254 More Difficult Than I Though

    The revolutionaries surrounded Kiba from all sides. It took them a while but now they have arrived to kill the enemy and protect their leader.

    "Scram while you still have a chance."

    Kiba warned as he moved towards Viper. He has no interest in killing others but if they persisted, he didn't mind carrying out a slaughter.

    With each step, the temperature dropped and the revolutionaries started shivering. They were strong in their own right and drop in temperature should not affect them in ordinary situations, but now it was like Kiba's step was bringing them close to a chilling abyss.

    "What's going on?" A revolutionary beside Viper muttered. The fine hair on the back of his neck turned straight and a tingling sensation of pain passed down his spine.

    In the meantime, the air behind Kiba transformed into a chaotic mass of crimson. Blood-red snowflakes started pouring out of thin air.

    "Manifestation of killing intent!" Viper was stunned.

    "What?!" The revolutionaries gulped down in horror.

    Viper has heard of such a phenomenon but never witnessed in life. As a mid-rank revolutionary, he has planned explosions around the world which have resulted in the deaths of at least ten thousand. But he couldn't manifest such a phenomenon.

    Only a person who has killed countless directly could manifest killing intent in such fashion.

    Viper felt his confidence drop. The opposite party was not only strong but was also ruthless.

    "If he has killed so many then why isn't his name in the records?" Viper furrowed his bows. "With such heavy killing intent, the government should have sent him to Stormseal Island."

    Stormseal Island was the greatest, maximum security prison under the direct supervision of the World Government. The worst of the worst criminals were prisoned there with heavy security arrangements.

    "Most likely the government dogs allowed him to kill as he please for quid pro quo," Viper gritted his teeth. "And yet they have the galls to imprison generals of revolution in Stormseal Island."

    For years, Lizenea has tried to invade Stormseal Island but without any success.

    While Viper let his thoughts wander, his subordinates clenched their teeth and showed no sign of backing away despite the murderous atmosphere.

    "Count Viper, you sure have got loyal followers," Kiba remarked coldly. "They would prefer to die than rather save themselves."

    A revolutionary named Chris growled as he morphed into something extraordinary. His muscles expanded, tearing away the confines of his clothes. Veins bulged out of his neck and forehead while his eyes turned red. The skin on his arms opened to expose teeth resembling steel hooks.

    At the same time, a mutant named Ted raised his head towards the sky and shouted. The side of his chest twisted and slowly, two additional arms break out. They were clawed and glinted with sinisterness. A red, sharp tail shot out from the end of his back.

    Kevin leaped high in the sky and took out two silver guns. His body flickered and he disappeared in thin air. The others also rushed at the enemy while bringing out their powers.

    Kiba stopped in his path. He has given them a chance and it was clear what they wanted.

    Kevin appeared behind Kiba and aimed his guns at his enemy's head.

    The guns were modified to launch with an explosive force that could destroy anything in its path. The shells of the bullets, on the other hand, were made from Molsqir - a mutated mineral. It was known for its low weight and its power to penetrate even the hardest metal.

    Kevin didn't dare take a risk so he went all out from the start. He fired multiple bullets at explosive speed with a terrifying might.

    The other members of the revolutionaries also took action at the same time. Ewan, an agility type mutant, turned into streams of shadows and created a whirlpool of dust. He wanted to confuse the senses of the enemy to give others a chance. His colleagues were adapted to his style so they wouldn't be affected.

    The bullets were just a few centimeters away from Kiba's head when Chris appeared in front of Kiba. He stretched out his muscular arms and the hook-like teeth clamped down on Kiba's chest.

    Meanwhile, above his head, Ted appeared. He whipped the sharp end of his tail down while small orbs of energy appeared in his four hands.

    The ground below parted and energy projectiles shot out, aimed at Kiba's feet. Everything happened in less than ten seconds. The attack was well coordinated and in perfect sync. None of the 5-6 attackers has dared underestimated their opponent so they went all out.

