275 Three Dark Stars

    The street was filled with a sea of people belonging to various ethnicity and colors. On the surrounding, there were shops and stalls of different sizes.

    Hollie speeded through the crowd without making the least bit of physical contact with anyone. The crowd was shocked out of their wits as they saw virtual phantoms passing through along with a strong gust of wind that swept away their items into the air.

    Hollie herself was surprised though for a different reason. She saw Kiba chasing after her without sweating the least bit. Her current speed was not really fast from her own standard so she was not worried.

    She was startled but not shocked and fully confident in her ability.

    "You too are blessed with enhanced hyper speed?" Hollie asked while taking a right turn and stepping into another street. She jumped through a passing cart before twisting in mid-air to avoid an obstacle after which she tapped on the ground.

    "You can say so," Kiba answered while following her from behind. He decided to ask the important question that was as important as his bracelet, "Am I going to feel those soft pillows of your breasts again to give a detailed review?"

    Hollie blushed a little by the question. She has thought she was thick-skinned with her earlier actions and words but now she felt her supposed victim was even more thick-skinned than her.

    "If you can catch me then I might think about your request," Hollie replied with another wink.

    Her lips curled up in a smirk and she increased her pace a little bit. A little bit by her standard increased her current speed by twice which terrified everyone on the street.


    The tiles on the street cracked and shattered into little fragments as she rushed ahead. The stalls and shops in the vicinity turned upside down under the resulting speed fluctuations.

    The passersby were sent rolling high into the air. Men and women alike were frightened into embarrassment as they felt their clothes being shredded into pieces.

    "My Grade II armor!"

    "Fuck your armor! My designer dress is torn! I spent a fortune to buy it and that too on a discount!"

    "Designer dress your sister! Clothes are clothes, designer or not!"

    By the time the crowd crashed back on the ground, they were naked and left with nothing. They quickly closed their thighs while trying to hide their private parts by crossing their arms.

    "God! What just passed us? Was it a damn tornado?!"

    Hollie's steps were so fast that they didn't even create afterimages any more. All she left behind was erupting speed waves that created mayhem on the surrounding.

    Kiba was stunned by her explosive movements. He didn't think she could accelerate her speed to such extent but he obviously realized he was wrong.

    His body flickered and he disappeared in a series of blurs as he chased after her. He had no trouble in avoiding contact with the passersby or the obstacles in the path. While his senses didn't make him perceive everything in slow motion like Hollie, his psychic force activated his clairvoyance ability to help him see things clearly.

    This time Hollie was truly startled. He was catching up to her despite her accelerated agility.

    "Sighs~ Working as a breast reviewer is a hard job," Kiba said as he stepped beside her. "So many efforts to help a woman evaluate the worth of her soft pillows.

    ".............." Hollie felt warm blood flushing her cheeks bright crimson. She noted her victim was far more shameless than she thought was possible.

    Kiba closed into her in the next moment much to her amazement. He stretched out his right hand to retrieve the bracelet from her.

    Hollie's eyes flashed a bright glow. She decided to take things seriously somewhat and increased her speed further.

    Just then, a sharp screeching sound reverberated through the sky and Kiba raised his head to notice the source. Around twenty attack drones were rushing towards him and Hollie from all directions.

    Kiba obviously remembered the rules of The Fair. When he first arrived in The Fair through the metallic sensor gates, he got a digital card which served as his identity card. On the back of the card, the rules of The Fair were written in bold text.

    No conflicts were allowed within The Fair. The drones were here to ensure the rules were followed and offenders were punished.

    Kiba wondered if mutant guards were also arriving to catch them. He inwardly complained of so many complications despite no fault of his.

    As a precaution, ever since the chase began, his body was flickering with strong vibrations so that no camera lens could capture his image. He wanted to avoid troubles if it was possible and enjoy his time here.

    The drones split up to tackle the offenders. Five drones in the front shot out red laser beams which transformed into energy blasts by the time they crashed down.

    Hollie jumped off from the street high into the air, all while avoiding energy blasts effortlessly. She landed on the roof of a shop when another droid targetted her.

    "So slow," Hollie traversed through walls by the time the attack landed on the roof.

    Her reflexes were countless times faster than a bullet and she effectively dodged the incoming attacks. With her fast speed, she easily leaped from one shop to another before running on the walls.

    She stepped back on the ground and started rotating her arms in circular motions. Powerful winds generated through her rapid arm movements that instantly transformed into two horizontal columns of vortex.

    The powerful sucking force from the vortex engulfed five drones into them. Like boats caught in a chaotic storm, the drones disintegrated into pieces of metals.

    A droid marked Kiba's energy signals and blasted out a net. The net rushed at him like a bolt of thunder, enveloped with streams of current. The coordinates programmed into the net helped it avoid crashing on the obstacles and people in the crowd.

    The air was filled with a sharp buzzing sound as the net caught up to him. The net quickly opened up to enwrap his body.

    Just then, his body disappeared into orbs of white light. The net entangled and crashed on the ground below.

    Kiba appeared right above the droid that launched the net on him. He tapped a finger on the droid and clusters of light emitted from his fingertip.

    A wild force rampaged through the drone and it exploded into minuscule particles.

