287 Events of Future Past Part V

    Earlier, Pythia has regretted visiting Dr. Kiba part of the timeline. She thought the earlier two scenes she showed to Kiba were far too grim so she should show him happy times. After all, she has basically robbed him by taking 5 jars of Spatial Golden Sand - a rare and mystic commodity that was almost priceless on Earth.

    As such, she believed he does deserve to know his future past was not limited to serious events. So with great efforts, she used her precognition ability to sense one of the times where he was truly happy and carefree.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Alas, it was far too late when she realized his meaning of happiness was different from the worlds. What's more, Dr. Kiba's way of treating his patients was something she has never seen or heard before. She was shellshocked by the examination procedure and stunned beyond words when Dr. Kiba used his instrument for treatment.

    For Pythia, Dr. Kiba's medical science was an eye-opener and it was definitely in not good ways. She was 100% sure Dr. Kiba conned some university to get a doctorate degree.

    Otherwise, just how was it possible for a pervert and shameless man like him to become a doctor?! That too a gynecologist and fertility specialist!

    She wondered if in the future there was some virus which turned men into idiots. After all, they were willingly taking their wives/girlfriends to Dr. Kiba for supposed treatment.

    Sure he gets the job done but the method he employs is absolutely immoral and illegal!

    The only bright side she realized was that he wasn't impregnating his patients and thus cuckolding husbands in the literal sense.

    She prayed he was only limited to the profession of a doctor because she didn't want other professions to be corrupted by him.

    Now, she once again engulfed Kiba and herself into time waves...

    When Kiba opened his eyes, he discovered the temporal currents have taken him into another event. He was still incorporeal and invisible just like Pythia who was next to him. They both could see and feel each other but otherwise, they had no materialistic presence.

    As Kiba looked around, his eyes turned wide with shock and disbelief. Debris, rocks, ruined vehicles, destroyed armored tanks, and dust particles were levitating in the air. Even blood droplets and charred flesh were floating above the ground without any presence of energy.

    While surprising, it was not enough to shock him. The reason he was stunned was the color, or to be precise, the lack of colors in this world. Everything was monochromic...no to be exact, everything was gray.

    Kiba rubbed his eyes but he still couldn't see any color other than the gray which carried a scent of death and sinisterness.

    "What is this grayness?!" Pythia felt a chill down her spine. She has sensed this part of the time was important for Kiba so she brought him here but now she felt she was instantly regretting her decision.

    "What's going on?!" Pythia looked at her temporal form in the formless River of Time.

    Just like how paper burns and corrodes under a flame, the same happened to her and Kiba's body. But instead of ashes and smoke, they were emitting colors that disappeared in the thin air.

    Their bodies first turned monochromic after which they instantly turned gray just like their surrounding.

    With absolute horror, Pythia discovered her temporal powers weakened with every passing millisecond. It was like the grayness in the world was degrading her power and making her abilities lose their charm.

    Kiba was in no better condition than her. His real body was back in The Fair in Desolate Blood Forest; a different space and time. Only his consciousness was here in the form of his body surrounded by temporal currents. Now, he was losing his psychic stability and felt weak like never before. It was like was intoxicated and poisoned with him turning nauseous by every passing second.

    "Where the hell have you brought us?!" Kiba was having a hard time standing.

    "I have no idea," Pythia answered weakly. "But I know I have to take us back."

    Kiba was thinking of a reply when he detected a violent outburst of energy some thousand meters away. He raised his head and looked far away on a broken road.

    Vehicles, glass fragments, water droplets, and blood were hovering above the road. There was absolute silence despite the chaotic situation.

    Slowly, the figure of a man came into sight. The man was almost naked except for some fibers of ruined clothing oddly distributed over his washboard abs and bulging biceps. His eyes were shut tight and his lips were curved up into a smile.

    He swept a hand through his middle-length gray hair and they turned into spikey hair. He took a step ahead while discarding the fragments of clothes from his body. He was stark naked but he displayed no emotions.


    The grayness in the air crystallized into sparkling particles and stuck on his body from toe to neck. In no time, the sparkling particles joined together like fibers and transformed into a new set of clothes.

    The man took another step after which he opened his eyes, revealing gray pupils. On all accounts, the man was extremely handsome with a tall and lean frame, and yet he looked menacing.

    "Who the heck is he?!" Pythia wondered aloud. Kiba didn't reply for he has no idea on the identity of the man.

    "I'm not aware but if we don't leave now then our consciousness would be corroded," Kiba said with great difficulty.

    "I am aware," Pythia knew it better than him. "But this event would lead to a long-lasting impact on Earth."

    She once again looked at the enigmatic man and was sure he was somehow responsible for the grayness in the world.

    The enigmatic man raised his head towards the sky. A few miles away, a gigantic being - spanning for more than a thousand feet - was rapidly flying away.

    He lowered his head and looked far into habitats that were still intact. Thousands and thousands of mutants were fleeing in fear; resulting in stampedes. Even mutated animals and alien organisms were quickly trying to get far away.

    The smile on the enigmatic man's face turned into a sinister smirk...
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