267 No Cooperation

    In the kitchen of a high-class apartment.

    Suzane has already handed the lunch boxes to her husband and children. Her face has flushed red after listening to her husband's words of concern.

    Morgan was missing the flavor he used to get from her sensuous lips. She credited a new brand of lipstick for that alluring taste. After all, she could not give credit where it truly deserved knowing it might hurt her husband's fragile ego.

    Still, her husband's words of missing the flavor and his urge to buy more lipsticks of that particular taste made her happy. It turned her on and made her shudder in ecstasy.

    If only her personal trainer was here then she would have flavored her lips and her husband would also have been pleased... Only now she realized how her husband's and her own happiness was connected to one man.

    She prayed for his quick return.

    Olly was crestfallen by the conversation, especially by his father's attitude.

    Couldn't dad understand he is simply pushing mom to continue her affair?!

    Then again, Olly remembered his father was unaware of Suzane's extramarital activities. He knew the fault was his and not his father's.

    It was his efforts that resulted in the successful tryst between his own mother and that mother**er. Whether it was the restaurant where the fling took place in women's washroom or City Heart Hospital, every single activity took place right under Morgan's eyes. Yet Morgan continued to be oblivious.

    How could it have been possible if not for Olly blindfolding his father?

    Olly cringed when he recalled how his father was excited when he observed the silhouette sex in hospital.  Morgan lusted after the woman in silhouette due to her wild side in bed, unaware of her true identity. He also envied the lucky husband of that woman who gave such excellent fellatio, unlike his wife...

    When Olly thought of this, he lowered his head in shame. He swore he will take this secret to his grave.

    "God, please keep that devil out of this city," Olly joined his hands and silently prayed. "If not for me, do it for the sake of countless husbands and lovers."

    Morgan, Suzane, and Loren looked at Olly in surprise. His devoted and pious expression truly stunned them.

    "I'm proud of you son," Morgan said after Olly completed his prayer.

    "?" Olly looked at his dad in bewilderment.

    "After knowing how dejected your mother looks, you prayed for her happiness," Morgan said, his voice filled with admiration. "Well done!"


    "No father! I'm not praying for her happiness! I'm praying for yours and mine!" Olly bitterly thought in his heart.

    "Awww... Olly, I love you," Suzane was touched by her son's actions. "I couldn't have asked for a better son than you."

    She kissed him on his forehead and ruffled his hairs in a loving manner.

    Olly wanted to weep.

    "Mother, forgive me but I was not praying for your happiness!" Olly thought to himself.

    Obviously, he could not say his thoughts out loud. He just lowered his head, embarrassed, not knowing how his actions were perceived by his family.

    "I now realize Zed was right about Olly," Loren remarked about her brother while brushing her hair from her face.

    "About what?" Olly curiously asked. He didn't like Zed after what he witnessed in Sweet Love Club.

    "That you are a good son," Loren answered with a smile. She was truly proud of how her brother has grown up in the last few months. Earlier, he used to be brazen and arrogant but ever since that fiasco in the art gallery, he has changed for better.

    Olly was struck on the spot as her words ringed in his ears like a clap of thunder.

    "Good son..." Olly started feeling nauseated.

    Like a nightmare, his mind flashed with the haunting memories of the day he discovered the affair between that fiend and his mother. He fully remembered minute to minute details on how pussy hound stepped out of his parents' bedroom after making out with Suzane. That rakehell has fully made himself comfortable, evident from how he took out the rich drinks stored in Olly's father's cabinet.

    Then there were those two words which that rake used to express his gratitude to Olly for all his help.

    Good Son.

    In his life, Olly never there would come a time when he would have to prove his filial piety in such a way.

    "I hope I'm not the only Good Son," Olly muttered as his head began spinning and darkness engulfed his vision. In just a few seconds, he lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor.



    Desolate Blood Forest.

    Under the cover of emerald bushes and towering trees, Kiba and Ashlyn sat on grass floor. In front of them were the breakfast dishes Kiba has cooked earlier.

    Porridge (served with hone), smoked salmon, bread toast, sauteed mushrooms, and two glasses of sparkling wine.