    Ganging up on a single opponent was not honorable. If others came to know of this, they would be laughed at and mocked. But to them, it didn't matter. After all, they were at Level II to Level III while the strength of the enemy was unknown.

    They were just Gamma rank mutants. Even if the enemy was a low-level Beta rank mutant, they were sure they were on a disadvantage even with the combined might. The difference between each level was striking and the gap was wider between ranks. The difference could not be filled with quantity.

    For the revolutionaries, the only thing that mattered was surviving this ordeal while buying Viper enough time to recover.

    Kiba's expression remained the same. The bullets smashed into pieces just as they were about to strike his head. It was like there was a thin, invisible layer protecting him.

    Chris's arms clamped down on Kiba like the mouth of a savage beast. The hook-like teeth touched his white shirt, and instead of piercing through blood and flesh, the teeth shattered like a piece of frail glass.

    "AHHH!" Chris shouted in pain and agony. The teeth in his arms were just like the one in his mouth, and the pain of losing them was similar to having them ripped directly from his gums.

    As Ted's tail arrived to nail in Kiba's head, the latter just tilted his head sidewards. The sharptail slide past and Kiba raised his right hand to grip it.

    Ted lost control of his body and the energy balls in his hands disappeared. Like a piece of cloth, he was whipped towards the incoming energy projectiles from the ground.

    Ted was terrified. The energy projectiles were to clamp Kiba on one place, and yet so far they were rooted on spot. When he collapsed on the ground with his head first, the energy projectiles shot at him.

    "No!" Ted couldn't make sense of a thing. The energy projectiles were launched by his colleague so why were they shooting at him?!

    They pierced his palms and clapped him on the ground.

    Ewan was still running around Kiba and others at supersonic speed. The air was a whirlpool of soil and stones.

    Kiba made a light flickering motion. A small stone in the whirlpool flashed with golden radiance. Like a broken star, the stone rolled through the whirlpool and caught up with the true body of Ewan. Before he could react at the defeat of his companions, the stone pierced through his forehead like an arrow and shot out from the back of his head.

    Ewan stumbled down and collapsed on the floor. The whirlpool dissipated and the dirt fell all around. Everyone was covered with dust except for Kiba.

    Behind him, Kevin gulped down in pure horror. It has not even been a minute from the time they launched the strike, and yet they were defeated like some dolls.

    "Is this the difference between quantity and quality?!" Kevin thought in fright. He didn't dare take any risk and leaped backward to escape.

    He was backing away when his eyes turned wide in disbelief. Without his own will, his own hands twisted the guns towards his face.

    "This is mind control!" Kevin was trembling in fear. He tried his best to take control but failed as his fingers pulled the trigger.


    Kevin cried for the last time as the specially made bullets penetrated through his face and broke out through his skull.  Earlier a few revolutionaries thought the bullets were faulty, but now seeing how Kevin's head exploded like a watermelon, they no longer doubted the might of bullets.

    The bullets were strong but not enough to even create a scratch on Kiba.

    "Monster!" The twenty or so surviving revolutionaries were stunned. The well-coordinated attack of 5-6 of them failed so easily?!

    They might be just Gama rank mutants but they were the best within their ranks. Not to mention, mutants with physical transformation were special and undefeatable in close combat.

    Yet they failed to land even a single injury on a single individual who didn't use any deadly move or any action.

    Some female revolutionaries who didn't participate in the battle unconsciously glanced at Chris and Ted with some contempt.

    What was the use of those scary looking demonic transformation?! They were completely useless against that handsome man!

    "How was this even a battle?! It was a purely one-sided..." A female revolutionary muttered. She didn't fear death due to the brainwashing she has undergone but she was frightened nevertheless.

    Viper noticed the reactions of his subordinates. He felt bitter. A fight does not depend only on strength but also attitude. If one start fearing in a fight then the outcome was set.

    "I still have my own trump card," Viper thought. "But I don't want to use it unless I have no choice."

