279 Denisa

    Garrick Angel Inn.

    Room No. 121.

    The wood logs in the fireplace burned brightly into red flames, spreading heat across the room. Adjacent to a nearby wall, Denisa was pinned against the hard surface but she felt no discomfort.

    She has wrapped her arms around Kiba's neck as they kissed with a fiery passion. They savored the kiss for a long time before he nipped her lower lip with his teeth. She responded by running the tip of her tongue across his upper lip before sucking his lower lip between hers. She felt his tongue touching hers and a tremor of ecstasy ran through her brain.

    He devoured her mouth greedily by pushing his tongue as far into her as he could. Their tongues danced in a battle of lust and they tangled with the flavor of each other.

    The taste of alcohol in her mouth and the perfume of her body served as the best aphrodisiac he could ever consume. Her breasts were pressing tightly against his chest as he caressed her butt cheeks.

    He cupped them more tightly to push her further into him. He then gave them a firm squeeze before sliding his hands up her smooth back to undress her.

    Their kiss finally broke and she removed her tongue from his mouth. A chain of saliva parted from her rosy lips as her mouth parted from his.

    Denisa looked at him with admiration. She felt he certainly was an expert in at least kissing. If he was even half as good in other things then the night would definitely be fun for her.

    Kiba slipped his fingers of each hand under her straps. He then slowly moved the straps to the edges of her shoulders.

    The white untanned flesh of her firm, round breasts came in sight.

    "No bra?" Kiba was amazed by the milky flesh in front of him. "You are a hell of a tempting woman."

    His hands gripped her breasts to caress the soft flesh. He first kissed her on the neck and continued to kiss down as he arrived on the soft pillows of her cleavage.

    The touches of his lips on her flesh were short and gentle like the passing breeze; making the short hairs to stand up.

    He planted his face between her breasts and enjoyed the gentle caressing. She cupped her tits and pressed them against either side of his face, allowing him to enjoy the sensuous feeling.

    His hands were not free for they were fully concentrated on kneading her nipples. His fingers closed around her nipples and his fingernails dug right into the puckered flesh.

    A low moan came from her red lips and she gripped his head to play with his hair. A thundering sensation then ran through her spine along with the pain from his rough kneading.

    His mouth moved on her right breast to suck and caress. He licked her nipple while she gasped and groaned. He was like a greedy child at the sight of her breasts. He sucked one nipple after another between his lips, sending another chill down her spine.

    Her hands ruffled his hair and she leaned her head up.

    "You truly know your job!" Denisa muttered between her gasps. "Just continue like this and I promise you a terrific night!"

    Kiba didn't stop and he fondled her breasts as he wished while sucking on her hard, chocolaty nipples. His caressing was sometimes soft and sometimes rough, making her hard to expect, and in turn, increasing her pleasure from the unexpected nature of his touches.

    Densia's face and neck were flushed red from arousal.  The musky scent of her womanhood filled the air.

    Kiba's right hand moved down between her legs. Her pussy was wrapped by a black thong and he gently tugged it down, exposing the neatly trimmed bush and the slash of crimson.

    His lips continued to enjoy the soft flesh of her breasts while he ran his fingers over her moist slit. He massaged the edges of her labia.

    Her breathing turned heavy and she moaned loudly in arousal as he pushed a finger inside her warm and moist pussy. His finger moved in and out of her moist vagina like a pistol while his other finger rubbed her clit.

    "Eat me!" Denisa requested. She quickly discarded her half-open cocktail dress to help him in better access.

    Kiba's face moved down her breasts. He kissed over the flatness of her belly before sliding his tongue above her bellybutton. He rolled his tongue out to lick her bellybutton while her scents of desire entertained his senses.

    She was impatient and wanted his tongue her inside but he wanted to worship every part of her body. He continued to implant small kisses on her skin, making her tremble as he moved further down.

    She breathed in relief and expectations when his face finally moved between her thighs.

    His eyes were glued on her wet crimson slash. Her pussy lips were puffy and swollen looking from the constant teasing.

    The wet juices on her pink foldings were a sight to behold. It was something he could never tired of, He slipped his tongue on her inner thigh and moved upwards.

    Denisa let out a sigh of frustration as his tongue slipped past her pussy and licked directly on her other inner thigh.

    Eager for release, she grounded her hips to plant her pussy on his mouth. His lips brushed on her vaginal foldings and her scent of arousal seared his nostrils. He fulfilled her request and shoved his tongue out while cupping her ass cheeks tightly for support.

    "Oh god!"

    She leaned her head back as his tongue licked the cover of her slit. Her fingers ran wildly through his hairs as he began tasting her essence.

    He rolled his tongue through her vaginal foldings before arriving on her clit. His movements were a mixture of sliding his tongue deep inside her pussy to tickling her clit. She let out yelps of pleasure as he serviced her further.

