302 Maidens Love Circle Part III

    Was Kiba actually expecting every woman to be brainwashed by Theresa? The answer was plain no. He was not even expecting a single woman to actually fall for what others considered here as corrupting the innocent minds.

    Sure, everyone now was overwhelmed by Theresa's twisted logic, the change in the environment, and the mental experience of an intense climax. But that was nowhere enough for seduction, much less seduction on such a massive scale.

    Then what was Kiba expecting from it? Why did he transfer the business card of Maiden's Love Circle in Shawn's chosen stone earlier?

    The reason was rather simple.

    In psychology terms, it was stretching the mind to new dimensions. Or in simple words: putting a spark so that later it can be turned into a flame when conditions are right. In more simple words, it was foundation building to new thoughts.

    From time unknown, this simple method has been used by politicians, religions, cults, and godmen.

    What this method did was rather very simple. It expanded the horizons of the target and made them more open-minded for a particular topic.

    But open-mind to be seduced easily? Nope. Presently, everyone was psychologically overwhelmed but soon, their rationale mind would activate and find loopholes in the logic. Multiple logics would fight each other for supremacy

    Furthermore, it was impossible to actually overpower the conditioning one has undergone from birth in a matter of minutes...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    As for how everyone was on the beach instead of Antique Stone Garden. Well, they were still in the store.

    The current environment was an illusion cast by Kiba.

    To be precise, it was Mindscape Materialisation.

    Kiba could overwhelm the six senses of others with his psyche and make them experience what he wanted.

    Presently, he used Mindscape Materialisation to enhance the holographic recordings in the crystal card in order to bring out an absolute illusion. He gave life to Theresa's character based on what he knew about her.

    Alongside, he used mental inducement. It could bring innate desires to the flesh just like an illusion to the reality. This was why every woman beside Ashlyn experienced a mind-numbing climax for a moment.

    They wanted to experience, or at least know the orgasm Theresa spoke about and the Mindscape Materialisation gave it to them.

    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions...


    On the beach, everyone looked at Theresa. They were spellbound to her bizarre words no matter how outlandish they were. They have to give her credit of being creative while discussing a taboo topic.

    "The men who proclaim to love us considerer as us nothing more than a hot ass. But are we not living beings? Don't we deserve equal pleasure? Or are we dolls created to serve the needs of man?"

    Her eyes were on the females. With a kind smile, she decided to use the soft approach and said, "A woman on the true path to womanhood is no different from other women. If there is a difference, it is only that they are more demanding about their happiness. Surely, caring about your own happiness is no sin."

    She then turned towards the men.

    "Love without jealousy and you will know true happiness," Theresa said to them. "A strong relationship based on true love would allow your partner to experience all her fantasies and joys. Support her and allow her to experience the ultimate pleasure.

    "Don't forget what we know about love... Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."

    Men: "......................"

    You bitch!

    What type of nonsense you are saying now?! You actually want us to encourage our women and tell them it is fine if they seek happiness elsewhere?!

    Dixon was fuming. Earlier, he thought she was just targetting maidens and young women but now her words were targetted to every woman.

    He saw his wife contemplating Theresa's words with a thoughtful expression.

    Damn! Please focus only on young women! Don't corrupt my wife!

    Dixon has never thought himself to be that bad in bed. He believed he was an attentive husband and a good lover who always took care of his wife's needs. He refused to believe his wife was in the 60% of women who have never enjoyed the true pleasures of the flesh.

    Most men in a serious committed relationship thought the same. While they knew many women faked orgasms so that her companion's male ego was not hurt, they refused to believe their woman was one of them.

    "I'm overthinking this!" A middle-aged man who has arrived in the forest with his wife thought. "This woman is messing with my mind! I'm good in bed!!"

    Most men had confidence in their stable relationships where they trusted each other. After all, if there was no absolute trust, they wouldn't rely on each other in a dangerous land known as Desolate Blood Forest.

