286 Events of Future Past Part IV

    (A/N: Three chapters into one!)

    For the last thirty minutes, Gomez was sitting in the waiting lounge. He knew the need for privacy so he readily agreed to wait outside while the genius Dr. Kiba performed tests on his wife. Now, it was half an hour and he thought of checking out on his wife.

    Gomez opened the opaque glass door connecting to the medical room and said, "Sweetie, is the examination over?"

    Anne was lying on the examination table with her legs in the stirrups. Dr. Kiba has just pushed half his cock into her eager pussy which gave her a short orgasm. As she enjoyed the heavenly sensation, the door opened up.

    She wanted to scream and wail with the thick cock stuffed into her pussy but now, her expression turned into that of horror. What terrified her further was that Dr. Kiba continued to penetrate with his shaft further in, and her body responded with joy.

    Sweat oozed out of her body and she chewed on her lips to not moan.

    "Sweetie! What's going on?!" Gomez's voice was filled with panic as he ran to the table

    "Oh no! My life is over!" Anne's eyes were filled with tears. "First time I did this and I got caught!"

    She was having a hard time thinking with the fat cock barging inside her and stretching her tight little pussy. She was sure her husband would not understand what she was doing was strictly a part of her treatment.

    "Ahh...Honey! I'm sorry!" Annie barely muttered an apology.

    "Why are you apologizing?" Gomez asked with worry. Much to her surprise, he put a hand over her shoulder as Dr. Kiba's cock entered inside her inch by inch.

    Annie was stunned. She barely opened her eyes while fighting the urge to scream in pleasure. She saw the curtain above her chest; dividing the room into two. She could barely see Dr. Kiba's golden hair due to the height of curtain and she breathed out in relief knowing her husband was not able to see the procedure conducted by Dr. Kiba to help her in easy conceiving.

    "Right! Dr. Kiba has brought the curtain before! And my robe is still there!" Annie's tears were of joy as she enjoyed the euphoric sensation of the first thrust of a giant cock.

    "Sweetie, what's wrong with you?" Gomez asked again. He took her wife's left hand into both his hands and felt her goosebumps. He was worried by the expression his wife was showing; it was an expression he has never seen before. She was chewing her lips and was on the verge of screaming.

    "Ohh...nothing, honey," Annie answered under her breath. "Dr. Kiba is using his instrument."

    "I see," Gomez thought of speculums and other tools used in such procedures. "It must be truly painful."

    "It is," Annie replied, her chest moving up and down. "I have never experienced anything like this before. It is far too hard and long..."

    "Sweetie," Gomez pressed his wife's hand tightly in support. "I'm proud of how bravely you are taking this instrument."

    Dr. Kiba didn't intervene in the conversation and focused on his task with full concentration. He grabbed her hips tightly and began pumping into her with nice long slow thrusts. She couldn't believe he touched her cervix from the get-go without any difficulty.

    "Thank...Ah...thank you, honey" Annie shuddered and closed her eyes. "I never thought I was capable but your words from before gave me the motivation to take this instrument head-on."

    Annie was also proud of herself. She thought it was damn impressive of her to take Dr. Kiba's giant cock without passing out.

    Gomez smiled in response. He was glad his woman was so devoted and faithful to follow his words as a devoted wife. She was suffering so much pain and yet she didn't complain because of his words.

    "You are the best wife," Gomez bent his head down to kiss on her forehead. He felt her sweat and trembling but he didn't mind it the least bit.

    She was facing so much pressure and pain so how could he not support her?!

    Annie was stunned by her husband's actions and words. The thrill of having illicit sex in front of her clueless husband made her pussy gripped Dr. Kiba's cock with great intensity. Dr. Kiba could feel her vaginal muscles rippling over his shaft as he pumped into her.

    "Oooo honey! This is too much! Ahhhh!" Annie arched her body as she reached climax. "Hold me!"

    "I will be here to support you," Gomez declared his intentions. He gripped her hand tightly and didn't show pain when she clawed her nails into his flesh.

    "Sweetie! Just hang on! I'm sure Dr. Kiba would be done soon!" Gomez said to his loving wife.

    Unknown to him, her wife was getting more thrills by his behavior. She felt firecrackers exploding inside her mind and her vision turned blurred. Her breathing turned more frantic and the afterglow of orgasm sparkled on her face.