    He lapped her pussy with the tip of his tongue before shoving it fully deep inside. He licked her juice while rolling his tongue in deep circular motions.

    She writhed in ecstasy as he sucked her crimson inside through his lips. His movements were gentle like the first attempts of a baby at sucking but backed by experience.

    "Ohhh yesss!"

    Convulsions of orgasms streamed out from her vagina and her entire body turned rigid. Her pussy squeezed and juiced poured out; coating his mouth with her arousal.

    She let out a scream of ecstasy before turning silent and enjoying the fading feeling of her release. Her entire body was flushed crimson and the afterglow of orgasm was clearly visible on her face.

    Kiba rose to his feet. He looked on as she took a deep intake of breath.

    "You didn't disappoint me," Denisa said with a smile.

    She pulled him for a kiss and tasted her own arousal on his lips. She felt the large bulge in his pant pressing against hers as they kissed and shared passion.

    Her hand rubbed his hardon through his pant. Her eyes flashed with surprise as she felt the length of his shaft.

    Denisa lowered her eyes and opened his zip to take out his cock. Her eyes marveled in praise as she checked his large, thick erection. His hardon throbbed and pulsing with heat in her hand.

    "Let me return the favor by giving you a b----" She didn't even get to complete her words as he lifted her up in arms.

    "You can return the favor later," Kiba said with impatience. "Now I want to ** you."

    Denisa looked at him in the eyes and once again noticed the naked lust. She understood his need and urge so she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist.

    He slowly positioned her wet entrance on the head of his cock and gently lowered her down.  He slowly slid it into her, inch after inch.

    Her slippery wet tunnel was tight but hevenly around his cock. The size of his erection made her gasp and draw breath as she shoved further in.

    He finally got it all the way in and she groaned loudly. Her head snapped back and squealed in both pleasure and pain.

    He gripped her properly before he started long but slow strokes; giving her ample of time to adapt to him. Slowly, her ass moved up and down on her own as she began enjoying him in equal amount.

    He increased his pace by every stroke and rammed into her with more force.

    "Oh **!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her lips on his for another kiss.

    He pounded faster into her and thrust inch after inch into her tight pussy. On her own, she began to squeeze and twist on his cock.

    Her boobs pressed tightly on his chest as they **ed like animals in heat. They both grunted and moaned as they reached closer to their release.

    "That's it!"

    She screamed loudly and shut her eyes close while pressing on him tightly. She shuddered and spasmed as the feeling of euphoria invaded her.

    The orgasm was like streams of current ran through; making her body entire tremble and clamp. Her toes curled up and her pussy pressed tightly against his cock.

    Kiba grunted before pumping out waves of sperms into her. He was exhausted as he pulled out of her pussy.

    Denisa unwrapped her legs from his waist and got on her feet. She was sweating and exhausted but the afterglow of sex was far stronger than she has ever experienced in her life.

    "You were definitely good," She said while looking down and noticed strings of cum dripped down from her. She was not worried about pregnancy as she was on pills.

    Kiba didn't say anything and just sat down on a sofa. The first round was over but he has no plans of ending it this soon.

    Denisa understood his intention for they were same as hers. She knew the next round would last longer and they can try more positions, unlike this time.

    She glanced at the watch and her lips formed into a smile, "We still have 7 hours for the morning."

    "Then we should use them to the fullest," Kiba responded with a smile.

    He didn't know anything about her except for her name but he actually liked her. She knew what she wanted and was not shy about it. She was also not restricted to society's orthodox views on sex and women.

    As far as he was concerned, that was the right way of life. And as for feminine virtue... Well, according to him, it was nothing but a convenient masculine invention.

    Denisa nodded after which she filled a glass with water and consumed it slowly. She wiped the sweat from her body with a towel and threw it away.

    She then slowly arrived in front of him and kneeled between his outstretched legs.

    "Let me get you ready," Denisa said while her right hand moved on his spent cock. "I know a perfect way to get you prepared in no time."

    "I'm waiting to experience the method," Kiba sat in comfort. "I have a feeling it is related to the favor you owned."

    "You are corect," Denisa stroked his cock for few seconds and it started responding to her actions. She felt it turning hard and long in her hand.

    She then leaned down to rub her lips on the head of his cock. She tasted the mixture of her juice and his cum as her lips parted to take him in.

    Her tongue slipped out to lick the head and she felt his shaft increasing further.

    "Your method is working," Kiba appreciated her hardwork and he pinned her head down to help her in completing her task. Her tongue slowly lick back and forth over tip, cleaning her juices and his cum.

    She closed her eyes and pushed his cock into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as his shaft grew further under her magical technique...
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