278 Brazen And Bold

    Inside the dining lodge, the old servant of Fitz helplessly looked at the empty air in front of him.

    He wondered if his master was still here or has he dispersed in the air given he was nothing more than molecules.

    Was it even possible for someone to live after deconstructing on a molecular level?

    The old man was curious but not curious enough to volunteer and experience what his master was facing.

    "Gods must have been in a **ty mood while writing my fate," The old man named Waldo Woods bitterly thought.

    He knew how the aristocrat family of Moran clan functioned. They followed the ancient practice of sacrificing servants after their master's death so that they could serve them in the afterlife.

    "Fucking bastard!" Waldo cursed the founder of Moran clan - one of the Nine Sovereigns - for starting such practice.

    Just who believed in stuff like afterlife in the era of science and technology.

    Waldo rose to his feet while pitying himself. He wished he could go back in time and stop his younger self from taking the job of serving an insolent, good-for-nothing kid.

    Waldo took a deep breath before glancing at Myiesha who was looking at him after she completed her words. Waldo tragically realized what she might want to hear and it made his teeth ache.

    "Thank you for sparing my master's life," Waldo made a deep bow. "I'm grateful that you showed mercy on my request."

    Myiesha nodded her head and returned back to her table to join Harith Notch.

    Waldo was internally shedding bitter tears.  He was sure the members of the Moran clan would not look kindly at his request and the outcome that it resulted in.

    But then again, Waldo knew he couldn't fault them. There was not even a corpse so how was the family to show their respects and perform last rites?!

    Sadly, poor Waldo didn't know a way to preserve dissipated molecules and store them in a coffin.

    "Every cloud has a silver lining... Just where is that silver lining?!" Waldo prayed for his soul.

    Unknown to him, gods weren't done with him and they have a role for him in upcoming events.

    Meanwhile, Isabelle cleared the food stains on the floor. Earlier, she was frightened and worried but since Myeisha protected her from the attack, she was sure her life was safe. No one in The Fair would dare to harm her. The laws were strictly implemented and now that Myeisha has taken action, she was even more sure of her safety.

    "Lady Myeisha, thank you," Isabelle quickly expressed her gratitude and turned around. She didn't dare say much due to her unconscious fear of Harith.

    Kiba observed everything with a thoughtful expression.

    "As per the rules, killing is punishable by execution unless it is for defense," Kiba tried to judge Myeisha's identity based on what he has observed. "She basically killed that young man but no one made a commotion. Only those at the top of the food chain would enjoy such authority and influence... She must be one of The Five Dark Stars."

    He wondered if she has any role in Mirage Thief trying to steal his bracelet. Not like he cared much but it was always good to know who is an enemy. The reason he didn't care much was rather simple: everyone would turn into a foe as soon as the core region opens up. There might be partnerships and alliances but everyone would be thinking about themselves.

    The Fair and the Guardian Spirit Village were the best places to know about future competitors. It was smart to have some basic information no matter how strong one is.

    Years ago, Castor Damon committed his biggest blunder by underestimating Zed as nothing but a slum insect. Castor Damon was justified in his assumption due to his personal strength and knowledge but he overlooked the roles wits could play. He forgot an insect would wreck an entire field and create a famine.

    This mistake cost him a lot more then he could ever imagine.

    Kiba recalled George Santayana's famous words he learned back in Royal Heart Academy.

    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them."

    He didn't want to repeat Castor Damon's mistake.

    Kiba was powerful and he was no longer the weak and poor Zed from the slums, but this was also his greatest weakness.

    The increased strength made it possible for him to have money, comfort, luxury, women, and everything else he desired. This, in turn, naturally made him confident, arrogant, and in effect, nullify the precious experience of living as Zed.

    To be honest, Kiba didn't even realize how much he has changed. And why would he? After all, the changes were natural and in sync with normal human psychology.

    He might not be aware but Claudia was fully aware. She was created a month after the events at BSE79 and has observed how he changed from a survivalist to the man he was now.

    Claudia never tried to stop his changes. She knew they were natural and even well-deserved after the life he has lived.

    Sometimes, Claudia thought her master knew from the start that he might change from a man who always prepares for the worst to a man without any care in the world. She believed this was the reason he created her: to make up for what he would lose in the transformation.


    Myiesha Noach and Harith Noach left the dining just as quickly as they arrived. Their meals were short with no conversation and after they left, everyone in the hall sighed in relief.

    "I thought I was going to die!" A middle-aged woman cleared the sweat from her face.

    "Same! I was sure Fitz would take us with him when he offended Lady Myiesha!"

