253 Payback

    The night sky was filled with the sizzling sounds of fire and screams. The air was engulfed with the scent of blood and charred flesh.

    "We are under attack!" A direct subordinate of Count Viper brushed dust and ash from his face.

    "Help the injured!"

    The temporary camping location of the revolutionaries was in full chaos. The people who survived the destruction of the camping house were now rushing to save the injured.

    "Activate drones and droids to battle mode!"

    "Start the tank!"

    "Don't let your guards down!"

    It would be an understatement to say everyone was shocked by the drastic turn of events. The surveillance droids in the surrounding woods only beeped when it was too late. By the time they understood the warning, the camping house was already destroyed.

    "What was that body of golden radiance that landed on the camping house?" A female revolutionary wondered. "Was it some missile or something?"

    "No idea."

    "Let's find Count Viper and ask for his guidance."


    Sadly for them, their boss was in no state to guide them. Viper was on his knees, surrounded by debris and mortar.

    Some hundred meters ahead of him, Kiba was standing with a savage expression. The scorching flames behind seethed along with his fury.

    "It is a pleasure to meet you," Kiba said as he took a step ahead.

    "Who are you? Are you from the government?" Viper asked. He has checked the secret records of Lizenea and didn't know anyone matching Kiba's description in the world government. But then again, he thought there might be people even Lizenea was not aware of.  After all, the government would try their best to hide their trump cards from revolutionaries and vice versa.

    "Government? No. My identity does not matter." Kiba answered coldly. "But what you should know is that I'm here to settle score on behalf of my sister."

    "Sister?" Viper was dumbfounded.

    "Just how did I offend the sister of such a powerful man?" Viper thought. But then his elliptical pupils dilated as he thought of something.

    "Your sister was harmed in the struggle of revolution?" Viper asked as he rose to his feet. The revolutionaries have carried out hundreds of bomb blasts across the world to seek freedom from the government.

    Viper's yellow snake-like face was an absolute mess. Blood was leaking out from the shards that have penetrated his flesh. His regenerative ability took effect and his wounds healed in no time.

    Kiba didn't respond. He turned into a series of afterimages, and the next moment, he appeared in front of Viper. He clenched his fist and aimed at Viper's head.

    Viper quickly crossed his arms in front of his head to block the incoming attack. His scales protruded out like blades, ready to tackle the attack.

    But much to his amazement, the punch never came. Sadly, this didn't give him the least bit of joy as he felt a knee ruthlessly slamming into his crotch.

    Instantly, he collapsed on the floor. His yellow face turned as white as a sheet of paper and his eyes popped out.  He opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out.

    Earlier, he thought the attack Kiba previously launched were deadly. After all, they have shattered many bones inside him and the pain was terrible. His enhanced healing power has made his bones recover but the pain was unbearable nevertheless.

    Now, he realized the agony from bones shattering was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. Every nerve receptor transmitted burning tormenting sensation that swept from his crotch to the other parts of his body.

    His entire body convulsed and he gasped for air. This attack was not only terrifying but it was below the belt!

    Just how can the opposite party pretend to launch a fist assault and instead charge with a kick in balls?! Such underhanded methods were not something a powerful mutant should use!

    If Viper has any say in it, he would definitely make such attacks illegal!

    "You made her suffer in the worst possible way," Kiba said with absolute cruelty in his voice. "So I would do the same."

    In his entire life, he has only hated a handful of people that he wanted to suffer in the worst possible way.

    The first was his caretaker but he has already killed him long ago in the slums. The second and third were his father and mother, but he has now moved on from his past so they were no longer in his list. Earlier, he wanted them to suffer in hell, but now, he didn't care what truly happened to them. As far as he was considered, they didn't exist for him.

    The fourth person was Castor Damon for how he sacrificed hundreds of slum dwellers in the mining expedition to seek Cosmic Spark. Kiba has already killed him.

    The fifth person was Akshobhya - the monk affiliated to Dharma Chakra. When the monk declared his plan of dissecting Kiba's unborn daughter, he has set his fate. Currently, he was nothing but a decayed mass of flesh, living a life far worse than death.

    And the final person in his list was Count Viper. In fact, Kiba's hatred for him far surpassed the others.

    Hope was yet to born and Akshobhya failed to harm her. Viper, on the other hand, has successfully harmed Felicity.

    Years ago, after he left the slums, he has turned into a philanderer and deviant. All he cared about was getting in the pants of women.

    But then he met Felicity...

    He cared for her more than he could ever admit. For him, she offered a relationship he never thought he would crave for.

    She made him cherish bonds which gave him far more joy than the pleasures of the flesh.

    She was his friend...his sister.

    Some familial relationship didn't need ties of blood...and that was his relationship with Felicity.

