301 Maidens Love Circle Part II

    The ocean waves crashed on a rock nearby the shoreline while the sweet but salty breeze swept past. The seagulls rapidly beat their wings against the ambush of the wind as the sunset shrouded the sky with a mesmerizing orange sky.

    But the hundred-plus mutants were in no state to care about the beauty of the ocean or the beach. Instead of jumped into the water and playing, their attention was on an entirely different matter.

    The gorgeous woman in red bikini stood just some twenty steps away from them.

    She was young, captivating and blessed with an irresistible body that no man could refuse. Her body scent was delightful to the senses; far more than the fresh air of the ocean. Her voice was soft and sweet like a piece of peaceful music.

    This was the reason why everyone was so astonished by the words of this twenty years old.

    Faster than a bullet... relieve your tiny penis somewhere.

    Riolo was petrified as her words ringed in his brain. What she said was an absolute nightmare for any man with even a bit of self-respect.

    And Riolo was the receiver of these painful words in front of a large crowd.

    He wished the land would split apart and devour him. He was left in no condition to show his face to anyone.

    Shawn and other males in the crowd secretly sighed in relief. They were happy they didn't dare start a conversation with her. No matter how much their hearts lusted after her, they don't want to become a target of her sharp tongue.

    The pretty woman ignored Riolo and other men. She brought her attention on the young females among the crowd. Her focus was on women below twenty-five years old who were still learning the way of the world.

    "My name is Theresa Summers," The lovely woman introduced herself, "And I'm your host in this world."

    "Host?" Sheena, Amy, and other young females muttered aloud.

    Ashlyn was the only one who showed no interest. She was silent and stood next to Kiba. The latter suppressed a faint smile and acted as if he was as startled as everyone else.

    "Yes," Theresa nodded and said. "Your host to the path of true womanhood."

    Both young and old women were dumbfounded. Wasn't womanhood just referring to women who have reached the legal age? Or the qualities considered to be natural to or characteristic of a woman.

    The men were similarly startled. Just what was true womanhood?!

    No! What's important is why were they transferred here?! Yet, this woman was starting a conversation that was completely unrelated.

    "What I'm about to say and show you might make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy," Theresa continued. "But remember, the reason is not me but rather the mental conditioning you have undergone in the male-dominated society.

    "As time will pass, I'm sure many of you would disagree and feel I'm saying what no woman should say, but I can't remain silent and stop from carrying out my duty. The world has changed and we women are no longer living in the 19th or 20th century where our opinions and interests didn't matter. We are living in a modern world where we deserve the rights the men have enjoyed from time immemorial."

    Men and women alike were stupified.

    "Umm... what rights?" Sheena asked.

    "Joy," Theresa answered while looking at her. "Climax, orgasm... You can refer it to many names but in simple words, I'm talking about women's right to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh."

    Sheena, Amy, and other women were taken aback. Many of them even visibly blushed.

    The men, on the other hand, were shocked. They looked at Theresa as if she was crazy.

    "What nonsense are you speaking?!" A middle-aged man named Dixon asked angrily.

    "Nonsense?" Theresa looked at him. "Men like you are the actual nonsense. All you care about is your own orgasm without caring if your partner has climaxed as well. Thanks to men as you, most women never experience the ultimate pleasure in their entire lifetime."

    Many of the mature women lowered their heads. They had experienced sexual frustrations in their lives but they just accepted it as destiny.

    "What a bunch of crap!" A twenty-one-year-old youngster named Andrews interjected. "If women didn't climax, then we won't have such a high population!"

    Some 10-15 men agreed and cheered for him. Most men and women remained silent for they knew better.

    Theresa, on the other hand, looked at him as if he was an idiot. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "You don't even know biology and yet you are spouting crap," Theresa said with a sigh. "For reproduction, only men need to climax and ejaculate their sperms. If women needed to have an orgasm for reproduction, Earth won't even have half the population."

    Theresa brought her vision back on the women.

    "More than 60% of women never experience a single orgasm in their entire lifetime," Theresa waved a hand and a virtual chart appeared behind her. The chart showcased the stats of research on women climax and the survey details. "This is the discrimination women have to face."

    "Why are you showing this to us?" A girl who has just reached eighteen asked. Not a single person was able to understand her intentions.

    What was this place?! Why was she talking about a taboo topic like women orgasms?!