    "We were lucky Harith was not alone! Remember what happened last time when that mercenary from Asinu City glanced at Myiesha?!"

    "Obviously I do! He gorged his eyes out! That scene is forever engraved in my heart!"

    The speaker recalled a giant man pushing his fingers in the eyes of a poor mercenary. He further remembered how the giant man then shattered his foe's head like it was a watermelon.

    "Thankfully Harith didn't take any action... I was truly afraid he would go berserk after Fitz cursed Myeisha."

    "We survived another day! Hopefully, there would be no more idiots who would dare break the laws!"

    "At last, we can resume our meal..."

    Kiba listened to the chatter for a few minutes after which he placed the wine glass down and rose to his feet. Ashlyn did the same and they left the dining hall.

    A few hours ago, they had booked two rooms on the first floor of the inn, and now they entered their respective rooms for a peaceful sleep. At least, that's what Ashlyn assumed that was the plan. Unknown to her, just after she closed her door, Kiba opened his door and left the room.

    He silently returned down and walked into the bar.

    There are few necessities in life without which a person can't live. Water, oxygen, and food were the chief necessities but for him, there was another necessity just as important.


    For many, sex was a physical relationship one could only have with those they love. His philosophy was different. He never confused lust with love and it helped him so far.

    He returned to find a companion with whom he could share his night. Bars and clubs were the best spots to find companions for casual hookups and a one-night stand. Such relationships often occurred between those who were not acquainted since it ensured no strings part was fulfilled. After all, having a one-night stand with an acquaintance or a friend might lead to complications including on emotional level. Bars and nightclubs were filled with people from all around and one has the chance to find a man/woman based on mutual interest to enjoy a truly good night.

    At least, that was true in the city he lived in. He prayed such treasured culture has spread in all parts of the world. If not, he would need to use his brains to scheme and seduce. Something he wanted to avoid since he didn't plan to have an affair so the troubles of scheming were not worth the benefit.

    He did have a good reason to believe casual hookups were possible here. In the forest, everyone was at the edge due to the dangers. They had no time for relaxation or to relieve their stress through sexual means. The safety of the inn offered both time and means for comfort. And nothing was more relaxing than the arms of the opposite gender.

    Kiba carefully scrutinized the area to observe potential companion. The bar was an oval-shaped bar with stools all around. Most of them were occupied with a group of two or more. Every occupant was dressed luxuriously making it hard to believe they were actually in a forest.

    There were three bartenders who were quickly completing their orders. On the glass compartment behind, lavish drinks of various varieties were visible. There was serene music in the background which elevated the sense.

    It wouldn't be wrong to say the bar was heaven in a place like Desolate Blood Forest.

    Kiba was interested in heaven but his idea of heaven included more than alcohol. He first noticed a girl in early twenties drinking alone. She looked sad and her eyes were filled with tears.

    "She either lost someone or someone broke her heart," Kiba thought before letting out a sigh. He decided to ignore her despite the ease he might have due to her emotional troubles. It might not be difficult to get her in bed if he used her emotions to his benefit and offered her a shoulder to cry. But he felt that would just ruin her further when she regains composure. She has done no wrong to him so he has no wish to take advantage of her. At least, not when she was down and emotionally tangled.

    Kiba shook his head before noticing another woman. She was in the early thirties and dressed in a red maxi. She has diamond earrings which glittered brightly in the bar.

    He detected a sense of nervousness from her. She was drinking from her glass but her hands were trembling.

    "That's a type I must avoid," Kiba sighed in disappointment. "My luck can't be that bad."

    He continued to look around without any hurry while walking inside. The night was his and he intended to take a companion to his room.

    His eyes flashed as he noticed a woman on a stool near the end. She has a glass of vodka in her hand which was still full to its limit. She was relaxed and from her body language, it didn't seem she was waiting for an acquaintance to show up. The gazes she put out from time to time did make her intention a bit clear.

    The woman appeared to be in either the late thirties or early forties with chocolate cherry hair and ivory skin tone. She was clad in a black cocktail dress which perfectly showcased her gorgeous curves. On her earlobes, there were white star-shaped earrings which offered an extraordinary sparkle due to red runes in between.

    Kiba was sure he has seen similar star-shape inscriptions before but for now, he ignored this thought.

    She was slim with ample breasts and a firm, tight ass that left little space on the stool she was seating. Her eyes were the same color as her hair - chocolate cherry. Her lips were covered with thin red lipstick that glimmered her beauty.

    Kiba sat on a stool next to her. He ordered a glass of whiskey he has no interest in drinking but he ordered nevertheless.

