266 Where Is He?

    The nascent rays of rising sun ripped apart the night sky, bringing back a new day. The sky was blue and a chorus of greys, streaked with silvers and golds, blessed by a radiant sun.

    Sunlight lit up colors in the fading monochrome world, waking the guests and inhabitants of the forest. Birds melodiously chirped in nests, bringing calmness to anyone who heard the notes.

    Inside a crystal house, sunlight fell in one of the bedrooms through the closed windows. Kiba covered his eyes while trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep.


    A knocking sound came from the door.


    Grudgingly, Kiba left the bed while complaining about lack of sleep. He opened the door and saw ever glowing Ashlyn. She was fresh from a bath, clad in her usual black suit from neck to toe.

    Kiba forgot every word of complaint. His eyes were glued on her gorgeous face and his heart thumped loudly. She was the most magnificent woman he has seen and the fresh look further enhanced her beauty if it was even possible.

    She wore no makeup or mascara, and yet her natural skin could make even the legendary fairies jealous. She was flawless whether it was her crystal clear skin tone or her facial features.

    Now, he felt his resolve to be a good guy in front of her weaken. Only he knew how hard it was for him to not scheme against her to get in her pants. Of course, he also knew he wasn't trying to seduce her due to her being a very difficult target and lack of time.

    Kiba cleared his thoughts and brought his eyes on her hands. She has two hot coffee cups in her hands which were emitting a delightful and energetic fragrance.

    Ashlyn handed him a cup of coffee while sipping from her own cup.

    "Thanks," Kiba took the cup from her.

    Ashlyn nodded and left. Kiba placed the cup on a table and covered it with a lid cover. He then went to the washroom to freshen up and take a bath in lightning speed. His actions were so fast that multiple shadows of him were visible.

    Five minutes later.

    Kiba sat across a table while sipping the coffee.

    "Rather good," Kiba thought.

    Ashlyn didn't know cooking but preparing coffee was rather simple with a coffee machine. The crystal house has modern kitchen appliances so it was nothing surprising.

    He continued to drink coffee while thinking of yesterday's events. He realized he was getting too tired after using his powers.

    He could understand fatigue from sexual activities but not battles.

    "Could this be a side effect of being in Kiba form for more than a week?"

    He wondered as he enjoyed the strong taste of the coffee. When he lived in the city, he would transit between both Zed and Kiba forms continuously. He couldn't recall a time when he was only being Kiba for more than two days.

    This obviously changed after he arrived in Desolate Blood Forest. He didn't see the needs of being Zed given the dangers and lack of privacy.

    "Cosmic Spark is supposed to be an energy source that could power multiple galaxies. There is no way my body could handle the continuous stress from borrowing the power of cosmic."

    He knew he was not even using 1% of Cosmic Spark's powers but even that was far too stressful for a human.  Obviously, Cosmic Spark gave him his present form whose appearance was different than the one he was born with. Yet, in the end, his body was the same just like his consciousness. This form just molded his body better to wield the power coursing through his veins.

    "I really need to think of a way to solve this problem."

    Kiba mused if things would have been different had he actually trained his powers. He never really did any formal training like most mutants who polish their abilities under expert guidance.  The top academies provided battle facilities along with genetic research so that an individual could exploit the abilities to the fullest.

    As Kiba, he has not even spent a week in testing his powers ever since he fused with Cosmic Spark. He obviously tried to use his lab equipment to research his genetic material but the influence of Cosmic power hindered him from getting any result.

    He originally built his lab to study Cosmic Spark and negate its negative influence but he failed. Of course, the lab was useful for other purposes so he didn't regret spending the resources.

    In a way, he never really cared in learning how to use his powers to the fullest. He knew there were many abilities waiting to be discovered but he never had the patience or time to seek them. The reason was rather simple - for him, power was just a means and not the end unlike most. He believed he has enough strength to survive and live so he focused his time and energy on seeking better things.

    Thousands of women - married or otherwise - couldn't have been happier by his decision. They truly appreciated the time and energy he spent on polishing his skills which made them scream euphorically.

    His sacrifice to not focus on power and instead focus on mastering the art of bedding has reduced the burden of countless husbands who care about the joy of their wives.

    Whenever Kiba thought of his noble sacrifices, he would feel his eyes moisten... He truly lived for the happiness of others.


    Kiba placed the cup on the table and rose to his feet. He then stepped out of the room and walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast...


    Central District, Delta City.

    In a high-cost residential community, a two-storied house stood out with its lavish design. The house was built in an area of about 3000sq. feet with a separate garage and security room.

    The front door opened up and a blonde man in early forties stepped out followed by a raven-haired woman. He gripped a file in his hand before turning towards the stunning raven-haired woman.

    The woman was blessed with long legs, a striking face, and truly lust-inducing cleavage. Her almond-like eyes and her soft hairs added extra charm to her gorgeous body.

    "See you in the night," The man hugged her enthusiastically. "I love you."

    "I love you too," The woman responded. "And I can't wait for night."

    "I'm so glad our relationship not only survived but thrived after that disaster named Kiba passed through our lives," The man said with a smile.

    "Me too," The woman replied though there she flinched a little. She prayed her husband didn't notice her reaction so she quickly gave a peck on his cheek.