    "Because I care about my gender," Theresa raised her head towards the orange sky. "I want to see a world where women are free to seek their pleasure without any hesitation. A world where women can embrace their sexuality without any guilt."

    She crouched down and placed a hand over the sand. The sand particles glimmered and she took a handful of them in her palm. The sand felt gritty against her bare skin as she closed her hand.

    "Two years ago, when I turned eighteen, I was excited," Theresa said with a smile. "I thought now I can drink, stay out and even give in to my boyfriend's request for sex and experience the joy of becoming a woman. I was looking forward to my first time...

    "But then I had a conversation with a much older woman who told me about her first time. She mentioned how lackluster it was for her even though her partner has enjoyed himself."

    Theresa opened her hand and let the sand fall. The sand particles flew along with the blowing wind and moved towards the majestic ocean.

    "You see, most boyfriends never care about the pleasures of their women," She said with a sigh. "They are like wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. For them, taking your virginity is a matter of pride. You are just a piece of flesh for them to enjoy. They would sleep from tiredness after having fun while leaving you half hanging...

    "Don't misunderstand though. They would pretend to care about you so that they can continue to enjoy. They would have dates with you, say lovely things, and even ask about your pleasure... but would they care? No. Every action of theirs is to have you for their sexual gratification. All they want is to get in your pants no matter how. Heck, they would even proclaim love to you for having your first time. "

    Many of older women in the crowd unknowingly nodded as they recalled their first time. You can never forget the first time; it forever stays alive in your mind.

    Even a few young women who had sex felt her words were true. Very few actually had experienced orgasm in their first time. The few young females who were inexperienced were surprised by the expressions on other's faces.

    A female named Paige thought, "My boyfriend is always pushing me for sex and saying it would be a declaration of love... Damn, he must be one of these selfish bastards she spoke about!"

    "My stupid boyfriend even warned me with a breakup if I didn't have sex with him," Another young female thought. "To think I was in love with someone like him."

    After listening to Theresa, many of them felt she wasn't wrong when she said most men were selfish. They now dreaded about their first time, or to be precise, their first time being a disaster

    "So I made a decision," Theresa continued with a smile. "I won't have a bad first time. I didn't want to have a faster than bullet man penetrating me and having his pleasure.

    "No, I wanted my first experience to be magical. I want to experience what very few in this world experience... a true orgasm. From the start. I know what a few of you are thinking...I'm a slut. But hey, this is my body. If the pleasure of man matters so does mine.

    "And I'm proud to say my first experience was a blast," Theresa raised a hand towards the sky. "I experienced the true joys of being a woman and I still am."

    The orange sky parted with currents of lightning flashing brightly. Soon, there was a clear sky. The clouds twisted while the ocean waves churned high in the air.

    "I could experience the pleasures of womanhood from the start only for one reason."

    A dazzling mark appeared in the sky.

    It was a circle in the form of a heart with a cupid arrow in between.

    Maiden's Love Circle.

    "Transforming from a maiden to a woman is not only about losing your maidenhood," Theresa has gained the attention of everyone. "It is about freeing yourself from the chains of thoughts that restrict you from pursuing your self-interest. It is about the freedom to believe you are allowed to experience joys nature wanted you to.

    "To help young women in this pursuit, Maiden's Love Circle was established. They would help you have a true man for your first experience.

    "A true man is someone who would worship every part of our body as if you are a goddess. Someone who would hold his orgasm to ensure you have multiple climaxes and experience the joy of transforming from a girl into a woman."

    Every woman - except Ashlyn - felt a current passing through their spines. An extremely erotic scene swept through their senses and goosebumps bloomed over their bodies.

    They witnessed themselves experiencing a volcanic orgasm that left their toes curling as they screamed in passion. Their eyes turned unfocused, glazed over from bliss, mouth slack open while the fine hairs on the back of their neck stood up in ebullition.

    They saw themselves in this scene and experienced the ultimate pleasure for a moment that was less than a second.

    Soon, they regained clarity but the scene was like a drug; it left them wanting.

    "Is that what an orgasm feels like?!" Wife of Dixon thought. "I have never experienced something like that with my husband."

    Dixon was horrified by the expression of his wife. Just what has she experienced for her face to have such an extraordinary glow?!

    The young females who have never engaged in sex were overwhelmed by the sensation. The mental stimuli were far better than they ever expected. They felt it was far too different from what their mature friends have said.

