274 Mirage Theif

    Under the soft, red glow from the lanterns and lights, Ashlyn was dumbfounded. Not only her but even passersby in the street were bewildered by the illicit display of immodesty in public. Sure, the shop seemed to be either a brothel or a strip bar but still, they were outside on the street!

    Why couldn't youngsters control themselves in the public?!

    Kiba was also surprised though pleasantly as Hollie shoved his face in her breasts. She has squeezed him tightly on her chest after which she pinned the soft pillows of her breasts against either side of his face.

    The thin, almost transparent fabric of her yellow dress didn't restrict in the least bit for Kiba to enjoy her soft flesh. Her warm bust filled his vision, making him forget everything else.

    "So soft!" Kiba was all praises. He decided to feel them more before giving an honest detailed review.

    The alluring lilac perfume on her body filled his senses as she smothered him with her tits.

    Months ago at White Angel Corporation, Eva asked him how he wanted to spend the final moments of his life when he reaches the end of his lifespan. At that time, he didn't have an answer but now he did.

    Death by smothering on such soft, milky-white flesh was one of the best ways a man could ask to die. Well, he felt death could even be better if his cock was in the wet, tight tunnel of gorgeous beauty.

    Yes! He now has an answer on how he wanted to die. He made a mental note to set conditions right when his time for afterlife comes but for now, he wanted to focus on his current task. He didn't want to lie in his review so he allowed her to buffet him with the soft flesh of her boobs.

    "Oh god!"

    Hollie rubbed the fluffy pillows of her breasts against his face. Kiba groaned in pleasure even though she has effectively cut air from him. His lips curved up in a smile while his cock throbbed hard enough to burst through his pants.

    Hollie continued to wedge his face up in the soft valley of her cleavage for a few more moments before freeing him.

    "Are my pillows good enough?" Hollie asked in a teasing tone as Kiba raised his head and looked at her.

    Ashlyn was having a hard time understanding her words and action. While she was fully clueless and ignorant about innuendos and sex, she has studied enough biology to understand the attraction breasts held for a man.

    Do women refer to breasts as soft pillows? If yes, then what did she meant when Kiba might have vast experience in judging the qualities?

    Ashlyn contemplated in confusion while Kiba grasped for breath.

    "It's getting late so maybe I would hear your answer someday later if we ever meet again," Hollie said with a wink. "Now, the time for fun is over as I need to accomplish my original goal."

    "Goal?" Kiba looked at her in bewilderment.

    Hollie didn't reply. Her right-hand flickered and left behind a blur as it moved on Kiba's wrist. Her speed was fast like rolling thunder and even before the retina in his eyes could register her actions, she took out the silver bracelet clad on his right wrist.

    The bracelet was one of the five created by Claudia. It was made from alloys of Vajra and Adamantine, backed by super powerful formations in the form of invisible electronic circuits.

    Zed has given one of the bracelets to Felicity for her protection. The bracelet protected her in the nanite explosion though it lost all its power in the process. Afterward, Zed handed another bracelet to Felicity's mother - Kyla- so that she could clad it on Felicity when they were alone.

    The bracelet Kiba has was also for protection though its formation was different from Felicity's. Back then, Claudia explained that the bracelet was a way to defend Zed when he could not rely on Kiba. She further made him use it by saying that this would convince Felicity to wear it. After all, Felicity was no fan of jewelry and they could not tell her the true function of the bracelet.

    Grudgingly, he decided to clad it on his wrist. Unknown to him at that time, Claudia basically tricked him for his own good. While Claudia didn't really lie, she didn't reveal the true reason for making him wear the bracelet.

    The bracelet was one of the methods to stop him if his powers make him berserk. This would help him gain rationality and overpower his primal desires of blood...

    "Goodbye, handsome," Hollie's lips closed on his cheek for a soft kiss after which she tore through the crowd on the street.

    Kiba was stunned and it took him a while to gain clarity on what has just taken place. He was basically fooled by a thief who used the convenient brothel location to trick him and steal his bracelet.

    Ashlyn was equally amazed by the development. She didn't even get time to blink her eyes as Hollie left in hyper speed movements.

    Her sudden explosive actions created deep cracks on the tiled street. The cracks spread like spiderweb as she left the scene, leaving behind the victim and his female companion.

    "Oh well...I haven't' been robbed in years," A smile appeared on Kiba's face and his eyes sparkled as he mused further. "The world would be a lively place if all thieves were like her."

    He closed his eyes and concentrated to find the amazing thief that robbed him in such a marvelous fashion.

    Hollie's movements were so explosive and fast that she left a trail of afterimages. Every single afterimage was like a crystal-clear mirage, no different from her real body. In less than a second, each street was filled with hundreds of her phantoms; making it impossible for one to determine the true path she has taken.

    Across the streets, the crowd felt a strong gust of wind brushing past them as Hollie dashed through.

    "What was that?!"

    Hats, cigarettes, fruits, and bags left their owners and jumped high in the air under the energy fluctuations of super speed.

    "Oh my god!"

    Many women's face flushed red with warm blood as their skirts and dresses fluttered in the air; exposing their hidden curves and gorgeous legs.

    The men were left jaw slacked at the merry sight and were so spellbound that they didn't feel the least bit of pain as the fruits and other things in the air landed on them. They just stared at the women with perverted gazes.

    "Mirage Thief!" A middle-aged mercenary standing across a fruit stall muttered in utter amazement as he saw more than hundred virtual phantoms of Hollie swept past him.

    "You mean the legendary thief that robbed an ancient scroll from World Heritage Museum?!" A woman in mid-forties asked in shock while pinning her skirt tightly.

    "Yeap!" The mercenary nodded.

    World Heritage Museum was located in the State of Avalon - the power center of the human race. It was one of the most secure places on Earth and yet Mirage Thief stole an ancient scroll. This incident has made the World Government ashamed and they placed a $100 million bounty on her.


    Hollie hummed a happy tune while running through the streets. For the world, she was running in super speed, but as far as she was concerned, she was simply walking.

    From her perspective, everything in the world was taking place at the pace of a tortoise. She saw everything in slow motion with no confusion at all.

    Hollie continued to hum merrily while looking at the silver bracelet in her hand. She could have easily stolen without doing what she did but she wanted her victim to remember this day for more than one reason. He was cute and handsome so she didn't mind going to such an extent.

    Hollie was absentmindedly rushing through a street when she heard a sharp whistling sound behind her. Surprised, she turned her head to look back.

    A stream of golden light was catching up with explosive speed. In the stream of light, she could make out her victim who appeared to be amused as he chased after her.

    "No way!" Hollie refused to believe her eyes.

    "Hey, gorgeous," Kiba called out with a playful smile. "I need to experience those pillow for some more time to give a honest review."
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