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    Byron's Charm Shop.

    Ashlyn's expression was her usual self but her eyes carried an extraordinary frosty glint as she looked at Byron.

    Byron was sweating and trembling as if he has seen a vicious ghost in broad daylight. He was excitedly speaking out the facial description of the infamous Nutcracking Demoness when he realized Ashlyn fully matched the description. He cursed himself for being so dense and stating bad things about the sinister demoness in front of the demoness herself.


    Byron's throat was dry as a desert while knots formed in his stomach. Every muscle in his body was tensed with stress. Unconsciously by instinct, he closed his thigs tightly while placing his hands on his pants to guard his most treasured possession.

    "What's wrong?" Kiba was amused by Byron's current predicament.

    "N-nothing..." Byron stammered. "As I was saying, the Nutcracking Demoness--- I mean Venerate Saintess is an incarnation of a heavenly angel who reincarnated on Earth to save humanity."

    "Really?" Kiba asked with a playful smile. "I seem to recall you calling her as evil and an enemy to all men."

    Byron's knees buckled. He could barely stand under the presence of the woman whose very name frighten men. Now, this traitor was trying to send him to gallows by reminding the demoness of the words he spoke earlier.  He obviously identified Kiba as the traitor thanks to the details he has heard and seeing him close to the demoness.

    "You heard it wrong!" Byron replied loudly. "The Saintess is a pure, holy woman whose every action is to help Earth."

    "Is that true?" Kiba asked with a doubtful expression. "But then why is she shattering jewels of men?"

    "Population control obviously!" Byron quickly answered. His brain was working at lightning fast as he continued, "The age of evolution has increased fertility and this, in turn, made Earth overpopulated. The resources we have are limited, and if the current rate of population growth continued, our planet would be in a severe crisis that might lead to very extermination of Earth. Not to mention, the Saintess only target vile men who are a shame to humanity. Her actions would ensure such vile genes would not be passed to the next generation."

    "I see," Kiba nodded, half convinced. "Then what about that traitor you mentioned who betrayed his gender?"

    Byron inwardly cursed Kiba for creating so many troubles for him. But he knew he has no choice but to be submissive.

    "You heard it wrong! The man I mentioned is actually a hero, an ideal of our gender," Byron used his experience as a shopkeeper to suck up. "He is helping the Saintess in making our planet a better place for everyone. Every man considers him as an idol and wants to become like him."

    "If you say so," Kiba could barely control himself from laughing. "Then what about these Treasured Jewels Guard in the shop?"

    "That's..." Byron didn't know how to explain this. After all, he couldn't tell he wanted to save men from the demoness while making a profit for himself.

    "Perhaps you built this shop to make money and help the Saintess in her mission to help the world?" Kiba offered him a possible explanation with a smirk.

    Byron's jaw slammed on the floor. The traitor was indirectly asking for a bribe!

    Wasn't betraying his gender wasn't enough?!

    Byron tried to calm himself. He used great efforts to smile which turned out to be unsightly. Money could be earned again but jewels...!

    Sure, there were cloning facilities and genetic experiments which could help in recovery but why loose jewels in the first place and experience tormenting pain?! Besides, genetic and cloning procedures also had side effects due to the mutated structure of the human body.

    "Yes, that was the very reason I built this shop," Byron's eyes were filled with tears as he continued. "Also, the products I sold would actually prove to be useless in front of the saintess..."

    Byron walked to the counter and took out over thirty red crystal cards. They were money cards and their combined worth was around $100000. He directly handed them to Kiba without batting an eye!

    "I have a feeling you are linked to the saintess," Byron said as he passed the cards. "The money is meager but please use it to help the saintess in her journey."

    "Sure, if that's what you want," Kiba took the cards with a smile. He didn't have any money cards besides the ones Ashlyn stole from the unlucky man during Vermillion Moon Fruit episode. Now, he can purchase in the fair without worrying about exchanging his loot.

    Ashlyn looked at the transaction without speaking a single word. After Kiba placed the cards in his pocket, she turned around and stepped out of the shop. Kiba followed her while waving a hand to Byron.

    Byron collapsed on the floor and sighed in relief.

    "I survived!"

    Tears streamed down his face as he realized he has survived a calamity which countless men didn't.


    Kiba and Ashlyn passed by a few more shops. They were walking without a fixed destination when a soft voice called out.

    "Hey handsome," the feminine voice said, "Do you want to experience a ride to heaven?"

    Kiba turned around and noticed the shop from where the voice came. The shop was actually a two-storied building covered with decorative red lanterns and lights. On the board outside, there were posters of women in seductive and alluring postures, leaving little to the imagination.

    "Is it a brothel or a striptease bar?" Kiba wondered while bringing his eyes next to the board where a woman around twenty-five years old was standing.

    She was wearing an almost transparent yellow mini-dress and little black kitten-heeled shoes that encased her petite feet; adorned with white knit socks that stopped short of her knees. She has a warm ivory skin tone, dirty blonde hair, and yellow eyes.

    Kiba was stunned in amazement as his eyes moved on her breasts. They were perfectly sculpted: enormous - creamy-white and fluffy. The thin yellow strap of her dress was only wrapping those soft pillows but even then he could pinpoint the pink peaks. The soft flesh quivered and strained against its confinement, trying to free from the dress and expose to the world.

    Internally, Kiba was all praises for the gorgeous sight in front of him. Those boobs were worthy enough to make him drool even though they were covered.

    "You are certainly the most attractive and good looking man I ever saw," The woman named Hollie said with an alluring smile. She folded her arms beneath her tits and pushed them up. "So you must have vast experience in judging the quality of these soft cushions."

    Ashlyn looked at Hollie in bewilderment. She didn't notice any cushions outside the shop nor in Hollie's hands. So why was she speaking about cushions and saying Kiba has vast experience in judging quality?

    Hollie bent down to adjust her socks and in the process further exposed the soft valley of her cleavage. She then straightened up and walked towards Kiba in slow, mesmerizing steps.

    Kiba made a light coughing sound while trying to divert his attention from her. He was afraid he would not be able to maintain the guise of a honest man if he looked at those mounds again.

    "Why don't you give me a review?" Hollie asked with a wink. Without waiting for his reply, she wrapped her arms around the back of his head and shoved his face between her tempting breasts.
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