    The pain he was feeling has subsided. Even his injuries have fully healed thanks to his regenerative powers. His snake-like face was now back in shape with his scales fully healed.

    "Use Formation E," Viper passed down command.

    "Understood, sir."

    The subordinates quickly started taking action. Viper and many of others in the meantime started rushing back to create a distance from Kiba. Even Chris and Ted backed away while they tried to suppress the pain from their injuries.

    Kiba didn't stop them. The drones, in the sky, aimed at him and started firing laser shots.  He was in the same spot but the moment the laser beams were about to crash on him, they deflected and landed on the ground. Dust and soil exploded out.

    Just then, two droids broke out from the ground. They didn't attack, at least not in the usual manner. They lunged down and gripped Kiba's feet. Steel-like pipes stretched out from their bodies and penetrated the ground to ensure they didn't move from their spot.

    The drones sensed destructive force coursing through his feet but since they were not humans, they continued to clutch him tightly. It was like they would ensure he was rooted on the spot.

    Kiba aimed a hand towards the droids. Streams of golden energy concentrated on his palm, but just as he was about to attack, he stopped.

    "Hmm?" Kiba turned his head to look behind.

    One of the battle tanks became active. Waves of annihilative ripples surged in the turret muzzle. With a deafening rumble sound, a column of red light boomed out at supersonic speed.

    The heat in the column of red light was far greater than an active volcano, and as it rushed forward, the air distorted. Dense red ripples radiated out from the column which struck the ground and created a crater hundred meter deep in less than a second.

    The walloping force from the red column melted everything in its path as it rushed at Kiba.

    The revolutionaries covered their eyes with their hands while trying to create as much distance as possible. They guarded themselves with all their might for they knew just how powerful the attack from the tank was.

    The tanks were actually brought for the struggle that would break outside of core region. It was one of means to fight other organizations especially the government.

    Even a Beta rank mutant would be completely helpless against the might of battle tanks.

    Viper and others were sure of the outcome. Kiba was already rooted on the spot by the droids so there was no way he could escape in such a short time.

    Kiba's expression didn't change. He stretched his right hand towards the coming attack.


    A transparent, circular shield made of golden energy appeared in front of his hand.


    Powerful waves of destruction surged out as the column of light collided against the shield. The drones -which have clutched Kiba- melted in an instant.

    Terrifying explosion swept out, swallowing everything in its path. The night sky was instantly lit up in this part of the forest by the flames.

    The revolutionaries jolted in fear. They have already created a safe distance but just the waves send them flying through the air as if they have been smashed by a hammer.

    A few unlucky ones instantly evaporated into bloody mist while others coughed up blood as the heat waves coursed through their bodies.

    Viper lowered his hands as the heat waves turned weaker. He opened his eyes and looked ahead.

    Everything was covered in dark smoke and there was no way to see anything.


    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a strong gale appeared in the area and swept away the smoke and dust. Above an enormous crater, Kiba was floating in the air.

    "N-No! This can't be!" A male revolutionary instantly collapsed on his knees.

    "How is this even possible?" Another revolutionary stumbled down as he backed away. His entire body was soaked with cold sweat despite the heat waves.

    "You got to be kidding!"

    "Everything was for nothing?!"

    "Could it be that he is not a Beta but an Alpha?!"

    "Even if he is an Alpha, just what exactly is his ability?!

    "No idea!"

    Kiba ignored their reactions. He raised his right hand and observed his knuckles from which drops of blood were streaming down and falling on his white sleeve.

    "This is more difficult than I thought," Kiba remarked honestly. His voice was not loud but the revolutionaries heard it clearly.

    A few of them coughed blood in anger.

    Kiba, in a way, was actually praising them but for them, this praise was the worst insult they have ever received. They have used one of their trump cards even before the core region opened up, and what did it result in their fight against a monster?

    A few drops of blood!

    We are supposed to feel honored with this achievement?!

    "Fuck! We are screwed!"

    A revolutionary said what everyone else was thinking from a long time...
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