    "Gomez, as per the situation, I will need around an hour," Dr. Kiba informed him from behind the curtain while he thrust inside his wife. "There are more procedures waiting to be carried out."

    Even Dr. Kiba was getting more turned on by the situation. His cock turned harder by the presence of his patient's husband and as a result, he pumped with more vigor in Annie. She responded with more juices that lubricated her sloppy tunnel.

    Annie was worried. She could barely control her moans to an acceptable degree and she was not sure she could prevent her from screaming. It was her first experience with a cock that was twice thick and long than her husband and she knew she was not capable of suppressing her moans any longer. She was not a screamer in the bed but the reputed Dr. Kiba was just too much.

    And the illicit nature of getting **ed by the handsome doctor in the first appointment was even more exciting.

    Dr. Kiba freed her legs from the stirrups. She wrapped them around his torso and gave him more easy access for deep penetration.

    "Honey, you can go wait and relax outside," Annie barely muttered.

    "No dear, how can I relax when you are sweating and suffering so much pain?!" Gomez continued to hold her hands.

    "Gomez," Dr. Kiba called out from behind the curtain. "I'm afraid your presence here is disturbing my concentration in this sensitive task. So please leave."

    Gomez was startled. In his worry for his wife, he has forgotten how sensitive the work carried out by Dr. Kiba was.

    If he got distracted by his presence then wouldn't it result in unexpected results?!

    Pythia wanted to scream at Gomez and say,"Yeah. Your wife's doctor might slip and enter into her ass if he gets distracted!"

    "Ok, I will leave," Gomez understood the importance of concentration so he decided to leave. "Sweetie, just hang on."

    "I will!" Annie said before letting out a loud scream of pleasure as the door closed. She ripped the curtain away and looked into Dr. Kiba's eyes as he pumped into her with a passion she has never known.

    "That was close!" Annie said as her pussy tightened onto him. "But it was the best part of my life."

    "We are just getting started with the procedure," Dr. Kiba replied while pushing her robe from her stomach. She raised her hands above and discarded the robe away from her body.

    Dr. Kiba pushed the straps of her bra away and unhooked from behind. her firm, tight breasts with rosy nipples came in sight.

    He pulled her into him and her tempting breasts rubbed against his chest.

    "We need to check your breasts," Dr. Kiba said as he continued to stroke into her, slowly, with his eyes focused on her breasts.

    "Please do, Dr!" Annie replied while huffing.

    He cupped them in his hands before giving them a tight squeeze. His fingers were soft and warm to touch as they caressed her firm breasts. She felt a chill down her spine as his fingertips dug right into her areolae. His hands moved in rapid movements around her breasts; caressing the soft flesh before kneading on the areolae.

    Dr. Kiba slammed his cock in a long thrust with his fingers finally arriving on her hard nipples. He pinched them tightly between his fingers. His actions were a mixture of pinching her nipples to simply holding them between his fingers and squeezing them.

    "Dr! It hurts but it also feels good!" Annie informed him of the result of his tests.

    "I need to examine more closely for further research," Dr. Kiba grabbed her hips for support as his lips zoomed into her left breast. He took her nipple between his lips and sucked on it like a kid.

    "This feels great!" Annie moaned with her hands roaming on his back. "Dr! This is the best examination I have taken! I was truly naive to not make an appointment before!"

    "No worries," Dr. Kiba replied as his mouth moved on her other breast. "We will make sure we do every necessary test you have missed."

    He licked the soft flesh of her breasts before sucking on her right nipple. His teeth gently gripped her nipple and sending another wave of current in her

    Incorporeal Kiba: "My future-self is doing the examination on such a deep level...no wonder his clinic is so successful."

    Incorporeal Pythia: ".........................."

    Annie's tongue flicked out to lick her lips and she closed it with Dr. Kiba as he raised his head. Their lips were locked into a deep passionate kiss.

    They continued to make out in this position for the next five minutes. Kissing, caressing her breasts and **ing like there was no tomorrow.

    Dr. Kiba pulled out his throbbing cock from her wet pussy and pushed her back on the table. His shaft was covered with her juices and traces of precum.

    "Doctor?!" Annie was on verge of another climax and the sudden stop startled her. She couldn't understand why he made her lie on the table again.

