259 Old Snakes Dilemma

    In the sky, the enormous mouth of the snake stretched out from the gigantic space gate. Its pupils bore through Kiba's forehead and sighted the gray particle.

    The particle's size and shape were like a blood cell except it released a sinister presence that was confined by the cocoon made from the golden lightning.

    "Genesis Matter!"

    The snake didn't dare believe what it has just seen. It has been thousands of years but its memories on Genesis Matter were as fresh as today.

    "That human is infected by Genesis!" The snake thought to itself. "No matter what, I must avoid physical contact with him otherwise..."

    Just the very thought, made its body crawl with a dreadful sensation. With its age and power, the snake didn't fear death. The snake knew how the world functioned and ever since its homeworld was destroyed, it was ready to accept its fate.

    What terrified the snake was not death but rather the nature of Genesis Matter.

    Currently, the snake's present form was intangible and transparent. The power from the flute and strength from everyone in the forest was not enough to bring its true body here.

    The snake was now grateful for the situation. Even if it was intangible, it wanted to avoid any direct contact with Kiba.  While its main power was in its body so avoiding any contact would reduce its potential by almost 90% but the snake didn't care.

    "If I kill him then wouldn't Genesis seek a new host?!" The snake flinched with the possibility.

    On the ground, Viper continued to play the flute. His body was drenched with sweat and he couldn't understand why the reverend existence has suddenly stopped attacking his enemy.

    Shouldn't it be just a matter of seconds for someone like the snake to destroy Kiba?

    "?" Kiba was floating in the sky as he quizzically looked at the snake. He didn't know if his eyes were playing a trick, but for a second, he noticed terror in the eyes of the snake. That truly startled him.

    Sure he was strong and he hasn't mobilized his true powers, but the snake was a powerful existence that could rival him despite being this close to death. After all, unlike the serpent, this snake was a slave beast of Scarlet Leila De Rose.

    "Has it sensed Cosmic Spark?" Kiba creased his brows tightly.

    The high-tech equipment in his advanced lab could never detect the presence of Cosmic Spark. Heck, even he could not actually fell the existence of Cosmic Spark fully. It was like it existed in another dimension.

    But Kiba thought there was a high probability of the snake being able to detect Cosmic Spark given its identity.

    Kiba shook his head. He pretty much knew how things would turn out if the snake knew of Cosmic Spark inside.

    With a sigh, he turned around and shot towards Viper. He has to take away that flute in order to stop the materialization of the space gate.

    Just then, from the ground, hundreds of poisonous darts boomed out with explosive speed.  They split up into thousands as they dashed at Kiba.  Every single dart was razor-sharp, almost indestructible, marked with a deadly and corrosive force.

    "Old snake, don't involve yourself in my business."

    Kiba clenched his right fist tightly before slamming it down heavily. Destructive waves surged out like a tidal wave and collided against the incoming darts.

    Energy ripples fluctuated wildly as two opposite force struck each other.

    The darts shattered into fragments but the poisonous force inside them fused together and transformed into an incorporeal cobra. The cobra opened its mouth fully, exposing its deadly teeth as it bolted on him.

    Kiba aimed a finger at the cobra. A stream of light shot out from his fingertip and struck the throat of the cobra.

    With a loud hissing sound, the cobra disappeared into thin air. But much to his annoyance, hundreds of vipers conjured around him.

    They hissed loudly while they surrounded him into a cage of vipers.  Almost on a cue, they opened their mouths and let out a poisonous mist.

    "Stop being so predictably annoying."

    Kiba started spinning in the air. As the mist reached him, he has transformed into an enormous vortex.

    The mist was ripped to atomic level before it dispersed into nothingness. The countless vipers were sucked into the vortex, before being erased from very existence.

    At the same time, a titanic virtual claw gripped on the vortex from all sides. As the vortex slowly disappeared, countless beams of golden light shot out.

    The beams turned into blurry golden lines as they exploded into all directions. With a bang sound, the claw shattered into pieces of energy fragments.

    Kiba stepped out through the energy fragments before while looking at the space gate.

    "Old Snake, age has made you senile," Kiba said in a mocking tone. "You are far more predictable than the sex life of an old aged couple."

    The eyes of the snake twisted in anger. It has lived for such a long time that it didn't even bother to count years, but in all its life, it has never been humiliated like this.

    Even its worst enemy has never used abusive words during their conflicts. After all, in a battle, the fight is not just for victory but also for respect. That's what it meant to be an opponent or an enemy.

    But now, a human - who has lived for a time that could be best described as a blink of an eye - was mocking it with a perverted sense of humor.

    Are all humans like this man?! Do they not know the code of moral conduct?! If so, this perverted race was destined to be doomed.

    "Go to your nest and conceive some eggs while you still can," Kiba continued with a smile. "Oh wait, your body is reeking of death, so I doubt you can. Sorry!"

    "Cocky human! How dare you use such abusive language?!" The snake thundered angrily.

    "What abusive language? I'm just stating the truth," Kiba retorted.

    The snake responded with a shower of energy spikes.  They penetrated through the air with a screeching sound while the ground elevated to catch him in binds.

    "Seriously? If you were using physical attacks I might be injured but you continue to use energy attacks?!" Kiba felt offended by this slight. "Are you out of our mind?!"

    The snake didn't reply. It was incensed but it hasn't lost rationality. How could it dare touch someone who was infected with the sinister Genesis Matter? That would be simply seeking a terrifying fate.

    Kiba, in the meantime, evaded the incoming attacks and counterattacked with a series of energy explosion. He has launched an air blade at Viper but he was surrounded by a transparent barrier.


    Kiba let out a heavy sigh. There was only one way by which he could end this but he didn't want to resort to that method.

    He could sense the presence of Ashlyn and countless others in two hundred kilometer range. If he went all out, then he knew they would die just by the pressure from the golden lightning phenomenon.

    He wanted to kill Viper and that was something he would do sooner or later. But killing Ashlyn in the process didn't seem fair to him. She has helped him previously and he actually enjoyed her company.

    "Hang on! There is another way!" Kiba's eyes flashed with a devilish glint. "It might not work but even if it fails, I would definitely get some satisfaction."

    He adjusted his demeanor before raising his head towards the snake.

    "I never expected a slave beast would betray its master," Kiba said in a venomous tone.


    The snake was stunned by his words. How does this human know its existence as a slave beast?!


    Betray master?!

    Surely he couldn't mean Empreyean Scarlet Leila De Rose?!


    Didn't she sacrificed herself to stop that apocalyptic---?!

    Yes! There is no way a human can know about her!

    "But his power is Cosmic in nature and he is also infected!" The snake was not sure on what to think.

    "What do you mean?" The snake enquired, trying to probe for more information.

    Kiba's eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the snake.

    "You are a slave of Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose," Kiba replied, his voice filled with anger. "Yet you are wasting your time on these unimportant tasks while she is suffering from brutal torture."
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