270 Desolate Fair

    The sky was bright blue under the scorching sun. The air was filled with severe heat but Keith, Ricky, Farhan, and male spectators from other groups felt a chilling cold below their torso.

    The testicles of a human male are very delicate organs and are loaded with nerves. A low-powered blow to the groin can result in pain, shock, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing and possibly even death.

    Usually, men are on guards when it comes to protecting their treasured jewels. Alas, lust overpowers even the most basic instinct.

    Spencer was fully relaxed and excited when he moved to close his lips with Ashly. His eyes were closed as he waited to taste the sweet taste of the angel's lips.

    In moments of carnal expectations, the nerve sensors are most active to amplify the feelings. This is why one usually feels a bolt of current or a tingling sensation even at a faint sensuous touch or kiss.

    The same was the case for Spencer. His mind was forming sensual pleasure even before it arrived while his nerves turned more sensitive.

    Sadly for him, these expectations and biological workings of nerves gave him an incomparable agony he could ever experience in his life.

    A crunchy cracking ringed from his body before his broken jewels pierced through his bladder.

    His face turned white while tears formed in his eyes and he collapsed to his knees. He opened his mouth slightly and bubbling foam streamed down.

    Ashlyn observed his face and her smile expanded further. She once again praised Kiba for teaching her Acting Cute skill. It just made things too easy and she could get the result without spending much of her strength.

    Some distance away, Farhan shook his head and gained clarity. He felt uncomparable dread and praised his luck for not being in Spencer's shoes. Just the sound of jewels shattering and the loss of color from Spencer's face made his skin crawl.

    Goosebumps formed on his skin as he recalled how he was envying Spencer when Ashlyn chose him. He now felt an incomparable joy for her not considering him.

    "Beauty might be dangerous but intelligence is lethal," Farahn thought with absolute horror. He fully realized how Ashlyn used her intelligence and beauty to lower their guards before landing a fatal blow below the belt.

    The knee kick was absolutely terrifying given the force and speed she used. Then there was the black suit she was clad in. It further reinforced her kick and made Spencer experience hell.

    "Bitch!" Keith roared loudly. His eyes were bloodshot as he pounced explosively on Ashlyn with his claws aimed at her head.

    Ashlyn stepped to the side and Keiths's claws swept past her by a hairbreadth. She quickly raised her left leg vertically before slamming it down on Keith's neck.


    Keith slumped down with his face crashing on the gravels under the might of the kick.

    At the same time, Ashlyn twisted her right foot on the ground while moving her left kick in a circular, clockwise motion to tackle Ricky who has launched an assault from behind.

    She kicked straight out to his jaw using the bottom of her boot. His bones released a cracking sound while blood and snot came out from his nose. He was sent flying in the air under the disbelief eyes of everyone.

    This was far from over as Farahn has caught up from the other side. He refused to believe she could continue to kick with such power without a single break.

    Much to his horror, Ashlyn landed her left foot on the ground for rest but at the same time, the right foot started moving out for a back kick on his chest.

    Farhan was startled but he was ready. He crossed his arms to take the kick while energy darts appeared around him.

    With a screeching sound, the darts rushed ahead.

    A cold glint flashed in Ashlyn's eyes and she darted sidewards with one leg in the air. Her body twisted and aligned properly to do a proper summersault to avoid more shards before tapping her feet on the ground.

    Meanwhile, Ricky's eyes radiated brightly and veins popped out. His body split into two and then three. In less than a minute, there were hundreds of his self.

    Every Ricky took out a steel pipe from his coat before rushing at Ashlyn. The pipes were modified and reinforced with electrical circuits that could discharge thousands of volts on an enemy.

    Earlier, his anger and shame made him lose rationality but now he was in his senses. He knew he couldn't afford to underestimate this demonic woman.

    "Haah~" Ashlyn let out a soft sigh from her pink lips and her expression changed to her usual cold.

    She was disappointed at her performance. She was only able to defeat one enemy with her nutcracking art unlike during her previous confrontation with mercenaries.

    She did understand this was due to the strength of her new enemies. They were Level III mutants so they could not be defeated like other nutcracking targets.

    Ashlyn leaped twenty feet high in the air while stretching her hands out. The short, blue discs clad on her wrists flew out, leaving behind two trails of blue light.

    The spectators were amazed by the fluctuations of energy ravaging out from the discs. The very air was sliced apart while gravels and soil on the ground twisted into vortex under the influence of energy fluctuations.

    One of Ricky's bodies shot out the steel pipe towards an incoming disc. Ripples of current shot out, making the air filled with a buzzing sound as electricity dangled in blinding flash.

    Alas, much to his disbelief, the disc easily pierced through the ripples of current before slicing the steel pipe as if it was made of straws. The edges of the disc were incredibly sharp and they cut through Ricky's head.

    His head was minced in fragments. Red and white pieces of brain and muscles split out in a volcanic fashion.

    The other bodies of Ricky were terrified. His body could not even last one second under the assault of one of the discs.