    Dr. Kiba stroked his shaft while moving around the examination desk and arriving next to her head. His cock was above her face and her eyes turned wide at the sight. She could see the bright veins popping on his thick cock.

    "Suck it," Dr. Kiba commanded.

    "I...Dr, I have never done it even with my husband," Annie said, her voice filled with hesitation. She has considered oral sex repulsive and never allowed her husband to even bring his penis next to her lips, much less suck.

    "I'm not your husband and we are not making love. I'm your doctor; everything is strictly for your benefit," Dr. Kiba brushed his pulsing cock against her soft lips. "You might consider it oral sex but in truth, it is nothing more than getting my instrument greased for next round. Every patient of mine has done it for their health."

    Annie opened her lips to reply but she couldn't utter a word as he stuffed his cock right into her mouth.

    Incorporeal Kiba: "....................."

    Pythia: "Damn! Does his shamelessness have no limit?! Just how long can he pretend everything is for medical purposes!?!?"

    "Mmm...." Annie closed her eyes as the head of his cock throbbed against her cheek. She tasted her own sweet, musky juice and his taste.

    It was the first time she gave blowjob and she was nervous. She didn't want to disappoint Dr.Kiba and make him feel she was not cooperating.

    Earlier, she felt oral sex would be repulsive but as he pushed his cock in her mouth, she felt how wrong she was. His cock was warm, pulsating, and tasted great in her wet mouth.

    His cock went right through her lips and she leaned her face up to allow his cock more easy access. Her teeth lightly struck on his shaft and her tongue struck against the crown of his cock but it only increased the sensation of hot ecstasy.

    Annie didn't know if she was doing it right. She was only doing what she heard from her female friends in girls night outs and she hoped her first time would not disappoint Dr. Kiba.

    Slowly, Annie showed a natural talent for worshipping his cock. She sucked and licked him before giving the head of his cock a long, wet sloppy kiss.

    As she bobbed up and down on his cock, she felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Her juices leaked further and her entire body flushed with the rapidly building excitement.

    "I'm proud of you," Dr. Kiba wasn't stingy with his praises.

    To be honest, her skills were lame and techniques nonexistent but he believed in building the confidence of his patients. He was too much of a great human to find fault with a beautiful woman who was giving him something she has never given to her husband.

    Annie felt thrilled at the illicit enjoyment she was having. She thought of her husband who was outside the room, and she was sure he would not agree with her eagerness to "grease Dr. Kiba's instrument."

    She pumped her head up and down his long, thick cock. Her face showed the ebullition she was getting from following doctor's command.

    She let his cock go for a moment to breathe and relax her aching jaw muscles, but she got no rest as Dr. Kiba made his move. He grabbed her head and stroked his cock in and out of her mouth. His thrusts were slow but long, making her feel as if he considered her mouth as pussy.

    There was no gentleness or love she has always experienced in sex with her husband. Dr. Kiba was rough and using her mouth for his pleasure, and yet, it made her wet with ecstasy.

    Her hands arrived between her thighs and she rubbed her pussy lips and clit as she continued to suck him.

    This continued for ten minutes and by now, his cock was crowned with her saliva; fully wet and sloppy. As his cock left her mouth, a trail of saliva stretched from the base of his shaft to her lips.

    She cleaned the trail with her tongue, surprising herself by her wanton behavior.


    "Get on your feet," Dr. Kiba passed a command. "We need to continue with stretching your muscles down."

    She obeyed and left the examination table. Dr. Kiba spun her around with her back against him. He made her stretch her right leg on the table with her left feet on the floor. As such, she was resting her right leg and arms on the table.

    He kissed on her smooth back while tracing his hand down her spine. She felt a shudder and she moaned loudly as his cock rubbed against her wet slit.

    He grind his cock deep into her after which he began thrusting. He kissed on the back of her neck as he pounded from behind.

    His balls slammed on her with each thrust. The sound of flesh against flesh ringed out along with the strong smell of sex.

    Annie leaned her head behind while begging him to penetrate deeper. She felt her tight, wet insides clasping his hard cock as he rammed with powerful thrusts.

    He was stretching her out in ways she never thought was possible. She realized it was not just a simple matter of size but also experience, skills, and stamina. No matter how she compared it with her husband, he was 100 times better. He knew what to do and how in order for the patient to benefit the most.

    Dr. Kiba grabbed her firm butt cheeks while pounding her.

