295 Hard Task

    Dining Hall, Garrick Angel Inn.

    The newly arrived couple - Shawn and Amy - joined their group to sit across a long table. Isabelle handed around five menus to the group. She provided water bottles before leaving the table to allow them to think of their orders.

    Shawn was still thinking about Ashlyn. He was shocked by how she remained cool despite all his insults on her being a cursed one and her inability to have children.

    "That golden-haired boyfriend of hers didn't react at all," Shawn thought as he made himself comfortable on a chair. "He is not from our city so he is definitely someone she met in the forest... how could she accept a man she has never known before!?"

    Shawn was bitter and angry. He has asked Ashlyn for dates many times but she always refused his advances. As far as he could recall, she didn't show any interest in the opposite sex.

    Shawn glanced back to check his object of hatred. He saw Ashlyn engaged in a conversation with Kiba. Her face was poker but he noticed traces of warmth he has never seen before.

    "Cursed bitch," Shawn gritted his teeth and muttered in a barely audible voice. "Just what does he has that I don't?"

    Amy, who was sitting next to him, felt aggrieved by her partner's behavior.

    A few tables behind, Kiba drank crystalline white wine from a glass goblet while Ashlyn munched on lunch dishes. Kiba's senses were actively observing everything that trespassed on Shawn's table as he savored the fruity, velvety taste of the wine. He placed down the goblet on the table and smiled.

    "There is nothing worse than a woman scorned."

    No woman would appreciate her man thinking about another woman in her presence. This was especially true if they were in a committed relationship. The engagement/wedding ring on Amy's left hand showed how committed they were.

    And yet, ever since Shawn entered the dining hall, he was focused on Ashlyn. First, he insulted Ashlyn.

    Amy was happy by the situation since she didn't like her. Even she has insulted Ashlyn along with Shawn. After all, it was humane to take pleasure in misfortunes of others. The pleasure was more intense in cases the misfortune fell on those powerful, stronger or beautiful.

    The same applied to Amy. Sure, Ashlyn would never be able to conceive but she was gorgeous and alluring that no man could ever resist. Amy knew she was no match for her beauty and she felt jealous seeing Ashlyn with the charming golden-haired man. So she was happy to join her partner in insulting Ashlyn and making sure that Kiba breaks off with her.

    But as time went past, Amy's happiness turned into sadness as she realized just why Shawn was so bitter and insulting.

    Shawn wanted Ashlyn and the insults were mean to vent his frustration on not getting her.

    Amy knew it was more of lust and desire instead of love but it didn't elevate her mood. If anything, it offended her.

    Wasn't his desire for Ashlyn a sign that he found her more attractive than her?

    And the behavior of her partner further confirmed it.

    "There are four types of women," Kiba mused in his heart. "I wonder which type she is."

    He brought his eyes from Amy to the tempting wine in the transparent goblet. It was light and easy and comfortable. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "The first type of women would feel inept and lacking. This type of women would aggrieve and do anything to gain their man back... even beg. They will forgive their man's flings by turning a blind eye as long as they can have him back," Kiba thought with a faint smile. "The second type of women might take their men back but they will have some sort of revenge on their own so that they could look at themselves in a mirror without feeling ashamed. The revenge might be secret or not; usually in the form of an affair. Or it could also be as some sort of trump card for future situations like a strict financial arrangement...

    "The third type of women would be bitter and sad. They would feel flawed and inept like the first type but unlike them, they will move on even though the bitterness would last for a long time.

    "Then there is the fourth type... my personal favorite. Their motto is simple: 'He is leaving me for that woman? Well, good riddance. She can have him. I can now find someone who loves me for what I am.' This type of women doesn't care much for they see it with positivity.

    "Of course, like everything in this world, nothing is black and white. It is easy to judge the first type as weak but never understand the reasons and personal struggles..."

    The above classification didn't apply to Amy, at least not yet. After all, Shawn hasn't crossed the limit. Not to mention, if desiring another woman was considered as crossing limit, then almost all men would be held guilty. Still, Shawn has belittled Amy...

    Kiba looked at Amy and sighed. She was pretty with long chocolatey brown hair, small breasts and light fair skin. He found her attractive but he wanted to make sure he didn't cross his own boundaries.

    She might have slighted Ashlyn a bit but she didn't go overboard so there was no reason for him to use methods considered as devilish by others. As such, he wouldn't use any methods similar to the ones he used against Sarah and Ruby. He would use temptation which was basics of seduction but the choice would be hers, and hers alone.

