292 Secret of Legacy Orb Part II

    The monster rolled like a spinning wheel as it ran after Zed.

    "If Castor Damon was here then this monster would have been killed in a second," Zed thought with a bitter smile. His expression was heavy but he knew now was not the time to waste on self-pity.

    Biting his lower lip, he decided to go all out. He enveloped his legs with streams of fire in order to propel his speed at a rate higher than his body was capable of.

    He was now dashing through the corridor with everything he got. Yet, the rotating monster was catching up to him without any difficulty.

    Zed gritted his teeth and didn't look back. Blood dripped down from his forehead and chin but he has no time or strength to wipe his injuries.


    The tickling blood droplets fell into his eyes. He felt a burning pain bubbling up but he once again gritted his teeth and ignored the pain.

    His vision focused on a closed sliding door ahead and the virtual command screen floating before the door.

    Ever since he entered the meteorite, he has diligently observed Castor Damon's actions and as such, he knew a lot more than most people on Earth. And now was the time to test the knowledge he acquired.

    Zed could feel the vibrations of momentum from behind. He didn't need to look back to know the monster was almost close to him.

    Just as he reached the door, he twisted his feet and spun around. His eyes radiated an intense amount of heat as he raised his hands up.

    Pillars of fire projected in front of him. Quickly, threads of fire shot out from each pillar to connect with each other.

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    A wall of fire came into existence. The heat waves emitted from the wall were violet and chaotic akin to a volcano.

    The rolling monster was surprised but not worried. It jumped back on its feet and looked at the firewall with intense disdain.

    Just what can a fire wall summoned by some weak teenager do?! The human kid was simply wasting his energy!

    The monster slashed its claws on the firewall. Strong ripples swept out and the wall started shaking with visible holes in it.

    Just as the monster expected, the fire wall was no match for its power. The monster was retracing its claw from the fire wall when its eye pupil dilated.

    Every part of fire wall exploded out into threads of firey energy. The blast was weak by the monster's standards and far from capable of planting an injury. But it was enough to push the monster by a few meters.


    The monster was furious at the cheap, underhanded tactic used by this human.

    Are the beings of this planet so weak that they have to resort to cheap methods to survive?! Even a weak opponent should have the honor to fight gracefully and fairly.

    Angered, the monster burst through the smoke to catch the teenager. It got back into its rotating ball as it has decided to crash directly on the human and turn it into a bloody paste.

    In the meantime, Zed was standing opposite to the door. His fingers were rapidly moving on the virtual console while his eyes read the data. His brain was working at extraordinary speed now that he was in danger.

    "Faster! Please open up!" His face was pale with exhaustion but he refused to give up after coming this close.

    He hurriedly pressed on the last option and the door started opening up slowly. White gas streamed out through the opening, and this made it impossible to see ahead.

    By now, the monster was just two meters away. Zed didn't wait for the door to fully slide open. He jumped through the faint gap.


    The monster's ball form collided on the sliding door and it bounced back. The door was opening further and soon, open enough for the monster to enter.

    Zed didn't waste any time. He ran through white gas like a mad man. He didn't care if the white gas might prove dangerous to him.

    His first mission was to escape the living danger behind. His eyes were watery and his vision was blurring from the constant over exhaustion and fatigue.

    He couldn't see anything through the fog of white gas so he decided to close his eyes and bring some relief. For the next five minutes, he continued to dash forward without looking back.


    Zed crashed against a hard surface and fell down on his back. With great difficulty, he jumped back on his feet.

    His throat was filled with the vile, metallic taste of blood. The sudden crash has worn his spent body further and he has no energy to move much less run.

    Zed tried to calm himself. He looked in front to see what he has crashed into. There was no more hindrance from white gas...no, the white gas was still here, but the object in front of him was so bright that the fog didn't matter.

    A seven feet black column protruded from the floor. On the top of the column, an ethereal sphere was floating.

    The sphere was as bright as the sun and it was constantly rotating. Zed closed his eyes but even in the darkness, the bright outline of the sphere was visible.

    "What is it?" Zed thought in his heart. Almost on his own, he stretched his hand out and touched the sphere.


    Sparkling rays of orange light wrapped around his body from head to toe. His body flashed into blinding radiation and the next moment, he was sucked right into the sphere.

    Just then, the monster from before appeared in front of the black column. Its vision wasn't affected by the intense radiance and the monster looked around to find the teenager.

    The monster observed the sphere for a few moments before turning around and leaving the area.


    When Zed opened regained consciousness, he found himself lying in a pool of crystalline liquid. The pool was rather shallow and as such, he wasn't in risk of drowning during his unconscious state.

    Zed threw away some liquid he has unconsciously sipped in his mouth. The sound of liquid splashing ringed out as he rose to his feet. He was amazed when he checked his condition. There were no traces of flesh wounds and blood on his body. He was no longer pale and exhausted from pushing his body to its limit.

    "This is too good to be true," Zed pinched his body to make sure he was not dreaming. He looked down and observed the crystalline liquid. Each droplet was glinting like a resplendent star. His attention was picked by the reflections on the surface.

    There were countless dots of light reflected on the pool. The light dots were beautiful and pleasurable to the senses.

    Zed raised his head above to check the source of these gorgeous and alluring reflections. He noticed thousands of dazzling orbs floating high in the air. Every orb was accompanied by glowing dust and bright dots of light that rotated around the respective orb.

    The orbs made it seem as if the entire region above the pool was filled with a sea of myriad color.

    "Where am I?" Zed wondered in his heart.

    [[Hall of Legacies]]

    A calm voice entered his ears...
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