    "Ahhh!" Annie cried as he slapped on her ass followed by a powerful thrust. There was a pain but there was also pleasure, and it mingled with the building ecstasy inside her.

    Her soft breasts rubbed on the examination table with every thrust. He could see the sides of her breasts protruding and this increased his craving for her.

    He slapped her ass, kissed on her neck and back, and even grabbed her breasts; all the while ramming his cock deep inside her to enjoy ethereal pleasure.

    Annie has no idea how long he stretched her pussy in this position. Her breath was already heavy and she was dripping with sweat.

    Dr. Kiba grabbed her by hips and spun around before nuzzling on her neck. He sucked her soft flesh between his lips after which he gave her skin a soft bite.

    Annie leaned her back and trembled with currents of pleasure. She has never thought foreplay between sex could be so amazing.

    He lied down on the table and made her ride his cock. She sat on him and guided his cock into her after which she started working down on him.

    Her breasts moved up and down in a soothing rhythm as her wet insides clashed against his throbbing cock.

    Kiba cupped her breasts and nipped down on her nipples. His senses were in incomparable delight with his mouth munching on her heavenly breasts while his cock enjoyed her wet, sloppy hole.

    He pushed her on her back and entered into her with slow thrust. She moaned in pleasure and rubbed her clit as he rammed deep.

    Dr. Kiba and Anne **ed like rabbits with no signs of tomorrow.

    Annie straddled on him while facing his feet in a kneeling position. She kept her torso upright as he slid his large cock fully inside her on every thrust. She wriggled in pleasure as her pussy devoured his fat cock.

    "Ooooo!" She drove his cock deep over and over until she was screaming loudly.

    Dr. Kiba made her experiment with various positions so his penetrations could be deeper. Doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and so on.

    He took control and also offered her control on the pacing and thrust depending on the positions. For him, sex was a mutually beneficial relationship and he wanted his partner to have equal say, at least in the enjoyment.

    As Anne reached close to her release, she was pinned against a wall with him thrusting from the front.

    Dr. Kiba was pounding the hell out of her with every thrust and her yelps of pleasure were more like screams of begging to slam faster and harder into her.

    Each stroke into her was ripping her into two and bringing her close to climax. She felt it was not orgasm but an eruption of ecstasy so strong that it coursed through every vein of her body. Her body jerked with convulsions and she saw stars flashing in front of her.

    Kiba felt her pussy muscles convulsing strongly against his cock as she enjoyed the burst of orgasm. He continued to hammer in her sensitive, wet pussy with his hard cock.

    "Ooo god yes!" Annie shuddered again with pleasure.

    Dr. Kiba knew he was close and he quickly pulled out while pushing her down on her knees.

    "Open your mouth," Dr. Kiba gripped her head and shoved his cock right between her lips. "Here is my protein shake for you."

    Anne was still lost in her pleasure, and the taste of her strong juices along with the violent pulses of his cock made her shudder.

    Dr. Kiba pressed her face tightly against his crotch as his cock exploded out waves of cums deep into her mouth. She was stunned by the amount of semen he released. She was having a hard time containing all his cum in her mouth.

    Her soft lips were covered with sticky drips of cum as he withdrew his empty cock from her.

    "Swallow it," Dr. Kiba instructed. "Don't waste a single drop."

    Annie didn't know why but she accepted his order without any hesitation. It might be the aftereffects of her volcanic climax or her newfound joy for sex but she accepted his load like the tastiest dish on the planet. Her throat muscles flexed as she started devouring his cum.

    Exhausted, Dr. Kiba sat down on a rolling chair. He took a glass of water and emptied it one go.

    "Get dressed," He said to naked Annie. The air filters in the room cleared the smell of sex and replaced it with a rosy scent.

    "Yes, Dr," Annie rose to her feet.

    She took her panties from a table nearby and walked towards the changing room. While stepping into the room, she thought she has finally comprehended why the clinic was preferred even by women who have no difficulty in conceiving.

    "This was not cheating," Annie said to herself as the guilt finally showed up. "I was only doing what my husband wanted! He wanted me to follow Dr. Kiba's instructions!"

    Fifteen minutes later.


    Gomez opened the opaque glass door and once again entered the room. He saw Dr. Kiba and his wife sitting across each other with a desk in between.