    "Could it be that my friend didn't have an orgasm? Maybe she was left in between?" Sheena thought of her poor friend in the city.

    "Ladies," Theresa brought their attention back on her. "You never forget your first time. Do you want it to be some 30 seconds of wham bam thank you ma'am? Or true **ing that you deserve and experience pleasure of proportions you have never experienced in your life so far?"

    Women, regardless of virgin or not, were conflicted. Many of them had boyfriends or lovers so they felt a mental obstacle.

    "Why risk your first experience with a guy who can't love you the way you deserve? You are a princess and you deserve happiness of a princess. The first experience is eternal in our memories. Do you want to remember it as having a man bursting in you in just seconds? While natural, a woman too deserve happiness," Theresa tried to slowly ease their consciousness.

    "Are you sure your boyfriend is not a quick ejaculator? You must be having doubts that thinking about your pleasure from another man is cheating, but let me reassure you, it is not. Why should the men get all the fun? Your boyfriend would sleep after having fun while leaving you half hanging?! Isn't this unfair and unforgivable?!? Think for yourself! You are young!

    "If you won't explore now then when would you? When you are old and sitting on a bed, you will look at the setting sun with regret: Damn, I had a chance but I threw it away due to my so-called ideals of love.

    "Remember, you can always find love but not your youth and first experience. So explore! Live a life with no regrets! Have fun while you can! It would only make you better and help you find better lovers in the future!"

    The eyes of the females lit up. Indeed, it is men who face troubles in finding lovers and not women! It is almost always men who have to spend efforts in courting!

    The men in the crowd, on the other hand, were horrified. The more they listened to Theresa, the more terrified they became of her.

    "Fuck! She is a demoness corrupting pure, innocent minds!" Dixon was trembling.

    The girl he has a crush on was with him and she was unconsciously nodding while listening to Theresa. He felt butterflies wreaking havoc in his belly and he started feeling sick.

    While almost every woman felt Theresa's words made sense, there was many among them who were in a committed relationship. A few of them were not consummated but they didn't agree on throwing away for sex.

    "Still, if you love your present boyfriend but even then there is nothing wrong in taking help from Maiden's Love Circle," Theresa said with an understanding expression.

    "If your man truly loves you and not just your body... well, then why does virginity matters to him so much? Isn't he just a useless man with a fragile ego who wants to take your maidenhood as a sign of conquest?

    "We carry child, we nourish them, we experience unimaginable pain... still, we do this, we do that for others.

    "And yet, no ones care about us. Don't we women deserve a few hours of happiness?!"

    Everyone turned silent. The young females truly felt Theresa was once again right.

    "Why should women give all the sacrifices?" Theresa turned towards the men and asked.

    The men were panic-stricken. They wanted to shout she was spouting nonsense but they knew, if they do it, then they would prove her right. They have to retort her with logic but it was easier said than done.

    She has started her teaching with facts, or at least claims they have no proof against. And then she proceeded with righteous intent that was hard to go against.

    She has easily passed through every question a woman has. Whether it was guilt, love, or the ease of moving on!

    Then there were her questions. Every single one of them was loaded with intent.

    No matter how men answered, it would only make her win and ruin their reputation among women.

    The men also knew their silence was also benefitting her. Many of them looked at their women companions and were scared of their discovery.

    Now, even the uncorrupted minds were showing signs of being perverted!

    "If your man is offended by the idea of your pleasure then that means, for him, you are just a piece of warm flesh! Does such man deserve you?!"

    For women, Theresa's voice was like a voice of reason and revolution that made them stand up.

    But for men, her voice was like bolt of thunder that agitated them further. If they were not afraid of the change in the environment and lack of details, they would have strangled Theresa without any hesitation.

    "Fucking hell!" Dixon gritted his teeth so roughly that they were on brink of shattering. Shawn was the same as he saw a look of contemplation on his fiancée's face.

    Every man's eyes were filled with hatred as they looked at Theresa.

    Just who the hell is she?! And what in god's name is this Maiden's Love Circle?!

    No, the important question is which mother**ing bastard established it?!

    There is no way it was established to help women!

    Kiba stood behind the crowd with a relaxed expression. The cold wind from the ocean swirled around him and made his long hair flutter. He enjoyed the beauty of the beach even though he was fully aware it was not real.

    "That founder must be some cult leader!" The men on the beach reasoned in unison. "An expert in brainwashing innocent minds!"
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