277 Myiesha Noach

    Garrick Angel Inn.

    The giant, 8 feet man walked alongside the woman in white and took seats around a table in the dining room. The man's tattoos on his overly muscular arms and neck stood out and gave him a menacing appearance. His bald head shined under the lights from the ceiling as he asked the fifteen-years-old waitress for a menu.

    The waitress named Isabel hurriedly passed the menu from her trembling hands. Her entire body was soaked with sweat but she tried her best to not faint. She truly dreaded this man the most in the world even though he has never been violent or verbally abusive towards her.

    She passed a quick glance towards the woman who was covered in a white garment from head to toe. Her face was covered with a thin veil and Isabel could visualize the gorgeous face thanks to the short distance between them. She was a beauty with charming olive skin, sensuous red lips, red hair, phoenix eyes, a short but cute nose, and soft cheeks. Her soft, smooth feet were clad in black strapped sandals.

    Isabelle found it hard to believe such an alluring woman was in her early twenties.

    "Myiesha Noach from The Five Dark Stars!" Isabelle thought with both admiration and fear. She then took a quick glance at Myeisha's male companion, and her heart instantly tensed. " Harith Noach from The Five Dark Stars!"

    She trembled as she observed the metallic chains wrapped his knuckles and that that emitted a murderous presence. She has witnessed those chains in action and the gore that followed.

    At the same time, across a table in the corner, Kiba and Ashlyn were having their meal. They were the only ones who had an appetite for the other patrons in the dining have stopped eating. They were just sitting with their heads bowed; not daring to make a single noise.

    Kiba placed the noddle and soup bowls in front of him. He took chopsticks to stuff noodles in his mouth while silently checking out Myiesha. She was sitting in the opposite direction so he could only see her back but for him, this was no problem if he wanted to.

    He wasn't trying to be a pervert but he felt it was his duty to admire beauty blessed by nature with firmly rounded buttocks and tantalizing long legs wrapped by silky garment.

    At times like this, if Kiba wanted, he could use the enhanced vision and clairvoyance ability to see everything he wanted. The combined might of the two abilities offered him X-Ray, telescope, electromagnetic and microscope visions.

    If he tried, he could see the well-shaped and smooth ass swallowed the slender thread of her white thong between toned cheeks.

    In front, she has a small mound of neatly trimmed fuzzy hair around her pussy, covering a slash of crimson.

    Her breasts were covered by a matching bra that hid her ample and delightful assets - firm, nipples pointing out. She has a smooth, sculpted plain, flat belly that fully matched her hourglass figure and enhanced her beauty.

    Sadly, he didn't check out her gorgeous features through his ability. He was too much of a good guy to do such a thing. No, that would be a lie. He didn't did use his powers since he believed in surprises. He wanted to 'unwarp' his gift rather than directly know the content.

    Kiba lowered his head to take a sip from the creamy red soup. He was discreet in his duty and he understood the need for it since he didn't know the identities of the man and woman.

    In his professional life as a Wife Thief and Rake, he has comprehended a few iron-clad concepts that increased his chances for success.

    One of the basic and obvious steps was to know the opponent. Only then could a plan for happiness be created. This was the same when he seduced Sarah to cuckold Daniel and punish them for their role in the news scandal. Back then, Natalie has made a file on the likes and dislikes of Sarah. This also included kinds of stuff such as music preference, favorite food, colors, movies, and so on.

    The combined use of likes and dislikes could help in creating an ambient environment that could lower the guards of the opponent. In psychology, there are hundreds of research pieces which have proved how obvious, mundane things could create effects similar to intoxicants in the right environment.

    Yes, facial features, beauty, and money played a major role in easy seduction but they were no 100% guarantee to get in bed.

    A good seducer only uses his/her beauty as an additional charm...

    "Ah!" Kiba mistakenly sipped the hot soup in one go which woke him from his not-so-good thoughts. He couldn't help but berate himself.

    "Why the hell am I always forgetting the true reason I came to this bloody forest?" Kiba asked himself. He chided his convictions that would shatter at the sight of a beautiful woman and make him an animal in heat.

    Kiba wondered just how Claudia would react if the signals were not blocked. He was sure she would make some sarcastic and witty remarks about his responsibilities.

    As he thought of this, he suddenly started missed his home and Felicity.

    "I guess I'm still a human," Kiba mused with a smile at his sudden emotions.

    He looked forward to the opening of the core region so that he could complete his true mission and return home.

    As he munched on his food, he gave a deep thought on why he wanted to return soon. There was Felicity obviously since her cure depended on him. Then there was Miss Delta Pagent where he has to serve as one of the judges.

    But when he truly thought further, he surprisingly realized he wanted to return so that he would be present when his daughter would be born.

    This startled him since her birth frightened him to a large extent. It won't be wrong to say he was truly scared about his future when she would come in his life.