    Not the best combination of breakfast and certainly not something that Kiba took pride in. They were in a rather hurry so he prepared these dishes with the help of appliances in the crystal house.

    Kiba suggested to have breakfast out in open and Ashlyn agreed. They started munching on the dishes without any conversation.

    Kiba has just stuffed a mushroom in his mouth when he started hiccuping. Ashlyn was startled and she quickly offered him a glass of water as his hiccuping turn worst.

    "Thanks," Kiba gulped down the glass. Yet the hiccuping showed no signs of the end.

    "I should be immune so why?" Kiba wondered when he suddenly remembered something one of his lovers has once said.

    "When you sneeze or hiccup loudly, it means someone is remembering you."

    He obviously didn't believe in such sayings.

    Kiba shook his head to clear these random thoughts and drank more water. A few minutes later, the hiccups subsidized.

    He resumed his breakfast while Ashlyn has already completed her share. She rose to her feet and walked towards the crystal house. She pressed her right palm tightly on the front door after which runic seals appeared around the house.

    With a whooshing sound and blinding radiance, the house transformed into a crystal cube. Ashlyn gripped the cube and transferred it to her storage space. She then turned towards Kiba who has already finished his breakfast.

    Kiba jumped to his feet and transferred the plate to his own storage dimension.

    "Let's go," Kiba said while stretching out his hands. The heavy breakfast made him feel sleepy but he knew now was not the time to rest.

    A few minutes later.

    Kiba and Ashlyn resumed their journey. Their destination was The Fair hosted by a few reputed organizations in a part of the forest.

    Kiba's goal was to find some of the mutated herbs and fruits on his list. As per information shared by Ashlyn, the exchange was usually through crystallic money cards issued by any branch of World Banks. Had he known about the fair before he entered the forest, he would have brought money cards like the poor man they stole from. He wasn't worried though.

    He had plenty of resources which he planned to use to get what he wanted either directly or indirectly in The Fair.

    And if this didn't work out for him... well, he has a plan which he truly hoped he didn't have to use.


    Gentle streams of breeze brushed past Kiba and Ashlyn while they proceeded ahead. They were leaping from one tree to another instead of dashing on the ground.

    A few birds in nests protested as the duo disturbed their rest. Kiba smiled at their response but didn't say anything.

    The beautiful sunrays lit up the whole sky into wonderful blue. The soothing weather and the mesmerizing sight of the forest could not be a better combination for a person to be in a euphoric trance.

    Ashlyn's face was the usual cold. The beauty of the surrounding didn't allevate her mood. If anything, she was slightly dejected. The fault was not of nature but rather of living beings.

    One of the reasons they were rushing through trees was to attract the eyes of nefarious people. After all, the sound made from their long jumps along with the disturbance in trees was definitely not a way to be cautious or being subtle.

    It was simply inviting trouble from murderers, treasure hunters and even rapists. So far, more than thousands have already fallen under the hands of such villains.

    Sadly, such criminals didn't target Kiba and Ashlyn at all despite their efforts to stand out.

    Ashlyn couldn't be gloomier by the outcome.

    They have already crossed seven miles and yet never faced a single human with evil intentions.

    Why couldn't people cooperate and attack? The duo was rich and they were practically asking to be robbed! Yet no assistance at all!


    Ashlyn couldn't help but let out a soft sigh. She brushed apart leaves from a branch she was closing to while thinking of her current bottleneck.

    From the last few days, she has not achieved any real progress in the art of nutcracking. She was sure she was on a verge of threshold in her art and was confident she could achieve qualitative evolution.

    But she was missing one critical factor for advancement: practice targets.

    While a few savage bests did try to attack the duo, a stern look from Kiba stopped the beasts on their tracks. The beasts were terrified and rushed away with explosive speed.

    The beasts and birds might be strong but they were simply useless as far as her problem was concerned.  They could not help in providing a solution.

    Only human males could help her. Yet they refused to follow the natural script of trying to take advantage of a gorgeous woman like Ashlyn.

    The world was truly failing to meet expecations of a young maiden...
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