296 Myiesha

    Garrick Angel Inn.

    In the corridor leading to the dining hall, many mutants were shocked by the development. They looked at Kiba and Ashlyn with pure horror on their face. Ashlyn was behind Kiba with no emotions on her face.

    Kiba, on the other hand, was struck on the spot as he saw the figure he has just collided with.

    Her face was covered with a veil while the rest of her body was donned in a white gown. It was hard to see her stunning, gorgeous facial features without using enhanced vision.

    Kiba didn't need to see her face for her dressing pretty much confirmed her identity as the woman he saw killing the young master of old man Waldo.

    Myiesha Notch.

    He certainly wasn't expecting to meet her for the first time like this.

    "Apologies," Kiba apologized for bumping into her. It was his mistake since he was lost in thoughts and as such, he didn't mind saying sorry to a young woman with such enchanting, hour-glass figure.

    "He is dead!" A spectator female mutant muttered to herself some distance away.

    How could just saying a single word of apology earns forgiveness from bumping to a Dark Star?!

    One of the Five Dark Stars!

    The rulers of The Fair! Every single one of them was overwhelmingly powerful, not only in The Fair, but in the entire Desolate Blood Forest.

    Every individual or organization aiming for the core region of the forest believed Dark Stars were the most troublesome group. They were such a terrifying group that their sole power allowed them to do as they please in the forest.

    And obviously, such a group was made of powerful eccentrics.

    Yet, he dared to bump into the most alluring woman in the forest! A woman whose appearance no one has fully seen!

    Hang on!

    That woman clad in a full-body black suit! Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! She is a fairy reincarnated on Earth!

    I have never seen a woman so beautiful in my entire life! She is definitely as striking as Myiesha, if not more!!


    Is she with that golden-haired man as well?!


    Don't you have any shame?! You have such a beauty with you and yet, you dare take advantage of Myiesha?!

    A woman whose name terrifies so much that they don't dare to step in her path! And yet, this golden-haired man not only did the unforgivable but he has nerves to stand as if he hasn't done anything big at all?! This was not some mistake that could be forgiven by simple words!

    A noble lady like Myiesha would definitely punish him in the most terrible way. The onlookers were sure of it.

    Females felt it was a pity for a stunningly handsome man to die so young. Male onlookers, on the other hand, rejoiced with obvious glee in their eyes.

    No man deserves to be so striking and lucky with women!

    Myiesha's amber eyes looked at Kiba for a brief moment. Her eyes were pure, crystal-clear, and serene. Her prepossessing face showed no malice or anger at Kiba's actions. She felt no ill intent or predetermined action from him and as such, she didn't deem it worthy to take any offense.

    She did disintegrate Fitz Moran but it was due to his abusive tone. Myeisha retraced her vision from Kiba and moved it on the path ahead.

    Kiba's gaze was focused on her so he didn't notice an 8 feet man stepping ahead. The man was bald with a head full of nerves protruding out.

    Harith Notch! The most powerful of the Dark Stars!

    He was clad in a black vest and pants which highlighted his overly muscular biceps and chest muscles. The tattoos over his arms and the chains wrapped on his hands further amplified his terrifying and imposing appearance.

    Harith stepped forward without looking at Kiba. It was as if he nothing here was worth his attention.

    "That golden-haired man is gone for good!" Many spectators behind muttered.

    "How dare his body crash into the holy body of young lady?!"

    "Serves him right!"

    "Master Harith should gorge his eyes out first before crashing his skull into pieces!"

    The male onlookers' eyes were filled with craziness. They were rich and strong in their own right and yet they never dared eye Myeisha. Yet a man did what they could not even dare imagine in their dreams. Their hearts were obviously filled with unjustifiable thirst for punishment.

    Harith walked ahead and the side of his right arm crashed into the standing Kiba. This action was unintentional and done without using any power, and yet, it carried enough strength to dismantle a steel-reinforced concrete wall.

    Harith finally noticed Kiba after his arm collided against him. He looked down to check the minced human pieces of his unintentional victim.

    Some distance away, on either side of the corridor, the spectators were stunned beyond belief. Their eyes left the sockets in shock as they recorded the scene in front of them.

    The golden-haired man was not lying on the floor in meat pieces as they imagined! He was standing in the same place as before without any sign of injury or discomfort! What's more, his body didn't even shake in the slightest!


    Just a few days ago, Dark Star Harith's hand rested on a shop wall and it was broken into pieces! So how can this man be safe?!

