens of men lying on the ground holding their crotch.

    The birds were confused.

    Why were such strong and fierce men trembling? There was not even a single drop of blood and yet they were holding their crotch as if they suffered a grave injury.

    Could it be that these men have a strong outer appearance but are weak on the inside?

    Many of the man-eating and scavenger birds left out of their hiding spot. They then attacked the men on the ground to find out answers.

    When the men retaliated with great difficulty, the birds remembered how the men were holding their crotch just a few moments ago.

    They theorized if a single woman could defeat them all by attacking "the strong on the outside but weak inside" spot...what is stopping them from following her?

    Just like sages said, a teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom. For the birds, Ashlyn was that compass!

    The birds thought - "Maybe we could turn the tide and get ourselves a nutritious meal by attacking this frail spot of men?"

    Almost on a cue, the birds instantaneously aimed their beads on that weak spot. With the speed that eyes could not follow, the birds swept forward with terrifying momentum.

    More tragic screams followed which scared every man who was nearby. They didn't know why but they felt a chill down their spines. While they didn't know what truly happened for someone to scream in such a way, they were sure they didn't want to find out!

    The scavengers and other birds hummed in joy at their unexpected victory.

    Some distance away, Kiba's lips were twitching.

    Just what is going on in this forest?! Wasn't one nutcracking demoness enough?! Now, there is an army of nutcracking birds!

    Ashlyn has a pondering expression as she contemplated on the present situation.

    After a brief moment, she said what she has read long ago, "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. It passes from one generation to another."


    "Work smart, not hard!" Ashlyn continued, her eyes sparkling. "Even the birds have learned from you."

    "Do I count as their teacher as well?"



    Real heroes don't wear capes, they teach without any racial bias!


    A few hours later.

    The sky turned to a light, dusky orange. Titanic trees continued to stand proud and unwavering under the setting sun.

    On a branch of one such tree, a humongous, female red tiger stood. Her black stripes formed a contrasting picture with the setting sun. Her sharp crystalline fangs glinted with terrifying power but in her eyes, there was just gentleness.  Beside her, two cubs were standing, and just like her, they were staring at the backs a golden-haired man and the female accompanying him.

    The tiger wanted to leap forward and catch up with the golden-haired man to express her gratitude for what he did for her and her children over a week ago.

    She then recalled the scent of his power and understood a secret which has eluded the entire world.

    She was hesitant and worried. She was also afraid of the possibility that she and her children were just ants he helped to relieve his boredom.

    Why would such a supreme being care about them? Much less acknowledge their gratitude.

    The tiger lowered her head. She decided to not approach the only human she has admired in the world.

    Just then, her children shoved their small fangs on her legs to awaken her from her thoughts. Surprised, she looked ahead just like her cubs.

    She didn't know if her eyes were playing a trick on her, but for a moment, she was sure she saw the golden-haired man turning towards her and waving his hand. There was a genuine, sincere smile on his face... a smile he rarely sported in his life.

    "Thank you."
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