285 Events of Future Past Part III

    The room was vast with wide space available between examination chair, desk, and so on. The inbuilt air conditioner system emitted rosy air that was calming to a woman's mind.

    Annie was lying on the examination table with her legs resting on the stirrups. The end of her green gown was lifted till her stomach in order to allow easy access for the pelvic examination. This showcased her flat stomach with an elongated navel and the white panty covering the short, neatly trimmed bush.

    Annie's muscles were tensed with nervousness as she saw Dr. Kiba sitting down on a chair; right between her open thighs.

    He opened a drawer nearby and Annie noticed the frequent tools as a speculum, mirror, and so on.

    "Annie, take a deep breath," Dr. Kiba said in a soothing voice. "As I said, everything that happens here is confidential and protected by the doctor-patient privilege. So there is no reason for you to be worried."

    "I understand, Dr," Annie calmed a bit and took a long breath to relieve some of the stress.

    "Before I start the examination and subsequent treatment, there are a few questions I need to know," Dr. Kiba stretched the latex gloves on his hands to ensure they were tight.

    "Please ask, Dr," Annie said. She felt questions were obvious since she and her husband were facing troubles in conceiving a child.

    "How frequently do you and your husband engage in sexual activities?" Dr. Kiba asked the first important question. He took a digital tablet in his hands and tabbed on a note to enter the details.

    Incorporeal Kiba and Pythia: "............."

    This question was rather commonly asked by gynecologists and fertility experts but Pythia's alarms bells were ringing when Dr. Kiba asked it. She looked at Kiba and thought what type of thoughts were playing in his mind at the sight of his future-self.

    "We have not engaged in sex from last week due to our appointment," Annie answered with her face a deep shade of red. She felt embarrassed discussing her sex life in front of a male doctor, especially a deviously handsome doctor like Dr. Kiba.

    "Before the last week, we use to make love 3-4 times per week," Annie completed her answer.

    "Why? You both are in just mid-thirties and rather young so you should have a more active sex life," Dr. Kiba remarked.

    "Um...My husband does not have a large libido," Anne replied in a low voice. "And I don't feel comfortable in engaging sex with him on my own... I don't want my husband to see me as a wanton slut."

    "There is nothing wrong with seeking pleasure just because you are not a man," Dr. Kiba said in the same expert tone from before. "Our bodies are made to enjoy the climax from sex and it applies to women as well. Sadly, our society doesn't look kindly at women who enjoy sex as much as men."

    "...yes," Anne agreed. She was surprised by such an open conversation and especially his liberals views on sex.

    "Anyways, we know about your sex life with your husband," Dr. Kiba recorded her answers on his tablet. "Do you have any male lovers? If yes, how active is your sex life with them?"

    "Dr! How dare you to ask me this!" Annie was incensed. "I love my husband! I would never cheat on him!"

    "My apologies but please understand I was not doubting your character," Dr. Kiba apologized, "I only asked to get as much information as I could."

    "I understand, Dr," Annie lowered her voice. "I'm sorry for getting upset when you are just doing your job."

    "No worries," Dr. Kiba didn't take any offense. "So I know about your sex life with men but not with women."

    "....." Annie's jaw dropped. It took her a long while to gain some composure and reply, "I'm not a lesbian or bisexual!"

    "I never said that," Dr. Kiba adjusted his glasses before continuing. "I said that to break the ice but I guess I failed again."

    Annie didn't know how to reply. She felt bad for behaving so insolently when all Dr. Kiba wanted was relax her. She understood he was doing it so that she doesn't feel any discomfort in the presence of a male doctor.

    "I shall start the examination," Dr. Kiba brought his eyes on her panties. "Do you want me to remove them or you will do it?"

    "You can, Dr," Anne said. She said since her feet were on stirrups so it would be uncomfortable to get rid of her panties by own.

    Dr. Kiba agreed to her proposal; his expression the same as ever. He brought his hands on either side of her hips to tug her panties. His hands made contact with her smooth skin and she felt a current pass through her spine.

    A man who was not her husband was going to see her love spot. She didn't know why but she strangely felt both frightened and excited at the situation.

    He gently tucked down her panty past her hip bones. His fingertips made faint touches with her skin as he moved further down.

    He could feel goosebumps but he pretended to be ignorant and removed her panties after freeing her legs from stirrups. He placed her feet on stirrups after which he folded down her panties and placed it on a nearby table.

    Anne was thankful at Dr. Kiba's thoughtful actions. She was further amazed at his strict expression. There was no lust or rush of blood on his face.

    "Am I not beautiful enough?" Annie wondered in her heart. She has always seen men making passes on her to get in her pants. Yet, here her most sacred body part was exposed but Dr. Kiba showed zero interest.

    She was happy that her doctor was so strictly professional and yet, a part of her felt she was undesirable. This hurt her pride and vanity as a woman, and this feeling was enhanced further since the doctor was the most handsome man she has ever seen in her life.

    "We are starting with a sensitivity test," Dr. Kiba's fingers slowly moved from the inner of her thighs to the border of her pussy. His fingers then swept through her neat bush before sliding back on the vaginal lips.