    Dr. Kiba was studying a file on a digital tablet while his wife was smiling. Gomez was surprised by the extraordinary glow on her face. She has never looked so happy and content ever before.

    "Honey! The treatment was a success!" Annie jumped from her chair and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    "That's really good!" Gomez couldn't help but close his lips with hers. Annie was surprised but she eagerly responded to his kiss.

    She pushed her tongue out and barged into his mouth. Gomez felt a salty but sweet taste as she gave him the best kiss of his life.

    "Sweety, have you taken some pills?" Gomez asked as their lips parted.

    "Ah...yes!" Annie was caught off guard but quickly nodded. As she looked at her husband, she noticed a thin rope of sticky white liquid on his lip.

    "I must swallow every drop!" Annie recalled her doctor's prescription. "I am not allowed to waste a single drop!"

    Gomez was still contemplating when his wife once again kissed him. He was surprised by her wild side but thought it was a result of her treatment. She licked the thin rope of Dr. Kiba's cum from her husband's lips during the kiss.


    Annie made a slurping sound after their kiss broke. She hasn't wasted a single drop!

    "Well done, Annie." Dr. Kiba placed down the tablet on the desk.

    Most doctors often complained about their patients not following their instructions properly, but Dr. Kiba never experienced such difficulty.

    If anything, his patients were always eager to follow his instructions. This made him happy as a doctor.

    "The effects of treatment are showing and I'm sure you will benefit from them, Gomez," Dr. Kiba said.

    "I'm already benefiting!" Gomez answered in joy. "Thank you so much for helping us out!"

    Pythia: "......................."

    She wanted to weep at Gomez's attitude. What type of man thank another man for **ing his wife?!

    "As I said before, I consider it my honor to help others," Dr. Kiba said like it was no big deal. "This has always been my dream and nothing can be more prideful for me than knowing I'm a reason for other's happiness."

    He took out two bottles of yellow and orange capsules. He gave the orange capsules to Anne and the yellow ones to Gomez.

    "You both should take the capsules after dinner," Dr. Kiba informed them. "I'm sure you will be able to conceive in a month at most."

    Gomez's eyes turned moist and he took the bottles with trembling hands. The response of his wife was the same and she too cried.

    "Once again, thank you," The couple expressed their gratitude before rising on their feet. Annie was taking each step with difficulty and her husband offered her support. He wondered just how much pain his wife took for her to have difficulty in even moving.

    "I will always treasure her!" Gomez declared in his heart as they left the room.

    "Such a nice couple," Dr. Kiba said with admiration. He took out his glasses and placed them on the table.

    [[Indeed, a nice couple]] Claudia's voice came from the speakers embedded in the walls. [[You have ensured they have turned into a Good Couple.]]

    "............" Dr. Kiba flinched as he remembered Claudia knew everything that took place in the room.

    "Well, I was helping them," Dr. Kiba said in a serious tone. "I gave them rank V capsules at no cost."

    The reason his clinic was a sure shot destination for the unhappy couples was due to his vast knowledge of genetics and medical science. He could create high-rank pills capable of dealing with natural deficiencies and offer them to couples at a very low cost. Obviously, such pills were difficult to make even for top organizations, not to mention the precious herbs required. So he was not lying when he said he was giving it at no cost.

    "I'm basically doing charity," Dr. Kiba added further in order to defend his honor as a kind doctor.

    [[It is some charity indeed.]] Claudia responded. [[Offering your cum to a wife when the husband is next door. What would the world do if a great person like you didn't exist?]]

    Incorporeal Kiba and Dr. Kiba: ".................."

    [[You take what a wife has only promised to her husband and in return, you give her the best orgasm... What a charitable way of doing things. All those who call themselves as philanthropists should be ashamed and learn about the largeness of heart from you.]]

    Dr. Kiba: "...................."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Pythia laughed at the speechless expression of Dr. Kiba. She felt there was still some justice in the world.

    Incorporeal Kiba wanted Pythia to take him away from this scene in the future. From the last two weeks, he has been away from Delta City and due to lack of signals in the forest, he was not in touch with Claudia. He has forgotten just how sarcastic she was in her replies.

    Now, it seems Claudia has not changed much in the future. She was still the same witty artificial intelligence who didn't miss a chance to retort with witty statements.

    "We should leave," Incorporeal Kiba said to Pythia. The latter nodded her head and streams of temporal currents engulfed them...
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