262 Warning

    The room on the screen was made from layers of nine rare treasured materials: Celestial Bronze, Adamantine, Gallium, Chronoton, Vajra, World-mending stone, Xinite, Misolzinyl, and Timonium. This ensured the radiation from the casket and Cosmic Spark didn't sweep out, protecting other areas from destruction.

    From the walls and ceiling, hundreds of laser beams boomed out, attacking a single spot on Cosmic Spark. Each beam was as thick as a filament but it carried destructive power enough to eradicate an entire solar system.

    Yet the collision of hundreds of such beams didn't create a single scratch. Colorful lights bloomed out along with destructive waves, colliding against the walls, resulting in explosive sounds.

    Time passed, perhaps decades or centuries, and finally a shard fell from Cosmic Spark.  The shard was as thick and long as a fine hair, and as soon as it fell, a spatial force emerged from one of the walls. The next moment, the shard was teleported out of the room.

    This process continued for a very long time, and finally, there were more than twenty to thirty shards missing from Cosmic Spark. Perhaps the energy source in the walls depleted or for some other reason, but there were no more beam attacks on Cosmic Spark.

    While there were faint cracks on Cosmic Spark, its dimensions were hardly affected. It was still the size of a baby's fist with some crevices in between.

    In the hall, Castor Damon refused to believe the image on the screen. Every piece of his research was collapsing by the scene in front of him.

    Why would the supreme races of the highest world try to destroy their power source?

    Castor Damon tried to make a sense of things without any success. Till now, he was sure Cosmic Spark was an energy generator, powering the empyrean world.

    Castor Damon was processing this new knowledge when suddenly his body turned cold. His breathing stalled while his heart skipped a beat. Zed was same, his body turned numb with a painful sensation while a severe headache attacked him.

    He tried to close his eyes, not daring to look at the new scene on the screen any longer.

    Menacing, pitch-black darkness surged out from the crevices in Cosmic Spark. The darkness then whirled and twisted in an ominous fashion as it covered the room.

    Even though this was just a virtual image, Castor Damon felt his very consciousness shutting down. A powerful devouring force erupted from the darkness on the screen, making Castor Damon feel weak. He shuddered in dread, not able to believe an entity could create such a phenomenon just from a projection.

    Zed was in equally bad condition. Perhaps due to his weak and fragile status, he was not the main target of the darkness but the agony he suffered was no less.

    The baleful darkness continued to swirl while golden and gray particles materialized on its surface. The particles were as small as cells, carrying a spellbinding charm that struck the soul.

    "Genesis and ----" Castor Damon thought in his heart. He has read about them in records from other meteorites and even the world government has done research on them along with him.

    The golden particles were like the spiral arms of galaxies but there was something atrocious about them. The gray particles resembled the primal chaos at the birth of the universe, and yet they carried a sinister presence.

    "No! They are corrupted!" Castor Damon muttered to himself, his heart filled with dread. His entire body was soaked with sweat while his face has turned deathly pale. With great efforts, he took out pills from his ring and consumed them.

    He regained enough strength to tap on the console system. Anything was fine than witnessing this corrosive darkness.

    Zed took a deep breath as the screen changed. He knew Castor Damon wanted to seek a shard of Cosmic Spark in this meteorite, but after the warning from his senses about Cosmic Spark, he has already sworn to get away. No matter what, he promised to not help Castor Damon in seeking this Cosmic Spark. He has no interest in sacrificing himself so that Castor Damon could have this supreme treasure.

    Castor Damon rose to his feet with great efforts. A buzzing sound came out as the screen disappeared while a video projection activated due to his earlier actions.

    The projection was of a woman, clad in noble red attire. The background was filled with apocalyptic fumes and destructive lights.

    As soon as Zed and Castor Damon saw the woman, they both entered into a trance. Their faces flushed with warm blood while their knees bent on their own.

    No matter how they tried, they could not observe the facial features of the woman. There was no obstruction and yet they could not look at her face. It was like there was an invisible vein masking her beauty.

    The only thing they noticed was a violet jewel embedded in the space between her eyebrows along with her silky, lush violet hair.

    "In the end, everything was in vain," The woman in the projection said. "His Majesty failed and so did his army and my loyal slave beasts."

    Her tone was ethereal and carried a regal charm that bound very consciousness.

    "My people address me as Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose," The woman continued, her voice filled with sorrow. "But do I deserve to be called a princess when there is no kingdom to govern?"

    Zed felt distressed while his eyes turned moist. Her emotions affected his own, making him experience heaviness of heart. He didn't have any loved ones, at least none he knew, but her voice made him feel the true despair of loss.

    "The Fate truly toyed with me but I can't blame anyone," Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose continued. "These might be my final words so let the destruction of my world serve as a warning to the universe..."

    Castor Damon and Zed listened to her words carefully while wondering about her warning. Could it be related to the death of her world?

    "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
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