    "Y-yes, Dr," Annie answered as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy. His movements were gentle and faint like a breeze.

    "Are you able to feel the movement of my fingers?" Dr. Kiba asked as his fingers rolled right between her pussy lips before sliding on her clit. He stroked her soft bud and the action did magic in her mind.

    "Yes!" Annie answered, rather too excitedly.

    "That's good," Dr. Kiba nodded in a professional matter. "Let's examine more carefully."

    His fingers prodded all around her pussy before ending up at her clit. She could feel the excitement building as his fingers caressed her vaginal foldings in a circular manner.

    Kiba took his other hand to part her foldings while sending a finger inside. Annie's body shuddered and she felt a tingling sensation numbing her nerves.

    He rolled his finger up before pulling it out. On his glove-covered finger, he could feel damp of wetness.

    "Hmm," Dr. Kiba repeated his motions by sending his finger quickly back and forth through her foldings. "The sensitivity is high but that's to be expected due to the one week gap. We need to check with more precision to know if it is good enough."

    Dr. Kiba rubbed the damp skin covering her entrance with one hand while his finger continued with the probe with more intensity. The wetness intensified and she clawed her nails right into the examination table.

    Her breath turned frantic as another fingertip dipped in her wetness. Her breasts moved up and down as both fingertips slide further inside.

    Annie closed her eyes. She wanted to control the excitement building inside her and not come as a slut for enjoying a medical procedure.

    "Annie, it is perfectly natural response so please relax," Dr. Kiba said as if he was able to read her thoughts. "It is similar to how a man would react if he sees a naked woman."

    The musky scent of her arousal greeted his nostrils. His tongue darted across his lips but he quickly pulled it back.

    "I understand, Dr," Annie opened her lips and relaxed again. She observed his face and saw just serious, professional concentration with no lust.

    "How can a man have so much self-control?" Annie tried to divert her attention from her lower part of her body so she thought of this. "But if he didn't have such control then he wouldn't be running this reputed clinic."

    Annie was thinking when one of his fingers rubbed tightly against her clit. She wanted to moan but she closed her lips tightly.

    She couldn't control for much longer as his fingers continue with the probe. The depth they covered was greater with more wetness.

    Just as she was about to scream, he retraced his fingers. He took back the digital tablet from a table nearby and started entering details.

    Annie didn't know if she should be grateful or frustrated. Her crimson insides were throbbing and she knew it was a result of the teasing.

    "Annie, let me ask another question if you are comfortable," Dr. Kiba looked at her for her answer.

    "Sure," Annie replied.

    "Does your husband perform oral sex on your vagina?" Dr. Kiba asked in an emotionless voice.

    Annie gulped down at the question. She thought for a bit before saying, "No, doctor. Gomez never does... I have never experienced oral sex, to be honest. My husband or my boyfriends in college never showed interest in such activity..."

    "I see," Dr. Kiba entered the details on his tablet while mumbling. "A pity."

    Incorporeal Kiba: "What a bunch of idiots! A nice, hygiene pussy deserves to be enjoyed in more than one ways!"

    Dr. Kiba placed the tablet down after which he clapped his hands. A curtain appeared above the examination table; separating the table from her navel. The curtain divided the room into two and it was long enough to cover his head from her.

    Annie was startled. Before she could ask, Dr. Kiba said, "I have realized you feel uncomfortable at my sight. So I'm covering your eyesight and as such, your nerves can calm a bit."

    "Thanks, Dr," Annie couldn't believe just how understanding the doctor was. Every action of his was for her benefit.

    "No wonder he is so popular and well-liked," Annie thought of the accolades he has received. "He got an award from Female Patients Association for his contribution to women health."

    She brought her eyes on a glass shelf some distance away. Inside the shelf, there were many awards received by this clinic. There were certificates of appreciation and special mentions in medical journals among others.

    "Rumors say he used to live in that destroyed city," Annie's thoughts were disturbed as she felt another finger probing her crimson slit.

    "Annie, I would be using other tools for the examination," Dr. Kiba's voice entered her ears.

    "Ok, Dr," Annie was comfortably lying on the table.

    Dr. Kiba removed the gloves from his hands. He shoved an index finger in her womanhood and the wetness from before damped his finger.

    He brought the finger close to his mouth and smelled. His eyes were filled with delight at the scent of arousal and he tasted it to confirm its taste.

    "Sweet, just to my liking," Dr. Kiba mumbled. He sat down on the chair between her stretched legs and brought his mouth close to her pussy.

    He swept his tongue out and gently flickered on the slit. He took a slow, long lick from below the clit to the end of her pussy. He then licked her on the other side while rolling the tip of his tongue in between to give an extra-strong lick. As his tongue started round two, he tucked the foldings between his lips and sucked on them.

    He continued this for a few minutes before parting her vaginal lips and licking the wet crimson. His actions were a mix of licking, sucking and finger probing.