    At the same, in the sky, three drones struck him from behind with energy blasts and poisonous bolts.  From the front, two droids launched more nets on him after marking his body.

    Kiba floated in the sky and stretched both his arms out. Destructive golden force emitted out of his palms like tidal waves and slammed right into the incoming attacks.

    The attacks obliterated in less than a moment but the destructive force showed no sign of stopping. It moved further and enveloped the drones, destroying them.

    Kiba looked down and noticed Hollie has already created a gap of more than a mile. He closed his eyes and teleported from his location while ignoring the droids that were catching up.

    Hollie let out a small chuckle after not sensing her victim. Her speed was fast but she was far from her best speed. She didn't see the need of going all out for the present situation.


    She resumed humming the melodious tune from before. As she speeded ahead through an alley, she suddenly crashed onto a body much to her shock.

    Hollie stopped in her track and looked at her victim in disbelief.

    He has caught up with her?!

    Hollie's senses were faster than ordinary mutants but even she was caught off-guard as he retrieved the silver bracelet from her hand.

    "Sorry, gorgeous," Kiba said as he clad the bracelet back it on his right wrist. "But I really need to have it with me. Trust me, it is for your own good."

    Kiba covered the bracelet with the sleeve of his white shirt before looking at her again. His powers haven't made him lose rationality from a long while but he didn't want to take any chances. He was sure if he truly lost control here then no one would be able to stop him from carrying out bloodshed. But having this bracelet along with the ring Claudia gave him would help him in avoid this worst-case scenario.

    Hollie didn't reply but moved to take the bracelet. Her agility was hypersonic but Kiba easily stepped to a side and avoided her hand. The

    He retaliated and pressed his right hand on her wrist while holding her other arm with his left. Hollie wasn't worried and her lips sported a teasing smile. Her body started oscillating into natural vibrations resonating with his.

    The next moment, much to his surprise, her body passed right through him and she escaped from his clutches.

    From the physical contact with her, retrieving the bracelet, and her subsequent escape, everything took place in a matter of milliseconds.

    "You are not bad," Hollie said in praise. "But so far I was being very slow so let's see if you are good enough when I increase my speed."

    "We can check that later on," Kiba replied as he fought her in lightning-fast movements. "But first let me feel those soft pillows like you promised so that I can give you a review."

    "....." Hollie was left speechless as during the fight he shoved his face right into her cleavage. As she moved her arms to push him, his hands were even faster and he pressed her boobs tightly on either side of his face.

    Her soft flesh gave him a heavenly pleasurable sensation as it wrapped on his face. Her yellow dress didn't obstruct his joy the least bit.

    Hollie gritted her teeth at his shameless actions. Her speed amplified a hundred folds and she pushed him out.

    "I will give you a B+," Kiba gave his evaluation of her tits. "They are great of course but for giving a higher grade I need to feel them without any obstruction and compare them with those I have felt before."

    He darted to a side to evade a vacuum vortex created by Hollie.

    "Why such drastic actions?" Kiba asked while dodging more of her attacks.

    Hollie didn't respond for she has no answer. It was her who started this pillow review episode and now she was suffering loss.

    She has enjoyed teasing him due to his cute and handsome features but now she knew a face was no way of knowing the true character of a person.

    "Hmm?" Kiba looked past Hollie and noticed three figures catching up to them. They were clad in dark robes marked with five stars.

    The surrounded Kiba and Hollie from three sides, leaving no point of escape. Their eyes concentrated on Kiba and Hollie with stern vision.

    "I feel honored to be welcomed by three of Five Dark Stars," Kiba said with a nonchalant expression. "I couldn't have asked for a better welcome on my first day."

    While The Fair was jointly organized by many influential organizations, in effect, it was run by a group of five known as Five Dark Stars. Kiba has read about them in the file Ashlyn shared with him a while ago.

    The Three Dark Stars were surprised by his calm behavior. They ignored his words and while they were thinking of responding, they felt a breeze sweeping from the sky.

    They raised their heads and noticed a stream of blue light crashing down like a meteorite. It was Ashlyn and she landed next to Kiba.

    "Apologies for the delay," Ashlyn said without any emotions.  Kiba smiled in response and acknowledge her presence with a nod.

    The Three Dark Stars pretend to ignore Ashlyn's existence and brought their vision back on Kiba and Hollie.

    "You two have created chaos and broken the law of the land," A white-haired middle-aged man named Konnor Gardner said. He has a knife scar diagonally stretching from forehead to his face.  His body was well-built, his muscles showing through his robe.

    "Surrender and accept your punishment," A female in early fifties named Anamarie said in a hoarse voice. "We would be lenient."

    Her hairs were a mixture of white and brown. Her skin was sickly pale and covered with brown spots.

    The third person in rob was a youth with short black hair. He has a red dragon tattoo on his left cheek that flashed with viciousness. He was named Mendel Stoke and he continued from where his female companion left, "Or you will be exterminated here without any mercy."

    "Nice choices," Kiba said with an amused expression. "I choose neither of them since I didn't broke any law."

    In the meantime, Hollie creased her brows tightly while looking around. Her body was flickering with speed fluctuations as if she was ready to escape any second.

    "Gorgeous, stop acting as if you are in danger from them," Kiba said while letting out a yawn. "We both know you are in cahoots with them so no need to pretend any longer."
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