    Kiba gripped the goblet handle and brought it to his lips. He took a sip and placed the goblet back. He raised his head and looked at Ashlyn. It was obvious she was acquainted with Amy and Shawn so he has to get important information from them before he decides on a plan.

    "Are your two acquaintances just engaged or married?" Kiba asked.

    "Engaged four months ago," Ashlyn answered with details she knew.

    "Hmm," Kiba thought for a minute before saying, "Did they fell in love or was it a relationship of convenience set by their relatives?"

    "I'm not aware," Ashlyn replied. She wondered why he was asking such questions.

    Was it related to the psychological revenge he earlier mentioned?

    "I see," Kiba nodded in understanding.

    He has forgotten she was not a female who was interested in gossips or relationships. Most likely, she only knew about engagement due to them leaving in the same city. She was not in their friend circle from what he has seen so far so her knowledge would be further limited.

    "A few more questions but no one to answer," Kiba thought with a sigh. "Whether their relationship is consummated? Pre-marital sex is very common but there is still a sizable population of those who save it for marriage... Well, many of them do make out with lots of kissing and groping but no real action.

    "So far, the two have been close but it isn't an indication of bedroom activity. The same goes for the style of clothing.

    "Amy should be barely twenty and Shawn is about twenty-five... At the very least, the hormones in Shawn must be raging."

    Kiba raised his arms above his head and stretched them.

    "Another question is whether Amy is a virgin or not... to me, it doesn't matter, never has. But most people still hold orthodox views on virginity," Kiba contemplated with his eyes closed. "Funny thing is that most of these people have misconceptions about virginity, hymen, and blood..."

    Kiba shook his head and cleared his extra thoughts.

    The reason he thought about virginity was rather simple: Men always want to be a woman's first love, at least in bed. Many men consider taking the virginity of a female as a batch of honor. This was especially true for men who considered themselves as studs and hunks. In a way, it was related to their ego just like Kiba explained to Ashlyn.

    Kiba could easily tell that Shawn considered himself as a stud. It was rather obvious from body language and the way he conducted himself.

    And Kiba needed as much information as possible for him to devise a method before he took action. It was a simple principle even the great Sun Tzu acknowledged.

    The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

    "I also have to think of the possible use of Law of Four and Magic of Six," Kiba thought while letting out a heavy sigh. "Hopefully, those two I won't have to use but I can't say for sure... So much to think and do.

    "And people think my job is just all fun."

    He felt pity for his poor self. No one could understand the hard work his profession required.

    "Let's go," Ashlyn's sweet but cold voice woke him from his thoughts of self-pity.

    "Ah...yes," Kiba got on his feet and left the table. They had an open tab in the inn so they didn't have to pay now. A such, they could directly leave after completing their food. Ashlyn stepped in front of him and walked towards the glass door that served as an exit.

    As Kiba followed her from behind, he noticed old man Waldo was still sulking. Kiba, being a kind-hearted man, decided to stop him from being sad so he said, "Goodbye, not-so-miser old man."

    "Huh?" Waldo raised his head at the familiar voice. He looked ahead and noticed Kiba waving his hand and saying, "Don't forget to be generous."

    Waldo's eyes turned red while steam came from his ears. Before he could say anything, Kiba left the hall.

    "[email protected]#%$"

    Waldo started cursing out loudly. Everyone in the hall looked at him as if he was crazy but Waldo continued cursing...


    Kiba was pleased to help a man get out of depression. The poor old man was earlier silent and in a bad mood but Kiba's words now helped him open up and speak. It was a different matter that others have to suffer as Waldo vented his frustration in the dining hall.

    Ashlyn walked alongside him. She shook her head and let out a breath of air.

    For the time being, Kiba brought his mind to think of other tasks that required his attention. Mainly the auction which has been postponed by a day. That was the reason they arrived at The Fair.

    "Oh well, there are many shops still waiting to be explored," Kiba thought while humming a small tune. "If I'm lucky enough, I might find what I need."

    Kiba was lost in thoughts as he stepped ahead. When he made a turn in the corridor, he bumped into a figure in white.

    "Sorry..." Kiba's words stopped as his eyes registered the hourglass figure. It was a young woman donning a silky, white gown. Her face was covered by a thin veil.

    "Dark Star" Myiesha! The woman who turned Waldo's young master into molecules...
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