280 Denisa Part II

    Kiba was relaxed on the sofa. His face was that of a man in heaven and he was truly in heaven. Well, as close to heaven that was possible for a living man.

    Denisa stuck her tongue out and cleaned the precum oozing from the tip of his cock. Her manicured hand stroked the shaft slowly as she licked over the head.

    Her soft lips and tongue moved down his shaft. The sensation was magical and this was especially true when she twirled her tongue around. She both kissed and licked as she slide down his shaft. Her free hand caressed his balls while she continued to give him short strokes.

    She leaned further down and started sucking his balls. She knew her way around and there was no competition for the sweet combination of her tongue and lips.

    Kiba felt a flash of current inside him as she hummed with pleasure on his balls. She rolled the tip to send a tingling sensation after which she started licking the backside of his shaft while moving up.

    "I hope you are enjoying yourself," Denisa said with a smile. She has enjoyed the oral he gave her earlier and she believed in the concept of equal pleasure.

    Her sensuous lips parted and slipped her mouth over the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the crown of his cock before taking more of his shaft inside.

    She slid her mouth up before quickly plunging it back on his cock. Bobbing her head up, down, up, down, she gave him oral sex that was no less pleasurable than actual penetration.

    She tongued the sensitive head of his cock while he was inside her mouth. Her saliva made his shaft wet and glistening, and by now, she was sure she was ready for the next step - deep throat. She was not fully confident due to the enormous size but she loved challenges.

    Denisa wrapped her hands around his waist as his cock disappeared between her soft lips. She continued to swallow his shaft further till the head of his cock plunged down into her warm wet throat.

    She showed no sign of stopping and refused to admit defeat till she has taken him further in. Her throat constricted around his cock and she felt her vision turning blurred as her breathing turned difficult.

    She finally let go of his cock and her eyes were filled with tears as she sucked in air.

    "That was damn impressive," Kiba praised her with admiration.

    "Glad you enjoyed yourself," Denisa responded while rising on her feet. "Now, time for mutual enjoyment."

    She positioned herself on him and her hand guided his cock into her. His pulsating and throbbing head pressed against her pussy lips before entering inside.

    She wrapped her hands around his neck while she rode his cock. Her breasts followed a mesmerizing motion as her warm tunnel wrapped around his erection.

    She was in the control and it was her who decided till what depth she wanted to take him. Slowly, she increased the depths of her strokes and then the pace.

    Kiba grabbed her right breast and started sucking on her nipple while they continued to **. She moved up and down in fast, long strokes. Her head was leaned back as she enjoyed the pulsing cock inside her.

    Kiba greedily sucked on her nipples one after another. He moved his arms around her back and rose to his feet.

    Denisa didn't stop and he didn't want her to. The penetration continued as he walked into the bedroom. She quickly got out of his arms and fell on the bed with a smirk. She stretched her legs out and spread them wide in V shape to invite him.

    Kiba rubbed the head of his cock in her slit. He slowly barged inside her, inch by inch, making her squirm in pleasure. She gasped loudly as he thrust till her end in one go. His strokes were fast and powerful with no hint of gentleness.

    Denisa screamed and wriggled in ecstasy. She wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as the pace of his thrusts increased. His balls slapped against her ass as he thrust deep inside her. The smell of sex was strong in the room.

    Her breasts bounced back and forth in hypnotic rhythm as he pounded. His thrusts were so deep and strong that her entire body shook extensively.

    She closed her eyes as she reached close to her climax. In the darkness, she felt firecrackers exploding and she shuddered in orgasm. She arched back as waves of pleasures swept in every corner of her body.

    Her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock but he was nowhere near release. She was hypersensitive from her climax and his continuous thrusts amplified the ecstasy from the carnal pleasures.

    He slide his cock out of her pussy and turned her around. She bent over and crouched on all fours. He tugged her chocolate cherry hair to pull her head up just as he thrust inside her from the back.

    She moaned with every pump of his throbbing cock while her pussy twirled around him. She screamed and gasped for air as he pistoned in and out.

    Kiba cupped her breasts from behind and as he did, she trembled further. The thrusts were deeper and she was on the verge of another release.

    He kissed on her soft back and kneaded her nipples while continuing to pound her. Her fine hairs stood up as she felt a bolt of thunder coursing through her body. Her breathing turned heavier and herbeat was loud enough to sound in the room.

    She was now a writhing mass of hot orgasmic flesh as waves of pleasure scattered to her extremities.

    Kiba pressed faster as he reached close to climax. He jerked and released thick ropes of cum inside her sticky tunnel.

    Tired but happy, he collapsed on the right side of the bed. Denisa followed suit and she lied down on the bed. She fell asleep in less than a minute with an euphoric smile on her face.

    "Nothing can be as exhausting and pleasurable as a woman," Kiba murmured to himself.

    If there were gods in this world, he truly prayed to bless him with such hard work every day. Even in his sleep, he was ready to exhaust himself for the joy of others.

    He muttered his pray to any god that was willing to listen to the request of a mortal after which sleep engulfed him.

    He didn't know what he would dream tonight but he was sure it couldn't be better than what he witnessed in the day.

    The next morning.

    Kiba was awakened by a unique greeting. Denisa has his morning wood in her mouth and she gave him good service.

    "Good morning," Denisa said while bobbing up and down his cock.

    "Woman, you are going to make my other mornings terrible now that I have such a pleasurable morning," Kiba replied with a smile.

    "I'm here to impress," Denisa said as she concentrated on the task in her hand. "And so are you."

    Despite his tiredness, he was ready for another round and had a short session with her. Afterward, they decided to bath together in order to conserve water and do their bit to save environment.

    The bath started by washing each other's back. Kiba was rubbing the foam on her back when he decided her breasts needed some scrubbing. He was gently rubbing the soap on her soft pillows when she felt she should help him in washing so that they can save time. The next he knew, her hands were on his cock and rubbing his balls. The effects of their washing were different than they expected, and instead of washing their bodies, they were letting out moans of pleasure.

    Their bodies were covered in rosy foams, and as shower water sweep through them, their lips joined for a deep passionate kiss.

    Soon, the bathing turned into a long, steamy session that made them sweat again.

    They stopped an hour later after which they decided to take separate baths. They were sure if they bath together then they would remain trapped in the bathroom forever.

    The first to take bath was Denisa followed by Kiba.

    When Kiba stepped out of the bathroom, he saw her fully ready. She has donned a white robe with golden linings over a pair of white trousers.

    "She must have a spatial storage item," Kiba thought. "So she must either be very rich or very strong."

    Last night, she was clad in a black cocktail dress but her present attire was completely different. It was hard to imagine she was the same fiery woman from before.

    Her soft, flawless ivory skin sparkled despite no sign of makeup. She has no wrinkles or any sign which proved she was in her late thirties.

    Kiba checked her around as she clad boots on her feet. His eyes focused on her white star-shaped earrings upon which red runic design were engraved.

    He tried to recall where he has seen this star-shaped design before...
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