    The husband-wife duo was none other than Daniel and Sarah - the owners of SBC News. Months ago, they earned Kiba's wrath by running news on Agatha's pregnancy. To humiliate them and teach them a lesson they could never forget, Kiba almost ruined their lives by creating discord in their marriage. He seduced Sarah and made Daniel watch a live broadcast after which he threatened to expose his affair to media. Thankfully, Agatha intervened and saved them from destruction.

    Sarah waved at her husband as he left the house. She then closed the door and rested her back against the wall.

    She closed her eyes while remembering the inferno named Kiba. She loved her husband but she couldn't deny she missed Kiba in bed.

    Her husband made love to her but Kiba **ed her. And she knew she thirsted for a good, raw **ing instead of pure vanilla sex her husband loved.

    She couldn't help but moan slightly as she recalled the night he took her anal cherry while her husband was just three steps away. At that time, she was not only frightened but also highly turned on as she kissed her clueless husband while Kiba penetrated her from behind. The thrill from the forbidden encounter gave her goosebumps and made her wet with excitement.

    "Just where is he?" Sarah wondered as she opened her jeans and rubbed her vaginal lips. "God, he promised to be here when I need him...and I **ing need him between my legs!"

    At the same time.

    In a high-class apartment.

    A woman in early forties prepared three tiffin boxes. She was at 5'9" with a fair complexion, large breasts, and curly hairs. She was clad in a blue dress, her curly hair hunged halfway down her back.

    Her eyes had a misty look as she packed the boxes. She was lost in thoughts, daydreaming of a man whom she missed.

    She wondered just how many days it has been since that man touched her. She missed his personal fitness lessons.

    "He was such a good trainer but now he is missing," The woman sadly thought. She opened her cellphone and tapped on 'Fitness Goals' app. Her id was Trainee #132.

    [The trainer is offline.] The notification read.

    She quickly typed and sent a message in the chat window.

    [My wet, tight vaginal muscles need deep raw training from your rod.]

    The woman was slightly embarrassed by the use of such obvious innuendo. She then closed the app and opened another app named ' Mistress' Massage Centre'.

    A short flash video of a high-class spa played after which the menu appeared.

    [Welcome back, lucky customer.] A notification flashed on the top of the app. When she read the notification, she couldn't help but smile.

    She still remembered the day her husband took to the spa after he earned a 70% discount due to a lucky encounter on the internet.  Only she knew how her husband has turned so lucky. She laughed when she recalled how the owner of the spa gave her a golden card, offering a yearly 99% discount. Her husband's happiness knew no bound at her achievement. He was truly joyous knowing his wife could enjoy the best massage service in the city without worrying about sky-high price.

    The woman chose the 'Book an appointment' from the menu. She selected 'deep massage' from the options before clicking on the masseur list. There were around twenty names but the first name - Head Masseur- was not available. Dejected, she closed the app.

    "Just where has he gone?!" The woman thought sadly. She needed a deep massage to relieve the tension she was feeling from her daily activities.

    "Suzane!" A male voice brought her back to reality.

    Suzane raised her head and looked at the owner of the voice - her husband- Morgan. She liked her husband but wished he cared about her needs in bed. He was faster than a bullet and he would be finished even before she could feel anything. She felt he was a selfish lover who ignored the needs of his partner.

    "Here," Suzane handed him his tiffin box while giving a light kiss.

    Just then, her children entered the kitchen. Loren and Olly took their respective lunch boxes and thanked their mom.

    "Mom, you look depressed from last two weeks," Loren said as she placed her box in her bag.

    "Does she?" Morgan asked.

    "Dad! You are an investigator sent by the government to solve the mystery of golden lightning! Yet you are so clueless about mom!" Loren said in a frustrated tone.

    Morgan was distressed by his daughter's outburst. He then observed his wife's face and did notice her skin was missing the ravishing glow she used to have when she visited the gym and spa.

    "You should start gym again," Morgan remarked after which he gave her a kiss on her lips.

    When he tasted her lips, he now recalled something he has missed from the last two weeks.

    "Have you stopped applying the new lipstick you have taken a liking earlier?" Morgan asked as he remembered the new lipstick flavor he first experienced during the dinner they had with Emily and that cocky golden-haired rake.

    "Ah...yes," Suzane answered, her cheeks flushing with hot blood. "They are out of stock."

    "Oh! I truly liked that flavor!" Morgan said.

    "Me as well! I loved that taste...I mean flavor!" Suzane replied. "I wish there would be more stocks!"

    "Tell me the lipstick's brand name and I will check in other cities," Morgan added. He felt he should help his wife in this matter and gain some praise from his daughter.

    "I'm afraid the company owner has disappeared without any warning," Suzane said, her expression downcast.

    "That's too sad," Morgan patted her on shoulders.

    He understood how women were picky about specific brands. They cared too much about their health and makeup items.

    He wished he could find the company owner and make him give hundreds of those flavored lipsticks to Suzane. He was even ready to owe a favor to that genius company owner who made such alluring lipsticks for women.

    "I truly hope the owner return soon," Morgan said with a smile.

    Olly, who was silently listening to the conversation, winced nervously. He wondered just how ignorant his father could be despite being a reputed investigator.

    The last two weeks were nothing less than a blessing for him, no, for the entire family. The wife hunter has disappeared and there were no more warning from gods regarding that fiend.

    Olly could now freely live his life without worrying about the good son nightmares. This should be a time for celebration and festivity.

    But his father was rather sad!

    How could he hope for that demon to return?!
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