    Allie felt her breathing turn heavy. The goosebumps on the back of her neck were standing in delight and an ecstatic current passed through her spine.

    "Just what tool he is using?!" Annie has experienced various tools in her pelvic examination with other doctors but none of them felt like this.

    Her body was turning wild as she experienced a sensation she has never experienced before. She wanted to jump and scream but she stopped herself.

    A few minutes later, Dr. Kiba rose to his feet.

    "Annie, your vagina is really tight as per bimanual exam and other tests," Dr. Kiba informed her. "As per my data, the sperms could not fuse with your eggs since most of your vagina is unexplored. So we need to loosen your tight vagina a bit."

    Incorporeal Kiba: "..............."

    Pythia: "What type of medical science is this?!"

    "Loosen? How, Dr?" Annie recalled the gossips among her friends. They would often discuss the size of their husbands and as such, she knew her husband was about average with 6 inches. So she knew she was tight but neer thought so tight that it would interfere with conceiving.

    "Please relax, it is not necessary and it was just a suggestion," Dr. Kiba said in a soothing voice. "Even if we don't loosen, it would be fine."

    "No, Dr!" Annie was sure it was necessary otherwise Dr. Kiba would not have mentioned it. After all, his record for success was known to all. How can a great doctor like suggest something if it is not important?!

    "If you say so," Dr. Annie said after a few seconds. "We have two methods: Natural and Artifical."

    Annie thought for a minute. She didn't want to have any unexpected complications so she believed natural was the right way but she wanted to have more information before deciding.

    "Dr, what methods did others use?" Annie enquired while thinking about her friends who have used the service of this reputed clinic.

    "Natural method," Dr. Kiba informed her. "After all, is the method in sync with nature and perfectly healthy with no side effects."

    "Dr, I want you to use natural method," Annie said, unsure of what type of method would be employed.

    "Understood," Dr. Kiba unhooked his pant and pulled down the zipper. "Please see if you have are fine with it."

    "Ok," Annie pushed the curtain up to see. Her eyes turned wide in disbelief at the sight of the largest, thickest cock she has ever seen in life.

    "He is at least twice large as Gomez!" Annie was spellbound by the gorgeous sight in front of her. It took her a while before she gained control and said, "Dr, what is the meaning of this?!"

    "The natural instrument for the natural method," Dr. Kiba answered as a matter of factly.

    Annie was stunned. She didn't know how to reply.

    "It is the most-trusted method given it was used by your friends," Dr. Kiba further explained. "Personally, I would suggest it. Your husband said you should follow my suggestions but it is up to you."

    Pythia and Incorpeal Kiba: "................."

    Annie was silent, her eyes glued on his cock. Her juices of arousal were leaking like never before and she knew why.

    "Gomez did say I should follow your guidance," Annie said in a low voice. "And I trust my husband's wisdom."

    Pythia: "He definitely didn't mean this!"

    Pythia looked at Incorporeal Kiba and the latter gave a bitter laugh in response. Why is she blaming him for the actions of his future-self?!

    Besides, his future-self was only trying to help!

    "Why did you brought us to see this scene anyway?" Incorporeal Kiba asked. "It is not like I paid you with 5 jars of Spatial Golden Sand for seeing this part of the future!"

    Pythia was truly embarrassed by his words. She wanted to hide in some cave but she knew she was stuck here for the time being.

    "Besides, unlike you, I don't get high on witnessing action between consenting adults!" Incorepal Kiba added angrily. He has no interest in seeing the adventures of his future-self.

    "I'm not a pervert!" Pythia replied instantly. She felt his words were making her into some sort of sick pervert with voyeuristic tendencies.

    "Really? Then why are we here?" Incorporeal Kiba asked.

    "...The first two events of future past were filled with either seriousness or sadness so I brought you to a future where you are happy," Pythia answered with slight embarrassment.

    She didn't think it would backfire on her in such a way. She only felt this instant in time was filled with happiness for him but she had no idea the happiness was of this nature.

    ".............." Incorporeal Kiba remained silent. Pythia also brought her eyes back on Annie and Dr. Kiba who were sacrificing so much in the name of science.

    "Your husband is indeed wise," Dr. Kiba nodded in understanding.

    He rubbed the tip of his cock on her clit before positioning it on her entrance.

    "Ohhhh!" Annie almost climaxed as the thick head of his cock pressed into her lubricated pussy. The pulsating and throbbing sensation from the cock of handsome Dr. Kiba was too much for her.

    Her sloppy pussy tightened on his head of his cock. As he pushed inside, she felt bolts of current and her eyes closed almost as a reflex.

    Dr. Kiba was delighted as her vaginal muscles squeezed around his barging cock. He inwardly made a note to thank Gomez for having such a wife.

    Annie's forehead dripped with sweat and she clenched her teeth as her pussy devoured more of him. She was on the verge of passing out from the combination of pain and ecstasy her body was enjoying.


    Just then, the door opened.

    "Sweetie, is the examination over?" Gomez's voice came as the glass door fully opened.

    Annie's expression was like that of a deer caught in the headlights...
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