    But Theresa's words were like seeds. This was why many of them were afraid the seeds of corruption would germinate in the future.

    "Everyone knows that a male body is made to climax in the shortest time. Men with good stamina and lasting power are rare. Do you want to take chances in the probability that your boyfriend is one of those rare ones and experience a disaster first time? Is this what you want? A bad memory to last forever...

    "Or perhaps, you want to evolve and be a woman you were born to be. A woman who is tired of living a life others want her to be and now live in her own ways.

    "Remember, the older you get, the more you realize it is okay to live a life others don't understand."

    The single women and even those who were in not committed relationships looked at Theresa with respect and awe.

    Living life like there was no tomorrow. Defy the patriarchal society and live for your own happiness...

    This resonated with every woman. In their lives, at one time or another, they have faced discrimination. It could be either from their own family or society which considered them as inferior to men. That their happiness didn't deserve equal considerations as men.

    "From centuries, society has tried to divide us women through conflicts that never mattered," Theresa explained. "But the era has changed. It is time we women unite and seek what we want. We have to awaken our female companions from the conditioning."

    Theresa's eyes momentarily arrived on Amy as she continued, "And how can you help? By having an open discussion and being open-minded. Start with yourself... discuss with your own soul: Are you happy and content with things as they are?"

    Amy was stunned and taken aback.

    She wondered why Theresa looked at her and then thought of her fiance. She glanced at Shawn and recalled his behavior from the time they met Kiba and Ashlyn.

    "Am I happy?" Amy was lost in thoughts.

    The men were dumbfounded. They could neither understand Theresa's twisted mind nor catch the strange flow of conversation. At one moment, she was aggressive while another moment soft.

    "So rise and become the woman you were destined to be," Theresa once again started speaking. "Rest assured, you are not alone. Maiden's Love Circle is there to help you."

    "Help?" Sheena looked at her.

    "Yes, to make your first and subsequent experiences so magical that you will remember them fondly," Theresa said with a smile.

    The moment she said this, waves of psychic energy swept out. Except for Ashlyn the waves of psychic energy invaded every female's consciousness and gave them a glance to what Maiden's Love Circle has to offer.

    They saw themselves in the adventures of a lifetime based on their own secret dreams...

    Retreats at luxury hotels while enjoying the lush of nature. Dancing and drinking in clubs like there was no tomorrow. Swimming in large, crystal-clear pools. Having the best cuisine the money could buy.

    Then there were misty peaks, gorgeous sunsets, and exotic forests. Beach hut, feasting on exotic fruits and exploring impossibly beautiful lagoons.

    But that was not it.

    Every scene was accompanied by a man. His face was not visible but the rest of his body was. He was tall, lean and shirtless.

    He was blessed with an awe-inspiring body that has six pack abs, powerful shoulders, sculpted arms, and a healthy glow.

    In every scene, he would share adventures with the woman. They would dance, drink, dine, explore and enjoy without any worry. Every action of his was for the happiness of her. He was devoted to her needs and cared for her like she was his goddess. Between each activity, they would kiss and caress each other before stopping and giggling.

    He would desire her, lust after her and worship her. A treatment every gorgeous woman deserved.

    And finally, when they were alone, they would engage in an activity that made her smile in joy and scream in pleasure...

    He would explore every corner of her body in the way she craved with intent, intensity, ingenuity, and indecency.

    Amy saw herself in the middle of a lush, emerald vegetation. She was under a large tree and breath in the exotic scents of vanilla, coconuts, herbs, and flowers. In this lovely environment, he would take her in the way she has wanted her first time to be

    Water droplets fell from the leaves and landed on her bare skin as they embraced each other...

    "Ah!" Amy awoke with a start.

    The actual act was not carried out in the dreamy scene but she felt hot blood flushing her face into a deep shape of crimson.

    "Maiden's Love Circle," Theresa said with a warm smile. "We make you feel alive and grateful for the miracle of life."
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