256 Let Me Help You!

    Kiba glanced at Ellie's corpse before letting out another sigh. She was dead but her expression was pleasant as if she has accomplished a great achievement.

    Ellie reminded him of the true power of brainwashing.

    The world is a funny place especially when it comes to those from the lower sections of the society. They are not taught HOW to think but rather taught WHAT to think.

    This principle not only applied to the territory ruled by the world government but also to Lizenea - the home of those who call themselves revolutionaries. In fact, the principle of brainwashing was reinforced in the very soul of those born in Lizenea. From a very young age, they were taught the importance of 'freedom' and the meaning of sacrifice.

    Of course, the government was no better with them glorifying the deeds of the Nine Sovereigns while vilifying the ancient kingdoms which ruled Earth before the age of evolution.

    But Lizenea went overhead by trying to liberate the world by using its subjects to carry out explosions around the globe. Lizenea did offer an explanation though - The explosions were to destroy the foundations of the world government. While common people have died in large numbers, the main target of the explosions were those from high society or important establishments of the government.

    Lizenea reminded the masses that violent revolution was a forced outcome given the power of the government. It was a different matter that Lizenea failed to popularise its views in society since all modes of propaganda were controlled by the government. History, tv, social media, public holidays, and so on. Everything was manipulated to glorify the holy founders of the world government.

    As far as the masses were concerned, those from Lizenea were evil remnants of the ancient kingdoms who governed the people in the worst possible way. They believed the Nine Sovereigns should not have spared the evil remnants back then. If they were killed, then there would be no nation of terrorists.

    The revolutionaries often countered this view with standard expression - one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

    Kiba didn't know the true history of the world so he has no idea about who was right and wrong. To be honest, it never really mattered to him.

    As far as he was concerned, every organization - no matter its vision and objective - have only one aim: to bring power for those at the top. An organization might preach freedom and liberty, but if it comes to power, it was guaranteed that it would adapt dictatorial tendencies so that it never loses its power. The reason was simple: Power was not a means but an end.

    This was why Kiba never cared who ruled the world. Revolutionaries or the world council, it didn't make a single difference to him.

    Sometimes he thought he was rather lucky that he spend the first 17-18 years of his life in the slums. While the life in the slums was tough, at least his world views were not shaped by the subtle propaganda of the government or Lizenea. While the slums fell in the jurisdiction of the government, they were rather forgotten.

    Kiba was grateful for this small mercy. This along with Veronica - who gifted him The Eternal Wisdom of Dream - made it possible that no one could ever teach him WHAT to think.

    If not, perhaps he would not be the devious deviant he was now.


    Kiba raised his head and looked at the other revolutionaries. He then brought his eyes on Viper.

    Viper's facial features resembled a cobra with yellow skin tone. Due to mutated genes, some mutants would be born with deformities which would make them look different than a human. A few of such mutants would carry animalistic features and Viper was one of them.

    "I must say you revolutionaries truly know how to brainwash," Kiba said while pointing at Ellie. "Tell me something though - Don't you ever feel awkward while planting a false image of your grandeur in the minds of your followers?"

    Viper's forked tongue seethed at the words.

    "Those at the bottom of society must always be ready to sacrifice themselves for some noble cause," Kiba said as he stepped ahead. "But those at the top always enjoy their lives to the fullest, accompanied by comfort and safety. I'm not complaining but don't you think it is a bit unfair?"

    "You are referring to the society ruled by the government," Viper replied, his elliptical pupils carrying an ominous glint. "We revolutionaries are different. Every one of us lives for the betterment of the world."

    "Really?" Kiba was amused despite his anger. "Then shouldn't you sacrifice yourself for the betterment of your followers? Surely, your followers are included in the world, right?"

    "You don't understand. Lizenea is in a holy war against oppression and slavery," A middle-aged revolutionary spoke. "And in any war, the life of a general is more important than that of soldiers. A general must lead and the same applies to Count Viper."

    "We all know he would gladly give away his life for us," Another revolutionary added. "But we wouldn't allow him to. He has a task he must accomplish and we would ensure he succeed."

    "So you can say anything you want but our unity won't be broken," Another revolutionary concluded. "We are the fire of revolution, and even if we are extinguished, we would be replaced as long as a spark remains."

    Kiba was rather surprised by the response. Then again, he thought, it was to be expected.

    In fact, he would be shocked if his words could actually shake the pillars of the teachings they have received through their entire lives.

    Viper, in the meantime, tapped his storage ring. He has decided to use his trump card if things turned worse.

    "I guess you guys are right," Kiba nodded in understanding. "You are fighting a war so sacrifices are unavoidable, and in some cases, necessary."

    The anger on his face was replaced by a serene expression.

    Viper and others were stunned.

    "You guys are doing so much for the betterment of the world," Kiba continued, his voice filled with warmth. "And here I'm trying to kill you instead of appreciating your contribution."