    Just how vast was the difference in strength?!

    Ricky didn't get time to think. The potential of the disc didn't diminish and it proceeded to his other bodies.

    Two bodies tried to overpower the disc from behind by slamming down steel pipes on it. The disc wasn't affected the least bit but the hands of two bodies slashed into pieces as energy fluctuations continued to discharge from the disc.


    The sound of blood splattering was ear-piercing as discs cut through Ricky's bodies. One after another a new body collapsed on the ground, dying the ground crimson.

    The disc automatically turned after slicing through one body and proceeding to another. If Ricky leaped or jumped, the disc would turn and follow Ricky's new pattern before slashing right through him. There was no escape...

    At the same time, Farhan and Keith faced the other disc. Keith cursed loudly as he narrowly dodged the disc at the cost of his left claw.

    In a moment, new veins and flesh popped out from his cleaved arm to form into a new claw.

    "That damn bitch!"

    Farhan fiercely punched out in the air as the disc curved towards him horizontally into a chopping motion.

    A column of red light blasted from his punch and struck the incoming disc. Dazzling sparks flew out while the ground cracked under the intense clash.

    "Watch out!"

    The nearby spectators leaped backward to avoid the energy shockwaves. The trees in the area were very few but they turned into dust as the resulting shockwaves ripped through them.


    The disc ripped through the red light, spreading the energy fluctuations further in the sky. Farahn's eyes turned wide as in no time the disc cut through his raised hand.

    "ARGHHHH!" Farahn let out a miserable scream.

    The disc showed no sign of stopping. It rammed through his arm before slicing apart his neck.


    His headless body fell on the ground and shuddered for a moment.

    "You got to be kidding!" Keith's scalp was numb with dread. The track and ground nearby were dyed with blood and gore.

    The scene made him nauseous and he controlled his urge to throw up.

    He looked around as the two discs flew out of deceased bodies and made a quick curve in the air. They then flew in his direction, making him tremble with horror.

    Even before he could blink, much less dodge, the discs penetrated right through his heart and neck.

    Despite the carnage, the discs were crystal clean, without a single trace of blood.

    Ashlyn made a grasping motion and the discs flew back to her. They passed through her hands without harming her and clad back on her wrists.

    A few hundred meters ahead, Kiba observed her with a smile and said, "Let's go."

    Ashlyn nodded her head and caught up with him.

    The other teams who were looking at the battle gulped down. Their throats turned dry in terror at the one-sided battle.

    "First there was that handsome golden-haired man and now this gorgeous beauty! They both are frightening!"

    "What's more, they are a team!

    "That man was at least kind in his fight and didn't torture at all!"

    "Right! That woman was terrifying and demonic!" A man muttered.

    Ashlyn didn't hear the entire conversations but she heard the part about Kiba being kind.

    Kiba and kind!?

    She has a strange expression on her face. She quickly cleared her thoughts and obviously didn't bother telling others he was a true sadist.

    The onlookers also shook their heads and resumed their journey.  They each have resources they either wanted to sell or acquire in the fair.


    Some twenty minutes later.

    Kiba and Ashlyn raised their heads as they arrived at their destination. The track ended here and in front of them was a metallic gate. As far as eyes could see, the entire region was barricaded by large concrete walls.

    Above the walls, drones were floating to carry out surveillance. Almost in one mile radius from the walls, there were artificial insects flying from one corner to the other while emitting an odorless scent. The scent was made from the blood and flesh of high mutated beasts along with secretive compounds. It made weaker beasts feel the existence of high-rank beasts in the fair and ensured there was no beast tide.

    Dozens of men and women were continuosuly passing through the gate. There were around ten guards but they were just sitting on chairs and doing nothing but playing cards. From time to time, they would observe women passing by but there were no nefarious acts.

    Some hundred meters away from this gate, there was another gate but much larger. Through that gate, groups with vehicles were rushing through. The arrangements were rather same with the addition of a few extra guards and drones.

    It was rather hard to imagine this scenary was a part of Desolate Blood Forest where the law of jungle rules supreme.

    Kiba and Ashlyn joined the queue to enter The Desolate Fair.

    "Hmm?" Kiba noticed electronic sensors embedded in the frame of the gate. The sensors recorded the heat signal and gave a digital card to every individual passing through the gate.

    Both Kiba and Ashlyn got their respective cards. There was an identification number on the front of the card while on the back there was a set of instructions.

    "Flights are restricted, conflicts are illegal and killing would lead to death penalty," Kiba read the starting instructions. He checked the other rules and was impressed. If the rules were truly implemented like the card said then it wouldn't be wrong to say this was a civilized place just like cities under government rule.

    Kiba looked around after entering the fair. Juat a quick glance indicated there were more than thousands of humans in the area along with pet beasts. There were infrastructures, both wooden and concrete.

    "Ashlyn," Kiba turned towards her. "Let's check if we can find what we want."

    Ashlyn nodded in agreement....
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