    The fear was due to his worry whether he was even ready to be a father given his dreams, personality, and nature. Then there was his troubled upbringing as he has mostly lived on his own without any support from his birth parents.

    He was far from the textbook example of a man who could be an ideal father.

    "Haah~ Why am I thinking this now?" Kiba shook his head. "There are still three months for her to be born so there is more than enough time given I plan to leave in six weeks regardless if I succeed here or not. As for being an ideal father... like Agatha once said, idealism is overrated."

    Kiba cleared his thoughts and concentrated on the task at hand. He ate his meal while checking out Myiesha from time to time without leaving any clues. He wasn't checking her figure but trying to read her body language.


    Just then, a loud bang sound came from the entrance of the dining room. Everyone's eyes moved on the entrance and saw a young man stepping after destroying the door with a kick.

    The young man was barely twenty. His face was flushed and he was reeking of alcohol.

    "Master Fitz, please don't," an old man rushed behind him. "You are drunk."

    "So what?" Fitz asked with a cruel smirk.

    The old man opened his mouth to speak but didn't know what to say. If he told him that he might be courting death then he would get offended and kill him. On the other hand, if he didn't say anything, his young master might be killed for acting arrogant in a place where he might lack the strength. This would definitely make the family clan angry and the old man would be killed as a punishment. No matter how he thought, he was in a crisis.

    Fitz ignored the old man and walked towards the counter where the waitress - Isabel- was taking a plate of dishes filled with a fresh meal. His eyes flashed with sinisterness and he moved his hand to grab her butt.

    Isabel felt the presence behind, and in shock, she turns around before his hand could touch her. The sudden move made the plate fall.

    The hot dishes sprinkled on Fitz as they fell down and his eyes burned with fury. His entire coat and pant were stained with gravy, vegetables and meat.

    "You bitch!" Fitz raised his hand and chaotic air mass the size of a ball appeared on his hand. In less than a second, after absorbing the free energy in the area, the air mass turned into a volatile construct resembling a flash bomb. The fluctuations were strong enough to blast the entire inn, much less a woman, but in anger under the influence of alcohol, Fitz didn't think much.

    Without any hesitation, he pushed the explosive air mass into Isabel.

    "You are being noisy," A soft voice ringed inside the room. The very same moment, Myiesha's hand appeared in front of Isabel's chest.

    She grabbed the incoming volatile energy bomb and clenched it tightly. Under the disbelief eyes of Fitz, the explosive energy inside the energy bomb deconstructed on the molecular level. The energy molecules were like droplets of nutrition that seeped directly inside her hand.

    "Energy absorption?" Fitz wondered aloud. He was not sure in his guess but he thought he was close.

    The old man behind was shocked out of his wits. It was not due to her meager display of strength but her dress. He realized her identity and he cursed inside his heart. He knew he was screwed and so was his master.

    "What **ty luck!" The old man wanted to weep but thanks to his fear, even tears won't drip down. "Why do I have to serve a braindead master who courts death from someone at top of the food chain! Oh god! Couldn't he have just engaged with those prostitutes on the streets?! I'm too old to handle such a dimwit!"

    The old man took a deep breath and said, "Lady, please forgive my master. He was not thinking straight---"

    Fitz was incensed at the slight by his servant and he directly cut him in between, "Shut up old fart! There is nothing to apologize to this bitch in white!"

    The old man collapsed on the floor in deep dread. He instantly regretted the day he took the job of being a servant due to his greed.

    Everyone inside the dining room felt cold sweat drip down from their brows. Their body started shaking while their hearts skipped beats.

    If you are going to court death, then court, but not here! We have no interest in dying alongside you!

    "Saying he chose his words poorly would be an understatement," Kiba thought with a smile. He mused the identity of Fitz for him to be so brazen in the inn.

    "Young master, quickly apologise!" The old man requested quickly as he noticed Myiesha stretching her hand.

    "Damn you, old fart! Those of noble blood from Moran Family never apologize!" Fitz declared when he too noticed Myeisha's actions.

    She made a gentle motion through her finger and a pulse of energy swept out. The kinetic movement of molecules around Fitz accelerated and he felt a devouring force as if it was from the abyss of hell.

    Every cell in his body stretched out like rubber and even before Fitz could make a noise, his body exploded into infinite pieces as if he was a frail glass.

    There was no blood or gore, in fact, there was no physical presence one could denote. His body was now just molecules dispersed in air.

    Myiesha turned towards the old man.

    "Since you requested me, I decided to be merciful and spare his life," Myiesha said while lowering her hand. "You can take him back with you."

    The old man's jaw dropped to the ground while his eyes turned as wide as saucers.

    Take young master back but how?! He was damn molecules!!

    For a moment, the old man thought of asking if anyone here has a magical lamp but then remembered his master was not a genie.

    "Interesting woman," Kiba thought with a smile.
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