    Viper checked his own ears to ensure he was not hearing wrong.

    The enemy's voice is now filled with warmth?! And he is no longer angry despite them harming his sister in an explosion?!

    Could this be true?! But then he has no reason to deceive, right? He is so strong so he doesn't have to lie.

    Not to mention, his words are filled with sincerity and understanding.

    "Please forgive me," Kiba made a slight bow to apologize. "My emotions made me forget just how much you guys have sacrificed."

    "N-no, it is fine," Viper hurriedly said. "We understand your pain so no need to apologize."

    He no longer tapped his hand on his ring. There was just no need to rely on the trump card.

    "No, I have to," Kiba shook his head. "You guys sacrifice so much but what does the world think? They think you guys are terrorists!"


    A sly light flashed in Viper's eyes as he comprehended Kiba's words.

    "Maybe I can get him to help our cause," Viper mused in his heart. "Yes, that would be perfect."

    "You are a general of revolution," Kiba continued with a sincere smile. "You carry so many responsibilities on your shoulders but you don't get any chance to relax and enjoy life."

    "Right! I could use this as a reason to make him owe me a favor!" Viper thought while beaming. "He is so strong so he can definitely help in the conflict outside the core region."

    "You don't have a wife or a girlfriend, right?" Kiba asked.

    The question stunned everyone in silence. How was this question related to everything he said before?

    "No," Viper answered honestly though surprised by the question. Prostitutes do serve him in the bed and so does his female followers but finding a wife or girlfriend was difficult due to his appearance. After all, life partner could not be just any random woman.

    "Yes! I know how I can help lighten the burden you are carrying!" Kiba said with a pondering expression.


    "I will help you find a life partner!" Kiba declared with a big smile. "Someone with whom you can share all your sorrows and also copulate without any worries! Someone who would love you!"

    Viper was shocked out of his wits. He has just accepted that the enemy has given up vengeance but now... the opposite party didn't make any sense!

    Others were startled, not knowing how to react. A few minutes ago he was about to kill Count Viper but now he wants to find him a life partner?!

    Just what was going on?!

    "No, please, there is no need," Viper quickly replied. "I'm devoted to revolution."

    "Nonsense! You need a partner who can get your rocks off!" Kiba loudly said. "If you are having blue balls, how can you concentrate on your mission? If you don't copulate, how can the sparks of revolution pass to the next generation?"

    Viper was left speechless. When he thought of Kiba's explanation, he actually thought his words made sense.

    But what type of woman would find him attractive enough to become his life partner?!

    Kiba put a hand below his chin as he thought for some time.

    "Right! I found someone who would love you for what you are!" Kiba's eyes flashed. "And if I'm not reading it wrong, she has hots for you!"

    "What?" Viper was having a hard time understanding the current situation.

    Kiba stretched his hand towards the woods. He closed his eyes and made a grasping motion.


    A shadow burst through the woods at light speed. The next moment, the shadow appeared in Kiba's hand.

    Everything happened so quickly that others could not even register the movements. And before they could see what was in Kiba's hand, he teleported from his place and appeared right in front of Viper.

    Viper's pupils dilated and he instinctively backed away.

    "Hey, I'm introducing you to your date," Kiba flicked a finger towards the ground. "And here you are being so rude."


    Spikes made of rock shot out from the ground. They caged Viper from all around and made it impossible for him to make a single movement.

    The others were caught off guard by his speed so they were in a state of confusion and helplessness.

    By this time, Viper has finally seen the 'date' Kiba has brought for the introduction. A look of shock, disbelief, and anger appeared on his face.

    The other revolutionaries were terrified. They rubbed their eyes to see they were not imagining things.

    Many of them felt their jaw dropping to the ground by the appearance of Viper's 'date'.

    The date spanned for twenty meters. Its head was black with two crossbars near the snout and two behind the eyes. It has shiny black scales lined with bright yellow bands.

    It was a Level II mutated Cobra!

    "Your mouth is wide open... I guess you must be floored by her beauty," Kiba said with a smile. "Love at first sight?"

    Viper's breathing turned heavy. What love at first sight?!

    The cobra flicked its tongue as it said something.

    "Oh?" Kiba looked at the cobra. "I understand."

    Kiba brought his eyes on Viper and said, "You are one lucky bastard."

    Viper furrowed his brows. He was sure the cobra just marked its displeasure and asked to be freed. So why is he calling him a lucky bastard?

    "Man, you are making me jealous," Kiba said before letting out a low sigh. "You have only seen each other now and yet your date wants a kiss!"


    Viper's entire body turned cold. The hairs on his body turned straight while a chill passed through his spine.

    "Now, kiss your date!" Kiba pushed Cobra's mouth on Viper's. "Remember, it is your first kiss so no tongue!"
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