    Did great Harit intentionally controlled his strength!? Yes, that must be! Just why such mercy?!

    Harith was also surprised at Kiba's state. He knew how much force his unintentional bump carried.

    "A man of your stature needs not only to look in front but also below," Kiba said in a calm, matter-of-factly tone.

    Harith was dumbfounded. No one has dared speak to him like this ever before. Even when he killed someone, their families would apologize to him. Now though... the opposite party was teaching him basic manners!

    "This is basic but oh well, be careful in the future. I won't hold a grudge for an unintentional mistake but others won't be as accommodating as me, " Kiba pointed towards the male onlookers when he said 'others'. In the same calm tone, he continued, "They would have thrashed you after calling you insolent."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    The male bystanders staggered a few steps. Their breathing turned heavy and their faces started sweating coldly. None of them dared utter a sound but in their hearts, they cursed as if someone has murdered their entire families.

    [email protected]#%

    Fucking son of a bitch! How dare you implicate us in this matter?! We wouldn't dare call great Harith any name, much less thrash him!

    If you want to die, then die! But why the heck are you involving us?! Don't court death on behalf of us! Live and let live! Just spare us, please!!

    Harith turned his head towards the onlookers. Most of the mutants in The Fair were at Level II and a very few at Level III but when they sensed his gaze, they felt their bowels turning loose.

    Their breathing stopped and the innate fear of Harith's reputation made him look more terrifying than he was.

    They were on the verge of passing out when a pleasant voice broke the silence and brought them back to reality.

    "You must be the one who caused trouble yesterday in the market," Myeisha said without any emotions.

    Molecules of light particles covered her pupils as she looked at Kiba. She noticed a thin, invisible, golden luminous radiation wrapped on his body like a protective layer. This was a simple manifestation of fuel that powers a body - life force. In simple words, it was a materialization of aura.

    Theoretically, every living being has a layer of aura on their bodies but for most, the presence of this layer serves no purpose due to their weak innate strength.

    The protective strength depends on the fuel that runs the body. The stronger an organism, the stronger their vitality and in turn, a strong protective layer.

    After looking at the invisible and yet luminous layer, she understood why he wasn't harmed the slightest bit from Harith's collision. She then recalled the details she has heard from subordinates about a clash that took place yesterday. From what she knew, the offender was enveloped in a golden stream of light as he dashed through streets and battled with drones.

    Kiba brought his eyes back on Myiesha.

    "Trouble? You are having a misunderstanding, miss," Kiba said with a smile. "Your fellow Dark Stars, especially that ugly duck with prehensile hair, were the ones who caused trouble after I and my companion entered the fair."

    Many onlookers simply passed out after Kiba completed his sentence. Was this golden-haired man insane?! He is being so rude while talking about Dark Stars!

    Myiesha's eyebrows raised up at the mention of ugly duckling. The prehensile hair left her no doubt that he was referring to Anamarie.

    Sure, Anamarie was not beautiful given her age and her sickly pale skin with brown spots, but still, to call her ugly duckling was rude.

    Even without looking at her face, he knew she would feel his choice of words would sound rude to her. So he added, "You can't expect me to be polite while referring to a woman who first tried to rob me through a proxy and then tries to kill me."

    "Oh!" Myiesha's eyes flashed with understanding. As a Dark Star, she knew the true power play at The Fair.

    While any form of conflicts, stealing, and murders was not allowed in The Fair thanks to the iron-clad rules, but for the Dark Stars, it was a different matter. To gain unique, rare resources that the mutant visitors in The Fair would obviously not share, the Dark Stars would use underhanded means to steal.

    She understood most likely Mirage Thief - Hollie- stole something precious from him but failed in the end. And that's when Annamarie and others intervened.

    "You are an interesting guest," Myiesha took a step ahead and passed by him. "Enjoy your stay."

    She then placed a hand on Harith's shoulder and said, "Let's go, brother. I'm starving."

    Harith was startled but he nodded and simply followed her to the dining hall.

    Kiba was surprised by Myiesha's behavior. He expected a confrontation or at least, a refusal to his remarks. Yet, she just left along with her giant companion.

    "Brother?" Kiba thought while looking at the distant figures of Myiesha and Harith. They couldn't be any different and yet they were siblings.

    "Was her father cuckold by someone?" Kiba wondered in his heart. "If not, they must have a different half parent."

    At least, there was a thing for him to be happy about. She was not in a relationship, at least not with this Harith guy as he initially assumed.
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