    She was cheerful, playful and even annoying. But he loved every part of her personality. Even when she forced him to go to thrill park, he would complain but in his heart, he always cherished those moments.

    He was strong, much stronger than the world could ever imagine. But in front of Felicity, he was just a weak brother who needed the caring and love of his elder sister.

    It was just like what Claudia once said: What one wants is not what one needs.

    His wants were his dreams of lust and vanity. But wants are not enough to live the entire life...

    Claudia was fully aware of this. She knew the role Felicity played for him. This was why she made him design the silver bracelet for her protection.

    But in the end, when the nanite blast occurred in the city, she became a victim. Yes, she survived and fared better than others but this brought no smile on Kiba's face.

    How could he be happy knowing she was suffering the worst form of torture possible for her?

    She could not feel or use her legs.

    Can anything be more tormenting than this for a person who craved sports and adventures?

    This question made him imagine what would happen if Felicity regained consciousness and found her state. He was frightened of the possibility she might take some extreme step in despair.

    After all, it was easy to say being handicap was nothing to feel bad about but how can one truly understand suffering without suffering them?

    Words of motivation mean nothing for a person devoured by despair.

    Such terrifying thoughts engulfed him and this was why he didn't allow Felicity to regain consciousness. Before coming to the forest, he has made preparations that she would not awaken before he arrives back.

    He has sworn to only awaken her after she was healed. She might lose a few months of time in her sleep but it was far better than entire life.

    After he arrived in the forest, he tried his best to not think about Felicity. Thinking about her state only made him feel bitter.

    He knew there were weeks for the core region to open and for him to find the components that could nullify the damage done by the nanites.

    To make himself distracted, he focused on side adventures. He played around while scheming to get women in bed.

    In all honesty, bedding women was the last priority in the forest. But he knew he couldn't let himself be devoured by negativity. He has to find means by which he could stay positive, and for him, such means usually involved toying with others in a sadistic manner or getting lucky with women.

    He has remembered his main goal but has suppressed the feelings about Felicity. And that's what he has done so far until his powers felt the presence of Viper.

    He has never met Viper but the revolutionaries he captured back then for experiment told Viper was the main in charge of planning the nanite explosions. It was Viper's scheme to wipe out government task force in Delta City that resulted in Felicity becoming a part of Cleo's plot.

    He has already punished Rufus and his team along with Cleo. So how can he truly forgive the main culprit?

    Thanks to advanced technology and some torture from Claudia, Kiba was able to get a detailed sketch of Viper from Rufus and his team.

    He has memorized Viper's sketch and has decided to make him pay. Of course, back then, he thought the chance might not come for years.


    Viper coughed up blood as he jumped on his feet. He looked at Kiba as he tried to bid time to recover. He felt he could overpower the enemy as long as he was given enough time. The only reason the opposite party succeeded so far was due to the surprise factor.

    Viper was confident his subordinates would have realized by now that there was only one opponent. He prayed they would be wise enough to not underestimate him and use weapons.

    "Freedom requires the sacrifice of blood," Viper wiped blood from his lips and said. "Everything I did was for the greater good."

    Kiba remained silent. If it was other times, he might even taunt and make sarcastic remarks on the greater good but now he was not in the mood.

    Suddenly, he raised his right hand above his head. A spear of light was rushing at him with supersonic speed, carrying waves of destructive force.

    The air split apart and the entire surrounding was engulfed by ear-piercing sound. Just the pressure alone wiped out the flames and turned the debris into fine pieces.


    The spear crashed against his palm and dissipated into dots of light. He motioned his hand like he was wiping some dust, and the light disappeared.


    The revolutionaries who have rushed at the scene let out surprised gasps.

    In the sky, a man named Sandy was floating, his expression filled with shock and disbelief. He has used his entire strength to launch the attack so that the enemy would not get time to react.

    Yet the enemy destroyed the attack as if it was nothing.

    "Just till when do you plan to look down at me?" Kiba asked as he made a grasping motion towards Sandy.

    A horrifying pressure superimposed on Sandy's back as if he was carrying the load of a mountain. His teeth shattered and his cheeks stretched out right before he smashed into the ground. He groaned for the final time as his eyes turned listless.

    "Sandy!" The other revolutionaries felt goosebumps all over the body.

    "No way...he was a level III mutant and he didn't even survive a minute?!"

    Just how strong was the enemy?!

    By now, a dozen of revolutionaries have arrived next to Viper. Behind, turret muzzle of the tanks were aimed at Kiba. The battle droids landed around Kiba while the drones targetted him from the sky.

    "I don't want to carry out an unnecessary slaughter." Kiba said as he glanced at the revolutionaries.

    "So scram while you still have a chance."
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