    "Are you not going to make a conversation now that you have taken a seat?" The woman asked, startling him.

    Kiba was caught off-guard but he didn't show it on his face. With a smile, he turned towards her, and said, "I was thinking of topics for conversation."

    "And have you found one?" The woman asked with a faint smile. She took a sip from her glass while checking his handsome face out.

    "Oh yes," Kiba nodded firmly. "I have... A great topic, if I may say it myself."

    "Do tell," The woman said with some interest. "I'm curious."

    She has experienced a lot in her life thanks to both short and long relationships she had. This experiences helped her in understanding men better, at least to a far better extent compared to when she was in her twenties. Earlier, she might be deceived by any random, good-for-nothing pussyhound but not now.

    "Words are like magic," The woman thought.

    A good set of words in the form of conversation or dialogue can work as a hypnotism medium and help one in achieving what one desire. This has been done by politicians, news anchor, game hosts, and so on. A sly tongue was far more useful than muscular strength that might not achieve the same efforts.

    The years of experience gave her pretty good ideas on conversation men try to use to make a woman open her legs.

    Flattery on appearance and stupid short tales of romance were the most obvious choices; something she was really tired of. She swore she would slap the next man who would give compliments on her beauty.

    Couldn't men be original and think of something unique to get them in bed?!

    Then there were men who would try to play hunk. They would both openly and subtly speak tales of their bravado. In many cases, such man would use others to spread their hunk image in order to make a woman feel he was the one she must truly spend her night with. They would be drunk on their handsome facial features, body, strength, wealth, and so on. She truly disliked this category of men for they believed themselves as god's gift to women.

    Then there were even men who would try little scheming by not-so-obvious use of jealousy and misunderstandings. Such types of schemes were played by provoking negative sentiments to make a woman agree to spread her legs. This category of men was hard to avoid if they know about the woman from before.

    And then at the last category were the useless men who lacked any real skills. They would use the help of **** drugs and alcohol to lower inhibitions.

    No matter which type of men, the woman never liked a man who only cared about his own pleasure and not his partner's. She believed sex should be enjoyable for both parties and last long for both to climax. This made her dislike men who were 'faster than a bullet'.

    "Before we discuss the topic you have found," The woman said after placing the glass down. "Let me introduce myself - My name is Denisa. I believe other details can wait for the future."

    "I agree," Kiba said with a nod. "My name is Kiba."

    "A strange name," Denisa said while focusing on his mesmerizing eyes. "So what is the topic we should discuss?"

    "Which side of the bed you will sleep on," Kiba said, his spellbinding eyes concentrated on hers.

    "What!?" Denisa was surprised.

    She was expecting flattery or even conversations on the core region or the auction. Many men used such hot topics to sound interesting and intelligent. She believed such men fail to realize a bar was not the right place to prove intelligence. If a woman wanted a smart man for a casual hookup, she would try a library.

    Denisa definitely didn't expect Kiba to start his conversation with this.

    "We should also discuss what is a strict no for you," Kiba continued further. His eyes moved on her cleavage before moving further down. "And what you truly like."

    His eyes were like of a predator admiring his prey; full of lust.

    Denisa was stunned by his bold act. In her life, she has rarely met this type of men.

    "The cocky ones! The ones who are confident in their skin due to experience and ability!" Denisa's lips curved up into a smile as she thought in her heart.

    "What makes you believe I want to sleep with you?" Denisa curiously asked.

    "The same reason you assumed I want to sleep with you," Kiba answered in a relaxed voice. "To get your rocks off."

    "Aha~ You men have a wild imagination," Denisa sipped the entire glass before continuing. "But are you up and ready for the task?"

    Kiba rose to his feet and offered her a hand, "Only one way to know for sure."

    "Brazen and bold," Denisa mused as she looked into him. She nodded and gave her his hand after which he guided her into his place.

    His lodge has two rooms and a bath. He quickly opened the entrance and by the time they entered the drawing-room, they have discarded their shoes.

    They were far too impatient to cover the distance of bedroom.

    Kiba pinned her against the wall adjacent to the fireplace. His body was closed into hers and he pulled her face for a kiss.

    He implanted his mouth over her full red lips and experienced warmth and passion no weaker than his own. His hands wandered over her smooth, round ass cheeks. He caressed them through the silky cocktail dress that offered little resistance to his advances.

    Diane responded to his actions in a hurry. Her tongue flicked out of her lips and explored his mouth. Their tongues lashed and curled around each other; the aroma and taste of alcohol mixing in their bodies...
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